Sunday, May 14, 2017

14a0517 BLOK (background to THE ULTIMATE BATTLE, a video game)

14a0517 BLOK (background to THE ULTIMATE BATTLE, a video game)
Our existence is a vibration!  This, first made possible by God´s `Orgasm´ (astronomers labeled as the BIG BANG!)  Thus, space-time began and a dual reality created.  With enantiodromia, opposites attracting, created vibrations.  Initially ,the first vibrations were slow, but then over time they sped up. 
These vibrations were wanton and ethereal, but then, when intensified they started seeking form. 
The First Cause (God´s `Orgasm´) became gods (pantheism).  It was these gods that began the work of evolution.  From these Spirits came the creative urge to create gross material.  They first created the basic elements:  air, water, fire, and gross substance (ultimately earth).
Eventually came the idea of creating human beings (solid spirits). 
The first attempts to create human life failed, but little by little such took form, and eventually life as we know it today (many eons later). 
The challenge now (C.E. 2017) is to overcome a destructive, overly developed ego (mostly male). 
And if we don´t, it will be our demise! 
Join us in helping to create a better human being, by getting control of our egos!
F.A. Hutchison


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