Tuesday, July 31, 2018

From Mandy Pantinkin, an actor on the series, HOMELAND

“a moral/ethical crisis that’s going on all over the globe”.
“We’re broken,” he says. 
Of course, none of you want to hear this, but I know it´s the truth!
What´s WE´VE ALL created isn´t so good! 
What to do?
Lily Tomlin says, EVOLVE  OR DIE! 

Blalme! Blame! Blame! The politicians BLAME GAME! Never take responsibility for your own mistakes. Blame the other guy or girl!

Manafort's lawyers blame Gates in bank fraud trial


American Pathology!

Colorado police fatally shoot man who just shot intruder

Gun happy police, now paranoid, and for a good reason.  Too much violence in the U.S. 

There´s nothing wrong with suicide. It helps to reduce over population! Capitalism based on growth (more people), and the Catholic Church the two forces fomenting, more and more!

In both the UK and US, services for young people are being cut, leaving those from marginalised groups at greatest risk of suicide

Monday, July 30, 2018

Women of the world unite!

#MeToo in China: movement gathers pace amid wave of accusations

More than 20 women have come out with allegations against former bosses, acquaintances, and colleagues in the last week

Women of the world unite!

Ahed Tamimi: 'I am a freedom fighter. I will not be the victim'

Day after her release, teenage Palestinian activist says she hopes to become lawyer and lead cases against Israel

Wormn of the world unite!

Herstory review – a surprising, alarming odyssey through art by women

4/5stars4 out of 5 stars.
Touchstone, Rochdale 
From sand-filled tights to a BDSM portrait, this Lancashire gallery gets a major lift with a provocative show

Women of the world unite!

Baby love: how pop stars embraced pregnancy

Stars used to keep quiet about their pregnancies, fearing they could ruin their career. Now they are celebrating them – and Cardi B is leading the pack

2 American cyclists killed in Tajikistan in possible terror attack

July 30 (UPI) -- Four bicyclists, two of them Americans, were killed in a terrorist attack while biking through Tajikistan, the interior ministry said Monday.
Two were from the United States, one from the Netherlands and one from Switzerland. Officials said they died when they were run down by a car Sunday and attacked with knives and guns.
The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, the first time it has purportedly acted in Tajikistan, the BBC reported.
The group said it carried out an attack on "citizens of the crusader coalition," but didn't provide any further evidence of its involvement.
Three of the bikers died at the scene and the fourth at the hospital. Three other cyclists were injured. The incident occurred in Takikistan's Danghara district, near the border with Afghanistan.
Authorities said the dead and injured were found over a considerable distance on the road, suggesting that some may have been chased by perpetrators in a vehicle.
No identities other than nationality were announced.
Rakhimzoda said an investigation was under the personal control of Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon, who has urged his nation to increase foreign tourism. Rahmon's hometown is near the site of the attack.
The leader described the incident as a "cruel act" in a note of condolence to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Texas men admit to stealing shark from San Antonio Aquarium, police say

What kind of insanity is this?  Money!  Money has become God in the world!


300718 BLOK

300718 BLOK
I do not cry at funerals,
The wheel is spokes
I do not laugh at jokes!
Death is but a cycle
A bye such round it goes.
Here one minute,
There another doze.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Ed wants to know, and tries to understand, why all these people think Trump has restored pride in the military and in the immigration agencies (well, that one’s not so hard). And mostly he wants to understand just how a billionaire New York businessman won the votes and hearts of all these working-class people in the deep south.

Maybe a good idea!

The robot will see you now: could computers take over medicine entirely?


Man races against 'snail train' to prove his point




Israel releases Palestinian teenager who struck soldier

63 million Americans voted for this Dolt!

New York Times publisher offers different take on Trump meeting


American Pathology!

Five killed in two shootings in small Texas town


American Pathology!

3 dead, 7 hurt in New Orleans mass shooting by 2 at-large suspects


Emily Bronte bicentenary: how women authors have changed the world


Future Shock...

