Wednesday, October 10, 2018

101018 BLOK

101018 BLOK 
No war!  No peace!
No peace!  No war!
The Greeks used the unity of opposites to describe the synthesis of opposites to make something better.
The old thesis, antithesis, synthesis.
We live between war and peace, both equally valuable.  That´s what I mean when I suggest a cataclysmic event (WWIII or something else), which ultimately will help humanity evolve! 
Your abhorrence of war I understand, as you have grandchilden.  Don´t forget I was in Viet Nam, so know alittle about such.  Actually for me it was exciting, what I had sought.
Thus, my thinking has to do with how to ultimately evolve humanity.  And I know suffering is the only way!  The message of Jesus on the Cross.
Lob an atomic weapon on the White House, and see what happens!  There will be some rejoicing!


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