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Understanding What Makes Plants Happy - The New York Times

Trump’s ‘Very Friendly’ Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike - The New York Times

No pain, no pleasure!

BBC - Earth - To escape a lethal hunter, razorfish bury themselves in sand

BBC - Travel - A view of the Earth that’s rarely seen

So we can exploit and trash it out, just like we´ve done with plante Earth!

Renowned climber Ueli Steck dies near Mount Everest | World news | The Guardian

Things You Didn’t See at Samantha Bee's Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner and After-Party

30a0417 BLOK

30a0417 BLOK 
Saturn, the archtype as Savior
Saturn is both neighbor to my sun sign, Jupiter, and nemesis nee savior!
Destructive as in Shiva, Creator as in Brahma, and if the ego subdued, Vishnu as Preserver!
I am both a fire sign, Sagittarius, and a metal Dragon (1940).   This relentless annealing by Saturn (as Savior) has led to my Union with the Divine!  This via Tantric Taoism!  And such is available to everyone, who takes the opportunity to look within, rather than without.
BE THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE IN EVERYONE ELSE! (paraphrased from Ghandiji)
Tantric Taoism 


There is infinite hope, but not for us!

The Best Laptops: MacBooks, Chromebooks, and Surface Books | WIRED

My friends living in the U.S., in denial about such, but it´s happening right now, before our very eyes!

I´m a retired acting teacher, and this article about how to manage fear. My advice to actors, STOP CARRYING SO MUCH WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU!

I shopped there when living in the U.S., my kind of place (food). I guess I´m pretentious!

Body artist inspired by Israel's iconic sites | Euronews

Landslide buries Kyrgyzstan village, 24 feared dead | Euronews

I cycled this area, with friend Cesar. Incredible playas and Med. Sea!

I think we called it `date rape,´ way back when...

Friday, April 28, 2017

Hate the News? Wikipedia’s Co-Founder Wants You to Edit It | WIRED

BBC - Earth - We are wasting the beautiful world we have been given

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

We live in a world of our own outtakes.

Moth-eaten: Plastic-eating caterpillars could save the planet | The Economist

I call death, `shedding the body!´ What modern life knows about making the transition is pitiful!

Brain–computer interface - Wikipedia

Link Your Brain to a Computer, es posible!

Guess what? I might have diabetes, but I don´t care!

We create our worlds from our minds! There is no objective reality!

BBC - Travel - The olive oil the Romans loved

“There is a saying by Pliny [the Elder],” Peña said. “He says, ‘there are two liquids that are agreeable to the human body ‒ for the interior is wine and for the exterior is oil’. The cultural value of the olive oil and olive tree is very important in the Mediterranean [at that time].”

BBC - Travel - The olive oil the Romans loved: "“There is a saying by Pliny [the Elder],” Peña said. “He says, ‘there are two liquids that are agreeable to the human body ‒ for the interior is wine and for the exterior is oil’. The cultural value of the olive oil and olive tree is very important in the Mediterranean [at that time].”"

'via Blog this'

Human beings are the `Aliens!´

There is infinite hope, but not for us! F. Kafka

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

M. Ghandiji

In photos: Burt Reynolds, star of new movie 'Dog Years,' through the years -

Great example of enantiodromia!

She re-created a medieval trail in Germany, drawing thousands of hikers -

They simply don´t know... We live an illusion, called MAYA!

Cassini contacts Earth after flying inside Saturn’s rings – Spaceflight Now

Trump Supreme Court deportation, citizenship argument might cover Melania.

I wish he missed cycling, then the world would be safer! Plus, he´d be healthier.

28a0417 BLOK

28a0417 BLOK
We live in an unconscious age!  But if you know written history this is anything but new!  It´s been nothing but war and peace (in cycles) for the last 7,000 years, since the male ego went wacko!  Read Riane Eisler´s THE CHALLICE AND THE BLADE.  Only the weapons have changed, growing more deadly.  Now, we have the capacity to destroy all human life on the planet!  What irony!  Instead of progress, it´s devolution.
One little error in judgment and WWIII will launch and maybe go nuclear.  Note, read Nevil Shute´s ON THE BEACH.  With ´loose cannons on the deck´ (Kim Jong-Un, Trump, and Putin) who knows!
How did we get to this point?
If humanity goes extinct, the experiment will have failed! 


