Monday, April 17, 2017

16b0417 BLOK

16b0417 BLOK
Here is what I believe is going to happen vis a vis N. Korea and the U.S.  I´d be willing to bet money on it!
Trump will order pre-emptive strikes to destroy N. Korea´s missile-nuclear development.  This will piss off Putin, and Russia has as much war-making capacity as the U.S. does.  I think Russia will retaliate somehow, maybe attack U.S. war ships.  But, this will draw us into further conflict, Trump unable to back down.  This might escalate into WWIII, although China will try to make peace (much to lose). 
We´re on the brink of a disaster!
Von Clausewitz wrote that WAR IS THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS!  The progeny this time, however, maybe the extinction of human life.  But, not a bad idea in my opinion, as a species I think we´ve failed.  Nature will survive to beget  the MOTHER OF ALL THINGS, PEACE!



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