Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Foam Talent: A new generation - BBC News

BBC - Future - How solar may save Ukraine's nuclear wasteland

Can you imagine killing an elephant for any reason?

31a0117 BLOK

31a0117 BLOK
Grant, #3 about COSMOS AND PSYCHE…
I´M up to pp. 146…
R.T. discusses C.G. Jung, much in his book, someone I´ve studied.  I think Jung the most briliant mind of the 20th C. along with Einstein, maybe a few others less known.  Jung even invented words, Intro and extro vert.
Jung said something that changed my life!
Jung had a body until the human age of 85.  But, before he died along about the age of 82, the BBC interviewed him, about his ouevre, his life´s work, which was extensive.  This BBC TV series was later released as a film series, which I watched in a revival theater in Portland, Oregon, in 1980.   The series, was three hours in length, but the interviewer (producer) saved the great question to the very last.  The question, DR. JUNG, DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD?  Jung, who was never quick to answer any question took a moment, sucked on his ubiquitous mercham pipe, and responded with this:  
Belief is penultimate, you have to know!  
And now I know, some 36 years later, what Jung did!
The only two philosophical questions unanswered by me are related:
Is dual reality subjective or objective?
Did humanity create God(s) or did the God(s) create us?
What do you think?

F.A. Hutchison

310117 BLOK

310117 BLOK
The isms, and
The ologies,
The naming,
The gaming,
Saving the ideas
To create human worlds!
Does a tree, know it´s a tree?
For ´won´must ´no,´
The yes, and keep the guess!
Reality lives outside,
The inside
Of the ologies!


120fps, Wow!

Where there is money, there is corruption!

Cincinnati declares itself a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants - UPI.com

Cincinnati declares itself a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants - UPI.com: "Cincinnati declares itself a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants"

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Spain’s Almodovar named Cannes film festival jury president - France 24

Oh, the times they are a changin´!

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Establishment always sticks together!

Life first came from Sirius, the Dog Star.

American Pathology!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

290117 BLOK

290117 BLOK
Re:  Reading COSMOS AND PSYCHE is exciting for me, as confirms my own understanding of human existence… 
From the book, pp. 82:
¨The radiant ascent and dominance of modern reason coincided precisely with the eclipse of the archetypal vision.¨
Since all of written history, going back to the invention of language, prescribes a dual cosmology — the concept of enantiodromia (opposites attract) must be considered.  It´s evident to me that we have come from the numinous or spiritual (mythos) to the gross material (logos).  And having reached its zenith (limit), the logos now seeks the mythos. 
I believe this will come in the form of Hermetical philosophy and the occult science of both H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner) — nee THE IAHCRA PROJECT.
If you wonder why we´re designing such as a video game, it´s the most effective way to reach young people who still have open minds.  Additionally, they are the future!
F.A. Hutchison

P.S.  Thanks for introducing me to COSMOS AND PSYCHE, obviously an important work. 

Ten Centuries Later, a Pope and Knights Do Battle - The New York Times

From Churchill to Obama, the defining moments of a life aren't always the public ones | Books | The Guardian

How to be a hermit | Euronews


PLEASE, when I die, don´t name a Freeway after me!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

He´s running for public office.

Google CEO troubled by Trump refugee ban that ‘creates barriers’ to talent

'No to your F***ing wall!' - Former Mexican president lambasts Trump | Euronews

Emmett Till’s accuser admits: It was all a lie | New York Post

Network, classic 1976 movie, RETURNS with Bryan Cranston in stage show | Theatre | Entertainment | Daily Express

The MIC controls both the U.K. and the U.S.

Visiting the Moors of Spain, in Córdoba and Granada - StarTribune.com

Cancer isn´t a disease, but an industry!

Friday, January 27, 2017

China Uses Drones for Earthquake Search and Rescue Missions | WIRED

BBC - Culture - Can listening to Mozart drive you mad? What is your definition of¨mad?¨

"I think New Zealand and the United States are very similar," she said. WRONG!

The lure of New Zealand for jaded Americans - BBC News: ""I think New Zealand and the United States are very similar," she said."

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The Surper Bowl passe!

I spent six months cycling all over The Netherlands. I found the culture perfect for me, the countries´ location, low, wet, green and gray, not to my liking. If TN has elevation and mountains, I´ll still be there!

