Monday, October 30, 2017

Hitler joined Nazis only after another far-right group shunned him | World news | The Guardian

29b1017 BLOK

29b1017 BLOK 
Singularity is not too,
Butt won
One half spiritual,
One half material,
Angels, for the all done!
Manifested by will! 
And where´s there´s a will
There´s a way,
This day
Taken and stirred
To the max,
As that´s the tax! 
Restrained, and
Enslaved to be
Loved unconditionally!
Have no other intercourse, but
With the Divine,
The union of male commpassion and 
Female wisdom
Unconditional Loving! 
You two can become a member ot the
Join now and get a free t-shirt, with the inscription:
Girls for babies, boys for pleasure, and melons for delight! 

Tantric Taoism 

291017 BLOK

291017 BLOK 
We live by illusion,
A fliickering world we create! 
We think it´s `reel,´
This, the dance of the Wu-Li Masters! 
What we say it is! 
Cognito ergo sums
it up,
Yet, we play dumb!
Always blaming the other!
We live by illusion, from the Logos!
Use the Eros to get to the Logos, via
Tantric Taoism!
Spiritual Intercourse is one solution!


29a1017 BLOK

29a1017 BLOK
Lesson #1:
There is a time to talk, expressing oneself, and a time to listen, to learn!  It´s wise to know the difference, and act accordingly.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

28c1017 BLOK

28c1017 BLOK 
Praise for Ale:
Ale, he´s the best, simply the best!  And I should know having been both a host and a warmshowers guest for many years. 
So, if you´re planning to cycle to Geneve, Switzerland, and are looking for a 5-star host, better book now, as Ale´s space goes fast! 
He does everything for you, carries your bicycle up 3 flights.  He cooks dinner for you, cleans up after you!  Buys dinner for you! 
So, how would a man, born in San Paolo, Brazil, end up being a life guard at the City Pool and a host in Geneve, Switzerland?   
Anybody who can ride around Lake Geneva TWICE (360KM), in a 24-hour period, deserves a trophy of some sort.  So, I surprised him by leaving 100SFr., a donation to launch the `Ale Rizzo Race around Lake Geneva!´    We´ll have Charlie Chaplin´s grandson, as grand marshall, Nestle will sponsor of course.  We´ll make a week of it, including a cycling video festival, all paid for by crypto currency (BITCOIN)!  Benefiting 
Viva Schweiz!
F.A. Hutchison

currently in the city where Albert Hoffman invented LSD!  Hint:  Rudolf in the air at Dornach!

281017 BLOK

281017  BLOK
to the law firm, of Martin, Mason and Jastrow
Ah, the dying time has come finally, are you prepared?
God knows what people will write or say about me, when I meet up again with Roone Arledge!  No, no, impossible, as he will be playing around the 18 in Heaven, while me, in Hell where you have to listen to Chuck Howard via an IFB.  Or, maybe the other way around… It´s amazing how things change!
What ever happened to Freddie after he was fired at ABC Sports?  This for almost hijacking a 747 over the Atlantic.  Ah, the price of getting a show on the air.   The reward… The event that helped make me the women I am today!  Just kidding!  Although I am something you would never expect, a celibate Taoism monk.  I took vows in a Taoist Temple, in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2006, and under very unusual circimstances! 
Now how can a sex-crazed TV sports producer end up being a celibate Taoist monk, combining the Tantra with Taoism?  Long story.  I got out the back Jack, I made a new plan Stan, I GOT MYSELF FREE!
I bought a bicycle at age 59, and started cycling around the world!   And so, still at it at 78-years of age, 
currently in Basel, Switzerland

28b1017 BLOK

28b1017 BLOK
Here´s on for you… online… yesterday… I think via
The nation of Saudia Arabia is now offering citizenship to robots!  Wow!  Seems, according to the article (available via, the boys in S.A. have had a historic interest in robots.  They are currently planning an all-diginal (A.I.) city, from the ground up! 
As part of the article was another link, an article about the unveiling of SOPHIA, a female robot.  One of her creators, the interviewer, asked SOPHIA what she thought of all this, being born and all.  After pondering the question for a moment, she replied.  Well, I haven´t been here long enough to form any opinion, give me some time to answer your question.´  I was engrossed to say the least.  Here is a machine that can think — and only the beginning (in 2017). 
Of course, people are afraid of what the Age of Robots will bring, loss of jobs, declining lifestyle, more surveillance, ultimately robots in control (of the world).
I think differently.  I believe they are our saviors, especially, if they can be giving the capacity to feel, without the ego.   If I were a roboticist, this is the robot I´d be developing, one with a maybe gate! 
As an aside, we´re looking for a robot (male or female) that can ride a bicycle!  If you know of one please contact  F.A. Hutchison, at

P.S.  What´s the difference between a human being and an android, cyborg, or robot?

