Sunday, September 30, 2018

WWIII Alert... This is how it begins... Countries stop talking to each other!


China cancels security talks with United States

We in the U.S., love killing people!

Executions With an Extra Dose of Cruelty

Inmates on Tennessee’s death row favor a firing squad to a torturous, deadly injection.

Former prisoners told us of physical as well as psychological torture in the camps. Entire families had disappeared, and we were told detainees were tortured physically and mentally. We also saw evidence of almost a complete surveillance state in Xinjiang.

China Uighurs: All you need to know on Muslim 'crackdown'

The white people in Australia, have not treated the Aboriginals well! But, we in the U.S., didn´t treat the Natives well either.

The day an Aboriginal march stopped the miners and gave birth to a land council

The Kimberley celebrates the 40th anniversary of the influential Noonkanbah march

American Pathology! A Civil War coming...

Two police officers killed in shootout in small Mississippi town

This is where it will begin, a mistake, then both countries unable to back down. H.

World War Three alert: ‘You CAN'T stop us sailing there’ US warship heads into China Sea

THE UNITED States have taken tensions with China to a new high by "asserting their right" to sail warships past disputed islands in the South China Sea.

300918 BLOK

300918 BLOK
In Trikala, named after the nymph Triki, · for 3 days now (acually two, as the first was taking the train here from Athens, an almost all day deal)…
Yesterday, I walked around Trikala for the first time, and found it desirable in terms of a place to live.  Big enough, sophisticated enough to have everything I need. I stopped into the InfoPoint in the main square, where I met Ari, one of the hostesses.  I found out they loan, para nada, bicycles to ride for three hours.  After I explained my idea about helping to promote cycling in Trikala, she said if I returned on Monday, she´d connect me to someone who would be interested in such.  Already I´m feeling this is the right place to stop for awhile.
Later, I took a bus up to Kalambaka to meet Dimitris Moulas.  It was suggested I meet him, a friend of Niki and Anny´s whom I met last January in Nuremburg, Germany.  Talk about connections, I went with friend Rotraut Boyens to celebrate her 80th BD with daughter Isgard, and I end up meeting Greek people (Isgard´s friends) in Germany.  When I told them I was interested in going to Greece, they suggested Dimitris, as he could help me.
And so yesterday, some eight months later, I met Dimitris for the first time.
We had exchanged email messages long before, of course, and then again when I had arrived in Trikala.  He suggested he would be free from 4 to 7P.M. on Saturday (yesterday).
Having the horrible habit of being on time, I was right there in Kalambaka at 4.P.M.  I sent him an SMS message, as he had asked for, but no response.  I waited and sent another, but again no response.  I began to wonder if I had the right day, etc.  After waiting 30 minutes I called him, and a man answered but hung up immediately.  I tried the same number but no answer.  What could be wrong?  I checked the number I had saved in my mobile tele., and sure enough I´d made a mistake of one digit.  Details determine results!  I had mistaken a 6 or a 1, my handwriting always suspect.  This time Dimitris answered, and said he´d pick me up in five minutes.
He arrived in his automobile, and drove me up to his studio in Kastraki just below the Meteora (famous rock monoliths the home of sx Greek Orthodox monasteries).  Turns out he´s an artist.
What a wonderful discovery yesterday afternoon, Dimitris, his 300-year old Pied-à-terre, his paintings, his story, and much information about the area.  Of course, I explained I am looking to live in the area at least one year, finishing my book, FOLLOWING THE LIGHT!   He took me for a walk around the area, showing me a 400-year old house he purchased to restore, and give to his younger brought.  A good guy, Dimitris, I mean how many brother would do this?  Note, photographs in the usual place, my website, He also called a friend (Maria) who might help me find a place to live. I purchased one of his paintings for Rucha, a Byzantine Madonna and child. All around a perfect afternoon, saved from my earlier mistake.
I caught the bus back to Trikala, which takes something like 30+ minutes (depending on the number of stops), some 20KM. I noted with pleasure, looking out the window in dwindling sunlight, the old highway adjacent.. This will would allow me to cycle up to the Meteora, when with bicycle.  Right now, Mr. Fetes, and my other other things, back in Athens with Alexandros (my host).
I hope to organize group trips from Trikala up to the Meteora, maybe even a race.  The Annual ´Hovering in the Air´ Bicycle Race as it would go up to the top monastery.
Meteora, by the way, I had been given the idea that the word was Greek for meteor.  But, Dimitris explained, no… it means, from Wikl:
`The word Meteora means literally 'hovering in the air' and of course brings to mind the word meteor. ... The area of Meteora was originally settled by monks who lived in caves within the rocks during the 11th Century.´
I suppose the Greek monks, had given the name to the area, as they felt they, living in caves in the cliffs, meters from the ground, were ´hovering in the air.´ Note, there´s one photo. of such a cave with its dwelling.
A perfect place for me to shed the body!
in the meantime, moving here to Trikala (named for a nymph), finishing two books, and maybe more.  But, who knows when and how one is going to die (my shedding the body).  It could happen in the next five minutes!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Free Speech... Is it really free?

