Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Greenpeace says China passed the U.S. as low-carbon leader - UPI.com

Srinivas Kuchibhotla muder: The infuriating silence of Donald Trump over an Indian engineer's murder in Kansas — Quartz

Watch: Train ploughs into car at level crossing in Poland | Euronews

Monday, February 27, 2017

270217 BLOK

270217 BLOK
The human race 
Has a fatal flaw,
Such is the law!
Soon to come,
And go we must,
As had a beginning!


Saturday, February 25, 2017

We always have to blame somebody, and it usually isn´t us!

What a crock!

What Is 5G, and When Do I Get It? | WIRED

BBC - Earth - In Siberia there is a huge crater and it is getting bigger


Donald Trump tells CPAC: 'We are Americans and the future belongs to us' | US news | The Guardian: "Donald Trump tells CPAC: 'We are Americans and the future belongs to us'"

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump Science Adviser Says Climate Change Is Great | WIRED

I´m glad I never had any!

Estonian leaders wary of Russian loyalties | Reuters.com

Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas' - BBC News

U.S. no longer a free country!

This means Trump´s dictatorship!

Trump says he wants to expand U.S. nuclear arsenal - CBS News

DeTrumping America!

Devolving America!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Several steps forward, many backwards with Trump

Julian Assange’s Fate Could Be Decided by Ecuador’s Election - The New York Times

Julian Assange’s Fate Could Be Decided by Ecuador’s Election - The New York Times

Clive Thompson Explains Why Videogames Are the Grim Future of Work | WIRED

Missionaries killed by natives in the Amazon - BBC News

BBC - Travel - The craggy coast with a dark past

One-punch deaths: How lives are devastated by a single blow - BBC News

Two U.S. citizens, went to Bolivia, and found a lost plane wreck - BBC News

Why did US fugitive Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong? The Beijing Government.

Sri Lanka 'hunting' refugees who sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong - BBC News

It belies the state of the Nation! No heart, no soul, no joy, no warmth, no wonder.

Let´s let´s buy more guns, at the days of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, upon us!

Fortress U.K.

Wasted money! People are starving in the U.S.

Trump revokes rules on transgender students' use of segregated toilets | Euronews

Go Mexico!

Iraq suicide bomber was former detainee at Guantanamo Bay - UPI.com

U.S. Life Expectancy Projected to Lag Behind Other Nations | Fortune.com

Quinnipiac poll: Donald Trump's job approval rating declines to 38 percent - UPI.com


Of course, this is the era of Trump.

American Pathology!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I want a robot!

Yes, they will!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The 10 dishes you cannot leave Spain without eating

Monday, February 20, 2017

An Arms Dealer Says the Trump Administration Is Good For Business | WIRED

About I. Kan´t | Libertarianism.org

Get a bicycle!

From Romania to France, protests against "corrupt politicians" | Euronews

American Pathology!

Milo Yiannopoulos loses book, speaking gig over pedophilia remarks - UPI.com

Does anyone care?

American Pathology!

The Imperial Presidency of Donald Trump: A Threat to American Democracy and an Agent of Chaos in the World? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Well, there´s a reason... F. Franco´s 35-year dictatorship.

Life, all about war! It will be our undoing.

10 of the best things to do in St Petersburg | Travel | The Guardian


This is going to happen, or something similar, as Nature´s way of culling the herd! We´re way over-populated!

All is conflict in Modern Life! Nobody gets along!

Monet glimpsed through his own words, demons and all | Art and design | The Guardian

Violence creates nothing but more of the same!

Chinese troops stage show of force in Xinjiang and vow to 'relentlessly beat' separatists | World news | The Guardian: "“We shall load our guns, draw our swords from their sheaths, throw hard punches and relentlessly beat, and strike hard without flinching at terrorists who must be brought down a peg or two,” Zhu was quoted as saying by the state-run Xinjiang Daily newspaper on Sunday."

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Zealandia the eighth continent? | Euronews

WWIII building...