JFK assassination files: 12 things we’ve learned | Euronews

Our close call with an “alien probe” |

Friday, October 27, 2017

American Pathology!

Desert nights: how Marrakech's party scene is taking root | Travel | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Switzerland by train: cutting-edge railways deliver glorious alpine vistas and history galore | Post Magazine | South China Morning Post

Large Bronze Age standing stone found in Switzerland | Daily Mail Online

Wow, I smell BLADE RUNNER, #63!

27d1017 BLOK

27d1017 BLOK (Part II, Part I, 27e)
I don´t feel sorry for Trump, however.  I do empathize with people I observe on the street, around the world. 
Yesterday, sitting next to a family.  The Obese white mother, a dark-skinned male (possibly husband and father), and a black son.  
The black son refused to eat his nutritious vegetables, so the mother bought him ice cream.  Who do you think will grow up over weight. 
The poor father cuckholded, as no money.  He dreams of being free again.  How did all this happen?
We share the losses with this family.  What went wrong?
Lack of consciousness, the ability to perceive, to understand.
So, many people trapped in a life they really don´t understand.  They grow up influenced by parents, friends, school, and government, culture in one word!  Few escape this horror!  
90% of humanity focus´ on surivival, an everyday battle. Think of the refugees, the horror of that scene!  Nobody wants them!
And here in lies the mother of all environmental problems.  OVER-POPULATION!  Of course, no one want to talk about this, as Capitalism and the Catholic Church, based on growth!  Hey, we need more stupid children, buying things they don´t need!  These poor people, don´t know that they don´t know1 They stare at their smart tele., waiting to be told what to do next!  No time to think about anything but material things, dollars and nonsense!
These people are basically lost, treading water, some drowning!   Note, they say drowning not a bad way to go!
Knowing what you know now, would you want to be born into this world in 2017?.  I wouldn´t! 
So, what is to be done?  Nothing!  The Taoist concept of non-action!  Now, that´s no action at all, just not the ego-gratifying kind!  Act, with your heart, trying to make a small difference in your part of the world.  That´s all we can do!
And goodnight Mrs. Callabash, wherever you are!


27a1017 BLOK

27a1017 BLOK
I love to see mothers with young children.  How attentive, caring, and protective (a wolverine if children threatened). 
We all had this love or we wouldn´t be here! 
Honor thy mother, both human and earth!
And not just on the commercial Mother´s day (in May)!


26a1017 BLOK

26a1017 BLOK 
Oooppps!  It appears I´m wrong again, or just hopefull wishing for… It appears, however, that Saturn is not done with me yet!  Oh joy! 
I had a 3-week long honeymoon, but now the intensity waning.  Nothing lasts, as always seeking its opposite — nee enantiodromia.
However, only two more months until Saturn moves out of my Ninth House, and no more of such in this bodily life time.  
In the meantime, more challenge…?
It´s my diet, I´m way off it, for alll the reasons I came here to Basil, Schweiz.  The food so tempting, the environment so unpolluted.  The sky, still blue.  The people, so good!
It´s me that´s the problem, MY MALADY, after all this time, not knowing exacting what it is and how to treat!
I´m back on the pill.  I don´t want to get pregnant, not the right time, not with the right partner!   
You take three or four in such straight days, at exactly the same time.  
We shall see what these three Flucanozol tablets do, after one week. 
In the meantime, remnants of a honeymoon!
Sighing, moaning, muffled orgastic screaming! 
Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God! 


Thursday, October 26, 2017

24a1017 BLOK

24a1017 BLOK
In a tribute to Friederich Neitzsche we cite genius and insanity are but two sides of the same sword! 

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE — The only battle that counts, is the one you have with yourself!
A Video game
Created by Cyril and Hutch Productions… 
Basel, Switzerland, 2017

What it is…
A video game played by any interested, reasonably intelligent being, as this video game more challenging than past video games.  Ours doesn´t have to do with good and bad guys, damsels turned superwoman!  It´s not about projecting evil onto the other guy, but creating consciousness!     It´s not about violence solving all problems! 

The scenario… 
We begin from the very beginning of existence (based on esoteric, and secret knowledge).  A player creates themselves as perfectly as they can imagine, by making all the right decisions to evolve.  If the player succeeds in making all the right decisions, and create a person of consciousness, then he or she is granted immortal life.  

What will this cost a player?  Only time and effort!  The game is for no extra $, €, RMB., SFr., etc. charge.  Although, we have to disclaim… You might be tempted to go mad, in the process of creating the perfect you!  Then you are taken away in a straitjacket, mumbling, BUT I WON!  BUT I WON!  BUT I WON!  At the same time, a BEEPING SOUND, OVER PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM, MAX DECIBELS:   BATTLE WON!  BATTLE WON!  BATTLE WON! 

