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Making Bitcoin work better

Smart adults!

BBC - Culture - The ‘greatest film-maker who ever lived’

The worst city in the world!

Money is God, what would you expect?

Jeanne Moreau: the intelligent, complex star who lit up the French New Wave | Film | The Guardian

We offer mystery vacations on bicycles!


How we made Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket | Culture | The Guardian

Blood proteins linked to severity of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -

New Moon In Leo: Taking Creative Action – Collective Evolution

What a dink!

Banks launder money! How interesting...

The bizarre story of "Incubus," the horror film made entirely in Esperanto, starring William Shatner — Quartz

Slovenia Sees Tourism Boom, Thanks in Part to Melania Trump - Bloomberg

310701 BLOK

310701 BLOK
The world is my house,
I have no spouse!
I have no children!
Not a dog!
Nor cats,
No pets,
And no regrets!
Full of glee,
My bicycle rides me,
Hither and yon,
Creating the dawn!
Don´t be afraid to 
Go to the grave!
Dying is easy!
It´s life that beckons!


Donald Trump Doesn't Want You To See These Photos

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Aida, of course, is not a person but a virtual customer-service representative that SEB AB, one of Sweden’s biggest banks, is rolling out. The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks. Wrong! The goal greater profit!

Your Banker Is Always In: Sweden Rolls Out the Robots - Bloomberg: "Aida, of course, is not a person but a virtual customer-service representative that SEB AB, one of Sweden’s biggest banks, is rolling out. The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks."

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Politicians, will say anything to get elected, then rarely live up to the promises! Ke Garne?

Wrong again!

Last action hero | 1843

Wrong! The first thing tried, chrome://extensions did not work. So many times the suggestions are wrong, don´t work!

'I died in hell': sacrifice of war dead remembered at Passchendaele | World news | The Guardian

Trump will attack N. Korea, and start a war that escalates into WWIII.

Messing with Nature will be the death of humanity!

Salzburg Festival: Modern-Day Mozart | Euronews

Island and the city | LivingIt

'World's longest' pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Switzerland | Euronews

The U.S., China, and Russia, all SABER-RATTLING!

American Pathology!

More control! Same in China!

I spent five years living all over China. I believe the Chinese miitary wants to kick some ass, and has the U.S.-Japan in mind. They hate the Japanese for what they did to them in in 1937!

American Pathology!

300717 BLOK

300717 BLOK
So… You think you are secure in your house of old, the rent or mortgage paid.  Your routine hardly ever varying.  You do pretty much the same thing everyday, sometimes taking a little risk which enlivens you, staving off the enevitable.
Occasionally,  you stop to think about what you´re doing.  You´ve beget children so you know your life will be carried forth in some way.  However, your offspring avoid you mostly, only tolerating your old ways, except of course, when they need money. 
What have you regretted not doing?
Did you climb high, and ride far?  Was your goal the sky, and the stars your aim?
What have you made of your bodily life?  Did you evolve and morph into something worthy.  Or, have you spent your time indulging your ego?
Did you help your fellow creatures?  Did you give to those less fortunate than yourself?
Die with not a penny, my advice, my plan!
Have you learned the great lesson of existence, why your spirit was given a body, material from?
¨When that one great Scorer comes to write against your name, it´s not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game!¨ (Grantland Rice).  What will He write about you?

P.S.  Write your own epitaph.

Century-Old Battle in Belgium Sums Up Horrors of World War I - Bloomberg

Hours later, Xi called on China to speed up its military modernization, telling troops at an army parade that “the world isn’t safe at this moment.”

China Bets Trump Won't Resort to Strike Against North Korea - Bloomberg: "Hours later, Xi called on China to speed up its military modernization, telling troops at an army parade that “the world isn’t safe at this moment.”"

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Ahorita, maybe...

Passchendaele, what did they die for...?

Artificial intelligence system makes its own language, researchers pull the plug

And the U.S. military can´t wait to kick Russia´s ass!

China´s military can´t wait to kick our ass!

