Saturday, December 31, 2016

American Pathology!

31a1216 BLOK

31a1216 BLOK
A berry farm,
The charm,
Stupid land,
1950´s retro!
Costly ways,
Those days
Oil and rubber,
So much trouble!
Nee glamor the clamor
Paradise lost!


311216 BLOK

311216 BLOK
On the 29th I was a part of a program (see foto.) at a musuem (museo in Es.).  This, Isacio´s, SECRETOS DE GRANADA´S annual end-of-the-year offering (a performance of various acts).  Cesar, my Spanish cycling friend and I, we one `act,´ he interviewing me about my life.
Friend Elena read the lyrics from Bob Dyan´s ROLLING STONE (in Es. of course), as a way to introduce me.  Yes, I´m a `rolling      stone,´ that gathers no moss!
Additionally, since I´m quoted in Salva Rodriguez´s book, ASIA (he stayed with me in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, in 2010),  Cesar thought this was a good way to introduce me, as `hombre viejo en bicicleta.´  Then Cesar asked me about my life in the entertainment industry, Viet Name, etc.   My first public appearance in Granada.
There were a dozen other `acts,´ music (guitar players), readings, a flamingo dance, plus two videos. One, about old Granada City, the other a series of group fotos. from all of Isacio´s history tours. 
I have attended two of these, via Cesar. This to learn the history of Granada Province.  
When it was over a man came up to me and said something in Spanish.  Since I didn´t understand it exactly, and thought it to be some kind of compliment, I thanked him (`Gracias´!)  You can tell much about what a person is saying in a foreign language from the context. 
Outside with Cesar he told me about another man coming up to him and asking him if I was, in fact, as old as I claimed.  When Cesar confirmed, the man seemed amazed!
Actually I don´t know exactly how old I am anymore, as tend to forget my birth year.  Plus, I go by the Chinese way of counting from conception, instead of actual birth.  Thus, 78, is close enough.
Age is a state of mind, not a time of life!

The Best WIRED Photo Stories of 2016 | WIRED

Best Last Miles Solutions for Ditching Your Car | WIRED

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Year in Videogames: In a Chaotic 2016, the Best Games Took Away the Illusion That I Was in Control | WIRED

BBC - Future - The mystery of why you can't remember being a baby

Dagger in Tutankhamun's tomb was made with iron from a meteorite | World news | The Guardian

I was sitting in my favorite restaurant, when I saw an Moslem woman with two children, using a pay telephone. Nobody with any money uses a pay tele. anymore. I got up, walked outside and handed the woman 10E / $11U.S. At first she was afraid it was some kind of scam. Then when I said PARA NINOS, Y FELIZ NAVIDAD. She took it with thanks. RAOK!

Swiss cycling great Kubler dies aged 97

"Cinderella" opera written by 11-year-old Briton takes Vienna by storm

The Chinese are the mothers of builders!

Oh, the times they are achangin´

Profit is God, who cares about people?

American Pathology!

Oh, what a complicate world we´ve created. And it will be our undoing!

American Pathology!

Good grief: cinema’s new mood of despair | Film | The Guardian

We have it wrong, of coursse. WE SHOULD CELEBRATE DEATH, AND MOURN BIRTH!

And so the war begins. Of course, Trump will reverse such.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

We just love to fight, violence, war are us, all of us, the entire world!

China Just Gave Trump a 999-Foot-Long Middle Finger | The Fiscal Times

23 Friendliest Dog Breeds | PetBreeds

This article obviously bias against Trump.

291216 BLOK

291216 BLOK
On `life-threatening´diseases…
Guest what?
We´re all going to die, it´s only how and when!  Some people run marathons at age 84, some children die too young.
You´ve heard the expression, `The only constant is change!´  Everyday, with experience, we change, learn, grow, get older, etc.  We live in a dual existence, thus if born, we progress to dying (my `shedding the body´).  If we could live forever, we´d go insane!  Death, gives life meaning!´  Thus, knowing we´re going to lose the ego-body,  it´s important to use this wisely while we have such!   Most don´t, as unconscious, not knowing that they don´t know.
But, when we `shed the body,´ we lose only the gross material.  The spirit `lives´on!
So, I recommend you start identifying more with your spirit than your ego-body.  That way the `transition´ (what you call death) easier.
Life…. it´s a `life-threatening disease!´ Heal yourselves!