What it ain´t…
It ain´t some dumb pornographic media with sex and violence, where the player gets off mowing down the enemy with their wonder automatic, venom-blasting, seeing-in-the-dark, four-million-rounds-per-micro.-second, WEAPON!  And all designed to get $ rich VIA VIOLENCE. 

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE is more like Bambi and Snow White get together, and save the world from itself (us)! Our goal is to help people get Spiritually Rich!  THIS IS CALLED, CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING, the kind C.G. Jung did!   BEWUSSZEIN in German, CONOCIMIENTOS in Spanish:  the ability to perceive. 

What to do?
F.A. Hutchison
The Hutch part of Cyril and 
maybe you…

241017, Basel, Schweiz, where F.N. once taught, the youngest University professor ever, at only 24-years of age!  Now, how is this possible?  Genius!  Insanity!  The Ultimate Game! 

241017 BLOK

241017 BLOK
Dear BibiClown (Alvaro Neil),
Since I couldn´t be with you on your day of return, I send this message from Basel, Switzerland!
We met one day in a Tibetan village, Sichuan Province, China (2010).  You wanted to take a hot shower in my bathroom.  We´ve been tour-cycling friends every since, cycling again together in New Zealand (2011).  I remember the motorist you stopped and chastised for almost hitting us!  
I have and do appreciate what you´ve done for the world, bringing smiles to many faces (with your clowning). 
And so today, I smile to myself thinking of our times together!
Keep going to bring much joy to those who have little reason to smile.
Yours in the same quest,
F.A. Hutchison

the old man on a bicycle! 

26a1017 BLOK

26a1017 BLOK 
Oooppps!  It appears I´m wrong again, or just hopefull wishing for… It appears, however, that Saturn is not done with me yet!  Oh joy! 
I had a 3-week long honeymoon, but now the intensity waning.  Nothing lasts, as always seeking its opposite — nee enantiodromia.
However, only two more months until Saturn moves out of my Ninth House, and no more of such in this bodily life time.  
In the meantime, more challenge…?
It´s my diet, I´m way off it, for alll the reasons I came here to Basil, Schweiz.  The food so tempting, the environment so unpolluted.  The sky, still blue.  The people, so good!
It´s me that´s the problem, MY MALADY, after all this time, not knowing exacting what it is and how to treat!
I´m back on the pill.  I don´t want to get pregnant, not the right time, not with the right partner!   
You take three or four in such straight days, at exactly the same time.  
We shall see what these three Flucanozol tablets do, after one week. 
In the meantime, remnants of a honeymoon!
Sighing, moaning, muffled orgastic screaming! 


251017 BLOK

251017 BLOK
Oh GOD!  What to do?  I have not paper on which to write.  My mind in overdrive!  I revert to keying in the 26 to the 26th, although not the same.  I like the feeling of the pen writing, maybe some kind of phallic connection.  Doesn´t everything we do have to do with some facit of sexual intercourse.  We´re all trying to give birth to ourselves!
The word processing computer of choice is Ms. MacBook, and lighter than Air!  This Apple computer more complicated that previous, with all kind of natty software bugs.  They bring them out unperfected, and let the user solve such.  Customer Service, begrudgingly, only when we have to and then courtesy of India and the Internet! 
This Air talks to me, via something called SIRI.  I rarely use SIRI, because all I get back are suggested links, where maybe the solution to my problem lies.
When will A.I. compose poetry?

P.S.  I´m looking for a robot that can ride a bicycle, if you know of one!   Or, maybe a bicycle that can ride a robot? 

25b1017 BLOK

25b1017 BLOK 
And read this… Just a few days ago I wrote that things being near perfect… Wow, what a difference a few days can make — such in our dual existence!  From good to bad, and vice versa! 
I went from suffering in Granada, to a form of Nirvana, in Basel, Switzerland.  Just by moving, from country to country?  No., the culprit, was the planet Saturn!
I liked the Granada area, the city, the people, but most of all the mountains, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I´d first seen in a fotograph, an image that convinced me to move there (from Bolivia). 
I´m ever so grateful for my life.  A life of wandering and wondering, of wanting to experience as much of the world as possible.
First trapped by family, culture, and country.  I got out the back Jack, I made a new plan, Stan, I got myself free!
Helen Keller wrote, LIFE IS EITHER A DARING ADVENTURE, OR NOTHING AT ALL.  I can´t speak for the other 8 billion, but I can speak for myself.  What happened to me, I did not seek nor want.  But, I was taken, sudued, and enslaved to be loved unconditionally!  You are lost by now… WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT?. 
My life, turned out to be totally unexpected!  I mean, how can you go from being a sex-crazed televison producer, to a celibate Taoist Monk?  I was taken, and stirred, and stirred until my head almost came off. 
How could a simple bicycle ride became a sacred pilgrimage (began by Native People in the U.S.).  And one that shifted the Kundalini?   You´ve never heard of the Kundalini?  Put the word in Google search and you´ll get back one million definitions, in micro-seconds!  WHAT TOOK SO LONG?
In addition, I recommend you read FOLLOWING THE LIGHT — taken and stirred!  Our account of such things, the thrill of enlightenment and the agony of robotic consuming! 
I´m not even close to the person I used to be.  This is called, growing, learning, changing, adapting, and evolving!  Lilly Tomlin says, EVOLVE OR DIE!  This is the task of each one of us!  Don´t fail to take the advantage of life in your named body to pursuit what´s beyond… It ain´t all smartphones, TV and social media!   It ain´t all material in form, either! 
It´s THE DANCING WU-LI MASTERS, by Gary Zukaff and SAVING THE APPEARANCES, by Owen Barfiled.
The world isn´t what you think it is… It ain´t scientific! 
F.A. Hutchison

