Thursday, June 21, 2018

220618 BLOK

220618 BLOK
It was at a Christmas Eve church service in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. that I saw her — that obscure object of desire!
Afterwards, I followed her to her home, but lost her around a corner, as dark and to be expected.
Several days later I called upon the pastor of the church, concocting some story to inquiry if he could find out her name.  He appreared sympathetic, and helpful, but ultimately never called.
But, this a great example of Bunuel´s THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE!
One can project what happened to her… Marriage, wife, mother of children, etc., the juggernaut of human existence, life being born and dying.
Smashed to atoms — life made up, invented, a fantasy making up a better part of life, making oneself up, making the woman (or man) up, creating an exquisite amusement and more.
Some of us are better creators than others!
P.S. It was better that I didn´t meet the woman I saw in church, as it would have ruined the fantasy!


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