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121117 BLOK

121117 BLOK
What a day, two ago now, Cyril´s birthday besides!  We planned dinner in a restaurant.
I think I want it hard and so deep as to keep!
One moment joy the next unhapiness, a roller coaster ride, a daring adventure.
The day began well, with all the hopes of a good one.  The day before the news, confirmation on Garding and Noordwolde, TH, for next few months, through winter and the completion of our FOLLOWING THE LIGHT -  Taken and stirred!  I live wherever, as to the kindness of friends, sometimes even strangers.  I need to reveal how and why, but so many times before, have in so many words:  TANTRIC TAOISM.  Over 1,300 posts, chapters, verses, essays at:
I went down the three flights to Cyril and Teresa´s, with daughters, Zoe and Semantha (here from Bolivia on vacation).  This early (08:45) not to miss Teresa as I no longer have a key. 
This is where I get online, as no signal up three flights of concrete and steel.  But, here it´s good.
With yesterday´s news I´m off to Bad Bahnhof, the RR station for Germany.
The route easy for me now, as have cycled it several times.  I had to figure out how to get to Rucha´s Hotel Alexander, and turns out not far from the RR Station.   You take a large bridge, the upper level a nicely marked bicycle path.  Sometimes I don´t know what to call them, these fancy (surface red in colored) marked bicycle lanes? To me these are the superhighways of cycling.  
If you´re into cycling, Europe is the best place to start from.  Everyone cycles in Eurorpe, and bad weather doesn´t stop them.  I see hatless women cycling in the rain here in Basel.
To know your way around a new city, you just have to get out there and experience the local scene, rules, traffic, lights, etc!  Seems like every country in Europe a little different! 
I got a great deal of a 2nd class ticket, some special promotion for the 28th of November, a Tuesday it turned out to be, me thinking Wednesday.  Departing Basel at 13:15, arriving Hamburg 19:45  I will send Rucha an email message.   It was easy and quick, a bad beginning ending well.  I learned something about initiating a conversation with a Swiss person.  I had fallen into the habit of opening the conversation with, ENGLISH?.  This man, probably tired of responding to this impoliteness, said, NO, I´M SWISS.  I should say, I APOLOGIZE, I DON´T SPEAK GERMAN. 
Afterwards I went up on the platform my ICE (faster) train departs from, #4.  I like to rehearse departures, whether bicycle or public transportation.  I don´t like unpleasant surprises.  In Switzerland-Germany, as you would expect, it´s all very organized,  plenty of posted information.  If you read you can even find out where to stand on the platform to match the car where your seat is located.  Me on the 28th, E, car 2, seat 11.  You pay 5€. more for a reserved seat, the total, 30€. or $40U.S.  
What I´m liking about this part of the world, everything works, and everything works better!  You have to pay for quality! 
I cycle off in the rain looking for a coiffure they´re called here, a place where you get your hair cut and or styled.  Cyril had suggested the German side of the Rhine as less expensive.  I know the best places are on the side streets so I wandered around, and finally found a good one.  This one, next to ALI´S.  Seems that´s what the Arabs immigrants do here, they open barber shops.  Pelaquerias in Es.. 
I ended up having my beard trimmed by a young apprentize woman, chatty in English.  It always works, being friendly.  Only 20-years old saving for school, will succeed hopefully before she gets pregnant and with child.  I ended up slipping her 10SFrs. getting her card and name for Cyril.  Born here, father from Brazil, mother Swiss they come up with the name Naraya. 
Out in the rain only a short crank to Starbucks.   But, a long walk to park-lock, Herr F. Fetes.  
I order some kind of fried salad, as I need to eat greens.   Upstairs I sit at a large table with two men.  One, looking professional, hardly ever looks up from his laptop.  The other engrossed in smart tele., glances at me occasionally.   I think about offering him my salad.   I should have, as something that I bit down on sent a silent SCREAM through my body!  The tooth I´d be having trouble with, kept better with something called CURACEPT.  Amazing stuff actually.
But, this bite… Well, I could hardly finish the remainder of the salad.  I hate to leave food uneaten, or take it with you.  