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Protesters, red carpet … and tsarist sex scenes: Matilda opens in Moscow | World news | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Monday, October 23, 2017

A cycling tour of the Balkans: two wheels, three countries, four days | Travel | The Guardian

Yes, one has to be careful. I read about so many of these shark and alligator attacks, and wonder about people. This family was lucky, but others not so, as take risks they shouldn´t, ignoring warming. We live by our wits!

War coming!

American Pathology!

23a1017 BLOK

23a1017 BLOK 
Materialism-Capitalism keeps producing things we don´t need, manipulating the unevolved into consuming like robots!   Enslaved all in the name of progress.  G.E.´s old motto:  PROGRESS IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT!   They should substitute the word PROGRESS for the word, PROFIT! 
CAPITALISM´S larget PR problem, is that it´s based on lying, cheating and stealing.  It´s morally bereft!  Yet, the Church embraces, as the establishment sticks together!  If only the masses could stick together.  But the establishment so clever at fomenting violence between ourselves!  Stupid we are, and maybe the reason we don´t have what they have, or more likely they are unlucky that they don´t have what we have.  What is that?  More consciousness!  Trump, ZERO consciousness!  Melanie, some, Ivana, maybe the most! 
Oh, oh, this is dangerous territory (subject), so we must backtrack and spin in a different direction!  CAPITALISM IS GOOD for humanity!  Competition lowers prices, ensures quality!  We become prosperous, the American Way.  
Help us to make it like it was, lying, cheating, and stealing!  Ah, the robber barons, when you went to prison for stealing a loaf of bread for your family, while the barons, got off Scot free for stealing railroads!   The System is based on you being a white male, good education, and can play the game! 
What is that?  Turn your head the other way.  Never speaking up about wrong doing.  Keeping the secret!  Hey, I wasn´t involved with gassing all those Jews to death!  It was that guy over there!
I ask… WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO INTEGRITY?  It died when money became God!

For Irving Stone and Edward Abbey, two who had integrity!  Joan of Arc, Emma Goldman, and Helen Keller. Writers, poets, people not afraid to risk, sacrificing for others.  These are the kind who become points of Light!!  Certainly, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Zi, Jesus the Christ, Saint John, Mary Magdelene, Plato, Pythagoras, Hermes, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Carl Jung, on and on to those who are never recognized, like Rumi…  Creators, not destroyers! 