We should be alarmed at how well prepared the super-rich elite are for the end of the world


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Women of the world unite!



The animals are fighting back!

Woburn Safari Park black bear attacks family's car



 “President Putin, did you want President Trump to win the election?” and “And did you direct any of your officials to help him do that?”
According to the instantaneous English translation, Putin replied: “Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Because he talked about bringing the US–Russia relationship back to normal.”

American Pathology!

Five killed in two shootings in small Texas town


You can´t stop guns in the U.S., it´s a part of our mythology.

Judge allows release of printed 3D gun blueprints


Women of the world unite!

Jameela Jamil: ​'I won't become a double agent for the patriarchy'​

The former presenter turned The Good Place star on why she refuses to stay silent about the aftermath of #MeToo, unhealthy body ideals and the tabloid media

Woodman, spare that tree, touch not a single bough.

'I push the saw. It pushes back': Tim Dowling v the world's best woodchoppers


Women of the world PROTEST!

For me, heroine Elin Ersson can’t protest too much


Friday, July 27, 2018

A new solid shape, hiding inside your skin cells.



Gino Bartali was one of the greatest Italian cyclist

Italian National Hero made into an animation

Gino Bartali was one of the greatest Italian cyclists - Now an animated film has been launched to tell his story.

The national hero won the Tour de France twice, he won the Giro d'Italia three times but he also saved hundreds of Jews during World War II.

Around 800 Jews escaped the Holocaust because he smuggled fake documents in the frame of his bike.


Women of the world unite!

Lyudmila Rudenko: Who was the Soviet chess champion and why was she influential?


28b0718 BLOK

28b0718 BLOK 
The book cries as I read it,
Virginia Woolf in matform,
With me
Inside me
And all the rest 
Opening the door
Leading to the other,
Brother, sister,
Mother, father,
Son and dauther
All at once!

28a0718 BLOK

28a0718 BLOK
We suffer matformed
Dispelling dread,
Clinging to illusions
Knot noing
Believing we dew!
We evaporate into fat
Gouging ourselves
With this and that,
What doesn´t last,
Got to make the morning fast,
Feeling grooveey!
Missing the point,
The goal,
Not gold!
Humanity lost
In a forest
Of lust
Dust to dust
Yet, paradise unbound

280718 BLOK

280718 BLOK
The sun vibrates through the trees
Music for the eyes!
Won thing seeking its opposite.
Man after woman,
Woman after man.
Night seeking day,
Day seeking night!
Life seeking death,
Death - life!
Duality our reality
Seeking Singularity
Animation seeking inanimation.
Action - non,
P.S.  Mourn birth, celebrate the shedding of our matforms!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Humanity committing suicide slowly but surely!

Only 13% of world’s oceans are still untouched wilderness, scientists find

'We've managed to significantly impact almost all of this vast ecosystem'

27a0718 BLOK

27a0718 BLOK
If you cannot find me,
Look for the sun!
I, Nema!
Horm beam me up Scotty!
A million things disappear,
Becoming everything,
On the Cross of life-
The lesson lost by most,
Become toast!
Risen like dough
Others soar, a Con-door

270718 BLOK

270718 BLOK
Horn beams
Strong, hard
Inside of me!
A tool
Before mettle
I, with this ritual, settle!
Nature´s joke,
The yoke
Begetting the race
To obliviaon!

Human flow...

'They're Being Forced Out.' Al Weiwei Discusses the International Refugee Crisis and His Documentary Human Flow


Women of the world unite!

Anita Hill is sworn in before testifying at the Senate Judiciary hearing on the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination in 1991.
Anita Hill is sworn in before testifying at the Senate Judiciary hearing on the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination in 1991.
Bettmann/Getty Images
We cannot forget what Anita Hill faced when she spoke up at the Senate judiciary hearings on the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Hill was one African-American lawyer facing an all-white, all-male Senate committee gathered to hear testimony on Thomas’ character, including Hill’s claims of sexual harassment as his employee at the U.S. Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ultimately, Thomas was confirmed and Hill encountered public scrutiny as her credibility and veracity were questioned well after the hearing. Still, Hill’s brave testimony garnered a strong feminist mobilization and helped lead to the enactment of workplace and government policies on sexual harassment that would enable victims to seek justice.

