Friday, April 21, 2017

From BEHIND THE WALL, by Colin Thuron

From BEHIND THE WALL, by Colin Thuron
If you think the West so great, read what the Chinese have invented in the last so many thousands of years.
pp. 151:
¨Had the Chinese brilliance of invention, then, been a matter of trial and error, of practical experiment rather than abstract theory?  I had no idea.  but it seemed to deliver itself of its creations unattended by the Western passion for explanation.
The inventions of printing and paper, of the magnetic compass and gunpowder (fireworks), are only the greatest in a long list of discoveries which include porcelain (nee the name China) and silk, the mechanical clock, dictionaries and enclyclopaedias, map-grids, lock-gates, the use of coal and bridges, a seismograph (400 years before the Persians), rain and snow gauges, winnowing machines, the humble kite and wheelbarrow.  Chinese ships were the first to sail with with stern-post rudders. Their ships had contained water-tight compartments unknown in Europe until a thousand years later.  They had armillary spheres, had recorded sun spots, and notes the passage of Halley´s Comet.  They had recorded more than eleven thousand stars and planets.  In the 13th Century they invented the equatorial mounting for telescopes, and one century before Copernicus had guessed that the earth was round.¨
And they certainly had discovered the Americas, way before Columbus!



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