280417 BLOK

280417 BLOK
What a day, yesterday!  ´Spanniing the globe to being the constant variety, filled with all the events that alter and illuminate our times!´ Note, I´ll be you can´t guess which two TV programs these English words came from?
Up at 0500 I knock my blue steal cup full of coffee off my camping stove, and it flies making a mess that takes one hour to clean up and entire roll of paper towels!   Now, when something like this happens (Mercury in retrograde), I simply act immediately without lamentation! 
There are no `accidents´ in my world!
First stop after watering my fig trees, Maria´s, to get my new (lab modeled) prothesis teeth (four front in a bridge).  This woman, one of Cesar´s and, besides being a good dentista, so kind and thoughful. I give her 10€ more than she asks, but she´s worth it.  I´m going to get implants with her.
With my new teeth I savor the tiramasu at Hicuri´s (later).  A great meal, that started with croquetas de espinaca, and zumo de verde (a cleansing juice concoction). 
Afterwards I glide down to a plaza and sit on a bench in the sun.  There is some, even though cloudy with rain earlier in the morning.  But, I´m prepared as an all-weather, all-terrain cyclist. 
Nearby my bench seat, the Amstel unbrellas cover restaurant tables.  A couple sits directly in front of me.  I love watching people, and you can only to this when you´re aolo.  And I am most of the time.  I even like eating alone! 
Later Pimbo switches out my front derailleur (desviador in Es.).  I pay him 10€, let him keep the old one, plus give him 2 gifts, the Tao Te Qing in Es. and a pair of clear cycling glasses.  He hugs me.  Then off he went to comer.  This ´hippy place,´ (how I describe the hipest place in all of Granada City) offers almu. (lunch) every Jueves for only 3€, and good.
Then I´m off to Carrefore, the French version of Walmart, but more sophisticated (why I like living in Europa).  I purchase a folding chair and some especial food for 31€ ($35U.S.)
At 1600 hours I crank back up the hill to Monachil Pueblo, marveling at all the motor vehicle traffic!
Zoom, zooming, zoom!  
Where are all of you going so fast,
We´ve got to make the morning last,
Feeling groovey!
What a day!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Because politicians (and bureaucrats) lie, cheat and steal!

Moth-eaten: Plastic-eating caterpillars could save the planet | The Economist

They don´t know, only guess... Science, just another religion.

A 130,000-Year-Old Mastodon Threatens to Upend Human History | WIRED

First Americans claim sparks controversy - BBC News

How to make everyone hate you on email - BBC News

BBC - Culture - Why Vermeer’s paintings are less ‘real’ than we think

The race to build the world’s first sex robot | Technology | The Guardian

Guernica marks 80th anniversary of deadly German bombing | Euronews

Ancient tablet unearthed at historic Roman excavation site in Israel -

270417 BLOK

270417 BLOK
Madding menskis
Wet lunches,
Product placement
Guess who sposored
MAD MEN (the AFC nee NF series)
About men in advertising in
The Big Apple?


WIRED Next List 2017: 20 Tech Visionaries Who Are Creating the Future of Business | WIRED

Maryland's Stress Map Helps Cyclists Avoid Scary Streets—And Demand Change | WIRED

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist | WIRED

Farmers find 'unicorn' among their sheep in Iceland - BBC News

Noise pollution! Finally, a story about such!

We love to kill!

Nick Broomfield on his damning Whitney Houston film: 'She had very little control over her life' | Film | The Guardian

Oh, it´s going to be a Merry Little War!

And another meltdown, somewhere in the world, possible!

WATCH: Stampeding wild boars maul to death 3 Islamic State militants in Iraq -

As long as money is God, what would you expect?

260417 BLOK

260417 BLOK
Inspired by BETWEEN THE WATER AND THE WOODS, by Patrick LeighFermor
Oh, to have been untouched 
By the Industrial Devolution,
The rhythm of life
A slower fife
With no drum or bugle!
When people dressed for dinner
And the only flag for a 
When sophistication mattered,
Not the Mad Hatter
Running and shouting
Even madder!
When clocks had to be
When pendulums swung
The time,
Chimes sounding the hour!
When less was more
And in a real store!
We´ve lost not gained,
Thinking better brained,
Yet dead!


Of course! The U.S. Gov., likes to operate secretly!

Instead of a wall, an open door: Why Ethiopia welcomes an enemy's refugees -

What War With North Korea Looks Like: One million dead, if it doesn´t go nuclear!

For Road-Weary Cyclists, a Room, a Couch, Maybe Even a Meal.

Oregon had never seemed so nasty. For two long days in 2013, I had bicycled south with two intrepid college friends along its coast, into a relentless gale, the rainy headwinds leaving us exhausted, our flat tires as frequent as East Coast potholes. Now we sat soaked on the side of a piney road, in the middle of nowhere, with no place to stay.
One companion, ever the optimist, excitedly told us she had found an online organization with the fuzzy name of Warm Showers: “It’s like Couchsurfing for bike tourers,” she said, referring to the free-stay site for travelers.
Warm Showers pairs itinerant bicyclists with hosts, who offer their homes at no charge. The hope is that the cyclists will themselves play host in turn.
I was skeptical. I had cycled across the United States twice and never heard of it. How did we know this wasn’t a trap, set by predatory homebodies to lure naifs like us?

