Friday, June 08, 2018

080618 BLOK

080618 BLOK
The problems that face humanity are caused by our own unevolved natures.  I would use the word stupidness, but that offends some, yet I´m just as stupid as the rest!  Of course we project this flaw onto others, hardly ever taking responsibility for WHAT WE HAVE ALL CREATED, a world in which nothing seems to work, and one in which compromise seems impossible!   The attitude:  I´M RIGHT AND YOU`RE OBVIOUSLY WRONG!  Some in the U.S. blame the opposition political party.  Some blame the U.S. in general for the world´s woe.  Worse, most in this group hardly ever have any opinion about anything.  WE (U.S.) ARE A NATION OF SHEEP!  Remember the book, by William Lederer?
We live our illusions, but living our illusions, only make matters worse, and thus we spiral down and down!
Where are we heading in 2018-19?  WWIII, no doubt in my mind!  It´s Nature´s way of culling the herd, over population!
WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US! (Walt Kelly via Pogo). 
The answer to our woes is written on Lily Tomlin´s t-shirt in my GALLERY:  EVOLVE OR DIE!


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