Saturday, August 12, 2017

130817 BLOK

130817 BLOK
Everyone get so much qi (chi = life energy) for their lives.  I was blessed with enough to live out my destiny.  And how strange, as I wanted to live fast and die young!
Beginning at the age of 76, I began to notice a gradual or rapid deterioration of my material form.  As with a beginning (in our dual existence), there must be an ending. 
Now, I find myself wanting to sit more.
I can´t cycle as far, or as fast.
I don´t hear or see as well as I used to, when younger.
My coordination has lessened.  I bump into things, drop things, my balance not as good.
Younger people are faster, quicker — GET OUT OF THE WAY OLD MAN!  Younger people don´t realize they too will deteriorate if they keep the material body long enough. 
There should be more respect for age in the West, as there is in China (where I lived for five years).  Age should be venerated, as older people (at least some) have wisdom or think they do.
Have the courage to grow old and die, keeping an open mind until that last breath — who knows!
Clinical death is the inability of the body to adapt.  If the material could continue to adapt it would continue forever.  But, then life would have no meaning.  What is the meaning?  I know for me!  But, for you to discover — why you were given material form.
90% of humanity fails this test!



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