221017 BLOK

221017 BLOK 
Yesterday afternoon I went with Cyril, this to accompany him during some errands, tasks. Also, to experience more of Basel.  This is the lap of luxury, being driven around in the family automobile.  Cyril´s into listenting to music, wherever we are, so there´s his smart phone, connected to the system, even a protable speaker.  He likes the old rock n roll, groups like CCR, so I´m plunged back into historical deja vuski!  It´s a Bad Moon Rising!  
From the Sixties, an apt protend, when two Kennedy brothers and MLK, Jr. assassinated, 58,000 U.S., miliatry killed in Viet Nam. a congenital lapse of cultural sanity!  Worse, we´re still at it!   Next Korea again! 
jump cut, Basel, Switzerland, 2017, riding with Cyril.  Driving back into town we stop at an overlook, view point, the top of Basel, spread out before us.  Years ago, in their teens a popular hang out for smoking and girls.  I´m happy to be included in the history, as that makes me fill at home!  Home is Basel, Schweiz, for the moment, for a reason, for to hunker down during winter and write FOLLOWING THE LIGHT - TAKEN AND STIRRED!
MIGROS in the Mall, just my cup of teas, and we eat here, outside on the terrace.  Life doen´st get much better than my apple cake! 
Next door I´m directed insise an electronics store, a place to acquire a mobile #-SIM.  I go along, having learned such is the best way.  Easy, quick, he signs for me, now I have a working number, although probably not working much beyong the Swiss borders.  We will find out! 
Now, approaching 17.00 hours, we must drive on to pick Zoe up from here birthday party.  This was what all the yelling and screaming was about earlier, when taking her earlier.  I happened to be privy from the living room online.  Cyril remained calm, and and spoke with authority.  Ultimately, children can rant and rave, but ultimately, they have to do what they are told to do by parents. 
I can only imagine what it´s like to be the father of a 10-year old girl!   And of such interesting genes:  Swiss and Bolivian.
We drive over the bridge, and into Germany.  He points out there Red Hook district, where they lived when first back in Basel.  Ah, support systems are mandatory, when expecting a child. Grandparents the best!  most reliable relief from screaming baby! 
Zoe, speaks Spanish, German, ans some English.  She´ll be an attractive package in another 5 years!  What must parents go through…
We drive north, and through the Port of Basel, huge cranes, a million containers, on the Rhine River.
Suddenly, we´re pulling into a parking space where the graffiti on the wall reads:  YOU CAN KILL THE BODY, BUT NOT THE SOUL!  Immediately, I know I´m in a good place.
Cyril explains this is an alternative-living community.   I feel right at home, being an alternative-living kind of woman! 
Zoe appears, but disappears as fast friends await gifts, candy, cake — a birthday party!
We join a group of adults at a funky outdoor gathering table.  There are at least a half-dozen adults drinking beer as I´m offered one.  I refuse, as cold beer on a blutery cool day, not for me.  I would have preferred hot chocolate, but too much work, if at all possible! 
One of the older women spoke English, asking me all sorts of things about my travels.  The Swiss are educated and civilized, which I appreciate after living in Bolivia!  Whoa! 
After so long, it was time to gather up Zoe, bounding up and down on a trapoline with friends.  Pure happiness.  And it occurred to me watching these children jump up and down, what simple pleassure is programmed out of us.  This kids will be taken, and taught how to behaive in modern life, and something will be lost as well as gained.  
Back at 51, we sigueway, to a garage band scene, invited to try a neighbor´s vap. Music, beer, smoking, conversation, an interesting time, meeting more authentic Swiss people.  One is Daniel, a big guy, with an imposing manner.  The other, his friend, a graphic designer, inquisitive, with an invite.  He also, recommended a printer, for new postcards.
There was the usual, treading on thin ice, as not to fall in, like sneezing into lines of cocaine, the iCloud of faus paux!
We departed thanking all, as business is business.  For me getting late, for Cyril, HEY, C´MON ANOTHER BEER!  
They, the younger ones, just don´t understand.  
I get up at 0400!  YOU WHAT?
Yes, my program, two hours of prayer, meditation, yoga asanas, exercising, spiritual intercourse, beyond all feeling, one in he same! 
Life is different when you´re older!  Different priorities, like time!  Time´s rumming out, can´t waste it!
Every moment perfect, precious, Divine!
Stay with us, for more exciting news, the thrill of defeat, the agony of victory!  Yes, it´s true, wouldn´t you, if you could?
You have no idea about what I´m writing… Check our and or for the solutions to all questions!  Money back guarantee! 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

211017 BLOK / T.T.

211017 BLOK / T.T.
We (humanity) have created a material world of vengeance!  We`re so estranged from our mother, that we´re killing everything, including ourselves!  Now, how smart it that?  
We´re still the primitive beast we were, one million years ago, in fact in my opinion, lessed from that!  We´ve degressed.  Only the technology has changed, now threatening us with our very own existence!  Wow, we have sown the seeds of our own demise!  What did Oppenheiver quote, looking at the mushroom cloud rising over New Mexico?  'Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds'. we are at a holy historical crossroads, one sign saying, SUSTAINABILITY, the other EXTINCTION, this way, the road it appears we´ve taken.   Can we change?  Can we turn the herd from the cliff?  Stay tuned for another exciting episode, the thrill of sustainablity, and the agony of extinction! 
In the meantime, robots arrive on the horizon, the cavalry on white horses, the group come to save the day!  How?  When egoless robots take charge of humanity, and show us the Way of subduing the ego, overcoming materialism in the process.  It´s killing us! 
Edward Abbey, one of my heroes wrote, WE GOT TO SMOKE THE POT, LEST THE SCUM RISES TO THE TOP!   And look what has happened in the U.S.  Not enough people were stirring! 
´Not even a mouse,
The stockngs were hung by the chimney with care, 
Hopes for St. Nicklaus would soon be there!´
What to do?
Don´t wait for St. Nicklaus to come, BECOME ST. NICKLAUS!