City breaks with kids: Amsterdam | Travel | The Guardian: "I spent six months cycling all over The Netherlands. I found the culture perfect for me, the countriies location, low, wet, green and gray, not to my liking.

If TN has elevation and mountains, I´ll still be there!"

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270117 BLOK - one of many poems…

270117 BLOK - one of many poems…
If I ever had a boy of my own, 
I´d name him Ezra,
A pound´s worth of seeds
To create a just world!
Neither Fascism nor Communism,
No flags or borders,
Just people
Living in peace!
Capitalism seems
To bring out the worst
In the ego,
Nee 01%,
Bent on owning more!
But, more is less, and
Less is more!
A thomas in the 
Leaves of grass,
Something to smoke,
The ash of wonder!


Molly Bloom, cried out, “O rocks! ... Tell us in plain words.”

Toni Erdmann’s Sandra Hüller: ‘Everybody knows the German clichés. Maybe they're true' | Film | The Guardian

Texas loves to kill people!

How a Spanish man took on Google over privacy concerns and won | Euronews

Refugee brides: what should Germany do about its child marriage problem? | Euronews

'Opposites attract', defines enantiodromia!

Madonna:: 'Trump is disgusting and the new Administration is a disgrace' | Daily Mail Online

The land that's mine—the poor man's, Indian's, Negro's, ME—

This Company Set Up an Amazing Office Inside a Historic Victorian Castle

I´ve been saying the same thing!

I wouldn´t want one!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight - Thanks to the Dumpster!

26a0117 BLOK

26a0117 BLOK 
I wonder about people… people who live regular modern lives, most with families…
They work and play, pursuing wherever their material desires take them: things, relationships, education, etc.  They come and go, `strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage!´(Shakespeare).
I´m curious if they wonder what life if all about?.  Is there someting beyond the everyday pursuit of whatever we seek.
My life is so different!  Of course, I´m old now and contemplating the end.  This makes one more introspective.
Why are we here?  Why were we given a body?
What are your thoughts about such?


17-hour flight, more on torture!

Wanna Learn About Vectors? Just Let Python Do the Work | WIRED

Fastest RR train in the world, in China.

Donald Trump should be waterboarded! - BBC News

Chinese man cycles 500km in wrong direction to get home - BBC News

'Just don't stare': a night of nudity and dancing at the art gallery | Culture | The Guardian

For future of the computer | Technology | The Guardian

American Pathology!

'RESIST': Greenpeace takes the fight to the White House | Euronews

If only TN had elevation. mountains, I´D CERTAINLY HAVE NEVER LEFT THERE!

We Are Running Out of Ways to Say That President Trump Is a Dangerous, Delusional Lunatic | GQ


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I left long ago, as anticipating such...

Are you finished in there yet? How the bathroom selfie became so huge | Media | The Guardian

'Trainspotting' - the sequel | Euronews

UCI celebrates first successful Snow Bike Festival in Gstaad | Euronews

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life is all POV!

How Nepal got the electricity flowing - CSMonitor.com

The bombardment was so heavy that it obscured nearly all other impacts in the geologic record for a million years, and we’re still feeling the fallout today.

Fallout from an Ancient Asteroid Collision Still Rains on Earth | Astronomy.com: "The bombardment was so heavy that it obscured nearly all other impacts in the geologic record for a million years, and we’re still feeling the fallout today."

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Melania Trump’s Face Falls After Talking to Donald Trump at Inauguration - Us Weekly

WWIII coming! The U.S. land allies versus China! Thanks to the Dumpster!

24b0117 BLOK

24b0117 BLOK 
Carmen was the first friend I ever had in my life, a Mexican-American!  We were maybe 6 or 7 years old, living in Tucson, Arizona, 1946-7!
I lived at 2807 E. Mabel Street, when it was still a dirt road (lots of dust).  Now, I understand from sister Sally, the location is considered in the `Historic District´of Tucson.
Carmen lived blocks away. We would meet and explore the neighbhood together, doing what young boys do. 
I would do most anything to learn if Carmen was still alive and where he lived.  However, I can´t remember his last name, and there´s probably a billion Carmens in the world now. 
What are the odds?
I don´t do FACEBOOK OR TWITTER, but if any of you OUT THERE read this, and might post, I´d be grateful!
Many Thanks!
Muchos Gracias!
Merci Beaucoup!
Danke vielmals!
Большое спасибо!


