Wednesday, November 08, 2017

27d1017 BLOK

27d1017 BLOK 
I don´t feel sorry for Trump.  I do empathize with people I observe on the street, around the world, however. 
Yesterday, sitting next to a family.  The Obese white mother, a dark-skinned male (possibly husband and father), and a black son.  
The black son refused to eat his nutritious vegetables, so the mother bought him ice cream.  Who do you think will grow up over weight. 
The poor father cuckholded, as no money.  He dreams of being free again.  How did all this happen?
We share the losses with this family.  What went wrong?
Lack of consciousness, the ability to perceive, to understand.
So, many people trapped in a life they really don´t understand.  They grow up influenced by parents, friends, school, and government, culture in one word!  Few escape this horror!  
90% of humanity focus´ on surivival, an everyday battle. Think of the refugees, the horror of that scene!  Nobody wants them!
And here in lies the mother of all environmental problems.  OVER-POPULATION!  Of course, no one want to talk about this, as Capitalism and the Catholic Church, based on growth!  Hey, we need more stupid children, buying things they don´t need!  These poor people, don´t know that they don´t know1 They stare at their smart tele., waiting to be told what to do next!  No time to think about anything but material things, dollars and nonsense!
These people are basically lost, treading water, some drowning!   Note, they say drowning not a bad way to go!
Knowing what you know now, would you want to be born into this world in 2017?.  I wouldn´t! 
So, what is to be done?  Nothing!  The Taoist concept of non-action!  Now, that´s no action at all, just not the ego-gratifying kind!  Act, with your heart, trying to make a small difference in your part of the world.  That´s all we can do!



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