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30a0917 BLOK (out of sequence)

30a0917 BLOK
from Bern to Baaazel.  I have to remember saying the word BASEL, to use the longer a, as in AH.
On the 28th, a Thursday eveining I took Mirko and Rosina to dinner at TIDBITS, a very cool vegan restaurant.
I cycled in with Rosina showing me the way, and what a nice ride, some 8KM, into the caity proper, through forest, but up going in — out. the reverse of course.  IT´S ALWAYS UP FROM THE RIVER, Mirko and Rosina live with Mirkoo´s aunt, in a lovely house overlooking the Arve River.  I spent several nights there, sleeping in their bed.  They moved down to another bed.
Rosina, studying midwifery, went off on her day, me continuing to accomplish some needed task, the usual, to keep one going…
I went to the main train station to get lost, in a maze of buildings.  First, thinking a Mall was the place from where travels by train!   I did discover and use 2THELOO, something like three times.  So much of the wonderful, as to be a child in a candy show.
Making a move, I walked across the Strasse to The Poste, discovery another what I like in a Government office, some humanity!  This place organized, comfortable, selling needed itemsl I purchased some envelopes, as needed to return Stef´s. maps.   Of course, forgetting his mailing address, I had to return back across the Strasse to get such from my locked M. Fetes (found the perfect place)  Note, there are hundreds of bicycles locked everywhere in Bern.  I felt at home!
After managing Stef.´s maps, I started searching for the SBB office, to ask about trains to Bahhhhsel.
This went great actually, as one of the staff, explained how to purchase a ticket from a machine.  
Of course, more machines, less jobs greater profit, more machines, robots taking over… trouple!  I´m writing now a scenario, where the workers of the world war with robots.  But, a productive war, if one can be (Von Clausewitz said, War is the father of all things!   Egoless robots subdue their enemy with unconditional love.  In fact, they save humanity from iteself!  This the Age of Kalki, The Guan Yin charging in, sword drawn, on a white house!
I rewarded myself with a coffee late and mufficn at Starbucks.
On to what, more tasks, one of which was getting mysore feet massauged.  Mirko had drawn a Spa on my iTourist map.   I found it down by the River, an octagon shappeed structure using the same name.  I think Mirko said it had been a factory where fabric is produced.  The reception area, whoa, what good energy, the lighting, smooth and comforting, the colors all muted.  I found out a foot massage had to include first, a trip around the circle, the total tab approaching 100€. I said thank you, turned by another women helpful in recommending Bern Beauty, 50 meters distance.
I went there and made an appointment for 14.00 hours or 2P.M.  Perfect, as enough time to cycle up to Mirko´s recommended restaurant overlooking centrol.  It was a bit of a crank up, but worth it.  I had along with a glass van de ordinaire, carrot soup, garlic bread, fisnihed with an apple tort mit slog. 
My female server, spoke all the right English words.  I gave her two coins, worth $2 dollars.
Now, down for the foot massage, which turned out better than expected.  The massuuse, a woman from Brazil.  But, later trou bles with using my bank cards.
Off to another at the swimming pool, again with the Poste Bank, not working.
Bank again, to explain, I returned to the Mall, and got the cash.
THEN RETURNING, down the hill to discover the Brazilian woman probably at lunhc, I paid her assistant.
Next, I pushed up a bicycle path a long way arriving at the park where I´d eaten lunch the day I arrived.
Now, in quest of a haircut and vitamin C, all the little things that keep you going.
I also, needed to ask at Tidbits about reservations.  I didn´t want to be shutout with Mirko and Rosina.
Resting on a street bench, I watched many cyclists pass by both ways.  Interesting for me to see such variety on two cranked wheels. 
I tried to adjust my seat, but couldn´t tighten the bolt that secures it.  On to a bicycle shop I´d made a note of, to borrow a tool.   Here more friendly mechanics, after telling them my story abut cycling the world.  One of them fixed the seat-saddle, as they got the tools.  When they would accept no money I distributed my postcard and stickers.  Then when I asked, they solved the haircut challenge, by recommending Ali.
Ali turned out to be a vociferous Krygyzstaniian.  The younger one cut my hair understanding only by gestures.  I wanted my beard trimmed.  He over changed me, once I revealed I was born in the U.S.A.  Of course, rip them off, as they´ve got the dough!   I didn´t mind!
I was early at Tidbits, as always.  One of my traists being punchual fits right into Suisse culture.
We had a wonderful meal, and it was during that Rosian, told me she was travelliing to Basel the very next day.  Now, what are the odds, as I needed.  Perfect, and I said, I´m coming with you.
This couple, along with Stef. and Sabine, are as angels!  Amazingly thoughtful, kind, helpful.  And before Ale, from Brazil, the same!  i am blessed!
Anyway, yes, the mvery next morning off to Basel with Rosina.  I just follwed her lead, as she born here, having ridden the trains hundreds of times, bi-longual, smart and attractive.  Didn´t I just write that I am blessed!
It was quick, only one hour in transit, then suddenly into the maze of the station.  Thank God, for Rosina, or it would have been much more of a task, bidning my way.  But, with Rosian, I was directed to Starbucks, and lunch.  I bought her what she deisired, and was off.
Alone, I got on the Internet, and figured out first, where iTourist was for a map, and secondly  to cycle to Cyril and Teresa´s.
Stay tuned!


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