Sunday, May 14, 2017

14e0517 BLOK

14e0517 BLOK
I don´t want my telephone to take photographs,
Or, my photographs to call others!
I don´t want my bicycle to make dinner,
Just to take me where I want to go with my own legs!
I don´t want my camera to defrost my refergerator,
Or my refer. to wash dishes.
I don´t want my mattress to make love to me,
Or, to sleep on top of a woman!
I don´t want the bus I´m travelling on to sell me anything more,
Than getting to my destination without incident!
I don´t want my computer to talk to me, or me to it!
I guess I´m old fashion!
I would like to find a robot that can ride a bicycle!
If you know of such, let me know!



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