Turn on, tune in, drop by the office | 1843

Turn on, tune in, drop by the office | 1843: "LSD’s effects were discovered by accident. In April 1943 Albert Hoffmann, a Swiss scientist, mistakenly ingested a small amount of the chemical, which he had synthesised a few years earlier though never tested. Three days later he took 250 micrograms of the drug on purpose and had a thoroughly bad trip, but woke up the next day with a “sensation of well-being and renewed life”. Over the next decade, LSD was used recreationally by a select group of people, such as the writer Aldous Huxley. But not until it was mass produced in San Francisco in the 1960s did it fill the sails of the hippy movement and inspire the catchphrase “turn on, tune in and drop out”."

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

290717 BLOK

290717 BLOK
Here´s an idea for the four Hutchison-Dalrymple children of Mary and Fred.  Of course, we´ve all grown up, at least physically. 
The idea is a stage play (psycho-drama) i which we all play ourselves, using two professional actors to play mom and dad. 
There would be no written script, just improvisation as to what develops in terms of content.  We would record this, having a video of the one time the `family´ reunites.  The title, PARENTS FROM THE GRAVE! 
Of course, you will think this idea strange or impossible because you´re locked in a mindset that is creaky with age — a form of paralysis. 
I, on the otherhand, am freer, more like Salvador Dali or Hieronymus Bosch. than the Freddie of old.


BBC - Culture - The anti-war film Goebbels feared

Simply demoncracy is failing, because we are failing! Use less, share more!

`We´ll meet again, don´t know where, don´t know when!´

Of course, blame some other country for the problem!

Money is God, what would you expect?

Alien Donald Trump appears on Mexico City billboard

Here´s how vitual currency works...

Friday, July 28, 2017

I went through this years ago, covering Bernice Gera, the first female baseball umpire. Oh woe be to all men who are so undeveloped that they feel threatened by women!

Here´s the beginning of dictatorship... Telling the police to be even more violent than they are already! THIS IS THE LAST THING THAT THE PEOPLE IN THE U.S. NEED, as it will lead to more violence!

Trump’s speech encouraging police to be ‘rough,’ annotated - The Washington Post: "
Trump’s speech encouraging police to be ‘rough,’ annotated"

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When before has America needed to take such a hard look at itself, and consider the hypocritical, misogynist prurience that seems to drive so many of its political figures? Tellingly, since the show started being promoted in America, women have been attending marches and protests dressed in the red robe and white bonnet made iconic by Atwood’s handmaids.

The Handmaid's Tale on TV: too disturbing even for Margaret Atwood | Television & radio | The Guardian: " When before has America needed to take such a hard look at itself, and consider the hypocritical, misogynist prurience that seems to drive so many of its political figures? Tellingly, since the show started being promoted in America, women have been attending marches and protests dressed in the red robe and white bonnet made iconic by Atwood’s handmaids."

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American Pathology!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

There´s money in bicycles!

American Pathology!

Materia Bikes -- wooden frames

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I´ve thought about moving to Greenland!

We are the things that dreams are made of! Shakespeare

We are all made of stars: half our bodies' atoms 'formed beyond the Milky Way' | Science | The Guardian

I still write paper checks! Why, they cost so little to move money.

Macrons Meet Rihanna at the Elysee Palace - Bloomberg

100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All Time

How Bitcoin is infiltrating the $60bn global art market - BBC News

The Great Flood is coming!

BBC - Culture - How learning to play the piano can save your life

Brain disease affects 99% of NFL players in study - BBC News

Here´s what we could learn from animals... Cooperation. Rabbits ride on the backs of sheep during flood in N.Z.


Tis my hope that egoless robots will save humanity from itself!

“The weight of war was still there. It was obvious that what he’d seen and experienced in the trenches was still very traumatic.” And here comes WWIII!

'Keeping Grandpa alive': the internet's photographic treasure hunt | Art and design | The Guardian

Spain : Doñana wetlands going dry | Euronews

Mississippi cops kill man when they go to wrong address on arrest warrant -

Maybe a good idea! The world will go on without us!