But we were desperate, so we agreed to call Brian Heron, a nearby Warm Showers host. He showed up within 20 minutes, asking whether we needed a ride up the hill to his place and whether we liked pizza. (No, and yes.) We arrived at his house covered in mud and smelling like wet dogs. Mr. Heron, an ordained Presbyterian pastor who had first experienced Warm Showers as a guest on a 2011 bicycle trip across the West, told us to leave our gritty bikes in the front hallway (you wouldn’t want them to rust in the rain, he said) and to put our wet clothes in the dryer. Then he served us mountains of Hawaiian pizza, ice cream and brownies.

Was this too good to be true?
Warm Showers started small in 1993, but its website now lists 39,000 hosts and 89,000 bicycle tourers — people who hit the road for extended long-distance trips — in 175 countries. It is built, the website says, “on 100 percent reciprocal hospitality.” Hosts offer what they can: a couch, a room, or a place outside to pitch a tent, and sometimes meals, too. They receive no benefit other than the chance to make new friends and hear stories of the road. And unlike the for-profit Airbnb, Warm Showers is run by volunteers.
“There’s something special about the Warm Showers cyclists,” Mr. Heron said. “They easily connect to that sense of adventure, being willing to take risks and be vulnerable. They get me, and I get them, and it’s always a delight.”
How Warm Showers has succeeded in the face of everyday human frailty is something of a mystery, even to its founders. Only one significant theft has been reported, according to Louis Melini, a former board member, and only a handful of hosts have made guests uncomfortable enough for them to complain. (Both hosts and guests can post reviews online.) The offenders were promptly removed from the site.
Of course, there have been cases in which guests have overstayed their welcome, hanging around for more than a night or two, monopolizing the host’s living room, and kitchen. Some guests have more colorful backgrounds than others. My mother, a Warm Showers host who joined the site in 2014 to repay the hospitality bestowed upon her daughter, learned by going online that a guest, staying downstairs on the living room sofa, had been accused of abusing his ex-wife. She was relieved when he pedaled off the next day. Another time, she returned home to find her guests of five days cooking up a meal and making a royal mess of the kitchen. But most of her memories of guests are fond ones, including the time one fell in love with her usually moody dog. Another sent her postcards for weeks after leaving.
Happy matches are common. Some cyclists return year after year to hosts with whom they feel a special bond, and those riders may in turn open their own homes. Warm Showers expects cyclists treated with kindness to pass it forward, as Mr. Heron has.
“In our society right now, we don’t know our neighbors, and we aren’t looking out for each other,” he said. “Warm Showers reminds me of something I loved as a child: trust, and taking care of each other, and stopping by the side of the road to help someone in trouble. That’s the kind of world I want to live in.”
Due in part to that vibe, the organization has grown fast, attracting 20,000 new members in 2014 and 25,000 in 2015. Hosts can be found in countries including Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Ecuador.
Stories are a bike tourer’s greatest currency, especially with hosts who have desk jobs and dream of returning to the road.
Ethel MacDonald of Missoula, Mont., has stayed with 140 Warm Showers hosts all over the world, and recently celebrated her 77th birthday with a tour through Spain. One host has invited her to his daughter’s wedding in June. In turn, she has welcomed 150 cyclists into her home, she said.
She gives her guests meals and a lot of attention. But she said she always assures them that “I’ve had hosts way better than this. I know how much this kind of treatment means. Pass it on.”
Mr. Melini, 65, a physician assistant, was a Warm Showers board member from its founding through last summer. He and his wife, Julie, have a combined 25,000 bicycle touring miles and just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail, returning the hospitality they have received on the road when they are back home in Salt Lake City.
One of the couple’s Warm Showers guests was Pablo Garcia, an Argentine who has cycled thousands of miles, on every continent. Another was Álvaro Neil, 50, of Spain, a lawyer who is also known as Biciclown, and who hopes to make it all the way around the world.
Mr. Melini worries that Warm Showers lacks a sufficient number of hosts. Members regularly complain that they have contacted 10 and heard back from only one. “There are advantages to being big and advantages to being small,” he said. “You lose some of that purity when you get bigger, but you can provide more opportunities and options for bike travelers.”
The organization is trying to make it more difficult to sign up as a guest without also becoming a host, encouraging new users to list themselves as both. It’s a tough ask, as many bike travelers don’t spend much time in one place.
The organization is trying to make it more difficult to sign up as a guest without also becoming a host, encouraging new users to list themselves as both. It’s a tough ask, as many bike travelers don’t spend much time in one place.
Ken Francis of Long Beach, Calif., who has cycled across the country three times, finally bought a house with a yard that he deemed adequate to host cyclists with tents. He has since responded to each of the more than 75 people who have contacted him through the website.
One reason he’s so eager to welcome other cyclists is his belief that hosts on his own early trips led him to a career as a therapist. After just two trips, he realized how much he enjoyed talking with those he met on the road. “I really enjoyed just listening to people and hearing people’s stories,” he said, “and I thought wow, to have a job where that’s what I do would just be an amazing thing.”
My friends and I stayed with several Warm Showers hosts during our ride from Seattle to San Francisco, including Phillip Michael Long of Kelso, Ore. We never had a chance to thank him; he was off to work before we hit the road the next morning.
Our final hosts were Linda and Dave Allen of Santa Rosa, Calif., who put us up the night before we rolled into San Francisco, on the Fourth of July. They told us about Dave’s cross-country trip on a bicycle with a giant front wheel, requiring him to use a footstool to reach the seat. And of their 16 years sailing the world. And how they had ridden an antique tandem across Europe.