Women of the world unite!

Ella Baker Makes a Plea for Black Lives (Aug. 6, 1964)

A photograph of Ella Baker as NAACP Hatfield representative, behind a desk with paperwork, Sept. 18, 1941.
A photograph of Ella Baker as NAACP Hatfield representative, behind a desk with paperwork, Sept. 18, 1941.
Afro Newspaper/Gado/Getty Images
In August 1964, civil rights activist Ella Baker stated, “Until the killing of black men, black mothers’ sons, becomes as important to the rest of the country as the killing of a white mother’s son — we who believe in freedom cannot rest until this happens.” Baker delivered those words during a keynote address in Jackson, Miss., just days after the discovery of the bodies of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner — three civil rights activists murdered earlier that summer. Baker had helped organize the Voter Education Project and “Freedom Summer,” which brought volunteers like Goodman and Schwerner to Mississippi to register voters. (Chaney was from there; he was black and they were white.) After the three men went missing that June while investigating the burning of a black church, the case made national headlines as federal investigators searched for them. But while combing through the area, search teams discovered other bodies too — murdered black Mississippians whose lives had not been considered important enough to warrant a federal investigation.

Bryan and Darrow, 1925.

Bryan and Darrow Face Off in the Scopes Trial (July 20, 1925)

Clarence Darrow, a famous Chicago lawyer, and William Jennings Bryan, defender of Fundamentalism, have a chat in a courtroom during the Scopes evolution trial in 1925.
Clarence Darrow, a famous Chicago lawyer, and William Jennings Bryan, defender of Fundamentalism, have a chat in a courtroom during the Scopes evolution trial in 1925.
Bettmann/Getty Images
When populist politician William Jennings Bryan faced off against attorney Clarence Darrow, it was the highlight of the Scopes trial — a case about teaching evolution in Tennessee that had captured national attention — and the capstone of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy in the Protestant churches. Darrow grilled Bryan on his interpretation of well-known Bible stories. Did he really believe that the whale swallowed Jonah, that Joshua made the sun stand still and that Adam and Eve were the first people? Bryan answered yes, but Darrow made him admit he didn’t know how these things happened and didn’t know any geology or ancient history. The big- city journalists reported that Darrow had revealed Bryan’s ignorance and the absurdity of his biblical literalism. The Great Commoner died five days later, as if the defeat had killed him.

Women of the world unite!

Ida B. Wells Releases Southern Horrors (Oct. 26, 1892)

Portrait of American journalist, suffragist and Progressive activist Ida Wells Barnett (1862 - 1931), 1890s.
Portrait of American journalist, suffragist and Progressive activist Ida Wells Barnett (1862 - 1931), 1890s.
R. Gates/Getty Images
Four years before the Supreme Court made segregation the law of the land in Plessy v. Ferguson, Ida B. Wells could see — as most Americans could — that there would be little enforcement of the civil rights laws that had been passed in the wake of the Civil War. After three of Wells’ friends were murdered by a lynch mob in Memphis, she knew she could not remain silent. So, she methodically, meticulously and forcefully called out the country that was not living up to its ideals of “liberty and justice for all.” For far too long, we have pushed aside this disturbing chapter of our past. But there is an inspiring story of strength hidden here — one of a woman, far before her time, who used her voice in a way that sent shockwaves across the country and galvanized change. The National Memorial For Peace and Justice opened its doors this April, and in it are 4,400 names of victims lost to the lynching that Wells protested in 1892. I had never heard of Wells before graduate school — never studied lynching in American history, either. Today, I make sure every single one of my students knows her name and studies her work.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Women of the world unite!