WWIII is building!

They are stupid!

In the 13 wars we’ve started over the last 30 years and the $14 trillion we’ve spent, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have perished from this earth, remember that it wasn’t one leader, but a system, both Republican and Democrat. Call it what you will: the military industrial money media security complex. It’s a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these are just wars justifiable in the name of our flag that flies so proudly.”

Oliver Stone Gives Impassioned Speech at WGA Awards: It’s Not Just Trump, ‘But a System’: "In the 13 wars we’ve started over the last 30 years and the $14 trillion we’ve spent, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have perished from this earth, remember that it wasn’t one leader, but a system, both Republican and Democrat. Call it what you will: the military industrial money media security complex. It’s a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these are just wars justifiable in the name of our flag that flies so proudly.”"

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...to our electricity-dependent, communications-obsessed culture!´ Madness!

Earth’s Mysterious Magnetic Field, Stored in a Jar - The New Yorker: "to our electricity-dependent, communications-obsessed culture"

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How completely stupid, but people are! Death gives life meanting! If we didn´t die we´d go insane!

American Pathology!

New Zealand judge upholds Kim Dotcom extradition ruling

190217 BLOK

190217 BLOK
I have nothing better to do, at the moment, other than write this, as waiting for Rucha, to arrive at. the Madrid Aero Puerto (flying from Hamburgo on Iberia AL).  According to the arrivals board, filled with a thousand flights, the digital readout, constantly changing, reads her´s is on time (arriving at 1845, five minutes early from the scheduled time of 1850).  Of course this is always and ever changing, based on many factors. By the way, it´s 1730 right now, therefore I have 90 more minutos to esperadoski. 
Early today, I tried www.flightradar.com, and was amazed to see a digital read of Spain, with hundreds of little aircraft going in every direction!   I wonder how many commercial flights are in the air at their busiest in the world?  I´m guessing 100,000, mas y menos. 
I will never fly commercially again, unless first class, and who´s going to pay for that?  Not me!  It will be a bus, or by bicycle, maybe a passenger train, as I like.  
If only they´re weren´t children in the world, I´d be happier.  In this day of raising them, parents let them run wild here in the airport.  In fact, a boy of maybe ten years of age, is pulling a model automobile around on a string, this with passengers trying to avoid.  They, with the energy I´d love to have, can´t sit still. Bored they have to move.  O.K. gag them and truss them up in a straight jacket, and let them roll around on the floor.  Oh, I am so mean! 
My greatest accomplishment in life, was not having any of my own!  Yep, I´m happy without having had any of my own.  I did adopt, informally, many while living in China. 
How do you do it, mothers?  I think nature blinds you, the urge to nuture, to care of, to raise through all those traumatic moments.  My mother did it!  Oh, mother let me praise you!  You were the best!  Of course, we never appreciated you when we were children, but I personally do now, knowing… Knowing what all mothers go through.
A year ago I lived with a couple who had a young precocious boy, who couldn´t stop talking!  His mother even mentioned this one day, `He talks too much!´ Of course mothers are worried if they don´t talk enough, or talk too much!  I wonder what I did?  Of course, they never tell you the truth, `Oh, you were just right!´  To a mother her children are next to perfect!
What will I do when I need someone to take care of me, die, simple.  There are too many old, infirm people, hanging on to the bitter end, and for what?  They think there´s only one world, that this is it.  If it is, my God we´re managed to fuck it up.  Modern life, what a mess, and 90% of the world doesn´t have a clue!  They, I´m witnessing them right in front of me now, waiting for Rucha.  I mean everyone, including me is staring at a small screen.  Mine only slight larger, with a regular key board,  I´m not a member of the THUMB TRIBE!  But, we´re all still strutting and fretting our hour upon the stage, and then never heard of again.
So, what´s it all about?  Why are we here in body?  Is it just to strut and fret?  Isn´t there something more?.  I want to do a video doc.., where I stand in a place like this, where the General P passes, and ask them only one question, WHAT IS LIFE ALL ABOUT? WHY ARE WE HERE, LIVING IN THIS BODY? Simple.  Just string the answers together.  We´d do this around the world, of course, when not English, adding sub-titles.
The young man sitting next to me now, blind.  Yet, he´s playing a game on his little small screen, must be by sound, as    I´m hearing much, or mother and son `are pulling the wool over our own eyes!   He´s looking at the screen, so maybe can see some. But, I wonder if he ever has a thought that the noise might be bothing me?  Of course, not!
People are basically inconsiderate of others.  Now, the danger, is running into someone walking looking at their smart screen.  What could be so important to miss the Natural world?
Well, with just 30 minuted before Rucha arrives, I´m going to move, time to move.
Life is action, for one thing, that´s why we´re here, to move!  I´ve done my part, cycling around the world!

