Wednesday, December 05, 2018

061218 BLOK

061218 BLOK
This is crazy!
You have to talk to me, on a telephone.  I guess you must have voice recognition?
In my email, I say, before 11.00 in the morning.  Guess when I get called? 8:30P.M. and from a guy in Tampa, Florida.
Now, he starts asking me personal questions.  He needs numbers.  How do I know he´s from Transfer Unwise?
You´re not concerned about my security.  You have all these rules to protect the company.             C´mon, do you think I¨m stupid?  I did business for 50 years!
And I´ll tell you one thing.  I will say it again.  I´m only doing this one more time, as I told you I´m looking for another BETTER way to transfer my money!
It must be the water in Estonia! Already Russia is poisoning it!
Now, I¨ll get some stupid ass automatic message, telling me what a wonderful guy I am!
Have a nice day!
F.A. Hutchison
remember my name!


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