24a0117 BLOK

24a0117 BLOK
Every person in the world seems sorry!
Sorry for this, sorry for that!
Are you sorry?
Sorry for what?
I´m sorry for your loss, when death is really gain, not loss, we have it backwards!
What does the BIG DIC! say about the English word SORRY:
[ predic. ] feeling distress, especially through sympathy with someone else's misfortune: I was sorry to hear about what happened to your family.
• (sorry for) filled with compassion for: he couldn't help feeling sorry for her when he heard how she'd been treated.
• feeling regret or penitence: he said he was sorry he had upset me | I'm sorry if I was a bit brusque.
• used as an expression of apology: sorry—I was trying not to make a noise.
• used as a polite request that someone should repeat something that one has failed to hear or understand: Sorry? In case I what…?
I hear the word sorry, read the word sorry everywhere I go, that the world is in a sorry state!
Why?  What kind of existence have we created?
The animals, the trees are not sorry!  Of course they don´t lust for material things, either!  They still live in the GARDEN OF EDEN! 
We have ego consciousnes the `I AM!´ nee `the other´(dual reality). But, maybe we´d be less sorry if WE existed in less than a dual reality where there was more `WE ARE!´ than `I am!´
Is this possible?  Yes!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists - BBC News

I never left paper and pen!

Lavabit: Snowden's favoured encrypted email service relaunched as Trump took office

It´s Newt that ought to be arrested!

Sweden becoming like the U.S.


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band review – there’s no stopping the juggernaut | Music | The Guardian

The disappeared: faces of human rights activists China wants to silence | World news | The Guardian

'Your only right is to obey': lawyer describes torture in China's secret jails | World news | The Guardian

'Your only right is to obey': lawyer describes torture in China's secret jails | World news | The Guardian: "'Your only right is to obey': lawyer describes torture in China's secret jails"

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The Establishment sticks together!

American Pathology!

Tiquipaya, part of Cochabamba, where I lived for three years.

No, Gwyneth Paltrow, women should not put jade eggs in their vaginas, gynecologist says - The Washington Post

Sunday, January 22, 2017

220117 BLOK

220117 BLOK
Dick, Richard, others who have open minds… There are so few adults who do…
The Universe, human existence is no longer a mystery to me.  I now know the secret of the ancients, the adepts, and the initiates.  This confirmed by reading THE SECRET DOCTRINE by H.P. Blavatsky, the KABBALAH, and the works of Rudolf Steiner.  I intent, or is the plan, to make the true history of existence available to the masses via narratives.  These short animated `chapters´ distributed to smartphones (if possible);  otherwise in the traditional way via Showtime or Netflix, etc.  I call this, THE IAHCRA PROJECT.
Of course, you may disagree, or not want to be involved, or think an impossible project to achieve.  Most people are still trapped in a material existence.  i am not, having dissolved the Veil (Maya), and seen the REAL, and higher world (not Heaven or Hell)!  Visionaries, have always been either avoided, branded insane, or executed, as they disturb the status quo.  But, what else can I do, but try, as I´ve always felt like I had a rendezvous with destiny, as egocentric as that might sound.   I´m not saying I´m better than anyone, or more evolved, or whatever.  It´s just come to me to attempt this, as in the title to my autobicgraphy, FOLLOWING THE LIGHT, I´ve been `taken and stirred!´  I didn´t choose this, THIS PROJECT CHOSE ME!
If you believe in what I´m saying (writing here), please consider joining me, in someway.  I realize I have to fund this, and that it will be expensive to produce, etc. as I know from a 50-year career in the entertainment industry. 
So far, I´ve not had much luck with either the Anthrosposophy Society (Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland) and/or other people, related to the subject matter.  They probably think that I´m trying to rip off H.P. and Rudolf Steiner, for person gain.  I am not!  I see this as a way of ´turning the herd from the cliff,´a way of saving humanity from itself, as absurd as that may sound!
Yes, it´s an ambitious project, but, dare to dream great things,
I do!
F.A. Hutchison 

Granada, Spain 

We choose love!