Money is God, what to do?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

250717 BLOK

250717 BLOK
I was cycling up to Montana (2003) from C.S. (Chicken Shit) Colorado, U.S. of A. 

C.S. is the home of the Air Force Academy, Peterson and Schriever A.F. Bases, Cheyenne Mountain (Nuclear bunker, etc.), Focus on the family (should be Focus on Death).  Peterson is where drones are guided to kill innocent people in Syria.  And let´s not forget the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.
C.S. is probably the most Ult-Right city in the U.S., at least the most conservative!  I know about it, as lived there for three years, actually up in Manitou Springs, which is just the opposite, an oasis of consciousness in the midst of Trumpland.
But, I got off the track!  JUMP CUT to cycling to Big Springs, Montana, to write a screenplay with a fascist cowboy.  He had come across `Lonesome Land´ a 1912 novel by Bertha Muzzy Sinclair, (pseudonym B. M. Bower), and thought it should be a mopic.  He´d worked as a stunt man in several westerns, but I forget how we met.  I think maybe at Billy Bob´s in N. Fort Worth.
Up in Big Timber the cowboy (Mark was his name) was the foreman of a Microsoft ranch (one of the original investors).   Mark lived in a small house with his wife.  I remember her wonderful meals.  I slept on the floor in their guest bedroom, working-writing every morning sneaking smoking dope (for something like two weeks).  One night the Microsoft man invited us to his mansion for dinner, with his young and attractive wife and new baby.  He was communting back and forth in this Lear jet (Seattle-Big Springs).  What a scene, very chi chi, sophisticated, juxtaposed with Mark´s basic deal.
Where was I ?  I was cycling in Wyoming up to Big Springs, through the Wind River Valley.  One afternoon I stopped at a restaurant-resort, parked my bicycle, and walked down to sit near the rushing river.  I can´t remember if I bought food there, probably, because in the old days of tour cycling didn´t travel my own (especially in the U.S.).
I was sitting there in a wonderful trance when I sensed someone near me.  i turned to face a teenage girl, maybe 15-years old. Before I knew what was happening she hugged me, kissing me on the cheek, whispering I LOVE YOU!  Shocked, surprised, yes!  But, before I regained my senses, she´d turned and walked away.  I sat there thoughts flooding my mind, who, what, why, WOW!   Was I dreaming?  No, because I could still see her in the distance, up near the facility.  Later, however, I couldn´t find her!
I went on, but with a smile on my face!  But, I´ll never forget it.  Note, I wrote about this years ago, and somewhere in my thousands of blogs at
So many unusual things have happened to me riding a bicycle around the world!

I think we should `duke it out´ with China!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Welcome to Xi's Net: Where Politics, Porn and Pooh Are Forbidden - Bloomberg

Trump Barrels Down a Road of No Return - Bloomberg

Trump Barrels Down a Road of No Return - Bloomberg: "Trump Launches Into Political Tirade at Boy Scouts Jamboree"

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A loose cannon on the deck, a boy in a man´s body!

Trump Launches Into Political Tirade at Boy Scouts Jamboree - Bloomberg: "Trump Launches Into Political Tirade at Boy Scouts Jamboree"

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The animals are fighting back!

One little mistake, and then...

Iran's complex identities speak through photography like once through poetry | Euronews

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The Great Explosives Heist That Has Europe on Edge

23c0717 BLOK

23c0717 BLOK
pp. 213:
¨What the hell is life if it´s not chores and working, making dinner, and then starting it all over again?¨
If this is your life, I will begin to feel sorry for you — it isn´t mine!
¨I wonder what makes someone travel to a completely different continent?¨
The above, escaping the mundane!
This is the one great accomplishment of my life!


Calls for Answers in Police Shooting’s Wake

CreditJenn Ackerman for The New York Times

Calls for Answers in Police Shooting’s Wake

The killing of Justine Damond by a Minneapolis police officer caused a global uproar, leaving loved ones and neighbors in both Australia and Minnesota in agony with unanswered questions.

I´m hoping egoless robots will save humanity from itself!

All by myself: how the greatest solo film performances worked their magic | Film | The Guardian

Here is the future of manufacturing: “We’re all united. We have forgotten the concept of ‘I’ and can function collectively as ‘we’.”

How could we cope if capitalism failed? Ask 26 Greek factory workers | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian: "“We’re all united. We have forgotten the concept of ‘I’ and can function collectively as ‘we’.”"

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U.S. venture capital's digital coin quandary: cash-rich startups

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Protesters detained in Turkey as part of government's widening crackdown | Euronews



23b0717 BLOK

23b0717 BLOK
My entire head is under attack!  My ears, my nose, my mouth (teeth), even my eyes now!  Why my head?  It´s the source of the ego, the human part of me, as I am a Centaur (half human, half horse, non ego). 
Saturn attacks the target!  Anything to drive me madder, more awake than I am.
Existence, what is it?  Being!  What is being? Consciousness.
This moment is perfect!
Take a deep bfreath!
Let go!
To The Guan Yin Tien!
The moment is perfect!


