Saturday, April 15, 2017

15a0417 BLOK

15a0417 BLOK
On being offended…
I exist to offend people!  My Sagittarian `arrow,´ well aimed! 
It seems, for some reason, people in this group too easily offended (Americans in general!).
Just recently we´ve had incidents where offended members, threatened to leave.  My response, a quote from Harry Truman:  IF YOU CAN´T STAND THE HEAT, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!  He, like me, born in THE SHOW ME! State.
What have we created with THE AMERICAN DREAM?  An insecure culture of whimps, who constantly, if they don´t get their way, throw a tantrum!  Our egos seem to need constant reinforcement.   We´re all insecure.  Why?
We all need to grow up, develop and get over this insecurity.
We have people in this group that never add anything, too afraid (or don´t know how to express themselves with English words).  Jan calls them `strangers.´
Modern life, it seems to me, has failed humanity, or we have failed it!   We´re estranged from each other.  We need to reinvent how ancient cultures lived socially, much MORE TOGETHER! 
Look at the world today, in 2017.  Everyone wants to separate!  This, the beginning of the end, to me!
Let us, at least, in this group, open our hearts, and EXPOSE OURSELVES, unafraid— demonstrating to the world, that this is possible! 
Is community possible?  We will find out!

P.S.  Try to offend me!  It´s impossible.  Call me stupid, old, or a failure, I don´t care.  I can´t be offended.  Why?  I don´t give a shit what other people say about me.  Kill me!  Ah, what a relief to be jettisoned out of this shit (samsara), quickly, painlessly, a gift.  There are other better `places!´


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