Monday, November 06, 2017

041117 BLOK an essay

041117 BLOK   an essay
How does one come to know?
How does one come to `no?¨
We get a body to experience material form; this in dual reality.  
Now, 78-years in material form, I want to share the following:
Many are called, but few chosen.  What does it mean to be chosen?  We choose ourselves.  
I made the `mistake´many years ago, sitting in a church named for St. Andrews, and saying...  
…a praryer, a request actually, GOD TAKE MY LIFE AND USE IT!  Guest what?  
Thus, my ego never got what it sought in my life time, a blessing in disguise.  Few are chosen.
What is happiness?  For me, I would think PEACE OF MIND!  What young people take for normal, for some older people, like me, we take as ABNORMAL!  Why? Older is better, not younger as won discovers!   And finally in my lifetime, the world is over-populated, the rats in a cage syndrome evident. 
Luckily, for me I´m at the point of understanding, like Jung, some important things…
Better live in the moment.  Anyone of us could be dead in the next 24 hours.  My epitaph:  THE WORLD WENT IN THE WRONG DIRECTION FOR ME!
I wanted to Sea World!  I, nee we, ended up moving the Kundalini!  We´ve combined it with Taoism nee,
Now, does this have any value?  What have I learned that´s so valueable we feel the need to pass it on… Socrates asked the Oracle at Delphi, what was important to know.  KNOW THYSELF, came the haltingly reply!  Simple, KNOW THYSELF, yet one of the most challenging things to accomplish.  This has to do with Jung´s Individuation.  Who are we really, not the persona we project to the world. 
Why did we get a body?
Why material form-duality?  A test?  A test to see if human beings can get control of their ego, raising consciousness in the process!   Right now it feels like to me, we´re failing! 
Does any of this have any value?  Does adding more consciousness to the total (divine) have any value?  YES, IT´S CALLED EVOLUTION (in English). 
Human beings have been given material-form to help evolve existence!  
And there´s no time like the present to start — helping!  Join us! 
F.A. Hutchison
Basel, Switzerland


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