It wasn´t just the physical pain, but the pain I cause myself by conjectering the consequences, like spending money at the dentist´s.  The Monkey Mind takes me down a road I don´t want to go.  POSITIVE, BENEFICIAL, HAPPY THOUGHTS ONLY!
Off again in a steady rain.  I´m in quest of Bider and Tanner to purchase a book. After a few wrong turns I find it, and park upder their porch roof with many other bicycles. Suddenly it´s warm and inviting beyond the doors.  
I love bookstores, this one particularly good for me as an entire section of books in English. 
What I like about Basel is an intellectual atmosphere.
I walk up to the English book section, having been here one time before.  I get out and about.  I don´t sit inside watching television.  
I search NOVELS for something interesting, and end up with THREE DAUGHTERS OF EVE by Elif Shafak.  I´m reading only novels by female author these days because of my proposed event:  IN PRAISE OF FEMALE AUTHORS. 
I end up in the basement, the music section, in need of a toilet.  They have ALL OF THE CDS, you might desire.  Everything.  
That´s the trick with retailing, have everything they might need, as THERE! 
Back out in the rain, I´m close to Tricolor to see about switching my Ad, because I had Cyril´s mobile number wrong.  It isn´t up, as the woman said.  Oh well, I head back to Cyrils.
On the way, I happen to pass my favorite bike shop, Mathew´s.  I wanted to coordinate a meal with him. He sees me waving and comes outside.  I ask him what day, and he ponders.  They´re closed on Mondays, I´LL HAVE TO ASK MY WIFE, he concludes with, me, `I´ll be by on Tuesday.´  
Interesting how some marriend couples are, especially the young ones.
Mathew had don´t me a good turn, after the last maintenance session, he didn´t charge me.  So, I invited him for a meal.   You can´t just take, YOU GOTTA GIVE! 
I was back in my room by 16.00 hours, and 2.5 before having to meet him to join the birthday dinner.
I spent the next two hours experiencing the greatest pleasure alternating with the greatest anguish! OH, BRING ON THE PAIN, SO I MIGHT SUFFER PLEASURE!
Tha plan was to meet at 18:30 as they had reservations at a restaurant for 19.00  I prepared to ride in their automobile, as the girls along.  So, what a surprise when Cyril tells me we´re riding biycles and the girls are on scooters.  Wow!  I wasn´t preapred, had no lights, which Cyril said was no problem.  Emmm, maybe.  But, I went anyway, unprepared and intrigued with riding at night in Basel. 
It turned out to be magical!  Three adults on bicycles, the two girls on sidewalks with their scooters.  I only got yelled at once for having no lights.  Contrite, I knew I was wrong.  Don´t assume, one of my rules!  Not only that but Cyril couldn´t find the restaurant.   So, we went round and round and up and down, ending near the Rhine River.  I had no idea where we were.  At one point I asked if we were still in Basel.
The dinner with his dad, Mr. Kraus, the six of us turned out well.  I got to pay, as I had wanted. Cyril got presents, I took photographs.  Zoe turned out artwork, Grandpa, good with his hands, made a dice out of paper.  The food, the wine, everything but desert.  I didn´t want to overdo it.
We departed Cyril leading the way.  Shoving off I´ll never forget the following image.  Mr. Kraus holding of the poinsettia plant I´d given they, thanks for the dinner, and Merry Christ.  I had it left at their doorstep, not realizing they don´t use that door.  So, checking a week ago, it was still unretrived.  I told Cyril.  He said he would call this father.  He forgot, didn´t.  I went by and notice the poinsettia plant up on the way, the card and paper bag soaked from the rain.  I brought back to Cyril´s  Sometimes it takes some kind of perseverance to deliver a gift.  Whoa! 
The ride home, like in a dream, and why I love discovering the world by bicycle.  I´ve had so many unusual experiences like this one.  Who would have ever thought, I was sure we would be going in a motor vehicle. 
The girls on scooters, mama waiting to make sure, came in a few minutes after me.  Teresa had a look of relief on her face, yet something else troubling her.  I´m sure being a mother almost an impossible job!  One daughter at 20 years of age with one man, eight years later another daughter with another man.  
I get to bed by 11.00, late for me.
But, what a day!  Happy Birthday, Cyril, CAPTAIN HOLIDAY!  Note:  Captain Holiday is the title of the media series, Cyril and I are producing.  This, our stories, about traveling the world, he on a motocycle, me on a bicycle. Spanning the Globe to bring you the constant variety!

Basel, Switzerland


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