Saturday, February 10, 2018

110218 BLOK

110218 BLOK
Talk about fate… Take for example:
Kim Yo Jong, 30-year olf sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  Daughter of the old man, Jon Un´s father,  a product of his liason with a Korean dancer, who became his mistress.  Who cares?  She, Kim Yo Jong, now the most powerful woman in N. Korea.  Talk about fate… How can you ever understand what happens, the human drama evolving without known design! 
Kim Yo Jong, photographed during the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony behind the Vice President of the U.S., M. Pence (looking totally stupid)  I wonder if Kim Yo ever thought of such.  No, I don´t think so.
But, I can imagine them, however akwardly, having sex, which is about as unlikely as the Earth swallowing the sun.  Maybe a metaphor! 
Imagination more important than knowledge, so sayeth Albert Eistein, the King of Knowledge!
Spanning the Globe to bring you the constant variety… Especially when it comes to fate! 
P.S.  I was involved in covering the Olympic Games (1968, 1972) for ABC Sports, Inc. now E.S.P.N. (the Eastern Sports Professional Network (owned by the Disney Corpo.)


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