Sunday, May 14, 2017

14c0517 BLOK

14c0517 BLOK
If you want to understand the Alt-Right (philosophy), Trump just articulated it in a recent speech at a religiouos college (in the U.S., of course).   He was quoted as saying WE DON´T WORSHIP THE GOVERNMENT, WE WORSHIP GOD!   Like Hitler, he knows (as a reality-TV actor) how to manipulate his contintuency!
But, in a way, he is right!  Maybe you, other liberals, think that government is the solution to all problems like health care?   The Alt-Right thinks otherwise, that government must be restrained, and the individual made more responsible for his-her life.
And thus the arguement goes back and forth, never really solving the problem, us — humanity.  It seems, at least in the U.S., we have been `dumbed down,´ and are lost (seeking the past).  Thus, I´m not optimistic about the future of humanity (knowing history).  `We have met the enemy and he is us!´ (Walt Kelly via his comic strip alter ego, POGO). 
I am involved creating a video game entitled, THE ULTIMATE BATTLE.  It tries to address this issue — creating a more evolved human being.  The solution is not without, but within, if only people could face (themselves)!
I end with a quote from my intellectual mentor, C.G. Jung, from his THE UNDISCOVERED SELF:
 `I am neither spurred on by excessive optimism, or in love with high ideals.  But, I am merely concerned with the fate of the individual human being -- that infinitesimal unit on whom a world depends, and in whom, if we read the meaning of the Christian message aright, EVEN GOD SEEKS HIS GOAL!´



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