One Woman’s Math Could Help NASA Put People on Mars


Who cares about people, profit is God!

Mattel layoffs 2,200 employees after sales drop 11 percent


American Pathology!

Milwaukee police officer shot, killed in shootout with suspect


25d0818 BLOK

25d0818 BLOK
Mother Earth is curing itself of cancer, the homo sapien, each of us one cancer cell!
There will be more fires, more eruptions, more quakes-tsunamis, more floods, more extreme weather!
Buy land in Greenland now while inexpensive, because it will become the Garden of Eden!
First, however, I suggest you stop supporting non-renewable energy like oil!
Ride a bicycle if you can!
Of course, you will think all of this nonsense which is good, as it will hasten our demise!
The Earth will cure itself of us, the human race, a form of cancer (destroying the Earth)!

25c0818 BLOK

25c0818 BLOK
One-winged people
Cannot fly!
Unable to soar
After pray  each day,
Money their God,
Worshiping pro
That fits,
Torn ultimately to bits!
One-winged people
Cannot fly
As such, they die.

25b0818 BLOK

25b0818 BLOK
I¨m trying to reveal secrets no one nos!  But, know won seems to want to evolve, on can´t trapped in their mindset — especially the older seduced by materialism!
If you ever wonder why I´m less than optimistic about humanity´s survival, the foregoing the reason:  We haven´t evolved much in one million years!
The young people already robots, THE THUMB TRIBE we call them!

25a0818 BLOK

25a0818 BLOK
All things human seem to be folly!
Frances Hutcheson, a distant ancestor of mine, spent his life inspiring virtue in his students.  He taught at the University of Glasgow for years.  He is credited with being the `Father of The Scottish Englightenment.´
Yet, now some 300 years later, in the 21st Century, Glasgow is the murder capitol of Europe, Scotland the most violent!
Gandhi preached non-violence in India, a hundred years ago. Today, there is more sexual violence in India than any other country of the world!
So, preaching virture and non-violence, what good it is?   It actually has no value, as history proves!
People like Francis Hutcheson, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed (all males), were only living out of their male egos, trying, but ultimately of no value.
We are a failed species, the homo sapien!
Let us hope the next species (Shakti in nature:  female energy) is more evolved!

250718 BLOK

250718 BLOK
I happened to come across a card, partial joke that reads:
Thank you!
I would admend this to:
Thank you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In moderation good for you! Too much of anything not good! Even too much water can kill you!



Legalize marijuana!

In 2005, the United Nations published a report declaring Scotland the most violent country in the developed world. The same year, a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) of crime figures in 21 European countries showed that Glasgow was the “murder capital” of Europe. More than 1,000 people a year required treatment for facial trauma alone, many of them as the result of violence.


“This law is evidence that, without doubt, Israel is the most Zionist, fascist, and racist state in the world,” Erdoğan said.

Erdoğan rebuked for claiming Israeli officials have 'Hitler spirit'


Science doesn´t know, as only a religion! Constantly forced to `rethink,´so-called evidence of both the material and spiritual. worlds!

'Amazing dragon' fossils rewrite history of long-necked dinosaurs


American Pathology1

Louisiana woman arrested for burning death of 6-month-old baby


Go Celso Fonseca!

Former homeless man targets cycling world record


240818 BLOK

240818 BLOK
For Sara Pinto
The lilies
Grace us with their sense
Filling the air with white,
What a site!
Our sighs loud and not
We read; the eyes dot!
They just are!
From a vase
They see,
While we
Have to be!
They add,
We subtract!
The equation lasts!

Brexit, all about money of course!

No deal Brexit preferable to breaking up union, says David Mundell

Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/no-deal-brexit-preferable-to-breaking-up-union-says-david-mundell-1-4772861

Monday, July 23, 2018

How to eat like a professional cyclist


This is the U.S. ?

Ga. lawmaker drops pants, screams racist slurs on TV show


Spin from the vintners, and people stupid enough to believe it! H.

