Sunday, April 15, 2018

160418 BLOK

160418 BLOK
On violence
Animals kill for food, to live.
Humans kill animals for food as well.
But, also humans kill out of fear, or to acquire something material, like land or resources, or something the ego desires, unconsciously.
Jung said the only sin is unconsciousness, not knowing that you don´t know.
A boy goes into a school and kills 17 of his classmates seemingly for no reason, maybe to express anger.
Hollywood produces movies many of which have the same underlying theme (the idea hidden in the story), that violence solves all problems.
Video games are mostly about violent conflict, and to kill the enemy is to win!  And winning isn´t the only thing, it´s everything, in the football game of modern life.
Von Clausewitz, a German historian, wrote that WAR IS THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS.
The opposite of war is peace.
The opposite of violence is non-violence!  
War and peace, violence and non-violence seek each other in the great enantiodromia of dual existence!
The solution, is balance between these extremes!
But, how to achieve?  Evolved, enlightened people.
How to achieve evolved, enlightened people?
Metanoia!  But, most people don´t even know what that is…?  From the dictionary:  A change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.
How do we achieve this? 
A catacylsmic event, such as nuclear war or a Carrington Event, during which the bulk of the world´s population dies.


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