How one article capsized a New York literary institution

A controversial piece by Jian Ghomeshi in the New York Review of Books cost editor Ian Buruma his job and sparked a debate about free speech

Wormen of the U.S., unite!

The Kavanaugh hearing proves yet again the US hates women

Better not! We´ve been proven to be UNTRUSTWORTHY!

North Korea will not abandon nuclear weapons if it cannot trust US – minister

Women of the world unite! We need more Mommune´s and less marriages!

‘It was like a marriage, only better’: the single mothers who moved in together

After their relationships broke down, Jane Hoggarth and two other mothers decided to get together and create a ‘mommune’

Women of the world unite!

Anna van der Breggen wins road world championships with astonishing ride

Politics, the last refuge of scountrels!

Malcolm Gladwell meets Ben Fountain: 'So much of politics is absurd and dumb'

Mystical Bird video

Jesus would not have voted for Trump!

The country music star, Jason Isbell, speaks about outing himself as a Democrat and why he uses his platform to speak up

A CESSPOOL, the film industry in Hollywood!

'It was like tending to a disgusting baby': life as a Harvey Weinstein employee

It’s a year since allegations about the producer sparked the #MeToo movement. Has workplace culture changed? Three ex-employees look back

Of course, I´ve been saying the same thing for a long time, but nobody wants to hear about such! They just want to live their quiet lives of desperation! H.

‘We’re in a screwed-up world’: Trump accusers respond to Kavanaugh hearing

Three women who accused the president of sexual harassment speak about the pain they experienced watching the hearing

Friday, September 28, 2018

Bee capital of the world, Slovenia!

One in 200 Slovenians is a beekeeper, and they’re fighting the decline of bees worldwide with an unprecedented programme – to make Ljubljana the world’s most bee-friendly capital
by Luka Dakskobler in Ljubljana

280918 BLOK

280918 BLOK
Latitude, attitude…
I was thinking… having cycled the world, west to east, north to south, some 30 countries.
There is a cultural…?  What would you call it..?
In countries that are distant from the equator, particularly in the northern hemisphere, the climate colder, darker in the winter, the people tend to be colder in terms of personality.  As you descend south toward the equator people are warmer.  Is it because the climate is warmer?  Less sociable in the north, more sociable in the south.  Does this have to do with temperature?
Also, in the colder, darker north, things seems to work more efficiently.  Nearer the equator, things, well, they work but not as well. The trains in Germany and Switzerland generally run on time.  Trains in Greece and Bolivia, not as often.
Are people closer to the Poles more efficient, and the countries-cultures closer to the equator, less efficient?  I wonder if there´s an ethnogeographic connection?
This cultural phenomenon is something I´ve pondered having experienced both types (near pole, colder -- Iceland, Sweden; near equator, warmer — Bolivia, Spain).
What is the connection between climate and culture?  Well, some nexus obviously:  people in warmer climates move slower, nap in the hot afternoons.  People in the colder climates move faster, sleep less (certainly no siestas). People near the equator darker skin, people near the poles less color (whiter).
Are the cultural differences simply because of temperature, or are there ohter factors such as longitude, genes, history, the sun, what?
Why is there seemingly more consciousness the further to get from the equator?
If I were after a Ph.D student this subject would choose for my thesis!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

“Me Too must become We Too,” Ardern said. “We are all in this together”.