FAA and NASA Test NextGen Tech to Shorten Flights and Cut Delays | WIRED

At San Francisco's Glide Church, Wealthy Tech Workers Learn to Care About Someone Other Than Themselves | WIRED

Palm Springs by moonlight – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Heatwaves: readers' photos on the theme of fire | Community | The Guardian

It´s all about lying, cheating, stealing, all for self-interest: money, power, etc. Integrity, true honor, and service, has gone out the door!

Friday, February 17, 2017

World’s first transgender doll to be unveiled at New York toy fair | Society | The Guardian

“There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers,” Trump said. “Well, you think our country is so innocent?”

John McCain just systematically dismantled Donald Trump’s entire worldview - The Washington Post: "“There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers,” Trump said. “Well, you think our country is so innocent?”"

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AP's National Guard Story Is A Lesson About How News Works In The Trump Era | The Huffington Post

'Forest cities': the radical plan to save China from air pollution | Cities | The Guardian

17a0217 BLOK

17a0217 BLOK
Life, developing who we really are, is much like peeling garlic!  You peel off the layers, one my one, until you get to the part you can use, what sustains us!
Most people don´t like doing this, would rather purchase garlic already peeled.  But, it is in the process of doing so, time consuming and arduous as it is, we discover our true selves!


One of my favorites, as well, Pebble Beach. Why? The ambiance, the picturesque nature all enthrawing, the celebrites, Carmel, Big Sure, etc.

170217 BLOK

170217 BLOK 
Dr. C.G. Jung, in response to the question, ¨Dr. Jung, do you believe in God?¨ Replied, ¨I don´t have to belive, I know!¨ What did Jung know? Belief is penultimate, you have to ´no!´
What I know now, is that no human being can know for sure, until they are unfettered from gross matter (some call this death)!  Then, the spirit sees the truth!
In the meantime we have created many stories to explain what we think is true.  Of course, this runs the gamet of religions and philosophies! 
In my world there are `know´ universal truths, as what people create, in terms of reality, is POV (point of view). We attempt to share this supposition, via language dictionaries.  Thus, groups are formed, to confirm their ideas of such (for security and comfort).  The ones that don´t are usually ostricized or killed. 
It´s been my experience that all adults know they are right (closed minds)!  If only the others would see it their way (the world would be better off).  This, to me, proves subjective versus the objective realities.
Science to me, is just another `religion.´  Of course, I am crazy!
All visionaries or messengers are marginalized, as they threaten the status quo!
How can we think otherwise…?
Open the doors of perception!
Awaken the Nous!
Allow the Pneuma to enter you!
'For those who have an open mind, let them pursue!'


People are stupid (including me of course)!

The fruits of gerrymandering: Virginia: a rights battleground | The Economist

What News-Writing Bots Mean for the Future of Journalism | WIRED

Classy-as-Hell Dentist Offices We Wouldn’t Actually Dread Visiting | WIRED

I´ve had several experiences with what is called a UFO.

Marriage, a bad idea!

I cycled there. But, too wet for me!