23a0717 BLOK

23a0717 BLOK
I love riding my bicycle up to Pradollano (25KM and a 1,300mt. gain), old and heavy are we.  NO ONE DOES THAT!
I love reading a real book at a restaurant, while everyone else stares at their small screen. You rarely see a lone person reading a book anymore!
I love not owning a smart telephone!  HARDLY ANYONE DOES THAT! 
I love eating alone in a restaurant.  FEW PEOPLE DO THAT!
I love not being married, having no children, being free!  FEW PEOPLE ARE REALLY FREE! 
I love living alone, people asking, `Don´t you get lonely?´ Sometimes.
I love not having pets, a bicycle and three plants enough for me!
My problem, too many other things!  I moved to Spain with two bicycle boxes and a backpack.  Now, I have an apartment full of things!  THIS IS EVERYONE´S PROBLEM!  MATERIALISM!

A poem by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (better known as Rumi)

A poem by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (better known as Rumi)

'Such a Passion and Longing'

There is in the core of mankind such a passion and longing
That even if he owned a hundred thousand worlds, he would never find peace!
Look at how people dabble in every conceivable trade and craft.
They study astronomy and medicine.
Yet, they never find peace!
They never find the object of their search!
What they lack is God and his 'heart ease!'

All other joys and pursuits are like a ladder.
You cannot stay on the rungs of a ladder, you're always climbing up!
But, the one who understands he's already 'there' is happy!
No more climbing!
The climb is short for those who understand!

Why Are the Baby Boomers in Such a Bad Mood? I´m from the pre-boomer generation. Born in 1940, betwixt the Best and Boomers.

Starting sometime in the mid-1950s, baby boomers became the center of American cultural attention. Toni Home Permanentscap gunsHostess cupcakes, “American Bandstand,” lovingly packed lunches, the Beatles, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” Motown, Madras shorts, the SATs, undoing Nixon, the civil rights movement, ending the Vietnam War — all came into existence just at the time we, age-appropriately, could ingest, wear or wallop them.
True, our timely presence enriched record and lingerie companies, but we also caused great political change. Later came grad school, Sweet ’n LowDatsun 240ZsTab, thong underpants and free love — it was clear: Life had been lovingly fashioned around us.
Cut to: The Present.
I recently asked a neighbor how old she was: Nervous, reluctant, she said, “Oh, 60 or 61.”
This conveys the ennui of today’s “new middle age” baby boomers, immersed as a group suddenly in retirement, the loss of parents, the start of Medicare, the end of daily routine, the start of your husband’s affair, the sudden, urgent need to grapple for assets for the rest of life and to guess at its length while enduring rash-raising reactions to the word “Kardashian” (for which no prescription creams exist at present). Or all of the above plus no retirement and no assets because of no job! This produces “artisanal stress” (created, by hand, by individual boomers for themselves).
Continue reading the main story
To those of us in it, the new middle age in America is the most despised age ever, right up there with “stillborn” and “dead.” No lovely, leafy glade — just a hazy, terrifying landscape of crepey cleavage, popping veins, trifocals and sagging breasts strewn across a lifeless vista. (And the one for women is just as bad.) This new middle age does not describe the lithe, the sexual, the hip or the cool — especially hard on baby boomers, the actual inventors (see above) of both “hip” and “cool.”
The fact is, the culture ignores us. Baby boomers — a “niche” group of 74.9 million — are snubbed by the movie industry, TV, jeans designers, the music business, everything, in favor of Gen X, Gen Y and the millennials (who sound like a sad, droopy human bouquet).
For years, we were the largest demographic (the millennials recently surpassed us), but we’ve got the bucks — the experience, the drive — and not a few of those millennials get their bucks from our wallets. Clothes, social media, TV shows like “Entertainment This Second!” and “Famous People Who Are Thin” are all aimed at them. Ever hear anyone say, “I think I’ll go watch that great new show ‘Trapped Between Killingly Costly Kids in College and Heartbreakingly Aging Parents in Assisted Living’?” No. But that show would be a hit! It would resonate for at least 35 million of the 74.9 million mentioned above!
Other possible boomer TV hits: “What Do You Think This Lump Is?” (quiz show), “We’d Like to See the Dessert Menu” (sitcom about dating in midlife), “Panic Investing in Midlife” (Sunday a.m., with expert panel: Warren Buffett, Ben and Jerry, Beyoncé and that cartoon fish, Dory), “Hip and Knee Replacements for $100” (the new “Mature Jeopardy”). And re: social media — emojis (cute, emotion-bearing symbols) once O.K., but under this president, it could engender fun, fast and goofy nuclear war. Homeland Security should manage.
No other generation deserves this. Gen X, the first latchkey kids (working moms/divorced parents), whose TV babysitters (Peter Jennings, John Dean, Richard Nixon) provided a lovely background visual as “My Sharona” played a million times on the stereo. Millennials are determined, driven and tech-savvy, and will one day know how to easily erase a prenuptial agreement from their spouse’s hard drive in the dark. Tom Brokaw’s “Greatest Generation” — through the Depression and World War II, had the faith, drive and love for Betty Grable (see film, “Stalag 17”) to save the free world and have us! Amazing!
Thus, slathered with their postwar affection, we became the behavioral template for younger generations: for political activism, for the right to wear insane clothes and crazily short skirts, for the right to get married outside and for the fact that all we were saying was give peace a chance.
So, America, undo the hurt of TV no longer ruthlessly profiteering from baby boomers! Renew boomer music — maybe Bruce Springsteen, Paul Shaffer, Wynton Marsalis could do some hip, new chamber music thing! And basic science — perhaps the development of some new carbs, carbohydrates that fatten hair from within, fill in facial lines, even lubricate all personal spots that require lubrication! Thus we’d cheer up all Americans, which other generations can’t. The fact is, we should be the cultural leading edge. Like, look at Billy Joel’s stomach — it sticks out. And just everyone looks at it. That should be us.

