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021118 BLOK

021118 BLOK
Today, I´m up in Kalampaka for 2 nights, as had to vacate Irinis 4 (Trikala), for another guest.  
This is the problem for me with AIRBNB, as if per chance you would like to extend, someone online has booked you out. Of course, it´s first come with the money that rules, money God in the world!  
So, I going to suggest to AIRBNB, in San Francisco, to open up their Golden Gate, with the following idea:  The current guest should have the option to extend first (first refusal right), but to have this right, the current guest would pay 10% more than the inquiring guest.  For example, if the inquiring guest was trying to book for two days, worth a total of $100, the current guest would have to pay 110$ (if s/he wanted to extend) -- or for whatever length extended.  
Most guests are not like me… They book for so many days, hardly ever wanting to extend, as either travelling for business or vacation, etc.  Thus, we will see how AIRBNB responds to this suggestion. 
Here at Irinis 4, Trikala, I´ve been the model guest, helping them with their online presentations:  one mistake, and one suggestion.  Additionally, adding things physically to premises.
Additionally, when Maria, the hostess, asked me to depart early, I adusted from 12.00 to 10.00. And when that went to 09.00, I didn´t complain.  On the otherhand, none of what I contributed, reduced my rent, which indicates the problem here in Greece. What, discount a day?  Are you kidding, we need the €!
People bascially only think of themselves.  They only do what they think will benefit them.
I wish there was someway to show them, by giving, they will get!  Maybe not immediate €, but something, maybe just good karma.  Hey, what is that?  Had the Irinis4 group been extra thoughtful, and said, for your efforts, we´re giving you one free day, I would have sung their praises to potential travellers, and you never know… Such is free advertising.
I remember being somewhere, living in either Nepal or China, where an idea or suggestion absoluteley worthless.  They wanted the done deal, to see the rocket blast off successfully before investing a farthing.  Risk… C´mon on, they don´t do risk! 
So, I was out of Irinis, 4 at 0845, my luggage tucked into their vestibule, Maria not yet there to clean, what little I there was to clean.  I even emptied the trash for her. 
I headed off for the Vaskos (Stelios,´ the dean of cyclists in all of Greece).  He and his son operated two businesses, one, of course, a bicycle shop, the other where all types of gambling is offered like Kino and the Lottery.  I knew they´d be open at 0900, and I could get my Latte there.  I´ve been playing the Lottery, daily, with Step., the son, telling him if WE win, we split 50/50.  This is one way to pay Stelios back for working on Mr. Fetes, for which he would take no dinero!  So far, Step. and I haven´t won the million €.  I´m shocked! 
I took off for Kalambaka (KalamBaka, sometimes spelled with a B, sometimes with a P, KalamPaka).  The challenge always with translation from one language to another, especially when pronounced so similiar.
The route this day up the service road which parallels the new main highway—the way buses, commercial travellers take, as the most direct way, the fastest of course!  Time is money! Time, thus is God! 
I hadn´t taken this route before, but needed to experience, as I knew I´d be going this way many times in the future.  I went all the way the pavement took me, then into dirt, then into a two track rut which ended at a plowed field.  O.K. I backtracked, ended up on the other side of the highway, another service road, ending in dirt, and then the RR tracks.  Here, I pushed, as there had been made a way.  But, from here on into Kalambaka, some 8KM, I was a part of the main route, a highway of much traffic.  But, it was 11.30, and the traffic reasonable.  Best, it´s four lanes until the very last kilometer.
I passed several things I wanted to remember, a sign on the right saying BUNGALOWS (the idea of a separate cabin), then on the left, an eBike sign making me think this is Vasili´s, then a sign that caused me to stop and inquire, which read,  ROOMS TO LET.  No, the women, like them all now, booked, having used an online booking service.  But, TO LET to me, means, long term.  Another example of how if not your mother tongue, you can misuse English. 
I went directly for lunch, the restaurant next to the Edelweiss Hotel, where I´d stayed and eaten before.  A young waiter, who knows me had an interesting story… I asked what he wanted to do with his life, as only 17 years of age.  He said he wanted to be a pilot, so I showed him my license, and suggested what he should do (go to and work at an airport).  Then a sad tale, how he´d been in an accident on a motor bike, someone killed, and he in the hospital for four months. Motorbikes and young men… You might as well hand them a burning fuse of dynamite! 