Jacinda Ardern's speech to UN rebuts Trump

MeToo must become WeToo': Jacinda Ardern's speech to UN rebuts Trump

New Zealand prime minister called for collective action and multilateralism in address that was applauded at the UN in New York

27a0918 BLOK

27a0918 BLOK
If you can out cool me, `make my day,´ as Dirty Harry once said. 
My bicycle having travelled, some 250,000 KM / 150,000 miles , is the most powerful push bicycle in the world!   
There´s nobody out there like us at 78-years of age, doing what we do: give money away via my German colleague (Rotraut Boyens).  
Long ago we launched The Loving-Kindness Group Fund, based on the Pay it Forward concept.  
Use less, Share more! 
When you give, you get!  
Our philosophy.
The Loving-Kindness Group Fund

270918 BLOK

270918 BLOK
Day 11 in Athens, Greece.
I have managed to get around on Athen´s Metro with help, and it´s pretty good. There are three major lines and one Tram line. What´s challenging are the signs in the Greek language, of which I know little.  But, many add English to help us tourists.  For example, EXIT!
How fortunate I was to be born in an English speaking country, as the sun never sets on those.
English is the language of money and the Internet.  Most Greeks speak some English, especially the younger and educated, of course those working in the Tourist Industry, which a Nikos (new Greek friend) told me is basically supporting the entire Greek economy.  So, you´all come on down!
Tomorrow a ride on their passenger train to Trikala.  All for 14€ or $16U.S. I got a senior discount when the seller asked me my age.  The train company, OSE, is owned by the Italian State Railway System (Government)— strange maybe considering Italy´s economy not much better, and their political scene totally chaotic. But, whatever works, we will find out tomorrow as off to Trikala, some 320KM / 200 miles to the north of Athens — it takes 5 hours or an average of 40MPH (my kind of slow speed). 
I discovered Trikala while perusing the Internet from Scotland.  It´s supposed to be the digital capital of Greece, the media story about their driveless bus.  Plus, it´s not that far from where I ultimately want to live, Meteora — where new connection Moulas Dimitrios lives.
Athens, with a population of 4 million, too crazy for me.
So far, Greece, at least Athens, reminds me of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where I lived for two years (actually Ajijic on Lago de Chapala).
Certainly travelling, like I do, keeps one mentally alert, especially in large cities.  The problem I´m having, however, is one of understanding spoken English (by foreigners). This where there is much ambient noise. It´s both an ear and brain problem.  I think the brain is challenged to tranlate vibrations into cognition — it´s confused.  Basically, old age!
Everything goes in the end, happening at so many stages in life, little by little from conception to dust. As you get older you begin to notice things aren´t like they used to be like.  This morning, for example, getting dressed, I fell to the floor (unhurt, but…).  Older people fall more often, because of a deteriorating inner ear. 
I fell on Mr. Fetes, a couple of days ago cycling around the Acropolis — but not my fault. I hit a slippery stretch of a marble-like stripe in the middle of the tourist path.  Bad combination with less tread on my used road tires. Nonetheless, I fell on a hard surface, but amazingly not one bruise or injury.  In fact, I was surprised, as usually theres some latent soreness or pain. This time nothing.  Must be one of my guarding angels, in this case, Socrates and/or Plato. 
The wind in the last three days, unusual (according to the locals) and very strong (gusting at 60KMPH / 40MPH) — some storm from the northeast.  Yesterday, walking I had to struggle against it.  And on a bicycle it can be challenging — I remember it in China.
I will never forget the famous Dong Feng (East Wind) of China — on two occasions.  The first day out from Urumqi (on the way to Kashgar) with Mamat (Asat, my Uyugur friend).  We struggled against it for hours, my knees beginning to ache from the strain.
Then, maybe one year later with Xutan, the same direction, east on Highway #213, east of Hami nearing Gansu Province).  The highway heading south, bearing right we were on the wrong side, so when a large truck came by, a moment of less, then a blast of wind so strong you barely could keep control. One time it knocked Xutan off the highway and over the bank. Luckily he only fell something like three meters.  After that I decided to stop and camp in a highway culvert (which blocked the wind).
Recently they know what strong wind can do, in both the U.S. and the Phillipines, how treacherous it can be.  I mean what about tornados?
My sister (and brother-in-law, George) experienced a tornado in Topeka, Kansas, in 1966.  They heard a roar, hide in their basement, when it passed overhead sounding like a freight train, they emerged to nothing but rubble (what was once their house).
But… the trees like it, if not too strong.
spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety via a bicycle…
P.S. George, check in about the tornado in Topeka!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Historian Jill Lepore Talks 'These Truths,' Her New Nonfiction Book That Rewrites American History

You end with Plato’s famous “ship of state” metaphor. In America’s case, that means rebuilding, then learning “how to navigate by the stars.”
Part of that is my whole anti-algorithm attitude: I’m against having a machine fix our problems. So “navigating by the stars,” instead of by your GPS. Look at the world around you with your own, true, God-given powers of acuity and observation and compassion, and think about what would be in the public good. Then follow that star. Do that instead of “If I slam Cuomo, that’s going to get me half a point in the polls in this precinct.” Or “If I write this outrageous post, then I’ll get so-and-so more hits.”

