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031118 BLOK

031118 BLOK
In Kalambaka, second day, Saturday…
I woke up early (0500), in time to take two photos. of a red sunrise.  Both at  I left the door open, and it turned out to be a mistake, because later I had an allergy attack, a 2 hankerchief one!  My nose runs like a faucet, when these occur.  Must have been something that blew in through the opened door.
Things came in twos in the next 2 X 24 hours…
First, morning coffee and muffin at Mikel´s (as good as Starbucks).  Anticipating no cancellation at Hotel Rex (they had told me they were booked), I went and reserved a room at the Edelweiss Hotel where I´d stayed before.
Then the walk back to meet Vasili at his business,  He had to depart to guide a tour, but would retrun at 18.00.  I had invited him to dinner.
I went to get a massage at EtherealCare, Yannis #1´s new business. It turned out better than the first time there weeks ago, because this time a young man.  But, painful, as parts of me so tight. I gave him an extra 5€.
I saw Yannis #1, on the way out, but no mention of a cancellation for tonight at the Rex.  But, not worried as I´d anticipated.  I wouldn´t have to spend the night in the park (which I´ve done before).
I went back to the Rex, and walked Mr. Fetes to ebikes, where it would spend the night.  Jennie, Vasili´s wife was there.
Jennie, born in Greece, had grown up in Darwin, Australia.  So, we talked about that and Australia.
Gooday Matie!
I took what I needed off of Mr. Fetes and walked down to the Edelweiss and checked into room #211.  It has a stunning view of the Meteora!
I took a hot bath, in a very small tub. Seems de riguer for Kalambaka, as the same in the Rex.  I like the kind that Erik and Petronella have in their house in Noordwolde, NL.  The kind you can stretch out in, and luxurate!
I met Vasili at 18.00 and he drove us to a restaurant in Kastraki (the smaller village west of Kalambaka).  I had mousaka, and the local wine in an outdoor restaurant that reminded me of Italy for some reason.  I love European style, older, with character.
Vasili and i had a good conversation finally getting to know one another better.  He now knows I´m a Taoist monk.  Note, I don´t telll many people, as they get the wrong idea. I don´t wear long black robes, with a black hat, nor have a long grey beard, like all the Greek Orthodox monks.  I´m a monk on a bicycle.  You´re what…?
On the way back he surprised me by driving by another possibility, a place to rent near Mikel´s and the Edelweiss Hotel.  Seems when my two possibilities came back negative (i had asked him to call.)  he remembered another situation, via a friend.  And how fortuitous, as I liked the location.
He dropped me off at the Edelweiss and we planned to meet up on the morrow.  He´ll make an appointment to see the new possibility.
Suddenly, I was hopeful again.  But, if I liked it and it became a possibility how to beg off Dimitris and Harry´s house?   First, two possibilites vanished, and then two materialized.  My guarding angels at work.
The next morning, Sunday, I did the usual drill, coffee and muffin at Mikels.  Later at my restaurant next to Mikel´s and the Edelweiss, a good omen.
The table where I sit in the sun, I can glance up and see Agia the monastery at the top of one of the monoliths.  I look up at it and I see this:
Now, people would say it´s a reflection from the sun, off something.  But, think about it… Off of what?  In the perfect position at the cross, and lasted long enough for me to take a photograph of it.  This was a message from the Christ Jesus, THE LIGHT IS WITH YOU!  THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU!  I knew it when I saw it. Some things you just know. 
And the omen became a blessing as the place we examined at later, turned out to be exactly what I was looking for:  only one block from Mikel´s Coffee shop, and the restaurant from where I saw the omen.  It´s behind Katherine´s, the hostess´ house, with a grass yard.  It´s small, with a loft bed, but everything I need. There´s even an outdoor area with picnic table.  I knew right away I wanted this one over Harry´s house.  Katherine explained all the details, 400€ per, but they included the cost of the WIFI, a bit expensive with the heating, but nothing is perfect.
I was suddenly happy for the first time in maybe one year.  All of the effort had paid off, now six weeks in Greece, moving many times.  Now, in one place for six months!
But, how to deal with Dimitris and Harry, as I knew they´d be disappointed.  But, part of the energy kept Dimitris from responding to my email offer, earlier in the day, so in a way I had the excuse I needed.
Oh, don´t doubt there isn´t something behind your lives, call it, name it what you need.
We had come to look at the new possibility on Vasili´s ebikes, a first for me.  This was the first time ever I had ridden an electric powered bicycle.  Wow, it certainly makes it easier.  You just start cranking and the electric motor kicks in.  Suddenly you´re just gliding along effortlessly.  But, I like when it takes effort!
Speaking of effort, I cranked back to Trikala, some 22KM, but slightly downhill.
Back at Irinis, 4, my storefront living quarters, I relaxed, finally!
P.S.  Now, several days later, a done deal, and I move in on the 9th!


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