Friday, October 20, 2017

Swiss $3 Billion Fund Bets Himalayan Nuts Will Crank Returns - Bloomberg

Today, more than any other time I can remember, certainly in my professional life, we must depend on these longtime trusted brands for our truth.” SHE MUST BE KIDDING, OF COURSE!

Christiane Amanpour on hosting Today: 'I never feel I can just wing it' | Media | The Guardian: " Today, more than any other time I can remember, certainly in my professional life, we must depend on these longtime trusted brands for our truth.”"

'via Blog this'

An enlightened nation!

Playboy's first transgender centrefold as magazine honours Hugh Hefner | Euronews

In photos: Artist puts Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg on graffiti murals -

Death of the body, can come anytime, and anywhere!

American Pathology!

At the end they reach for greatness, to be favorably remembered in history!

Of course, not! But, what the Church wanted you to believe! As they want to control our lives!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Marine Attacked an Iraqi Restaurant. But Was It a Hate Crime or PTSD? - The New York Times

Being a Vietnam Era U.S. Army vet, I did something similar. PTSD, is a strange thing as there are no specific symptoms, etc. self-hate!

These Photographs Capture the Many Lives Traveling Along Germany's Iconic Autobahn | WIRED

BBC - Culture - Is Psycho’s shower scene the greatest in cinema history?

Humanity is self-destructing, slowly, agonizingly!

Too rude for Paris? 'Copulating' sculpture causes stir in French capital | World news | The Guardian

Too rude for Paris? 'Copulating' sculpture causes stir in French capital | World news | The Guardian: "Paul McCarthy’s giant inflatable ‘butt-plug’ in Paris’s Place Vendôme. Photograph: Chesnot/Getty Images"

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Demolishing Dushanbe: how the former city of Stalinabad is erasing its Soviet past | Cities | The Guardian

Welcome to Astana, Kazakhstan: one of the strangest capital cities on Earth | Cities | The Guardian

Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers | Environment | The Guardian

A BIG CHANGE... We doubt it!

Switzerland is no longer a cinematic island - SWI

Your Brain May Continue To Function After Your Death Long Enough For You To Be Aware Of It, Studies Suggest

American Pathology!

What did Cherry of Zennor See That Altered Her Reality and Shaped Ours? The Deeper Meanings of Faerie Folklore | Ancient Origins Members Site

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Pioneering Modernist Who Wrote an Audacious String Quartet - The New York Times

Wow! An important article!

They will teach us!

Ed Sheeran cancels Asia tour dates after cycling accident - BBC News

'I lived in fear': the Nepalese official who was sold as a slave at 10 years old | Kate Hodal | Global development | The Guardian

Islamic State's capital Raqqa falls |

War coming...

Why Switzerland feels like ‘heimat’ - SWI

Atomic Bomb Survivor Wants Nuclear Weapons Ban as Trump and North Korea Exchange Threats

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

War the father of all stupidity, mother the enlightened solution!

Why Investors Are Betting That Bike Sharing Is the Next Uber | WIRED

BBC - Future - The great thaw of America’s north is coming

Switzerland: A thriller with a novel twist

Switzerland: A thriller with a novel twist

Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds - The Washington Post

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10 of the best winter sports resorts in Europe for skiing and more | Travel | The Guardian

OMGod, what is the world, coming to...?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Material wealth is God in the world!

Cancer is not a disease, but an industry!

Another Hollywood sleazebag, H.W.!

War building...

They´re all thieves, but we´re the stupid ones supporting them!

Couple Bridges a Buddhist-Muslim Divide - The New York Times

Mass hysteria may explain violence in the U.S.!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Money is God, what would you expect?

He needs money!


BIB BROTHER is watching you!

American Pathology!

We have met the enemy and he is us!

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The whole notion is gone!

Good idea!

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This is why there will be war!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Goodbye, Saturn! Thanks for saving me!

It was after this meeting that Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson reportedly said Mr. Trump was a “moron.”

Trump Threatens NBC Over Nuclear Weapons Report - The New York Times: "It was after this meeting that Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson reportedly said Mr. Trump was a “moron.”"

'via Blog this'

Mystery of the Universe’s Missing Matter Finally Solved by Scientists

Flew them many times, the Boeing, 747.

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Because it has awakened a vociferous opposition!

They didn´t innovate!

And oh be woe unto us, for this!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Not me!

