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050118 BLOK

050118 BLOK
I´m in Nuremburg, Germany, the medieval city, Hitler called THE MOST GERMAN.  
In the 1920s and 30s,  a series of rallies were held, to degrade the Weimar Government, and incite interest in the Nazi Party.  Hitler spoke in front of thousands of eager Nazi youth — he told them what they wanted to hear::  MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN!  Sound familiar?
The Nazi party rally grounds (German: Reichsparteitagsgelände, Literally: Reich Party Congress Grounds) covered about 11 square kilometres in the southeast of Nuremberg, Germany. Zppellinfield,  where these rallies were held, now in ruins.  After 1945 the city of Nuremberg redesigned the area into a park again.  All buildings from the NS era were demolished. Only the half-round of the terraces of the main grandstand is recognizable.
But, I´m more interested in the Nuremburg Castle, dating from the 11th Century.
Today, in search of Elisa, I wondered around first looking for a Starbucks, to check email again.  
This IBIS Hotel, good except for the slow Internet connection.  There´s always something good, and something not so good, about eveything, as this materialiistic reality, dual.  The only perfection in this reality is in the middle, balance between two extremes. 
I asked the woman at the reception desk, how to find a Starbucks, I had a paper map, oh, oh!  She got online of course, then looked at the paper map.  Oh, oh!  Young people can´t find anything on a paper map anymore, as they use their smart-dumb tele., to navigate.  She finally marked an X on the spot where she thought a Starbucks was located. Of course, this turned out to be wrong. 
But, I had a nice walk, taking many photographs.  All uploaded now to, the first album.
There´s an amazing fountain-sculture, the Internet called a distressing sight.  Here´s a description, via 
Since its unveiling, Nuremburg’s controversial bronze fountain, the Ehekarussell (loosely the Marriage-Merry-Go-Round) has been upsetting people with its sensationally grim representation of the trials of marriage. Completed in 1981, the statuary fountain was put in place to cover a subterranean shaft. The artist, Jürgen Weber went above and beyond in his design which seems to communicate his less than sunny view of married life. The statue consists of a rough circle of visceral male and female figures that represent various points in a couple’s life. There is the sweet and optimistic dating phase where the figures seem fairly at peace, but then things take a surreal and dark turn. From there further scenes depict the couple getting old and frail or fat respectively, before they both die (murder each other?), becoming gruesome skeletons.  Note:  I totally agree about marriage!
I walked on, through what´s called the Altstadt, the old walled city, now the tourist area, full of all the trendy shops, banks, hotels, and restaurants.
Able to find anything, any place, travelling the world, I found the Starbucks, where I ate a blueberry muffins, and a Latte Macciatto.. There was no email message from Elisa, so after checking out the                 
Christindlesmakt: Schoner Brunnen and Frauenkirche, I started back to the hotel, wanting to get my bardo trimmed.  I´d seen a shop, but on Friday, jammed with men waiting their turn to get ready for tonight´s date (no doubt).  It started to rain.
Then, I got a call, maybe the first I´ve ever gotten on this new Nokia (ugh) mobile.  Turns out Elisa had to visit her ailing grandmother, and not in Nuremburg.  So, we rescheduled for the next morning, at 10.00.
In my room again, I took a nap, ah… When the sky overcast, depressing to me, good time to hunker down, curl up into the pre-natal position and doze.  I did mine by using the bed pillows on a settee.
Then about 16.00, I decided I needed to get outside and sing in the rain.  Outside it was dark and I had to dodge the rush-hour traffic, filled with cyclists!  Note, Europeans, use their bicycles to commute.  Thus, I feel very much at home here in Europa, as the older people especially don´t let inclimate weather prevent them from cycling in it.  It´s inspiring actually! 
I can´t wait to get back to Basel, and get back in the saddle again!  Herr Fetes, having a five-week rest!
Walking… I headed for the Nuremburg Bahnhof, to check out trains to Basel.
I love European Railway stations (DB:  Duetsche Railway Station).  I remember the one in Goteburg, Sweden, as especially nice. 
On the way, I passed a huge train museum, and several hotels, a restaurant with Mediterrean food. 
The DB in Nuremburg, huge, filled with shops, at this evening, travellers. 
I managed the ticket to Basel, reserved seats for 45€ or $50U.S.  But, one change of trains, with one hour´s wait, for a total of seven hours, arriving in Basel, (Bahnhof SBB) at 1535.  Ursi will be waiting. 
On the way back, I stopped and ate dinner in a 5-star Sheraton Hotel, restaurant.  Early, I was all alone in a large dining room.  I ordered pumpkin soup, and a Cesar Salad, with one glass of Chardonay.  The Cesar salat came, but with tomatos and chicken — disapponted, I sent it back to the kitchen for them to remove the chicken and tomatos.  I told the girl I´M A VEGETARIAN.  She replied, SO AM I.
The only REAL Cesar Salad in all of Europe, so far at least, at the Fairmont Hotel, in Hamburger.  The total tab, with 5€ to each of the servers, was 44€ / $50U.S. 
I walked home in the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!  By jove, I think I´ve got it!
Back in my room at the IBIS Hotel, in bed by 2030. 
P.S.  I didn´t have a good night, however, as made a mistake adjusting the thermostat, and the room too warm. 


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