Study: Drinking Alcohol More Important Than Exercise to Living Past 90

Instead of an apple a day, try a glass of wine.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Girls of the world unite!

Why millions listen to this girl's advice

A nine-year-old girl is helping to keep people safe in London, by surprising them as they travel through the city.


Women of the world unite!

French woman in Montmartre tightrope walk

Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga walked 35 metres off the ground in front of hundreds of people in Montmartre, Paris.


“Fortunately the people I was dealing with weren’t the brightest bulbs in the socket,” Ron says.

Nor, are the 63-million people who voted for Trump!


We are destroying ourselves! Now, how smart tele.is that? H.

Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes


The homo sapien already being roboticized. They can´t survive without their smart tele.., smarter than they are!

App to tell users how much coffee they really need


American Pathology!

220718 BLOK

220718 BLOK
Cycling adventure from Glasgow 1407 to 1707, all the way to Callander, in Stirlingshire.
1407, Saturday.
Departing I needed my tires pumped up, so I went to the Westend Bicycle Shop, off Byers Road.  There, a nice guy sitting out in the sun, offered his hand pump.
Afterwards, I asked him if continuing south on Byers Road I would run into NCN route 7 going north.  He affirmed such, so I gliding down to the Clyde River, NCN route 7 parallels in Glasgow.  Of course, I was heading north to Lock Lomond, and beyond.
It was familiar, as I´d been on such before, one day, just to check out.  Yet, I don´t know how, but I missed the turnoff to the path up on the dike. What to do but to continue on to the end of the street, where I turned right. Here I was able to find an entrance up onto NCN7 that rides the dike.  Once on, easy going west to the end, where the NCN 7 direction sign indicated I should turn right on city streets.
But, going several blocks north, no signs and confusing.  I flagged one man walking, but he didn´t know.  I followed my intuition, and continued, going over the `Forth to Clyde Canal´ on a bridge, without realizing it. Here I stopped as Nature called.
Across the street, I noticed what was the Canal, and a path on the north side, but it looked too primitive, so I continued following the A82 bicycle path.  At a WALK stoplight, there were three cyclists waiting, and I asked them for directions.
The recommendation, was to return and over the bridge, and down to NCN 7 on the south side of the Canal.  So, here was NCN 7 again that I had somehow missed.  The cyclists said to continure on the path to Bowling, then over a bridge to follow NCN 7 all the way to Locked Lowman (I jest of course.).  This I managed, now climbing up through some hills.  Always on either side of a river there are hills.
Then it got confused again having to negotiate the city streets through Dumbarton.  Luckily, there were three cyclists, two men and one woman, that I followed.  I only lost them after crossing the River Leven at Bellsmyre, when I stopped at some picnic tables to eat something, rest a bit.  I fed some squaking gulls, with parts of my sandwich.
After that NCN 7 was easier to follow which I did all the way to Bulloch, at the bottom of Loch Lomond.  There is train service from Glasgow to Bulloch, for the less adventurous.  Maybe next time I take the train to Bulloch, and then cycle up to Glencoe where the ancient eastern Macdonald clan lived.  I need to include being there in our video, IN SEARCH OF SCOTLAND.
At Bulloch, I wasn´t sure what to do, how to get to the east side of Loch Lomond, as I thought that´s where Glencoe was located.  I asked for the iTourist office, which was right in front of me. There I got maps, and picked out the town of Aberfoyle as the goal for the day thinking it was close to Glencoe.  Sorry, no cigar! Before departing Bulloch I stopped at The Tullie Inn where I partook of a latte and muffin, while watching Wimbledon Tennis.  There I inquired about rooms, as a hotel as well.