Why the secret to productivity isn’t longer hours | Money | The Guardian

Caleb Ewan claims last stage of Tour Down Under as Richie Porte wins title | Sport | The Guardian

Saturday Night Live: Putin dictates to his 'puppet' Trump in a bumper SNL | Television & radio | The Guardian

Trump's inauguration crowd: Sean Spicer's claims versus the evidence | US news | The Guardian

Violence doesn´t solve anything it just leads to more!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump’s Inauguration Was No Woodstock - The New York Times

This is good! This democracy in action!

American Pathology!

Such, KA, KA!

Nicole Kidman's "Bizarre Behavior": How Mass Media Destroys Those Who Dare Not Follow its Agenda - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

The 45th president | The Economist

21a0117 BLOK

21a0117 BLOK

The following the basis for a WIRED article, I´ve synosized here… That the masses want and need to be controlled… Basically, because we are undeveloped and immature… WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!
Excepts, from:  
How Silicon Valley Utopianism Brought You the Dystopian Trump Presidency

¨There is something inherent in humanity that fears true freedom, that prefers to be dominated. In other words, Eric Fromm (ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM) thought this was a feature of human nature, not a bug.¨
¨Fromm distinguishes between two kinds of freedom: negative freedom, casting off the shackles of social, political, and cultural restrictions; and positive freedom, finding a truer expression of self and identity. When the former occurs without the latter, he wrote, “the newly won freedom appears as a curse; [mankind] is free from the sweet bondage of paradise, but he is not free to govern himself, to realize his individuality.”

¨It might help explain Trump’s ascendance. In casting off many of the middlemen, sclerotic corporations, and bureaucracies that throttled human accomplishment, people have achieved negative freedom. But without the tools or power to forge a more meaningful society—a positive freedom—some have plunged back into the comforts of authoritarianism and domination.¨

BBC - Culture - The provocative maps that tell Britain’s history

Here´s an example of the previous: Francie Keener, 37, wearing a lipstick-red dress to match the ubiquitous Trump cap, thought the new president's speech was a good start. It showed that "he supports everybody," the New Yorker said. "I hope people can rest a little easy now."

Trump backers' disparate hopes coalesce around promise of change | Reuters: "Lutar wanted to “appreciate the significance of this amazing ceremony of the best country in the world.” But even the impressive pageantry did not erase her misgivings about Trump.

“I worry a lot about a lot of things, his treatment of people of different religions, of women, his racist comments, there’s a lot," she said."

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People who voted for Trump, naive!

210117 BLOK

210117 BLOK
I watched the Inauguration via the Intenet (www.wp.com) on my Macbook Air, sitting here in my flat in Monachil, Granada, Andalucia, Spain.  What I was amazed with the technical quality, such clarity in the video part (the audio always a problem).  The production, of course, the same… No comment, Dick will understand!
I covered the 1964 Inauguration of LBJ, for the military, had run of the Capitol Building and the White House.  This, in the days when security wasn´t so tight, no protests.  
But, in 2017, some 53 years later, so interesting to me watching from afar… it was good to see the event live, up close and personal, the rich and powerful all dressed up in the finest money can buy, the 01% basically — the Trump family all nervous, the Obamas relaxed, going on vacation (having survived).  The Clintons, always having to be a part of it, one wonders why, having lost out, Jimmy Carter looking so old.
I listened to Trump´s speech, all geared to the people who voted for him, 63 million Americans, who are hoping he´ll live up to his words!  But, politicians rarely do!
But, there are two things I do like about Trump, that he´s had no experience in either the military nor government.  He´s definitely going to change things!  Let´s hope for the better!


They don´t know!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump changes White House website, signaling policy priorities - The Washington Post

“Tyranny may always enter, there is no charm, no bar against it—the only bar against it is a large resolute breed of men [and women].”

On the Inauguration of Donald Trump: Preserve, Protect, and Defend - The New Yorker: "“Tyranny may always enter, there is no charm, no bar against it—the only bar against it is a large resolute breed of men [and women].”


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20a0117 BLOK

20a0117 BLOK 
"'I hope a good death
Will find me!'
Finds us all!
Loses us all!
I'm looking now,
Searching the earth,
It's all mirth,
I hope a good death
Finds me!"


200117 BLOK

200117 BLOK
Carl Sagan was famous for a saying about the Universe that… `The Universe is not only stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you can imagine!´ How wrong he was!  It is what we do imagine!
There is no objective reality, we create it!  That´s why scientists, astronomers are always changing the story (ah, new `discovery´).  As we change, so does the Universe!