The animals are fighting back!

Trump the unpresident, nominated this guy!

I will never forget': Kavanaugh accuser to testify as new allegations emerge

Christine Blasey Ford prepares for committee hearing as Kavanaugh denies new claims in interview with Republicans

They´re laughing at him in Beijing!


What a joke! He meant, very, very large, penis! 

Who cares about animals? What´s important to us is money!



The condiment has long been celebrated for its health-giving properties – but what’s the evidence? A professor of family medicine looks at the scientific research.

Women of the world unite!

About one in every five women has experienced sexual violence. But many misconceptions about what sexual assault looks like – and how survivors react – persist, with damaging consequences.

We offer the same via bicycle via

A backpacker’s guide to China: a one-month itinerary
The country’s epic scale adds further adventure to this route, which takes in historic villages, national parks and megacities while staying in budget accommodation
by Tess Humphrys

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Gosh, three positive stories in one day! What is happening to the world?

'Most adorable random act of kindness ever'?

'Bike only' parking stickerImage copyright@ASAUSAGEHASTWO
Image captionChristie Dietz discovered her son had been given his own parking space
Parking restrictions spark frustration more often than delight, but a newly-installed sign in Wiesbaden, Germany has been declared "the most adorable act of random kindness ever" as social media users shared the story online.
Food and travel writer Christie Dietz, whose four-year-old son has parked his bike by the same lamppost "just about every day for the last year", discovered the space had now been reserved just for him.
A kind-hearted stranger had placed a sticker on the lamppost bearing a picture of her son's distinctive green and blue balance bike.
Ms Dietz posted a picture of the lamppost to Twitter on Monday and the image has been shared widely - attracting more than 75,000 likes and shares.
"We were really touched by someone carrying out such a sweet and joyful idea," Ms Dietz told the BBC.
"My son is very happy about the sticker."
Ms Dietz's son's bike chained to a lamppostImage copyright@ASAUSAGEHASTWO
"I'm really happy the tweet has brought smiles to so many people," she said.
And the reaction on social media suggests the smiles have come with a fair number of tears.
"Just had a little tear in my eye," tweeted one social media user. "It's always the little details that get you. Such a lovely gesture."
Another said it was the "most adorable random act of kindness ever".
Ms Dietz said she has written a thank you note which she plans to leave at her son's newly-reserved parking space.

Hwre is a positive story! There are stlill a few good people in the world!

Why 27 hikers helped this woman up a mountain

Getting to the top of the 14,000ft (4,270m) Mount Bierstad in Denver was a big deal for Nerissa Cannon.

Good! Maybe the world is changing for the better! H.

A man who slapped a woman’s bottom on a bus near Paris has been jailed for three months and, in a first under a new law against catcalling, also fined for lewd remarks about her physique.
The man, inebriated when he boarded the rush-hour bus, smacked the 21-year-old on the buttocks and made an insulting comment about her breasts, before a squabble with the bus driver, who jammed the doors shut while police were alerted.

I´ve long wanted to establish CITIZENS WITHOUT BORDERS! It is borders and flags that cause wars. Hey, my country better than yours!

Anarchy at the south pole: Santiago Sierra plants the black flag to destroy all borders

The Spanish provocateur, who once filled a former synagogue with lethal gas, has gone to the ends of the Earth to liberate humankind

White men in power the problem! The male ego, of any color!

he 'carpool dad', the 'frat boy' and the #MeToo culture war

Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s narrative has evolved and is quickly becoming entwined in the women’s movement

We´re going to wobble ourselves right out of existence. H.

NASA warns Earth is WOBBLING more - and HUMANS are to blame

THE EARTH is wobbling more as it spins on its axis - and scientists at NASA think humans are at least partially to blame.

“She Would Be King”

In Wayétu Moore’s Ambitious Debut Novel, Liberia Is Reborn

“She Would Be King” reframes the country’s history in magical terms.
NYTimes, 250918

Monday, September 24, 2018

Spani´s dictator Franco, produced a film...

It was the big-screen validation of his rule he wanted – then he censored it and destroyed all copies of the first version, writes Thomas Graham.

Google at 20

Women of the world unite!

Woman punched by cop during Jersey shore arrest indicted for assaulting officers

24c0918 BLOK

24c0918 BLOK 
Dark suits,
White men!
Ties, lies, and denies!
The problem mail,
Trump them in jai!