Wednesday, July 11, 2018

11a0718 BLOK

11a0718 BLOK
Yesterday, an interesting day, my spirit guides at work. Two events are example of such, although you won´t believe, as you´re too captured by that so-called smart tele. This, for people who avoid such and have open minds (few in the world).
I had my spare bicycle key with me as I´d lost, or thought so, the one I had carried with me for years.  I had spent days looking for it, in ever conceivable place, but no, not there.  So, I was going off to have a replacement made, another one to keep as spare.
I loaded Mr. Fetes, and was departing when I realized I´d forgotten something, and went back into the building where we´re staying in Glasgow, Scotland, 7 Kelvinhaugh Gate.  Then coming out the front door, there on the sidewalk was the key I´d thought lost.  Now, how could this be, as it just magically reappeared right in my path?  Not there when I´d entered the building.
I picked it up and went to Mr. Fetes, where on the fence next to was the most amazing moth I´ve ever seen, the colorful, pattern on its body-wings so elaborate as to be sacred.  I looked as closely as I could without scaring it off, but it never moved.  I tried to take a photograph of it, but my Canon camera wouldn´t cooperate (the spirit-moth didn´t want such).
So, I cranked off to the dentist where I had an appointment at Bupa Dental Clinic.  This to see about fixing a problem with my prosthesis bridge.  The dentist could, and for only 110L (BPS) ($150U.S.) — get a new one.  In fact, Dr. Jaspal, turned out to be a good guy (wanting information about cycling). I was pleased with the entire procedure.  I departed to return in 8 days.
After lunch with Rucha, my German friend, I went off shopping for other things I needed, for one. a USB drive.
On the way back to where we are living, the same route where I had discovered another dental clinic, and the one I preferred, but had lost, up IT JUMPED UP there to my left.  I couldn´t believe it!
I had remembered the front as yellow in color.  This weeks ago.  But then finding it again, impossible!  Any time I was in this shopping area-same street, I had looked for it, as wanting to make an appointment.  But, no matter how diligently I looked, cycling up and down this stretch of street, it had just seemed to have disappeared.  I gave up and made an approintment at Bupa.  Now, after my pleasant experience at Bupa, suddenly the dental clinic I had wanted in the beginning revealed itself.  Now, white in color.  How could this be, and for what reason?
Simply my spirit guides, didn´t want me to go there and waste my money, as they knew it wasn´t good.
Of course, you won´t believe me, but I know better.  I´m tuned into the unseen, unheard and unfelt!
You live in a material world.  I live in a spiritual world.


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