081017 BLOK

081017 BLOK
I´m in Heaven in Zermatt, Switzerland, as my kind of mountain community!  The only challenge is paying for it!
Last night Ro. and me ate dinner in a nearby Itlalian Restaurant, Gusto Matta, and for 2, with 4 small glasses of vini it cost 80 Sfr., 75 €, or $85 U.S. dollars!  And we had no desserts or coffee!  Wow!  But, Zermatt is a very high-quality, sophisticated mountain-tourist town, the kind that offers Grappa, after dinner.  The Chinese, the nouveau riche in the world are here in droves, you see the groups everywhere! 
The room in the Sarazena Hotel, costs 110€ per night, but nearly perfect as hotel rooms go.  
Note, The word Sarazena seems to come from, Saracen, an Arab or Muslim, especially at the time of the Crusades, or a nomad of the Syrian and Arabian desert at the time of the Roman Empire. 
Everything works in Switzerland everywhere, and all the time!  The locks, one key, open-lock easily, always in the proper direction!  This is a high QUALITY, culture-country, and one I´m rapidly falling in love with, maybe my future home (I´ve always fantasized living in the Alps)!  Yes, Suisse (French), Schweiz (German) is more expensive, but quality costs more!  If you want cheap, move to Bolivia, or another developing country.  Nepal needs help!
Right now on this trip with Rucha, from Basel to Zermatt.
Our train trip interesting, as we had to take three different trains from Basel to Zermatt, two changes, that required running up and down to the next platform.  
The first change, was so short, we ended up in First Class (by mistake).   But, a lucky turn of events, as we were going to upgrade, but they didn´t charge us.  Another bit of good fortune and very interesting to me.  In this First Class, it´s basically for older people with no children, where SILENCE IS GOLDEN!  A Swiss man explained the rules:  no loud talking, no smart tele., music, etc.  I thought, what a great idea!  From now on I ride in this class!  My philosophy, CHILDREN (of all ages) SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD! 
The last train was a climber, narrow gauge with rack-teeth for the steeper grades.  But, being electric, plenty of power, and we zoomed up the airy mountain. Note, Zermatt is up at 1600 mts. ASL or one mile above sea level (same elevation as Denver, Colorado, Trumpland).
We were met at the Zermatt Bahn (train in German) station by a man from the hotel with a wheeled cart for our luggage. 
The WIFI in my room worked immediately, perfectly! In fact, everything works in Schweiz, as I described before. 
Yes, the trains are sometimes late, and supposedly the locals less than friendly.  But, my experience with Swiss people, has been nothing but wonderful.  I think sometimes its your demeanor, how you present yourself that decides the response!  I don´t think a typical Uglieus Americanus, would go over big in Suisse!  I, having travelled the world, generally find people kind, helpful, and even generous (
The SHIT I view-read via the commercial media is dystopic!  If this is humanity we need to change, to evolve!  (Lily Tomlin says, EVOLVE OR DIE!)  But how? ONE CHILD AT A TIME!  Forget adults, they already have been corrupted by materialism, as money has become our God! 
Our Earth is way over-populated now, people fighting over scarcer and scarer resources!  This, because of the RATS IN A CAGE Syndrome, which causes more violence nee wars!   We need to cull the herd!  Get the unevolved out of the gene pool!
Is there a world without us?  I think not!  So, let´s try to sustain ourselves and Mother Earth!  We live it!


30a0917 BLOK (out of sequence)

