Tuesday, May 15, 2018

150518 BLOK

150518 BLOK
Well, here I am again, about to move on as I have miles to go, and promises to keep before I sleep!  Thank you, Robert Frost.  Poets of the world unite!
The seasonal timing is good as I´ll be in Scotland in the summer.  I can only imagine what it´s like there in the winter!
This past winter I spent in northern Europe, both Germany and Nederland and it was colder than usual thanks to THE BEAST FROM THE EAST, some kind of gift from Siberia.
But, here I sit today in the sun in Noordwolde, Friesland on a 24C day,  Perfect! 
It´s time, however, to go as getting boring since I finished the first draft of my book about cycling the world entitled, FOLLOWING THE LIGHT.  So when I can, I still cycle up into the Drents-Fries National Park, just for something to do.  This, only one hour´s cycling time from Erik and Petronella´s house in Noordwolde.  In a village called Dievers, the best ice cream and figs (from Cuba, would you believe?).
The Drents-Fries is familar to me, as I was here in 2004, for six weeks some 14 years ago. I cycled all over at that time, through the Park´s forests and sand dunes.  Back then the bicycle paths (fietspads in Dutch) were mostly dirt.  Now, they´ve mostly paved, and easier going.  Just in time for my old age!
Nederland is probably the best, easiest country in the world to cycle, as two-lane, hard surface (many concrete) fietspads going everywhere. 
On the otherhand, I´m looking forward to bearing left in the U.K., as I´ve never cycled in the land of my Hutchison and Dalrymple ancestors.  I´ll be making a video there entitled, IN SEARCH OF SCOTLAND, hopefully with a robot that can ride a bicycle.
In addition, others will be joining me, at least to meet.  My German friend, Rotraut Boyens, coming over from Germany, and my neice Erin from the U.S., who I haven´t seen in 21 years — 1997, when she got married.  Cesar, my cycling friend in Granada,  has threatened to come up from Spain to cycle with me; hopefully a few others.  Should auld acquaintances be forgot?
In the meantime, I prepare to cycle down 170KM to Amsterdam departing Noordwolde in just one week. Then, from IJmuiden, I take a ferry across the English Channel to Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K., arriving the next morning.
From there, back on Mr. Fetes, I cycle up to Glasgow, some 300KM, in something like 4 to 5 days.  Just in time, as I´ve just recovered from over doing it one day to Dracton, some 80KM fully loaded.  Stupid, as too much, but I´ve always been the kind to try too much!  THE ROAD OF EXCESS LEADS TO THE PALACE OF WISDOM!  Thank you William Blake! Poets of the world unite! 
I wanted to test the distance with weight, and against the wind too much for my old feet.  But, yesterday up in the Drents-Fries, I walked barefeet on sand, and it helped. Today, feeling less soreness. 
Oh, Lord, Ve geht oldt too soonht, and smarth too late! 
But, still on the road at 78, and still FOLLOWING THE LIGHT!


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