19a0117 BLOK

19a0117 BLOK 
I want to comeback as a tree,
For Thee!
To give what I have taken, forsaken!
Please plant an acorn in my navel,
Take care of the seed,
My need,
My request
To behest
All the rest!
i want to return as a tree
Giving fruit,
A 7-No-Trump Suit!
No chemicals,
No box,
No stone!
i will be in the air you breathe,
The sounds you hear,
The food you eat!
I will be help when you need,
The warmth on a cold day,
A cool breeze in summer heat,
The light in your eyes!
Live your life in the moment,
That´s all we have!


Malia Obama’s Secret Trip to Bolivia and Peru - The New York Times

C.I.A. Torture Detailed in Newly Disclosed Documents - The New York Times

Meitu, a Viral Anime Makeover App, Has Major Privacy Red Flags | WIRED

Identical spaces shaped by residents - BBC News

This was my home for years! I summited Mt. Hood, hiked around it, skied down it. But, money is God, and until that changes, oh woe be unto us!

Learn Esperanto!

Sound art: album covers by Ai Weiwei, Ed Ruscha and more – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Australian sprint ace Caleb Ewan wins his third Tour Down Under stage | Sport | The Guardian

Sun and wind to power Energy Observer catamaran on six year circumnavigation | Euronews

Postcards from Uzbekistan: the Lyabi-Hauz complex | Euronews

Bear uses paws as paintbrush | Euronews

Serbia: medieval knight fight and swimming in subzero waters | Euronews

Davos: George Soros Just Threw Some Serious Shade on Donald Trump | Fortune.com

“Selfishness is a virtue.”

Thursday, January 19, 2017

190117 BLOK

190117 BLOK
A hypothetical conversation with a friend…
You said something today during our chat, that caught my attention…
You said you want to be able to die in peace.  What kind of peace?
The only kind of peace that is important is internal, peace of mind.  The external kind of peace, out there in the world, we don´t control.
I am prescient, a shaman, and I know what´s coming, WWIII.  I don´t know when, however, but it seems to be building with Trump, Putin, China, the South China Sea, North Korea, and it will probably be nuclear.  I believe this is Nature reducing population, in order than humanity survives, as we´re running out of resources.
So it´s important that we achieve as much peace of mind as we can, and now!  This is something we should work on everyday.  
Who knows when we might die, but it can happen to any of us, any time, we don´t know.
Think on these things… 


Wow, Hitler returns!

Global Risk Briefing

Global Risk Briefing: "

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The Faschists are coming to power everywhere. Why? Easy, fear of the masses!

Because now he´s running it! Politicis have to be the drumbest class of people on earth!

Why hasn't MH370 been found? | World news | The Guardian

Duterte, the man who throws people to their deaths out of helicopters. Way to go Pope!

Nature is fighting back against the invasion of human beings!

American Pathology!

People just want revenge, the poor woman probably had nothing to do with it!

I lived for 7 months, right next door to this prison!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This show how low, desperate in fact, the media has sunk! Why kick a dog when is down, tell me THE DAILY BEAST?

No shit!

Not a good time!

Yes, Patriarchy will be ending with the AGE of KALKI. The Trumpster in the Dumpster soon...

The Earth came from the moon!

Here them come, the ´maybe gate!´

Will WikiLeaks' Julian Assange make good on his offer to turn himself in after Manning clemency? | Fox News

Can your voice reveal whether you have an illness? - BBC News

Bradley Manning trial to be recreated in comic-book form | Books | The Guardian

WikiLeaks' impact: an unfiltered look into the world's elite and powerful | Media | The Guardian

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Edward Snowden given leave to remain in Russia for 'a couple more years' | US news | The Guardian

A Fight Over a Sacred Mountaintop Will Shape the Future of Astronomy

American Pathology!