The two women back at iTourist office (Visit Scotland), had drawn a map how to get to NCN 7, through a park.  But, when I tried to follow their directions the park had been turned into a weekend festival, the usual crafts-food fair, with amusement rides for children.  I was directed by a police woman to divert around, but this took some time.  Going up a small hill I discovered I´d lost one of the paper maps I needed.  So, I walked back and found it lying on the ground.  Reattached, I pushed up the small hill a second time, at the top now discovering the other map gone.  Back I went, finding it as well on the ground!  Talk about being stupid!  If I would have just put the maps in my backpack I would have never had to walk up the same hill three times.
At the top amidst the amusement rides, I had to stop and ask two different official looking groups where NCN 7 might be, showing the map to the second group.  Well, there it was, just a few yards distance. Finally!
But, here began a long crank of several hours, miles over rolling hills, of the Stirling Valley.  Luckily this part well indicated with NCN direction signs. But, it twisted around and around and up and down!
I remember having to walk over the most narrow metal bridge I´ve ever encountered in 14 years cycling the world!  And over some nameless River.  Yet, making it over the bridge a lovely stretch of NCN 7, lined with trees, where I shot POV footage riding along.  You should try this sometime at 78 years old!  Cranking through the hills, holding a camera in one hand, the other hand on the handlebars, trying to frame the shot correctly without crashing.
I finally got to a village named Drymen, about to `run out of gas,´ as had come at that point some 35 miles / 50KM.  It was about 3P.M. in the afternoon, having started the day at 10.00 from Glascow. 
At my venerated age, quoting a song lyric, TOO LONG IN THE RAIN, TOO LONG IN THE WIND, SEEKING EVERY COMFORT THAT I CAN!  Maybe I can do this cycling the world until 80 years of age, but I wonder sometimes.  It gets more challenging every year!
I kept going, and finally, right on the bicycle path a sign for the hotel the women back in Bulloch had suggested, called Rob Roy (Magregor).  Rob Roy a significant figure in Scottish history, born up there somewhere.  Via Google search:
Rob Roy, cattle dealer, thief, part rogue, part romantic hero, lived beyond Lowland law. He became a Highland Robin Hood - a legend in his own lifetime.
At the hotel, however, Rob Roy had stolen my room, and where to spend Saturday night live?  I cranked into Aberfoyle, on the highway, and stopped at the first B&B I encountered.  NO VACANCY!  But, Margaret´s the next B&B, had a vacant room, and I went no further!
I had cranked some 44 miles, / 70KM in 7 hours, averaging almost 7 MPH or 10KMPH.
After a shower I walked into the village, purchased a sandwich, muffins and a INNOCENT super smoothie, walked back and ate all in Margaret´s backyard. When it began to sprinkle I retreated into what she called the sanitarium, or sun room.
It was long afterwards, however, I was in bed by 20.00 (8P.M.)
1507 Sunday
The next morning Margaret fixed me porridge, as breakfast included in the 50L / $60 tab for one night.  The U.K., is porridgeland to me, and most appreciated, as a complex carbohydrate, releases energy, for at least four hours.  And when cycling the world, the best food to eat for breakfast if you can find.  Of course, in a country like Bolivia impossible except to cook yourself, after having purchased in a food market if you can find.
It was raining when I departed Aberfoyle, and not long before I had to put on my rain jacket. The goal for the day was up and over the Trossach hills, via the Port of Menteith.  It turned out to be a grunt on highway A81, as so much traffic. Whoa!  But, having my legs back, I made it without collapsing.
Into Callander, downhill, I found the Callander Hostel-restaurant, where I stopped for refreshment. They had a vacant private room for 60L, but I´d seen a sign for a bicycle hostel via NCN 7, and wanted to check it out first. 
So, back out in the rain, I headed for where I thought I might spend the night at the bicycle hostal, then continue on NCN 7 returning to Aberfolye a different way the next morning.
When I started up a hill, however, I had second thoughts thinking I´d gone what I thought far enough. So I turned around I headed back thinking the bicycle hostal must be a part of a Holliday Park, I´d passed on the way.  But, back at the Holliday Park, there was another sign for the bicycle hostal, some 1.5 miles.  So, back again the way I´d just come. This seemed a day of doing such, finding things the hard way. Maybe I´m gettng too old, and tend to over think situations, when having to find my way without a GPS, or smart tele.  I used to be good at finding my way!
