Sunday, May 14, 2017

140517 BLOK

140517 BLOK
A man runs down the street through traffic to acquire a better parking spot (for his automobile).  Now, who´s in control, the man or the automobile?
This is an example of what defines Modern Life, as the man thinks nothing stupid about this action!
Why is a better parking space more important than risking the man´s life, or his valuable time? 
Materialism is dictating our lives, things more important than anything else!
Another example of Modern living, the AFC (now Netflix) series entitled MAD MEN!  This dramatic series about the world of advertising in New York City, U.S.A. (circa. 1950s, early 60s), where smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and having illicit sex in the office solves all delimmas! 
There is such madness in Modern Life, people think it´s normal!  Madness is normal, the violence, the crime, the opinoid addiction, the poverty!
And as we just avoid solving the problem, it gets worse and worse!



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