17c0117 BLOK

17c0117 BLOK
on Trumpism…
Trump endeavors to take the middle-class white man back to the good old days, when men were men and women liked it that way!   He´s doing a Uuuueeee, schreeching the tires, laying rubber, throwing dust up in the air!  His choice of vehicle, a Ford pickup truck!
The people who voted for Trump (like my friend Gary) want the U.S. back the way it was, before the ALt-Left took it global— them not participating in such.  A time when they could still get a job, buy a house, and live happily ever after!  It´s retro American Dream.  Why do you think those who voted for Trump resonated with MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?  That´s where his pickup truck is headed.
Unfortunately, outside of coercing manufacturers to return to the U.S. (create jobs, which is good), it´s hardly possible. But, don´t we live on illusion? 
Yes, he´s a buffoon, but so was Reagan, and we survived him! 
I say, let´s give the Trumpster a chance, and see what he does over time.  We´d had several waco presidents who somehow managed to do good!  Who knows, strange things happen in history.  

I voted for Jill Stein! 

17b0117 BLOK

17b0117 BLOK
LOVE is a feeling
Not an expectation!
Trees can feel love,
Even rocks,
Your dirty socks!
Love isn´t sex,
That´s Nature´s joke,
The live wire
To perpetuate the species.
Love in action
Is giving unconditionally,
Unconditional giving,
Love is a feeling
Nakedness unseen!


Here's What Sci-Fi Can Teach Us About Fascism | WIRED

BBC - Earth - The tree that shaped human history

BBC - Culture - Striking photos of readers around the world

BBC - Future - The man who tried to photograph thoughts and dreams

The Chinese, now have the same `disease,´ love of the motor vehicle! And it will be the death of us, all of us!


Warning: Europe is entering a permanent state of emergency | John Dalhuisen | Opinion | The Guardian

The Best of Arts and Culture in Europe and in the World | Euronews

Horrible beginning, good ending!

Good idea! Ride a bicycle!

One of these days the lights are going out for all of us!

The 01% jerking itself off!

Who cares about monkeys!

Emma Goldman, a hero of mine! A woman with balls!

SILLY BUSINESS, OF COURSE! We won´t be able to stop an asteroid!

Defiant EU nations ready themselves for Trump presidency - The Washington Post

Should have read, GOD CAN TRUMP, TRUMP!

17a0117 BLOK

17a0117 BLOK
I have nothing against disagreement.  There´s thesis, antithesis, and synthesis (Hegel).  However, I wonder if people in this group know what´s going on in the world?  No one can get along with each other, no one agrees on anything, everyone is right (ego) and thus we´re on the verge of WWIII!     We´re going to disagree ourselves right out of existence! 
With Trump and Putin, against Europe now, China and the U.S. not backing down over resources in the South China Sea, this one could go nuclear!  And if it does, I personally hope I´m not a survivor.  The survivors, if any, will be faced with a Dark Age! 
But, from darkness comes the light!  Maybe this is what humanity needs to wake up (and start agreeing)! 
In the meantime, while we have the chance, we might want to agree no how we are all in the same boat, and not so different!


170117 BLOK

170117 BLOK
In terms of economics, what is productivity so sought after by the Capitalists?  It´s squeezing more out of less for profit!
Marx was right about many things!   An economist-philosopher, born in Germany, he lived in Albion (England) most of his life.  Two of my favorite of his quotes:
The development of civilization and industry has shown the destruction of forests that everything done for their conservation is completely insignificant in comparison.
The production of too many useless things results in too many useless people. 
Marx grew up in the midst of the Industrial Devolution.  He recognized what it was all about, the exploitation of workers, by the elite.
Look what´s happening int he world today (2017)… I just read THAT 8 PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OWN THE SAME RESOURCES AS THE BOTTOM TWO BILLION POOR PEOPLE!   
It´s not the ISMS or the SYSTEMS that are the problem, it´s us, the people that are wrong!  WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!  We exploit resources for our own selfish gains!
Que hacer?  What to do?
I have no solutions except for myself!  Each of us must try to overcome our own ego, the desire to be right all the time, and thus rule! There´s only one thing that rules!  Name it what you want! 
If humanity doesn´t change, our species is going to become extinct!  
We must find a way, a consensus, a synthesis, in order to survive, and right here on Mother Earth, not Mars!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Sunday, January 15, 2017

CIA veteran claims Adolf Hitler 'faked his own death then fled to South America in submarine via Tenerife' - Mirror Online

Here's What World Leaders Think Is the Greatest Risk for 2017 | Fortune.com

15b0117 BLOK

15b0117 BLOK
There is a type of person (personality) that always rationalizes the less-than-good, in order to maintain.  These people are labeled more positive, than the people who speak up about what´s wrong!
No one wants to know, really, the problems we face in 2017!  Thus, we continue to slide down the slippery slope to oblivion (extinction).
But, maybe it has to be this way, that nothing we do can arrest humanities´demise.  All is cyclic in our dual reality!  If humanity had a beginning, it must have an ending.
I can see it coming as modern life, distracted by gross materialism, is over-populating, approaching 8 billion.  And this 8 billion now chasing fewer and fewer natural resources.  Why do you think the mad rush is on to find another (exoplanet, i.e., Mars) to exploit and trash out (as we have this one)?
But, the solution is not without, but within!