Then finally, there it was, up a gravel road a complex of buildings the sign reading WHEELS CYCLING CENTER.  Here, it seemed like a group of people had been waiting for me, four adults, three men. Suddenly a woman appeared who came beaming friendliness and introduced herself as Janet.  When I explained I´d been cycling the world for 14 years we were all suddenly sympatico, and I was invited for tea.  But, I found out during tea and nibbling special Scottish Campell (local) short bread they´d sold the hostal part to others and it was closed.
Somehow the subject of the 1954 Hollywood movie, Brigadoon came up.  This based on the Scottish myth of Brigadoon… from the Netski:
`The story involves two American tourists who stumble upon Brigadoon, a mysterious Scottish village that appears for only one day every 100 years. Tommy, one of the tourists, falls in love with Fiona, a young woman from Brigadoon.´ And then the big decision for Tommy, whether to stay or return.´ The question, or theme… How strong is romatic love?  Is it worth giving up your life?
So, back into Callander I went, not Brigadoon, after Mark, Janet´s husband called to see if the room at the Callander Hostal still availabe.  When I arrived in Callander hours before, I hadn´t noticed and seen the rest of Callender full of B&B´s,, several hotels, and most likely a bed for sure. 
But, on the weekends during the summer there high season in Scotland I´ve learned maybe no room in the Inn!  This happened to me in Stirling weekends before.
I checked into the Callander Hostel, a nice room with a window, two beds (the reason for 60L per), showered, then was directed to restaurants over the bridge.  Here surprised to discover the main street full of every kind of shop in a village of some size. I stopped and ate at a restaurant called Apple Jack´s because of a skeleton riding a bicycle, an attention getter they´d hung above their door — very unusual.  Note, photograph(s) at www.cyclingpeace.org in the GALLERY!
Then back to my room and bed!  I was not exhausted, but tired enough.
1607, Monday
I slept well until 0700.
I remembered, when I couldn´t find it, I´d left my rain jacket on a chair down in their parlor.  Oh, I´m so absent-minded to be dangerous!  Luckily, it was still there.
I went looking for a cafe open early, as I needed coffee.  I did find a bakery open, and got a cuppa of sterofoam coffee.  Well, better than nothing!
I kept walking looking for porridge, my second goal.  At the end of the commercial area, there was a sign for the Roman Camp House and Restaurant, down and through a gate off the street.  And what a discovery, as I found what I was looking for, a restaurant in a 5-star hotel, with glass vases on tables so tall they looked like Tibetan Buddhist horns, white flowers blowing a tune.  They had porridge, and all the rest served from a properly dressed waiter.  I thought maybe I had wondered into Brigadoon!
Fortified, packed and Mr. Fetes out of their storage room, I headed back to Wheels to get the tires pumped and ask about NCN 7 over the hills returning to Aberfoyle.  And am I glad I did as Mark told me gravel, not hard surface. Not with the proper tires I decided to return the same way I´d come on the highways.
This route, all up, I thought difficult, but it turned out not so.  I figured, maybe the north side of the hills, where Aberfoyle and Callander located, higher in elevation, as it seemed easier going south compared to my trip from the south side going north. Sometimes, you´re just fooled, as perception different day to day, and direction to direction.  It only took one hour, and I was at the intersection of 8822 and A81. 
So, at the Port of Menteith, I turned to check out the only named lake (a mistake) in all of Scotland. Lake Menteith. A lake in Soottish is LOCH!
There´s an island in the lake called, Inchmahome Priory, for the Catholic monastery, now in ruins.  But, Mary Queen of Scots, said to have visited the Monastery in the 16th C.
Back at the Rob Roy Hotel, I checked in to spend the night, not wanting to crank all the way back to Glasgow from Callander in one day (44 miles).  The Rob Roy hotel, with many rooms for groups, retired couples in buses.
