Wednesday, December 26, 2018

261218 BLOK

261218 BLOK
People seek laughter and fun being a part of a group.  This has never been a  pursuit or goal of mine.  People always ask me, knowing that I´m mostly by myself, don´t you get lonely?  Well, yes, occasionally, but for only certain people at certain times, not for people in general all the time!
The young seek human contact, friends as needed.  When older, at least for me, I seek peace and tranquility!
What has been important to me is a different life, one seeking answers to the riddle of life.  And now approaching 80 years of age, I´m closer.  Closer to what?  Peace of mind having overcome materialism.
I´ve never been a householder, but a perceivingholder.  I perceive, therefore I am!


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