Russia and the West: how to avoid an escalation in Europe | Euronews

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ice mysteries of Pluto | Euronews

Play virtual drums with Freedrum | Euronews

Singing and dancing in the snow. Look at the sky!

Good idea!

Where Eagles Dare: France trains birds to bring down drones | Euronews

Five little known facts about Robert Burns - The Scotsman

The human race committing suicide!

Because money is God!

Entrenched: The world’s deepest ocean trenches are packed with pollution | The Economist

Spanner, the Google Database That Mastered Time, Is Now Open to Everyone | WIRED

Is That Plankton? Nope, It’s Trash | WIRED

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

BBC - Earth - The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics

Churchill essay on the possibility of alien life discovered in US college | Science | The Guardian

Watch: Biker's last-second leap from path of onrushing train | Euronews

“More broadly, we must continue the ongoing modernization of U.S. nuclear forces and ensure that NATO’s nuclear deterrence forces are survivable, well-exercised, and increasingly ready to counter Russian nuclear doctrine, which calls for the first use of nuclear weapons.”

War building around the world, Russia versus EU, China versus the U.S.

Native Americans opposing Dakota Access get a boost from Pope Francis - The Washington Post

First step into becoming cyborgs...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Julian Assange fact checks death rumors in his first tweet

Oliver Stone: 'America is not the friend to the world' | | swiowanewssource.com

14b0217 BLOK

14b0217 BLOK 
What does one `sea,´
with Virtual `Realitea?´
A different `won,´
To be shared , sold, 
Ask our new God, money!
Nothing is objective,
But sub,
That´s the rub!
So, what do we see, but
The shinning example of
An illusion,
To be dissolved,
To `sea´ the truth
So sayeth Ruth!


14a0217 BLOK

14a0217 BLOK
People talking!
People talking about
People talking about nothing important,
People talking themselves to death!
Marx was wrong!
It isn´t religion that´s the opiate of the masses, but


140217 BLOK

140217 BLOK
In Spain,
Lots of Children,
Bull fighting,
Kings and queens,
Baby carriages,
Restaurants, and


ASTEROID 2015 BN509: IT´S COMING to your local theater!

Angry Veterans Use 'SNL' To Send President Trump A Serious Message | The Huffington Post

Apple's First TV Show Looks Like a Cry for Help

American Pathology!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Robert De Niro writes letter of support to Meryl Streep | Film | The Guardian

“to live our lives with God or without Her”. WOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Money is God, what would you expect? `Sell, sell, sell,´everything you stand for!´

This is the medical-Pharmo. conspiracy fighting over money.

The woman who returned from the dead to face an impossible choice | Euronews

Last-ditch legal bid to stop North Dakota pipeline fails | Euronews

War building...

Why you have to stay in physical condition, before snow comes. By the way, life can increase heart attack risk.

See planet Venus hit peak brightness in the evening sky – Astronomy Now

The human race committing suicide! And all for the money God!

Image of 'hatred of our times' wins World Press Photo Award

We won´t know until they do it.

In 2017, the U.S. is no longer the whale on whose back the world rests but a source of uncertainty and tension.

The Best Smart LED Light Bulbs | The Wirecutter

Light Bulbs That Help You Sleep - The New York Times

Indeed, the rise of driverless cars and trucks is just a start. New AI techniques are poised to reinvent everything from manufacturing to healthcare to Wall Street. In other words, it’s not just blue-collar jobs that AI endangers. “Several of the rock stars in this field came up to me and said: ‘I think you’re low-balling this one. I think you are underestimating the rate of change,'” McAfee says.

The AI Threat Isn't Skynet. It's the End of the Middle Class | WIRED: "Indeed, the rise of driverless cars and trucks is just a start. New AI techniques are poised to reinvent everything from manufacturing to healthcare to Wall Street. In other words, it’s not just blue-collar jobs that AI endangers. “Several of the rock stars in this field came up to me and said: ‘I think you’re low-balling this one. I think you are underestimating the rate of change,'” McAfee says."