30a0917 BLOK
from Bern to Baaazel.  I have to remember saying the word BASEL, to use the longer a, as in AH.
On the 28th, a Thursday eveining I took Mirko and Rosina to dinner at TIDBITS, a very cool vegan restaurant.
I cycled in with Rosina showing me the way, and what a nice ride, some 8KM, into the caity proper, through forest, but up going in — out. the reverse of course.  IT´S ALWAYS UP FROM THE RIVER, Mirko and Rosina live with Mirkoo´s aunt, in a lovely house overlooking the Arve River.  I spent several nights there, sleeping in their bed.  They moved down to another bed.
Rosina, studying midwifery, went off on her day, me continuing to accomplish some needed task, the usual, to keep one going…
I went to the main train station to get lost, in a maze of buildings.  First, thinking a Mall was the place from where travels by train!   I did discover and use 2THELOO, something like three times.  So much of the wonderful, as to be a child in a candy show.
Making a move, I walked across the Strasse to The Poste, discovery another what I like in a Government office, some humanity!  This place organized, comfortable, selling needed itemsl I purchased some envelopes, as needed to return Stef´s. maps.   Of course, forgetting his mailing address, I had to return back across the Strasse to get such from my locked M. Fetes (found the perfect place)  Note, there are hundreds of bicycles locked everywhere in Bern.  I felt at home!
After managing Stef.´s maps, I started searching for the SBB office, to ask about trains to Bahhhhsel.
This went great actually, as one of the staff, explained how to purchase a ticket from a machine.  
Of course, more machines, less jobs greater profit, more machines, robots taking over… trouple!  I´m writing now a scenario, where the workers of the world war with robots.  But, a productive war, if one can be (Von Clausewitz said, War is the father of all things!   Egoless robots subdue their enemy with unconditional love.  In fact, they save humanity from iteself!  This the Age of Kalki, The Guan Yin charging in, sword drawn, on a white house!
I rewarded myself with a coffee late and mufficn at Starbucks.
On to what, more tasks, one of which was getting mysore feet massauged.  Mirko had drawn a Spa on my iTourist map.   I found it down by the River, an octagon shappeed structure using the same name.  I think Mirko said it had been a factory where fabric is produced.  The reception area, whoa, what good energy, the lighting, smooth and comforting, the colors all muted.  I found out a foot massage had to include first, a trip around the circle, the total tab approaching 100€. I said thank you, turned by another women helpful in recommending Bern Beauty, 50 meters distance.
I went there and made an appointment for 14.00 hours or 2P.M.  Perfect, as enough time to cycle up to Mirko´s recommended restaurant overlooking centrol.  It was a bit of a crank up, but worth it.  I had along with a glass van de ordinaire, carrot soup, garlic bread, fisnihed with an apple tort mit slog. 
My female server, spoke all the right English words.  I gave her two coins, worth $2 dollars.
Now, down for the foot massage, which turned out better than expected.  The massuuse, a woman from Brazil.  But, later trou bles with using my bank cards.
Off to another at the swimming pool, again with the Poste Bank, not working.
Bank again, to explain, I returned to the Mall, and got the cash.
THEN RETURNING, down the hill to discover the Brazilian woman probably at lunhc, I paid her assistant.
Next, I pushed up a bicycle path a long way arriving at the park where I´d eaten lunch the day I arrived.
Now, in quest of a haircut and vitamin C, all the little things that keep you going.
I also, needed to ask at Tidbits about reservations.  I didn´t want to be shutout with Mirko and Rosina.
Resting on a street bench, I watched many cyclists pass by both ways.  Interesting for me to see such variety on two cranked wheels. 
I tried to adjust my seat, but couldn´t tighten the bolt that secures it.  On to a bicycle shop I´d made a note of, to borrow a tool.   Here more friendly mechanics, after telling them my story abut cycling the world.  One of them fixed the seat-saddle, as they got the tools.  When they would accept no money I distributed my postcard and stickers.  Then when I asked, they solved the haircut challenge, by recommending Ali.
Ali turned out to be a vociferous Krygyzstaniian.  The younger one cut my hair understanding only by gestures.  I wanted my beard trimmed.  He over changed me, once I revealed I was born in the U.S.A.  Of course, rip them off, as they´ve got the dough!   I didn´t mind!
I was early at Tidbits, as always.  One of my traists being punchual fits right into Suisse culture.
We had a wonderful meal, and it was during that Rosian, told me she was travelliing to Basel the very next day.  Now, what are the odds, as I needed.  Perfect, and I said, I´m coming with you.
This couple, along with Stef. and Sabine, are as angels!  Amazingly thoughtful, kind, helpful.  And before Ale, from Brazil, the same!  i am blessed!
Anyway, yes, the mvery next morning off to Basel with Rosina.  I just follwed her lead, as she born here, having ridden the trains hundreds of times, bi-longual, smart and attractive.  Didn´t I just write that I am blessed!
It was quick, only one hour in transit, then suddenly into the maze of the station.  Thank God, for Rosina, or it would have been much more of a task, bidning my way.  But, with Rosian, I was directed to Starbucks, and lunch.  I bought her what she deisired, and was off.
Alone, I got on the Internet, and figured out first, where iTourist was for a map, and secondly  to cycle to Cyril and Teresa´s.
Stay tuned!

04b1017 BLOK

04b1017 BLOK
Beauty is what pleases us, of course via the five senses.  But, there is something beyond beauty!
Divine consciousness, the MOTHER of all MOTHERS,
SHE comes riding a white horse, weilding a magic sword,
Beautiful beyond beauty!
The Age of Kalki is upon us!


02d1917 BLOK

02d1917 BLOK
Digitized live
Marching to a wired fife,
1s and 0s, 
The strum and drang
The song sang!
So short!
So long,
A rope and naut
The Juggerknot,
Moving forwards
And back
A high vibration!
Digitizing Life!


02c1017 BLOK

02c1017 BLOK
Dornach and Rudolf Steiner´s Gothearum — the Anthroposophical Society
Here lies sophistication!

at Goethearum, Dornach (Basel), Switzerland.  The house that Rudolf Steiner built in 1928.
What a mind Steiner had, born in Austria.  What a contribution he made while in body!  But, his spirit is very much alive here in Goethearum and the surrounding community!
I cycled there from Cyril and Teresa´s house in northwest Bael, some 12KM and up some 300mts — this, in one hour!   The only feat was finding my way, but had help of course. 

How wrong this author is about consciousness. He even mis-defines it. Consciousness is the GREAT TASK OF LIFE, knowing!

BBC - Future - The female code-breakers who were left out of history books