Empty nesters, they took us in as if we were their children’s childhood friends. We churned ice cream on the back porch, adding blackberries the couple had just picked. They found some old sparklers in their basement, and we all ran around barefoot on their back lawn, watching them glow.

250417 BLOK

250417 BLOK
Here are examples of two extremes in our world, modern life (circa 2017CE.):
GOODNESS:  On Earth Day we were given a forest of trees in the shape of a heart (symbolizing love).  Additionally, an Angel came to share, to confirm!
EVIL:  On the same day we received information that the .0000001% (something like 10,000 men, maybe a few women) try to control humanity, by fomenting unrest and violence. Worshiping money (power) they practice the sacrifice of human children!
The first is Spirit, unformed, the ultimate (our Creator)!
The second, gross material-ego, gone to extreme, will be destroyed by the first.  No human power strong enough against the Spirit!


The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real | WIRED

Life always imitates Art!

North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea - BBC News

I lived in Nepal for three years. The Nepali people the countries´greatest assest, as kind and helpful. Yes, as Wilderforcewooster says below, Kathmandu is polluted. Ke Garne? Granada, Spain, where I live now is also polluted (too many motor vehicles). I still have many friends in Nepal, should you want to go, and on the less expensive side.

The war is on!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Scots don't want another independence vote: Kantar poll | Reuters

Third annual Morocco festival in Russia strives to bring Marrakech to Moscow | Euronews

Well, here it is, what I´ve been saying for years, that nobody wants to hear!

The 100 best nonfiction books of all time: No 64 – Walden by Henry David Thoreau (1854) | Books | The Guardian