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I want to learn slower...

Clinical death is simply the inability to adapt forever, and a wise idea!

Life after death? Resurrecting a modern ruin - BBC News

The war against air pollution has begun – and it will be fought in cities | Cities | The Guardian

Where is the world's most polluted city? | Cities | The Guardian

Inside the bizarre 1960s cult, The Family: LSD, yoga and UFOs | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!

United Airlines Pilot Removed After Ranting About Donald Trump | Fortune.com

The 2017 Grammys Have No Answers - The New Yorker

Sunday, February 12, 2017

91 Astronomers Combine 1000 Images Into One Amazing Journey to Jupiter - Universe Today

The true, correct story of what happened at Donald Trump’s inauguration - The Washington Post

Republicans Hold On to a Myth to Hold On to Power - The New York Times

Argo AI - Google Search

Why Latin America is the deadliest place for environmentalists | The Economist

BBC - Earth - The oldest rock formations

BBC - Autos - When is it OK to switch plane seats?



Trump ban set to deny The White Helmets appearance at the Oscars | Euronews

Lava 'firehose' reappears | Euronews

Swiss vote on citizenship rights and tax breaks | Euronews

First Photos of Magic Leap Augmented Reality Prototype Leaked | Fortune.com

Slovenia on the map!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Respect has to be earned!

Klimt painting expected to fetch well over £45m at Sotheby's auction | Art and design | The Guardian

President Trump says he'll keep you safe. It's a lie | Steven W Thrasher | Opinion | The Guardian

I like them, but I agree with my grandmother, HUTCHIE, `That children should be seen, but not heard!´

Bannon Wants A War And He Will Use Jesus To Get One | The Huffington Post

Putting China on our Border | The Huffington Post

Friday, February 10, 2017

100217 BLOK

100217 BLOK
My new project, to return THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, back to France!
The cage doors,
The rats want in
They hope to win!
`Their´ are `two´many,
The poo, everywhere!
Build walls, close gates!
Keep them out
Enslaving us!
We can´t share
Only to dare
Arriving in heaven!
White lives matter
Others don´t!
We have been chosen
Because our minds frozen!

Republican Rep. Chaffetz booed and jeered at town hall meeting.

That's so random: Jan Cieslikiewicz's search for order – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian


Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life by Ruth Franklin review – beyond spooky | Books | The Guardian

What does this tell us?

167KMPH on a bicycle!

One of these days, a mistake is going to be made...

Estonia partners with Finland for K9 howitzer buy - UPI.com


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Surprise! Your Cash Is Now Worthless - Bloomberg

Out on the Texas Ranch Where Scientists Study Death (NSFW) | WIRED

Bond girls Gemma Arterton and Eva Green to play lesbian lovers in Virginia Woolf biopic

Keeping Berlin fed during the Cold War - BBC News

The great sports story of self-destruction!

Think your commute is bad? Think again. - BBC News

Top 10 books about the apocalypse | Books | The Guardian

Ecuador presidential hopeful promises to evict Julian Assange from embassy | World news | The Guardian

'The punches we’ve taken have made us stronger': Podemos leader goes for broke | World news | The Guardian

Possibly the biggest family photo ever | Euronews

Alt-Right Dickheads Bravely Cancel Their Netflix Subscriptions Over 'Dear White People'

