Friday, August 11, 2017

11a0817 BLOK

11a0817 BLOK
I have long known that China is using N. Korea as a bargaining chip with the U.S.  They´re much more adroit at Int. politics than the U.S. (Trumpland).  And if the U.S. and S. Korea attack N. Korea, they will side with N. Korea.  Russia will support both, defeating the U.S., easily actually.  It will then be a new world, and maybe better, as fascism via the alt-Right nee Trumpland needs to go down!
¨The Chinese state-controlled Global Times said in an editorial published on Thursday night that Beijing should stay neutral if North Korea provoked the U.S. into war. It also said that China would intervene if the U.S. and South Korea sought to attack North Korea and topple his regime.  
“China will also strengthen coordination with Russia, and to push forward the mutual strategic goal of anti-nuclear and anti-war,” the editorial said. “We need to make other parties believe, these two powers will not sit around and do nothing when the escalation of tensions in the Korean Peninsular threaten China and Russia’s national security.”


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