Alibaba's Jack Ma: World Will Experience Decades of 'Pain' |

24b0417 BLOK

24b0417 BLOK
My Earth Day Ride was crowned by a forest heart on a distant hill.  How did I see it, or get to where I could see such?  My SPIRIT GUIDE took me there, and for me to share with you!  The message, LOVE, FROM MOTHER EARTH!
I had departed from #52 (my address on Calle Trinidad Carerras, Monachil) at 0930, never sure how far I´ll get going up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains (National Parque).  My goal was the Visitor´s Center, some 18-20KM up.  I had done 10KM the previous weekend, and my idea is always to go alittle further (how you build up endurance).  But, today it was not to be, as I ´listened´to my inner voice (the Spirit Guide).  It had something else in mind. 
At the picnic tables (4KM beyond Pulche), at some 10KM and 2.5 hours, I was suddenly hungry, and decided to stop for lunch (almuerzo in Es.).  The previous week I´d noticed the opposite hill looked interesting, and I made a mental note to investigate someday.  This, was the day!  I pushed Senora Fetes up a trail and found a nice spot to spread my tarp, and enjoy my quinoa patty with cheese on Espelta pan, with olives.  Always olives as Andalucia is the land of such!  There must be one million olive trees (arboles de olivas in Es.) planted on the hills in Andalucia (one of the 17 Regions in Spain)!  
Afterwards, I tried to nap, but the sun too hot, and the flies too many.  I got up and sat on a rock, observing all the passing cyclists and motor vehicles (this a Domingo/Sunday).  Note, Sundays, family day in Latin American oountries, nee excursions, but mostly eating and talking. 
While sitting there I noticed a path going up the opposite hill, one I´d always wanted to climb.  Suddenly, instead of cycling on, `I´ decided for a hike, rather than a ride.  I figured out how to secure Senora Fetes, to a sign post, and headed up. 
I found myself in a sea of Spring plants, their spear-like `leaves´ reminding me of my Aloe Vera plant.
The path, barely visible as unused, was just enough to find the highest point (always marked with a pile of rocks, or some government marker). 
Below, was a view of the reservoir which serves Granada City and a pueblo called Guejar Sierra.  Then, something else caught my eye!  
On a far hill was a stand of trees shaped like a heart!  Of course, most readers will think planted by someone, and there for years.  But, I know differently!  This was a message of love from Mother Earth!  Earth Day, right?
(see foto. included)
It takes an advanced perception to realize that there is much more than what people call reality.  There are no accidents, but connections, if your mind open enough to allow such.  Most people trapped in a very small `box,´ and there´s nothing more.  These people miss so much!
The second `accident,´of the day, I meet an angel!  Angel his name, but pronounced An-hel (g like h in Es.).
This in Pulche, the little community at the top of the first hill coming up.  Just before you arrive at the restaurant and the campground, there are some picnic tables.  I decided to stop again, as early, and finish my almu., postres (dessert) of chocolate-chip galletas (cookies).  I still had more coffee (I´d brought in a thermos).  
Afterwards, I sat on the ground in the sun, my hands touching Mother Earth.  Note, in modern concrete life, we rarely (not enough) come in contact with the Earth.  Note, why I´m looking to rent a house on the ground. 
I sat there for sometime, digesting the food, deciding whether or not to push up a private dirt road and investigate a white house.  
This white house at the very top of a hill seen below from Monachil.  I´ve never gotten there, but was curious about it, when the angel appeared in the form of a Spanish man. 
Sometimes you just resonate with whatever, and that´s what happened with ´Anhel´ his name.  We had quite a conversation (he spoke enough English).  He had travelled much, cycling South America, but now was on his way to China on a motor scooter.  He´s the only one in the world, that voiced something that I had thought of long ago, written about, an analogy:  That humanity is really the `cancer´ that´s making the Earth ill — each one of us a cancer cell (out of control).  And if humanity doesn´t stop such, humanity will cease to exist.  Or, more likely it´s humanities´ behavior, that´s self destructive, and the Earth will survive without us.  
Anhel knew much else, as well and we had a lengthy conversation.  It was the best encounter I´ve had with an Espanole (Spanish man nee angel) since arriving one year ago.  I gave him my postcard and some of the QUEMA GRASA, NO GASOLINA stickers.  I told him I would contact friends in China to help with his trip.  
When I departed he was sticking the QUEMA GRASA!  NO GASOLINA on this motor bike! 
An amazing day, my Earth Day Ride!

24a0417 BLOK

24a0417 BLOK
Driving me crazy!
Families, kids in motor vehicles!
Out for a spin to win,
They lose,
Isolated and unrelated!
Driving me crazy!


240417 BLOK

240417 BLOK
Remember a TV series for children called, THE ROMPER ROOM?  Maybe not as this from the 1950s.  The series had a series of hostesses, but I remember one in particular.  I wish I had remembered her name.  Why?  It was her voice, hypnotic!  I used to tune in as an adult, just to hear her speak, as I would go into a light trance and relax!
Isn´t it interesting how sound can affect us that was, in this case a female voice.  
But, I was once captured by the vibration of circadias (when the climate very dry they rub their wings together, and if there are many…).  I´ll never forget the incident.  I was standing on our porch, in Arlington, Texas, waiting for my wife (at the time).  Suddenly, the circadia vibration took me out of that reality and into another.  
Sound vibrations, hypnotic!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

22e0417 BLOK

22e0417 BLOK
The word, NATION, what does it really mean?  To me not flags or borders, but the oligarchy (the 01%) in control of such territory.  
The masses are really just grist for their mill, fodder for their canons!
Don´t fool yourselves!  It´s the position you hold in the hiearchy, not nationality, that counts.
Thus, you and me are but serfs!


22d0417 BLOK

22d0417 BLOK
From THE WOODS AND THE WATER by Patrick Leighfermor
Äll thoughts to rive the heart are there, but all in vain!  Horror, scorn and hate open the gate; indignation!¨
When I think of humanity, this quote seems appropriate to me!

H. w

22c0417 BLOK

22c0417 BLOK
Like the rhythm of the day
We breathe in and out.
The sun rises bright,
Succumbs to the night!
The rhythm of the day and
´Knight´so tight
As to be!
Our heart beats,
Sometimes slower,
Sometimes faster.
The rhythm of the day and
The heavens sight
In your dreams,
You are them!


220417 BLOK

220417 BLOK
It´s interesting how we all describe the things that happen to us in different ways.  When I, for the past two months, have been suffering with ill health, I describe it as coming from the planet Saturn.  When you have a few days of challenges with electrical items, you call it `bad luck!´ You don´t believe in Astrology.  I don´t believe in luck.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.
I wonder how Isgard describes her experience with her foot, pain, operation, convalescing, you there for months?  A bad or good experience?
I believe we create our wor(l)ds from our minds, choosing the wor(l)ds to describe such.
I´m sure you believe in an OBjective reality (things are separate from us, and are `out there´).  I don´t! I think reality is SUBjective, meaning, that we create it from our minds, and each of us `lives´ in a slightly different world.  We come together in language via dictionaries. 
Knowledge is important for survival.  But, the goal is wisdom (knowledge with experience). 
Let us be wise!


