Friday, June 29, 2018

27b0618 BLOK

27b0618 BLOK
I sit in 30C. / 86F. temperature in my new 9L folding chair!  The sun hot on my face.
I am a chair person, an old dog.
My German friend, hiding in her room, the afternoon much too hot for her.  She cannot take the heat, and I´m am just the reverse, not liking cold, even in ice!
If I survive a winter in Scoltand, just another experience, as I am an experience junkie, making me a writer.
The locals, especially, the older ones here in Glasgow, Scotland, hiding in their basements, can´t believe the heat wave, as something new!
This student residences, where we are living at the moment, good at 50L / $60 per night. This during Scotland´s high tourist season.  Note, nobody, no tourist, visits Scotland in the winter. Thus, in the summer everything booked.  I had an estimate, when I was searching for an inexpensive hotel in Edinburgh, two rooms, two nights for $1,400!  Wow!  Who could afford such, maybe the Chinese.
Why two rooms?  My German and friend and I not boy-girl friend, just better friends!
I am a celibate Taoist monk, although better to say mystic.  If you use the word monk, people so limited, thing of a Catholic priest, in robes, attending a church. I am a mystic on a bicycle.
I met my German friend one day in Husum, Germany,  I was lost, looking for a better map. Three German people helped me, she was one, handing me 40€ in the train station.  That was 14 years ago!  Now, I know her daughter, Isgard, living in Nuremberg, Germany.
In fact, I know hundreds of people around the world, having cycled it!


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