15a0117 BLOK

15a0117 BLOK 
Failing to agree,
The woe of three!
Failing to share,
The war we dare!
The greatest game
Never told,
Yet sold!
Failing peace we access,
The rest, what a mess!
`War the father of all things!´
Peace, the mother,
Going back and forth
Until we are lost in each other,
`Knot noing´
Which is which,
`Butt knot´ 
Really caring, 

150117 BLOK

150117 BLOK
A moment of
This and that,
Tit for tat,
Swinging hard the bat!
Duality - Singularity,
Good - bad,
Strong - weak,
Health - illness,
Elation - depression,
Doubt - knowing,
Fear - courage,
Male - female,
Young - old,
Threatened - safe,
On - off,
Life - death!
`Heaven´in the middle, of
This riddle!
The present moment!


In OpenAI's Universe, Computers Learn to Use Apps Like Humans Do | WIRED

Rival AIs Battle to Rule Poker (and Global Politics) | WIRED

Everything in Modern Life, has to do with winning or losing.

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The media desperate to writ about anything...

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Maybe this is good!

The Hamburg Elbphilarmonie opens its doors with a stunning concert | Euronews

New Jersey man arrested for allegedly racking up more than $1M in unpaid tolls - UPI.com


Humanity was first generated on Sirius, the binary Dog Star!

What a teen's recent livestreamed suicide reveals about mental health and social media

American Pathology!

WWIII coming...

Why There Is a Bipartisan Push to Legalize Hemp

The end of an era!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

American Pathology!

The measure of our ignorance!

The curious case of high blood pressure around the world



In pictures: Keeping the ski slopes open - BBC News

I´m a vagabundo en bicicleta. Travel by bicycle! You´ll see the world in a different way, escaping the rush, the crush of distopic modernity!

8 ways to escape the rat race | Life and style | The Guardian: "I´m a vagabundo en bicicleta. Travel by bicycle! You´ll see the world in a different way, escaping the rush, the crush of distopic modernity!"

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120117 BLOK

120117 BLOK
We don´t like anything cold,
Even ice,
But, sometimes it´s nice!
We´re not a fan of water,
Nor having a daughter.
If only dogs didn´t bark,
And children didn´t scream,
We´d like it better!
If we didn´t worship money
Or profit
There might be peace of mind,
To unwind the `nots´
Of Materialism,
Gross that it is!
And so sis´s,
`No´ we´re different,
Yet the same
In this `game!´
Que hacer?

Friday, January 13, 2017

20 places in Spain you never thought to visit (but really should)

Try Naturopathy, or Homeopathy, where no pharmo. drugs are used.

American Pathology!

700 Year Old Alhambra Palace Secrets Revealed : Video : TravelersToday

What I´ve been predicting...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Moon is much older than everyone thought | Astronomy.com

American Pathology!

Julian Assange Agrees To Be Extradited To US -- Under One Condition

“What world did I wake up in?” One, where humanity sinking into the abyss!

In pictures: London City Airport at 30 - BBC News

BBC - Travel - This desolate English path has killed more than 100 people

Spectacular cloud photographed over Australia - BBC News

PAY IT FORWARD, by repaying the thousand acts of kindness with a thousand of one’s own, as bystander, friend, colleague and doctor.

A thousand acts of kindness: gratitude in the wake of my daughter's accident | Ranjana Srivastava | Opinion | The Guardian: "paying it forward, repaying the thousand acts of kindness with a thousand of one’s own, as bystander, friend, colleague and doctor."

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WWIII possibility, growing and growing... U.S. allies versus China, N. Korea, maybe Russia on the other. We will lose this one!

Erasmus at 30: 1,000,000 babies | Euronews