Friday, April 21, 2017

21a0417 BLOK

21a0417 BLOK
On Dom, de mingo!
I did the Ressurection ride, up ten from Monachill out.  This took 2.5 hours to get to the picnic tables on the east side of the valley, what a rally!  Foto. included.
I picked the wrong spot to sup on my sandwich de queso.  I kept sliding down the slick rip-stop nylon tarp.  Will I ever learn?  Seems not after a life time of eating and camping in the bush.
However, this time my coffee in the thermos was there, not sloshing around in the bottom of my pannier, as last week.  So, I guess mistakes help you to perfect, as no bad, no good. 
There were three motor vehicles parked, families eating at the tables, me hidden up and behind a bush. 
After eating I moved down to a flatter spot, to nap.  But, closer to the camino, more traffic, more ruido and some mental judo. 
I long to get far from the madding crowd, noisy children and barking dogs.  Is there such a place on planet earth, or am I going to have to fly to Mars?  Maybe Greenland, or the artics?
I packed and departed at 1600 hours, as I had one hill to climb on the way home.  The ´down´ took only 45 minutes, however, compared with getting there (2.5 hours — only 10 kilometers or 6 miles for you 12sters). 
A belated Happy Easter egg hunting , the bunting the same, a
In Spain, where the rain stays mainly on the plain, Catholocism not widely practiced, except for those nearing the end.
I´m nearing `the end,´of my `motion picture,´ but it won´t be the Pope I seek!



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