Saturday, April 22, 2017

21c0417 BLOK

21c0417 BLOK
Poem for Earth Day!
In Materialism
The Mother of all Isms!
What a whore
And the death of all of us!
Save Mother Earth, 


We´re even trashing out space!

I agree with Evo on this one! Capitalism will be the death of humanity!

The Trumpkins Turn on Assange - The Daily Beast

North Korea Missile Launch Sparks U.S. and Russia Argument at United Nations

Inside One Historian’s Quest to Prevent Tyranny in America

Oh, woe be unto Bill Maher!

Michele Scarponi: Italian cyclist dies in training crash - BBC Sport

Michael Moore: 'Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate. Trump knew that' | Film | The Guardian

Already we´re trashing out the planet Mars!

Tech entrepreneur Inspired Solera Capital and Sesame Workshop Execs

These New Adidas Shoes Are Made From Ocean Pollution - Fortune

The 4,000 Year History of Horoscopes: How Astrology Has Been Shaped Throughout the the Millennia | Ancient Origins

Friday, April 21, 2017

From BEHIND THE WALL, by Colin Thuron

From BEHIND THE WALL, by Colin Thuron
If you think the West so great, read what the Chinese have invented in the last so many thousands of years.
pp. 151:
¨Had the Chinese brilliance of invention, then, been a matter of trial and error, of practical experiment rather than abstract theory?  I had no idea.  but it seemed to deliver itself of its creations unattended by the Western passion for explanation.
The inventions of printing and paper, of the magnetic compass and gunpowder (fireworks), are only the greatest in a long list of discoveries which include porcelain (nee the name China) and silk, the mechanical clock, dictionaries and enclyclopaedias, map-grids, lock-gates, the use of coal and bridges, a seismograph (400 years before the Persians), rain and snow gauges, winnowing machines, the humble kite and wheelbarrow.  Chinese ships were the first to sail with with stern-post rudders. Their ships had contained water-tight compartments unknown in Europe until a thousand years later.  They had armillary spheres, had recorded sun spots, and notes the passage of Halley´s Comet.  They had recorded more than eleven thousand stars and planets.  In the 13th Century they invented the equatorial mounting for telescopes, and one century before Copernicus had guessed that the earth was round.¨
And they certainly had discovered the Americas, way before Columbus!


21b0417 BLOK

21b0417 BLOK 
Was it the Mini-paused
Such is the law,
A starting,
A stopping
Sometimes pharting!
The material `machine,´
In the Dream,
It comes and goes
Throwing off sparks,
An Exaltation of larks!
How to resusitate a lizard?

P.S.  Dedicated to JAM, my favorite, raspberry! 

21a0417 BLOK

21a0417 BLOK
On Dom, de mingo!
I did the Ressurection ride, up ten from Monachill out.  This took 2.5 hours to get to the picnic tables on the east side of the valley, what a rally!  Foto. included.
I picked the wrong spot to sup on my sandwich de queso.  I kept sliding down the slick rip-stop nylon tarp.  Will I ever learn?  Seems not after a life time of eating and camping in the bush.
However, this time my coffee in the thermos was there, not sloshing around in the bottom of my pannier, as last week.  So, I guess mistakes help you to perfect, as no bad, no good. 
There were three motor vehicles parked, families eating at the tables, me hidden up and behind a bush. 
After eating I moved down to a flatter spot, to nap.  But, closer to the camino, more traffic, more ruido and some mental judo. 
I long to get far from the madding crowd, noisy children and barking dogs.  Is there such a place on planet earth, or am I going to have to fly to Mars?  Maybe Greenland, or the artics?
I packed and departed at 1600 hours, as I had one hill to climb on the way home.  The ´down´ took only 45 minutes, however, compared with getting there (2.5 hours — only 10 kilometers or 6 miles for you 12sters). 
A belated Happy Easter egg hunting , the bunting the same, a
In Spain, where the rain stays mainly on the plain, Catholocism not widely practiced, except for those nearing the end.
I´m nearing `the end,´of my `motion picture,´ but it won´t be the Pope I seek!


210417 BLOK

210417 BLOK
For Mathew Weiner
Sex and cigarettes,
Alcohol to soothe
Wives to remove!
Boys in men´s bodies
Not knowing that they don´t know,
Coupe de Ill,
Thanks, Ayn Ran!
We´ll drink to that,
Alcohol loves all
When you can´t 
Get it up!
So down we go
Round and round
On the carousel
Brought to you by Kodak!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Because the audiences responds to such. Hollywood only about money (their God)!

We love violence and death, as so be it!

