Sunday, May 14, 2017

14d0517 BLOK

14d0517 BLOK
We lost the peace with monotheism, first suggested by Zoroaster in ancient Persia.  Now religions fight over who has the best god, nee more wars!  
One, has only to understand what´s going on in the Middle East (nee the world) today!  Basically, it´s the New Age Crusades, the Judeo-Christians versus Islam (in the Super Bowl)!  Each labels the other Devil!  Each uses the word TERRORIST!
In ancient times (Pantheism) gods were shared between cultures (religions).  The names might be different, but they represented the same energy (task) — archetypes.
If only we might return to honoring all gods, no matter what the name, we might have more peace!



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