Here I had yet another Ceasar Salad, as they know how to do it in Greece.  But, the new version with chicken and corn.  Ceasar, the chef in Tiajuana, Mexico, that invented such, would be shocked.  As originally, with raw egg, dry mustard, and anchovies.  But, things, including Ceasar Salads, change over time.  Nothing is so constant as change! 
This night I was to stay para gratis at Hotel Rex, courtesy of Yannis, the owner.  We´d met several weeks before, and he´d offered, but until now it hadn´t happened.  
I met Yannis #1, and Yannis #2, in front of Ethereal Care, #1´s new venture, a place to get a massage and other things for the body, like a manicure. 
Yannis #2, offered to help with ROOMS TO LET, so we exchanged contact information.  
I was also hoping that Yannis #1, would offer for longer term in Hotel Rex, but it didn´t seem that way.  I had been fantasizing, as long-term accomodation in the area, was getting challenging.  
I´d had Sypros´ house for 24 hours, until his parents nixed.  I had asked Vasili (of eBikes) to check out two others, but negatives for both. Thus, the reason in and out of Irinis, 4, the old AIRBNB deal, and I was getting tired of moving.  I´d moved ten times since being in Greece six weeks, and god knows how many since departing from Granada, Spain, August, 2017, I should count… almost 50 times!
Maybe the reason I was feeling exhausted!  I´ve been suffering from exhaustion ever since arriving in Greece.  Maybe just old age, but having to do with allergies, and maybe diabetes.  Of course, I´m dealing with Candida Albicans, as well, so a combination of things, all of it courtesy of the Shambala gods for shifting the Kundalini.  But, who would understand…?  Just go to the doctor, Hildegarding, would recommend.  Not so much the physical kind, but the mental kind of tired, and how to explain that!
Waiting to check into Hotel Rex, I cycled up above the hotel, the way to Kastraki and sat in a park.  Sat for a moment then got up to hug a tree, and ask it for its energy.
Then once in the hotel, oh how nice to shower and rest on a good bed (there are so many not so good hotel beds).
I had contacted Dimitris Moulas, first Greek I knew in Greece, to get together.  So I waited in the room until he showed up about 19.00. 
We walked to a Gyro place on the main street, as he was hungry for such.  I sucked on a shrinking size of juice container.  
Sizes are going down and down, while the prices continue to go up and up.  Eventually, customers will pay just to supply such to purchase, the way Capitalism is going.
During Dimitris eating his Gyro and me drinking we talked, of course, about this and that.  I told him the story of Spyros´ house, which must have caused him to think of his friend Harry´s house.  It´s a wonder how things happen.  Seems his friend Harry´s house was suddenly vacant, as a guide, renting it, had to part. Dimintris, remembering this, was suddenly excited about the possibility so he started calling Harry.
As it worked out Harry drove up and I got a ride to Harry´s parent´s house in Kastraki.  I was both elated and conflicted as the house old, full of memories, but had a wood burning fire place.  The rent 400€, and I would have to pay for disel fuel to heat, and that could be another 100€.  They, obviously, wanting me to rent the place, inundated me with solutions to all what was negative.  I told them I´d have to return to see it in sunlight, during the day.
I was also concerned about the location in Kastraki, as Dimitris had `dropped his list,´ when I´d visited his own nearby stuido (atelier) weeks before.  Seems the Meteora monoliths, block the sun until late, and the area in shadow most of the day.  Not a problem in the summer but in the winter it makes heating houses expensive.  I, not doing cold inside very well, had made a mental note.  Later, this came to mind as Harry´s only one block from Dimitris!´ 
I was driven back to Hotel Rex, thanking them all the way!  I departing telling Harry, I´d think about it and let them know.  He said, take your time! 
In my room, a sleepless night, trying to figure out how not to disappoint them.  On one hand, Harry´s house solved my longer term renting problems.  On the other hand, it wasn´t ideal. The solution I came up with… I´d rent Harry´s house for two months (November, December), paying 800€ in advance, and if all worked out, I´d continue beginning in January.
But, oh how things changed the next day!


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