Lilium’s Funky ‘Jet’ Could Make Flying Car Dreams a Reality

Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - BBC News

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven – Milton

As the philosopher Descartes wrote during Milton’s lifetime, “it is the soul which sees, and not the eye”. William Blake, the most brilliant interpreter of Milton, later wrote of how “the Eye of Imagination” saw beyond the narrow confines of “Single vision”, creating works that outlasted “mortal vegetated Eyes”.

BBC - Culture - Why you should re-read Paradise Lost: "As the philosopher Descartes wrote during Milton’s lifetime, “it is the soul which sees, and not the eye”. William Blake, the most brilliant interpreter of Milton, later wrote of how “the Eye of Imagination” saw beyond the narrow confines of “Single vision”, creating works that outlasted “mortal vegetated Eyes”.

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Circular runways: Engineer defends his proposal - BBC News

MH370: New analysis reiterates plane's likely location - BBC News

It's good to hear cycling to work reduces your risk of dying. But that's not why I do it | Laura Laker | Environment | The Guardian

Women of the world unite, you have on your `fragility´to lose!

Looking at Earth as a planet | Euronews

First-responder ants suggest helping may be widespread in nature -

They´re out of control, the police in the U.S.

To me, just another religion!

American Pathology!

Mysterious 'Alien' cylinder on NASA live feed for International Space Station spotted by space experts - Mirror Online

The Shocking Lack of Science Behind Lethal Injections—In Arkansas and Everywhere | WIRED

The Untold Story of the Back-Room Team That Saved Apollo 13 | WIRED

The Brilliant Simplicity of New York's New Times Square | WIRED

Cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease, says study - BBC News

Cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease, says study - BBC News: "Cycling to work can cut cancer and heart disease, says study"

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The passion and soul of Laura Nyro | Music | The Guardian

Canada, selling tourism for the summer season!

Actually nothing new here, except that one of their own threatens to expose the elite!

China moves ahead with ancient Silk Road revival | Euronews

“I think Mr. Trump chose the path of war in spite of the promises he made to his people. I have said this before and I say it again: this war will certainly lead to the fall of US hegemony in the world.

"Syria's war will lead to the collapse of US global dominance" - Euronews exclusive: " “I think Mr. Trump chose the path of war in spite of the promises he made to his people. I have said this before and I say it again: this war will certainly lead to the fall of US hegemony in the world. "

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Made in Morocco: An African tour | Euronews

One of these days...

19a0417 BLOK

19a0417 BLOK
¨On Tyranny¨ by Timothy Snyder (a Yale University professor)  See attached photograph of the cover.
Some of Mr.Snyder´s quotes:
My motto:
Someone has to!
The moment you´re an example, the spell of the status quo is broken, and others will follow!
DEMAGOGUES (TRUMP, for example) exploited free speech to install themselves as tyrannts!
Maybe you understand what´s happening in the U.S. today?
¨The time is out of joint!  O cursed spite, 
That ever I was born to set it right!
Nay, come, let´s go do it together!¨
P.S.  A Spanish friend gave this book to me yesterday.  Spanish people are concerned about what´s happening in the U.S.  They know what living under a dictator (F. Franco) for 35 years is like!  Of course, you don´t think it´s possible in the U.S.  But, Mr. Snyder has sounded a clarion call for those of us awake, to speak up.  Otherwise, we´re ripe for a dictator, as the U.S. is basically a NATION OF SHEEP.   Note, there are many ´sheep´in this group! 


Nothing Trump says, ever addresses the real problem!

The Economist explains: Why America’s Federal Reserve might make money disappear | The Economist

BBC - Earth - Sheep are not stupid, and they are not helpless either

Jail for a joke: student's case puts free speech under spotlight in Spain | World news | The Guardian

Unless you´re a millionaire like Peter Thiel.

Reykjavik calling: how Sigur Rós started a musical revolution in Iceland | Music | The Guardian

Aid agencies accuse Nepal government of hampering their work | Global development | The Guardian

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

102 villagers, 750 refugees, one grand experiment | News | The Guardian

102 villagers, 750 refugees, one grand experiment | News | The Guardian

Soaring through the sky in San Diego | Euronews

​Students against corruption in Slovakia | Euronews

American Pathology!

Bells, whistles and lights: Rejuvenating contemporary classical music | The Economist

I drink it warm first thing every morning (when I have lemons).

We´ll meet again, don´t know when, don´t know where!


“We are on the verge not of another industrial revolution, but a new form of life, more like the big bang.”

Jürgen Schmidhuber on the robot future​: ‘They will pay as much attention to us as we do to ants' | Technology | The Guardian: "“We are on the verge not of another industrial revolution, but a new form of life, more like the big bang.”"

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Are you shocked? If so, you probably believe that Santa Claus comes down the Chimney!