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

080217 BLOK

080217 BLOK
Here´s a great example of Jung´s sychronicity (a meanful coincidence).
I love some sounds, bells are one.  I´ll always remember living next to the Catedral in Ajijic, Mexico, and hearing them all day long, the carillon.
I love too, the bells herders put around the necks of cows, yaks, and goats.  Here there are many goats, nee goat cheese, which I buy from a friends in Monachil (Gerard and Miriam from France).
I had one of these bells, for yaks, in China, but lost in moving.
I´d been looking for one here, and one day Cesar spied one in a store. I bought it, but kept it in my apartamento, until recently.
I had a bell from India on my bicycle, but it blocked the right thumb shifter, and I couldn´t see what gear I was in while riding.  So, just recently I took off the Indian bell and put on my goat bell.  
Today, riding around Granada Centro, the bell was ringng, and it sounded like a goat coming.  Pedestrians were startled, and that´s the idea, I want to be heard and seen on the streets. 
Later, I´m riding back up to where I live in Monachil, some 10KM from Centro. And guess what I come across?  A herd of goats.  Now, you´ll think nothing of this, a coincidence.  No, I´ve been up and down this route, at least 50 times since last May, and I´ve never seen one goat, less a herd.
I wanted to take a foto. of such, as this area (check out the attached fotos.) is residencial, and no goats allowed.  I stopped, parked, hurriedly got my camera out, but the battery was dead.  So, I´m scurring around quickly trying to change batteries, before the goats moved on… But, again, the herder, for some strange reason, waited, as the herd reversed it´s direction, returning back wherever they came from.  I got the fotos., and even one of his two dogs, crossed a dangerous highway (mucho traffico) to say `hello!´ I yelled at him or her, GET BACK YOU CRAZY DOG!  He or she could have been killed.
This event is sychronistic!  The bell I had on my bicycle, ringing, and then later hearing the ringing on the goats.  The goat herd, stopping, waiting for me to take some fotos.
People don´t realize the connections there are in the cosmos.  They rush about, never really connecting…  Never really living either, too much in a hurry!  Sorry,    I´ve got to get this!
Stop, look and listen, not to your smartele., but the Universe!  We´re all a part of it!


Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Two weeks of 43C in Birdsville: 'We’ve always got a back-up for beer' | Weather | The Guardian

French-Bulgarian philosopher Tzvetan Todorov dies at 77 | Euronews

Romanian protesters dance as demonstrations enter their sixth day | Euronews

Preparing for war!

Preparing for war!

Cannabis Culture - Smoking in Spain | DOPE Magazine | Marijuana News & Reviews

American Pathology!

07c0217 BLOK

As I touch it,
It touches me!
As I examine it,
It examines me!
As I listen to it,
It listens to me!
As I marvel at it,
It marvels at me!
As I contemplate it,
It contemplates me!
As I praise it,
It praises me!
As I leave it,
It follows me!

07b0217 BLOK

07b0217 BLOK
wrote that God is dead, to make him alive!
But, from my perspective there is `knot won´ but many, manifested in each of us!


07a0217 BLOK

07a0217 BLOK
On suffering…
I quote, F. Nietzsche:
¨You want, if possible, to abolish suffering; and me as well?  We really should, on the otherhand, rather increase it and make it worse than is has ever been!  The discipline of suffering of great suffering is valuable!  Do you not know that it is this discipline that has created every elevation of mankind before?  That the tension of the soul during misfortune makes for your strength, its terror at the sight of great destruction, makes the inventiveness and bravery in underdoing, enduring, interpreting and exploiting misforturne; at whatever depth, mystery, mask, spirit, cunning makes for your greatness!  Has it not been bestowed through suffering?¨
I can only add that suffering is valuable.  Be glad!


070217 BLOK

070217 BLOK
On performing…
The enemy of public performance is the pressure to excel, which causes fear, which causes less than an excellent result.
What I teach in basic acting, is how to overcome this fear.  And it´s simple:  CARE LESS about what people think of you!  in fact, I would say to students, Free youself of this pressure, by not CARING AT ALL!   WHO CARES?  What´s the worst thing that might happen to you on stage (or set), people would realize you are human, and they identify with such?
STOP CARING!  DON´T GIVE A DAMN!  You might be good, you might not succeed, but at least your tried.  And trying is what is important, not succeeding!
Helen Keller, a woman who could NOT see or hear said this:
Performance is an adventure!  And it will go well, if you take the pressure off yourself, BY NOT CARING WHAT HAPPENS, HOW GOOD OR BAD YOU MAY BE!
One of our cycling group´s mottos goes:
Some tricks:
Pursposely make mistakes!
Groupe for words, `Oh I forget, it´s been so long!´
If you want an audience´s attention… Say nothing for a long time.  It will make them nervous, and they will be quiet to find out `What´s wrong?´
Go out into the audience and touch people.  Be come one of them, instead of this FIGURE on stage.
We say in da biz, before one perfroms, BREAK A LEG!  This, the performers way of saying, DON´T CARE SO MUCH!