Democracy icon Lech Walesa joins Poland anti-government protests - CBS News

230717 BLOK

230717 BLOK
Re:  Malick´s SONG TO SONG
I finished watching it, Malick´s movie, but barely, one day later.
Shot in Austin, Texas, where Malick went to the U., the locations, all the hip places, mansions, apartments high above the morass, the lake, river, the bats (nature), and of course, music festivals.  The home of Willy Nelson.
I know old Austin, just about the time Charles Whitman shot and killed 16 innocent people from the U. tower.  American Pathology!  I´ve produced football games there for deal old E.S.P.N.  (Note, ABC Sports, Inc., became E.S.P.N. now owned by Disney.)
I suppose the title, alleges the meaning, woman to woman as metaphor, as that´s what the movie seems to be about.  Thus, lots of groping young naked women, this in the midst of the music scene.  It´s horribly pretentious!  Malick´s lost it, in his older age!  He should have called it, MY WET DREAM!
However, there was one scene that asked an important question.  The dialogue from one of the male protagonists to a woman:  THEY SAY YOU´RE SUPPOSE TO FOLLOW THE LIGHT!  BUT, HOW DO YOU FIND IT?
The book I´m writing about my cycling around the world is titled, FOLLOWING THE LIGHT — Taken and Stirred!   I could have answered the question… When I set out from Colorado Springs, in 2004, a woman (Phyllis Rock)I hardly knew drove me to the bus station.  Her parting words to me was a blessing:  THE LIGHT IS WITH YOU, THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU.  The Light (consciousness) finds you!

sitll following it!

Pensioners are an underrated and underserved market

Together, technology and teachers can revamp schools

“People are looking for a meaning in what they do,” Chipchase told me. “In purchasing and committing to the ideas in the book, you’re committing to the idea that there is a more equitable, more inclusive, and empathic way of engaging the world out there. This is a call for remembering what makes us human.”

The Field Study Handbook Is Here | WIRED: "“People are looking for a meaning in what they do,” Chipchase told me. “In purchasing and committing to the ideas in the book, you’re committing to the idea that there is a more equitable, more inclusive, and empathic way of engaging the world out there. This is a call for remembering what makes us human.”"

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BBC - Travel - Why Genghis Khan’s tomb can’t be found

BBC - Future - The hidden ways your language betrays your character

A new way to love: in praise of polyamory | Life and style | The Guardian

‘I’m no fascist’: film-maker hits back over opposition to Catalan independence | World news | The Guardian

‘Imagine living with this crap’: tempers in Venice boil over in tourist high season | World news | The Guardian

Thinking about moving home - consider a cave | LivingIt

Saturday, July 22, 2017

This is what Trump is going to do!