The Age of Separation!

American Pathology!

Instead of a wall, an open door: Why Ethiopia welcomes an enemy's refugees -

Bicyclist hit by New London police officer, badly hurt | WTNH Connecticut News

This Man Can Help You Escape the IRS Forever | Mother Jones

Why doesn´t WIRED, ever include all the world?

Discussing the 'Girls' Series Finale—and the Show That Was the Internet's Greatest Frenemy | WIRED

16b0417 BLOK

16b0417 BLOK
Here is what I believe is going to happen vis a vis N. Korea and the U.S.  I´d be willing to bet money on it!
Trump will order pre-emptive strikes to destroy N. Korea´s missile-nuclear development.  This will piss off Putin, and Russia has as much war-making capacity as the U.S. does.  I think Russia will retaliate somehow, maybe attack U.S. war ships.  But, this will draw us into further conflict, Trump unable to back down.  This might escalate into WWIII, although China will try to make peace (much to lose). 
We´re on the brink of a disaster!
Von Clausewitz wrote that WAR IS THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS!  The progeny this time, however, maybe the extinction of human life.  But, not a bad idea in my opinion, as a species I think we´ve failed.  Nature will survive to beget  the MOTHER OF ALL THINGS, PEACE!


160417 BLOK

160417 BLOK
What a life
Riding around in a motor vehicle,
A climate-controlled box on wheels!
You never feel nature,
All is artificial,
Like modern life!
Children grow up strapped in a chair,
We, can´t let them go free, the dare!
No wonder such travail
Riding our rails
Alcohol-drug abuse
No use!
Violence the outlet,
War and death!
Better to die on the Cross
Subduing the ego-body
To be reborn of the spirit!


15e0417 BLOK

15e0417 BLOK 
There is a bird
That sings for me.
It´s song of hope
That nature will survive
The madness of mankind!
New species will evolve
To solve, and 
Then again devolve!
Half material, half machine
Thwarting the ego
Without remorse.
Such is the nature
A dual crank,
Going back and forth
Not what is what,
But, found now together!


15d0417 BLOK

15d0417 BLOK
The wide-open spaces
Of thought
´Knot´ usually sought!
Detail for novelists,
The undefined for poets.
We seek to light the fuse
To explode the game
Called life!
Most march to the fife.
We to a different heat
Not of the mind,
But, of the heart,
Feeding the other


15c0417 BLOK

15c0417 BLOK 
I was a wonk!
And once a wonk
Always wonkery,
The personality cookery
As in
The mouse ran up the clock!
The clock struck four,
It opened the door,
Hickory, dickory, dock!
I am a wonk!
Hit on the head, bonk!
Out cold
I woke up hot!
No cold, no hot!


Genetically Modified Humans Are Pure Fiction—But Not for Long | WIRED

BBC - Future - The deadly danger in common foods

Switzerland Charlie Chaplins gather in their hundreds to set world record – video

TheGuardian video, 170417

How down-at-heel Lisbon became the new capital of cool | Art and design | The Guardian

How down-at-heel Lisbon became the new capital of cool | Art and design | The Guardian: "Village Underground – part creative community, part arts venue – occupies a dramatic site next to the city’s suspension bridge. Photograph: Village Undergound"

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What does this tell you...?

American Pathology!

Yep, I lived in Boldivia for three years, never to return!

What are they wanting to hide?

Nothing new here. Ego-maniacal politicians will say anything to get elected, then abandon their voters!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

I cycled in Santiago, for over one month, and the traffic is crazy dangerous!

'Persona 5' Review: This Massive Game About High School Is All Angst—in a Good Way | WIRED

'Persona 5' Review: This Massive Game About High School Is All Angst—in a Good Way | WIRED: "In Persona 5, you spend some of your time exploring an alternate dimension based on the unconscious desires of the people around you, and much of the early game takes place in a castle that represents the tyrannical desires of an abusive instructor."

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It´s why I´m really not interested in older people! Their minds calcified!

Be an inquistive high school student!

I thought about moving there, when I lived in L.A. I used to hike around the area, longing for seclusion.

So true! Intercourse has such expections, hardly (no pun) every met. The best orgasm in the mind!


A National Geographic TV series, about Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 15, 2017

I´ve been there, trekked from Lukla. But, we cycled to Base Camp on the North, or Chinese side. Both at roughly 5500mts. ASL.

Terry Jones: ‘I’ve got dementia. My frontal lobe has absconded’ | Society | The Guardian

We love to destroy! But, I´m afraid the chickens are going to come home to roost, as violence only begets more of the same!

90 Italian governments! What does that say about the culture, Elena Ferrante?

No,we will never learn, why I quote F. Kafta: THERE IS INFINITE HOPE, BUT NOT FOR US!