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180517 BLOK

180517 BLOK
Yesterday, my last full day in Baza, and interesting as always… Best of all this short trip accomplished much in the way of moving here eventually.  I got good information.  Seems July the month, as the teachers depart as school out for summer vacation and everyone shifting.  So, I´ll return in one month (beginning of July)!  Additionally, I passed out my flyer.  I stopped by Rusticon (Colors of Granada) and said hello to Nick (gave him a flyer).   I passed out two flyers in Imobilaria offices, taped one to the only bullentin board I saw in all of Baza, this just outside Mercadona (large Spanish food market chain).
Now, all I have to do is cure myself of Candidiasis, which is driving me crazy!  But, the good news about, Eduardo has come through with the proper Nystantin (the safe medicine) that helps to kill the fungus amongst us!  In the meantime, Saturn is having me for lunch!  Dear Saturn, please stop!
First thing yesterday off to partake of the Wednesday Market, held up on the old RR tracks and Baza Terminal (now concreto).  
This once-a-week mercado is huge, with selling everything (live rabbits included), plus every kind kind of food, clothing (I bought a t-shirt and some calcetines-socks), zapatas (shoes), actually slippers I guess you would call them.  Note, everything in the world has a name, it´s just a matter of knowing the proper one.  These`shoes´ are for the house only, but have an non-slipping sole.  I spent time trying on several to get the right fit.  But, interesting, as there was always only one, and they had to hunt through many boxes to get the other.  We never purchase just one shoe!  And my left foot is slightly larger than my right, so I have to try on both.  I finally ended up with size 40CM, slightly smaller than my normal 42.  
Buying clothing, sloes, etc. is tricky business as sizes have changed (not as accurate as in the 1940s).  For example,  I´ve grown in size, and the t-shirt I bought for sleeping in, is XXXL. 
Now, my lament for the lost Baza RR.  People so automobile crazed, and manipulated by the oil and rubber companies, so stupid just to eliminate the service entirely!  Now, with only buses in and out of Baza, I´ll bet they wish they hadn´t killed the trains in and out. 
Baza has no aero puerto either.
Back at Calle Mesto, #9 (Claudia´s house) I picked up her bicycle and was off to check out a housing development on the way to Caniles (small village south).  Claudia´s bicycle had a small problem needing attention, the right thumb-shifter didn´t work, so challenging to crank up hill as you couldn´t access the lower gears.  But, going toward Caniles was all down hill, except for one, and I stood up for cranking leverage.
On the careterra (highway) to Caniles, I managed easily as the weather perfect, and little traffic.
I hadn´t gone tht far when I noticed the CLUB DE ZAHEIME (`Zaheime,´ the name that Claudia had give me for the `Neighborhood´).  There was no sign about housing, so I continued south on the highway.  Then, in a couple of kilometers I decided, the Club must be where the housing development located.  Right again!  Note, I´ve been able to cycle around the world, because of my ability to find things — have a Sixth Sense about such. 
The Zaheime `neighborhood,´ turns out is a tennis-club-housing development.  Claudia thought it was a good place to look for a vacant house to rent.  But, I saw none, and was soon cranking north and back into Baza.
On the way, I stopped to take a foto. of the perfect house to rent.  It was here I discovered one of Claudia´s bicycle locks missing.  The steel-bar kind, the safest and most expensive. Just like me to lose something off a bicycle, as I´m almost famous for being careless about such.  I looked for it on the way back, but not sure if I´d lost it the day before.  Later, I told Claudia I´d replace it. 
Yesterday, I´d gone to OCIO Bici. taller and had Claudia´s bici. `tuned up,´ this to be able to ride it at all. The tires were soft, and it didn´t shift well.  Two Espanoles, Sergio and Miguel the principals at OCIO Desportes.    Note, when you don´t ride a bicycle regularly, entrophy (or enantiodromia) comes into play, and mechanical things go wrong.  Machines, like automobiles, bicycles, computers, etc., require constant mainenance!  While waiting for Miguel to finish working on Claudia´s bici. I wondered around checking out the store. I met the owner, Sergio, who can speak some English.  I educated him about Masa Critical (Critical Mass in Ingles), We discussed starting one for Baza. 
On the way back up the hill, back to Claudia´s, I stopped at two Imobilaria´s (real estate agencies) and gave each of the women a flyer.  Then, after leaving the bicycle at Claudia´s, I started down the hill on foot.  I had to idea to deposit more QUEMA GRASA!  NO GASOLINA!  stickers with Miguel, on the way saying `Olla!´ to Nick (at Rusticon, his R.E. agency). Both ideas paid off!  You gotta meet and greet the people when moving to a new community. 
Next, off to Mercadona, to eat my favorie sandwich, hungry now.  I´d gotten up at 0500, and it was now 11.00.  My appetite is still good in my older age!  And… I´ve got to feed the fungus!  Ugh!!!