Friday, July 21, 2017

WWIII building in the world!

210717 BLOK

210717 BLOK
My legs…
You, are the best, so strong!
You have carried me everywhere 
Around the world, 
My horse legs!
I am Centaurous,
Half man, half horse!
A bicycle my horse
To make legs strong
Am I wrong?
Get off that seat
And on your feet!
The best invention 
The wheel,
Two legs
From here to there
Without polluting the ear or air,
Do you dare?


I´ve hiked in the Wallowa mountains, the summer home of the Nez Perz Indians. Chief Joseph: I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER!

When technology is good!

BBC - Culture - The semi-sacred ‘third gender’ of South Asia

BBC - Travel - Why Switzerland never takes sides

I´ve been at Royal Birkdale, to cover the tournament for ABC Sports, Inc. (now E.S.P.N.). In fact, I´ve been to all the Open courses in the U.K., even played the Old Course at St. Andrews, with new clubs from Laurie A.´s shop. I have in in all the rooms of the Royal and Ancient Clubhouse, making a documentary about the hostory of, this when Keith MacKensie the Sec.. Namesake winner of the B.O. (1921), Jack Falls Hutchison.

It´s all about money!


Soon out of prison, O.J. Simpson still handcuffed by financial claims

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

When technology good!

20B0717 BLOK

20B0717 BLOK
I watched the KNIGHT OF CUPS last night, courtesy of  I´m always amazed at the technology, the Internet, etc.  I sit in my flat in Monachil, Spain (a village near Granada) and partake of  Hollywood decadence.  I´m so old now, I remember listening to the radio!
If you haven´t seen this one of Malick´s it´s about a screeplay writer questioning his life in La La land.  I enjoyed reliving `my life,´ as the milieu so familiar to me, Vollywood, L.A., Malibu, the beaches, the desert, Palm Springs, and Lost Wages — the superficiality of it all (sex, drugs, rock n roll)!  I remember The Warehouse in L.A., where we would snort cocaine in the men´s room. 
But, as always, even though, maybe trying too hard to be profound (Malick in an older age), there were two useful ideas:  One, THE MOMENT IS PERFECT, and SUFFERING IS VALUABLE!  
The movie inspired the following poem:
I live in exile
A stranger in a strange land!
I feel like a spy!
I pretend to be a part of it,
The pretense for what?
Money? God?
Selling their `soles,´ 
I tried to rent mine, but failed,
Was jailed
And was ejected again!
This time to win
As it´s losing
To become
What you are!
How do you get `their?´
I was taken and stirred!

P.S.  Only one more of Malick, and then I´m done.  I still think his best was his first, BADLANDS.  SImple, unpretentious! 

20a0717 BLOK

20a0717 BLOK
Dear Salad days and Merry-go-rounds,
How did we survive when our parents died so young and so close together.  I was parentless by the time I was 21-years of age, thinking I was strong, but little did I know!
Father-day (padre in Es., pere in Fr.), after my experience with him in California, was so disarranged that just gone.  His last words to me were, `I´ll see you back in Tucson.´  Oh, what a troubled man he was!
Mother, a different story.  I went through much with her as well.  She was drunk much of the time, and an embarrasment to me.  You two were gone, and Betsy seemed absent, maybe with one of you at that time, I don´t remember?
I wasn´t at the hospital when mother died, tortured to death by modern medicine (radical mascetomy, radiation and chemotherapy).  She must be ruling in Heaven for it, as suffering is valuable. Marylee was there, and came home to tell me.  I didn´t know how to respond, as secretly glad and even happy!  But, the guilt of this feeling ate me alive for many years.  It wasn´t until I had a dream in which mother forgave me!   One of her favorite Biblical quotes was, BE SURE!  YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT! 
Parents, upbringing, have a lasting effect of their offspring!   Schools, culture some, depending.  We spend the rest of our lives overcoming it, to discover who we really are to be.  To be or not to be, wrote Willy and the hand-jive.  He died the same year as Cervantes, 1616.
I have achieved this (individuation, Jung calls it), painfully over time, I hope my sisters have as well!
I´m 76-years (I count the Chinese way, and say 77, as they count from conception).  I´m on my way to France-Switzerland on a bicycle.  I´m still able to crank a heavy push bicycle (the Aussies call one), but it gets more challenging every year.  I moved from Bolivia to Spain to cycle Europe, and be closer to my German partner, Rotraut Boyens.  She´s 80-years of age, overweight, and losing her power.  But, Rucha (her Chinese name) the greatest person I´ve known in my live, my guarding angel, courtesy of my mother.
Cycling north I also want to experience eastern Europe, as have never.  I´ve never been to Greece, and Plato one of my greatest teachers.
I leave you with this, my personal motto:
WHEN I CAN´T RIDE MS. FETES (the name of my bicycle), 
Brother from another planet!
Granada, Spain