I´m always amazed at how decrepid they look, overweight women and men on crutches or in wheel chairs.  But, I give them credit for not staying at home, as eating their only remaining sensual pleasure.  If only I could get them riding bicycles!  There wasn´t a bicycle rack for Mr. Fetes, so I locked him outside against a railing for some stairs. They don´t think about bicycles too much outside of the evolved cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
After checking into my spartan room, I walked into Aberfoyle looking for something to eat. I remember thinking about Beetroot Risotto, at the Wallace Inn, but decided against.  Instead I visited the Woolen Center, hoping to find a sweater to send to friend Lyn, in Colorado.
On the way back to the hotel, I ran into a Scottish couple, asking them the name of the pink wild flowers that cover this part of Scotland.  They didn´t know.  Heck they´re only weeds!
I ate in my room, an old tuna sandwich, a muffin and drank my the famous INNOCENT super smoothie (loaded with nutrients)!  Then who´s afraid of Virginia Woolf, and a nap.
I had gotten the time for dinner, 18.30, but when I went, all booked, as you have to make a reservation.  I booked for 19.30, and ate Leek-Potato soup (scaldingly hot), pate, and Palova for dessert.  I was surprised at how good it was out of a hotel kitchen.  The dining room for private (not group) guests was packed, understaffed the two girls ran around like chickens with no heads!  I gave them a 10L tip! 
Yes, we are the Loving-Kindness Group Fund, which began with Rucha in Scotland, 60 years ago!  We give, with the Pay-it-Forward philosophy!
To bed with Virginia Woolf, at least her novel THE YEARS!  By the way, maybe one of the best novels ever written by ANY author anywhere in the world!  The woman was beyond brilliant, and why she killed herself — GET ME OUTTA HERE!
1707 Tuesday
I had checked about breakfast, and was the first one there, requiring no reservation.
No porridge, but good enough.
I had decided, upon arriving in Aberfoyle four days earlier, having seen the distance to Glasgow (24 miles) via A81, I would take the highway, saving some 20 miles. 
Bicycle paths are generally thought to be for the weekenders, out to wander around the hinterlands safely. The routes, city to city, not direct by any means because no one in any particular hurry.  NCN 7 from Glasgow to Callander some 44 miles.  Via A81, 24 miles.  But, Scottish highways more dangerous as two-lane highways, with no shoulder (space for bicycle) and motor vehicles bent on setting speed records.
But, this day, this trip, turned out to be one of those that make up for the others.  Four days earlier, taking NCN 7, and getting lost, total time 7 hours.  This day, back to Glasgow on A81, three hours, and more pleasant. 
Highway signs have more information like distance, warnings, etc.  Bicycle routes have direction signs but few with distance to… And threading your way through cities, a real chore on a bicycle path.
Then again, there´s FEW out there doing what I do: TRAVELLING-LIVING ON A BICYCLE!
Still crazy after all of these years!

Wrong! It needs a Taoist Foreign Policy! Lao Zi: A great nation should act as if it were cooking a small firsh, tenderly!

Xi Needs a Confucian Foreign Policy
China is becoming a superpower. It should act like one.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

American Pathology!

Heart doctor to George HW Bush dies in bicycle shooting


Thanks to the 63-million people who voted for the dolt and caused this dispicable, evil action!

Biden: Migrant family separation "one of the darkest moments in our history"


American Pathology!

Woman killed as gunman barricades himself inside Los Angeles supermarket


Oh woe be unto the superrich, while the 90% suffer!

Where the Super-Rich Go to Buy Their Second Passport

July 20, 2018


Friday, July 20, 2018

Atacama Desert mummy, possibly an alien being!



WW III coming!

The World Is in a 'Very, Very Grave Period': Kissinger

The former secretary of state likened the current era to the start of World War II.


Women of the world unite!

Not just a pretty faceThe brilliant career of Nur Jahan, empress of Indiahttps://www.economist.com/books-and-arts/2018/07/21/the-brilliant-career-of-nur-jahan-empress-of-india