Afterwards, with a couple hours to wait to take Claudia to lunch, I walked to a park I´d seen on the way down.  Here, I sat on a bench, wrote some of this, answered nature hidden in the bushes, and dozed off in the sun. The great attraction to a smaller community, for me at least being older, is less people, and less noise! 
I watched a puppy go crazy free off his leach, dashing about, the image of pure sniffing joy !  How simply good life can be when there´s no ego involved — just smelling enough! 
I thought about Rusel, the dog I´d taken care of while living in Cochabamba.  I hoped someone was taking care of him now.  Bolivians more primitive than Espanoles, dogs running wild on the streets uncared for by the humans — how Rusel had come to me.  Cruel, the word that comes to me, when I think of how humans abuse animals!  We assume mistakely they´re less than us!  I think they´re actually more than us, better than us, as they aren´t on the brink of destroying everything, like we are (Trump and Mr. N. Korea-Un nee nuclear war).
Then, time to walk back up the hill.  Note, Baza City, built on a slight incline, the east foothills of the Baza Mountain.  Note: fotos. in Gallery at as always! 
In Claudia´s van we´re off to the caves (cuevas in Es.) to have lunch.  She asked me if I´d ever eaten in a cave restaurant, and I responded no, not remembering.  Then later it came to me, eating turtle sopa in THE CAVE restaurant in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.  We used to drive down the 100KM to Nogales, to eat, and purchase Barcadi Rum.  This Mexican border town, years later, was where I lost my virginity tin a whore house.  THREE DOLLARS FOR ROOM, FUCKI FOR LOVE!  I´ll never forget the old and fat prostitute´s sales pitch.  I was drunk, of course!  Three dollars, by the way, a lot of money in 1956!  Also, about the naive and primitive () era in the U.S. — you didn´t have sexual intercourse until you were married.  Wow, have things ever changed!   Now, kids 14-years of age, know more about sex, drugs, rocknroll than I did at age 30 (1970)! 
We drove east through what they call the Alti Plano (higher than the Almaria Desert to the south — ancient sea bed).  It, the entire Baza area, reminds me of southern Arizona, I guess that´s why I´m interested in moving there (from Monachillout).  it must be something unconcious returning to something familar?
We arrived at some low slung cliffs, full of white dwellings, a sure sign of cave dwellings. Again see fotos. in the Gallery at 
We parked, and then Claudia dashed off to take a foto. of some red poppies (in bloom).  I followed her through, a furrowed fallow field, then up a precarious hillside. I suppose it was the macho male still in me, that I wouldn´t be left behind, just because it was difficult (slippery).  I have attached the foto. I took of Claudia, sitting amongst her poppies!
The restaurant turned out to be closed, but Claudia, showed me the cave hotel accomodations.  I was slightly amazed, as this isn´t what you expect when you think, `cave,´ dirt, rock walls, dripping water, bats, rodents, a generally unsavory, dark and dank environment.  You need to partake of the fotos. I took of these cave rooms, as elegant as a five-star hotel in Granada City!  Of course, it´s the novelty that draws the tourists, staying in a cave overnight.  I don´t know the rates for the best I´m describing, but I remember Claudia, who works at this hotel, saying the smaller one for a couple goes for 73€ per or about $80U.S.  All the accomodations have TV and WIFI!  I took a foto. of the exterior sign, the name of the place, if you ever get the urge.  I´m sure they have a website.
Then we drove back to Baza, in search of a restaurant.  We stopped at the first one we saw, Claudia spying someone she knew, while parking.  She said she´d never eaten there, but it turned out to be good, and the couple we met interesting… From nearly eating in a cave, to meeting a mermaid this luncheon (almuerzo in Es.) turned out to be!
The woman she saw from the van, she´d met as part of a yoga class that very moring.  Josie and her husband Danny, from the U.K., via The Bahamas, they turned out to be.  Talk about a jumpcut, this couple from operating a scuba-diving school nee guiding such underwater, to living in a cave in southern Spain under the earth. I guess, where I´m an `above´ type person, they are the `under´ type (Claudia called it ´grounding.´).  Danny the scuba teacher, Josie, the mermaid!  What are the odds of meeting these kinds of people in Baza, Spain?  They own an automobile purchased in the U.K. (rightside steering wheel), and are driving it on `bear right´ streets!  Danny said this wasn´t a difficult adjustment. 
I drank zumo de manzana (apple juice) ate a Russian ensalada, while Claudia drank cervesa and ate the plato de dia, which included cold tomato sopa (soup in Es.) and a pasta dish.  She had coffee afterwards.  The tab was but 16€, certainly Baza less expensive that the Granada City area.
What a day!  A day like all days, `filled with the events that alter and illuminate our times!´ (from a 1950s TV series opening text)!
Stay tuned!


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