Female Photographers Matter Now More Than Ever | WIRED

It hasn´t in the last one million years, why do you think now?

Buddhist monk held after millions of meth pills found in monastery | World news | The Guardian

Faultlines, black holes and glaciers: mapping uncharted territories | Science | The Guardian

WWIII coming... China versus the U.S., over the South China Sea islands.

Meet the extraordinary catfish that travels the width of South America : TreeHugger

Money is God, what would you expect?

Of course, Trump wants to rule by making us fearful. Nee, more control.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Watch a meteor streak across the sky in suburban Chicago (video) | The Post-Standard

In the 1960s; on TV, murder was acceptable but sex wasn’t. What does that say about us?

The Smothers Brothers: Laughing at Hard Truths - The New York Times: "because on TV, murder is acceptable but sex isn’t. "

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What Ka-Ka! "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

All about Lady Gaga's Super Bowl show - BBC News: ""One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.""

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Sunday, February 05, 2017

We have met the enemy and he is us!

It´s coming with THE AGE OF KALKI!

You´d have to pay me to watch the less-than Duper Bowl!

Now, I would pay for this one, or fly the aircraft myself, as a licensed pilot!

You´d have to pay me a lot of money to endure this torture!

American Pathology!

Read, MUTANT MESSAGE -- DOWN UNDER, by Marlo Morgan

The passions of Aboriginal astronomy guide, Willy Stevens | Cosmos: "Some of the girls were shy and tried to hide, making them difficult to see. The ability to identify the fainter stars was used to test a person’s eyesight. Their appearance in the early morning sky signalled the start of winter and the arrival of morning frost."

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050217 BLOK

050217 BLOK
Another day trip with `Secretos de Granada´ and Isacio Rodriguez
Yesterday I went with a group of people (50+) to a city called Guadix, only 45 minutes east of Granada on a bus.
What struck me being in Guadix was its history, spanning eons, but only discussed in more recent terms of the Romans, the Moors, and the Catholics.  Yet, even this goes back some 2,500 years. 
I have travelled the world to walk in ancient footsteps, before only having read about in books.
Guadix is restoring an ancient Roman theater.  I felt the pulse of the once great empire, long since gone.  I touched a column with a design once hewned in by Roman hands.This to me an exhilerating experience.
This is the third time in my life, I´ve marveled at the Roman Empire.  Once, in Rome itself, but the other more remote the ancient Roman City called Sabratha. It is located some 50KM west of the contemporary city of Tripoli, Libya.
The day we went, three of us, the ancient city was deserted of tourists.  But, how well preserved it seemed to me in 1964.  I `wondered´ about alone, the others taken with whatever. It seemed like the inhabitants had just departed. I remember in one `house´ looking and sitting on a marble toilet.  Thoughts came as to whom I had shared this moment with before, some 2,000 years ago. Were we so different?  Only the technology has changed. 
I could sense the children playing whatever amused them 2,000 years ago, the smell of animals rolling in the sand (Note, this City right on the Mediterranean Sea.).  The people´s spirits seemed still intact as I walked in their footsteps.
Yesterday in Guadix, I had the same feeling. First Roman, then Moorish, later Catholic with its opulent displays of wealth.
One wonders to what end as we come and go, `strutting and fretting our hour upon the stage?´ There must be some cosmic goal to human destiny.  Or, are we mere dust in the wind?  Do we add something to wherever is, and will be?

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