Tuesday, October 10, 2017

081017 BLOK

081017 BLOK
I´m in Heaven in Zermatt, Switzerland, as my kind of mountain community!  The only challenge is paying for it!
Last night Ro. and me ate dinner in a nearby Itlalian Restaurant, Gusto Matta, and for 2, with 4 small glasses of vini it cost 80 Sfr., 75 €, or $85 U.S. dollars!  And we had no desserts or coffee!  Wow!  But, Zermatt is a very high-quality, sophisticated mountain-tourist town, the kind that offers Grappa, after dinner.  The Chinese, the nouveau riche in the world are here in droves, you see the groups everywhere! 
The room in the Sarazena Hotel, costs 110€ per night, but nearly perfect as hotel rooms go.  
Note, The word Sarazena seems to come from, Saracen, an Arab or Muslim, especially at the time of the Crusades, or a nomad of the Syrian and Arabian desert at the time of the Roman Empire. 
Everything works in Switzerland everywhere, and all the time!  The locks, one key, open-lock easily, always in the proper direction!  This is a high QUALITY, culture-country, and one I´m rapidly falling in love with, maybe my future home (I´ve always fantasized living in the Alps)!  Yes, Suisse (French), Schweiz (German) is more expensive, but quality costs more!  If you want cheap, move to Bolivia, or another developing country.  Nepal needs help!
Right now on this trip with Rucha, from Basel to Zermatt.
Our train trip interesting, as we had to take three different trains from Basel to Zermatt, two changes, that required running up and down to the next platform.  
The first change, was so short, we ended up in First Class (by mistake).   But, a lucky turn of events, as we were going to upgrade, but they didn´t charge us.  Another bit of good fortune and very interesting to me.  In this First Class, it´s basically for older people with no children, where SILENCE IS GOLDEN!  A Swiss man explained the rules:  no loud talking, no smart tele., music, etc.  I thought, what a great idea!  From now on I ride in this class!  My philosophy, CHILDREN (of all ages) SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD! 
The last train was a climber, narrow gauge with rack-teeth for the steeper grades.  But, being electric, plenty of power, and we zoomed up the airy mountain. Note, Zermatt is up at 1600 mts. ASL or one mile above sea level (same elevation as Denver, Colorado, Trumpland).
We were met at the Zermatt Bahn (train in German) station by a man from the hotel with a wheeled cart for our luggage. 
The WIFI in my room worked immediately, perfectly! In fact, everything works in Schweiz, as I described before. 
Yes, the trains are sometimes late, and supposedly the locals less than friendly.  But, my experience with Swiss people, has been nothing but wonderful.  I think sometimes its your demeanor, how you present yourself that decides the response!  I don´t think a typical Uglieus Americanus, would go over big in Suisse!  I, having travelled the world, generally find people kind, helpful, and even generous (www.goooodnews.org).
The SHIT I view-read via the commercial media is dystopic!  If this is humanity we need to change, to evolve!  (Lily Tomlin says, EVOLVE OR DIE!)  But how? ONE CHILD AT A TIME!  Forget adults, they already have been corrupted by materialism, as money has become our God! 
Our Earth is way over-populated now, people fighting over scarcer and scarer resources!  This, because of the RATS IN A CAGE Syndrome, which causes more violence nee wars!   We need to cull the herd!  Get the unevolved out of the gene pool!
Is there a world without us?  I think not!  So, let´s try to sustain ourselves and Mother Earth!  We live it!



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