July, 2017 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dick Hammerstrom and I participated in TOTALITY, in Oregon (east of Portland), in 1979.

China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025

China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025: "0, 2017 / 11:47 AM / 34 MINUTES AGO
China unveils plan to become a world leader in AI by 2025"

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Photos of Europe taken in same spots 30 years later - | CNN Travel

Trump shows disdain for rule of law with new attacks on Sessions, Rosenstein, Mueller - The Washington Post

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Justine Damond's death is a tragedy – as every police killing in America is | Steven W Thrasher | Opinion | The Guardian

Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago | Australia news | The Guardian

200717 BLOK

200717 BLOK
I have been binge watching T. Malick´s, as it seems he´s invaded my life again (via Amazon streaming).  
Of course, Badlands when he first introduced himself to me, almost 45 years ago — could it be that´s so long ago (1973)?  You go to bed when you are 33 years of age, and wake up at 76! 
Last night I watched TO THE WONDER… To the wonder of what…?  The wonder of the mystery, we all work to solve in our own way!  Yet, this mopic was depressing to me, the unconscious nature of mankind (emphasis on MAN).  Texas and Paris, what a contrast!  Did you know there´s a Paris, Texas?
Malick´s treatment is poetic rather than narrative, evincing man´s struggle to find meaning in the midst of modern-material life.  He emphasizes this by showing the harmony of Nature. There´s also a religious element, the questions…  Thus, his work has value, at least to me and you.  I suppose that´s why he´s able to fund his expensive canvas.   He´s certainly unique in terms of Hollywood filmmaking.
I´ll bet Spielberg is envious!

P.S. So, what´s up with your life? 

I´m hoping androids, cyborgs, and or egoless robots will save humanity from itself!

Give robots an 'ethical black box' to track and explain decisions, say scientists | Science | The Guardian

Plastic pollution risks 'near permanent contamination of natural environment' | Environment | The Guardian

190717 BLOK

190717 BLOK
Last Monday night, now three nights ago, Saturn `attacked´ again, albeit productiive, but in such a strange way!  How to explain what Saturn does to you when in retrograde!  At the very least it educates you, in the process maybe saving you from yourself!  But, oh what suffering, as in dying on the cross!  `God sometimes send flies to wounds, as He should heal!´
In bed, trying to go to sleep, I thought I was being pestered by a swarm of flies or gnats.  Note, I have been keeping the windows open as so hot here in Monachil (40C.) `They,´ I thought were swarming around my head, although I never really saw any.  I got up and got my fly swatter, and started dueling with them, as Don Quixote dueled with windmills — just about as silly!
I finally figured out it wasn´t something external, but internal, something to do with my left eye. The `gnats´ were small black dots flashing light, darting around on the edge of my vision.  This is a symptom of a torn retina.  I know something about my retinas, as I once had an opthamalogist tell me I had the thinnest retina she´d ever seen.  Of course, I thought I was going blind, as there´s genetics of this in our family. 
I´d been out of Vitamin C, so I immediately took 3,000mg.  Note, I´m a BIG believer in C, having read Norm Cousins´ ANATOMY OF AN ILLNESS.  He once saved his life with massive doses of intravenious C (grams per day) and laughter (watching funny movies)! 
The following morning the symptoms continued but not as much.  Maybe I didn´t notice, as had to cycle down into Granada City and was distracted.
Today, all day long, no symptoms of all, so I felt much relieved.  But, just now at dusk, some, but few.  I immediately did some research online, and discovered what nutrients I need to ingest:  Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are in Spinach, Kale and carrots.  Guess what I´ll be eating a lot of in the future?
I´m looking so forward when Saturn goes direct, August 25th!!!