You´re never too old, until you think you are. I THINK THEREFORE I AM!

He’s 85 and Running Marathons. In Under 4 Hours.

Ed Whitlock remains at the forefront of older athletes who have led scientists to reassess the possibilities of aging and performance.

American Pathology!

‘A Bullet Could Hit Me and My Kids Anytime’

It has been a violent year in Chicago, and for thousands of children, just walking to school can be dangerous. That’s why about 1,300 workers line up along 142 Safe Passage routes.

In pictures: The 12 walks of Christmas - BBC News

I call it NATURE´S JOKE on us. It´s designed to proliferate the specias only. Modern life has complicated it to sell things. It always get attention because we´re so repressed about something natural. Notice the photo. used in the headline of this article! It´s to get men´s attention!

No! You can´t believe anything in the current commercial media!

The right question... Is our species worth saving? I think not!

Us old people are discarded like so much trash!f But, we´re the ones that know!

Colm Tóibín​​: James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist​, 100 years on​ | Books | The Guardian

I lived in Urumqi for several months, before all this tension. I liked it, as far as cities go.

Of course! We´ve been dumbed down, by Materialism. So, being stupid, we can´t understand anything complex!

This is when technology is good!

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Canine carers go to hospital with their master

And yet aother reason to avoid the traditional medical system.

More bicycle riding, more public transportation used!

Everything in the U.S. is about suing everyone for money. This guy waited 20 years, why?

American Pathology!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We´ll meet again, don´t know when, don´t know where!

War coming... But, no war, no peace!

Read ON THE BEACH by Nevil Shute.

The Planet Race!

281216 BLOK

281216 BLOK

Why do rock star and celebrities, so often die young, committing suicide either quickly or slowly... Most people think suicide is blowing your brains out like Hemingway.  Hemingway,  a coward ultimately, put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.  He felt no pain, and left the mess to be cleaned up by others.  But, a self-destructive life style, is also suicidal the slow more painful way.  I have some personal experience with this, when younger.  I´m a `failed suicide.´
Additionally, I worked with many celebrities, including Bob Dylan and Orson Welles.  Sometimes genius borders on insanity.  That´s one idea. The other has to do with an EGO so overblown, it can´t stand losing control.  Supposedly, Hemingway ended it because he couldn´t write anymore.  Welles, ate himself to death (out of frustration).
Thus, I´m personally in favor of choosing `when´ if possible.  Life, what is it anyway, as most people don´t understand what body consciousness is all about anyway.  I´m planning my own ´shedding´of such, not dwindling away in some nursing home.  I think as long as we can think, and go to the toilet without assistence, stay.  But, if not, choose your own way out of here...  There are other, greater worlds!


Virginia Woolf thought Ulysses was – not in her words – bollocks, calling it – in her words– “an illiterate, underbred book” as she raged in her diaries about the pressure to finish it: “I... have been amused, stimulated, charmed interested by the first 2 or 3 chapters--to the end of the Cemetery scene; & then puzzled, bored, irritated, & disillusioned as by a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples.”

Is James Joyce's Ulysses the hardest novel to finish? | Books | The Guardian: "Virginia Woolf thought Ulysses was – not in her words – bollocks, calling it – in her words– “an illiterate, underbred book” as she raged in her diaries about the pressure to finish it: “I... have been amused, stimulated, charmed interested by the first 2 or 3 chapters--to the end of the Cemetery scene; & then puzzled, bored, irritated, & disillusioned as by a queasy undergraduate scratching his pimples.”"

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The young Joyce sniffed a narrowness of vision among his contemporaries and was having none of it! THIS IS ME!

A portrait of Europe as an old friend, by James Joyce | Daniel Mulhall | Opinion | The Guardian: "The young Joyce sniffed a narrowness of vision among his contemporaries and was having none of it"

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You should have a new resolution every week of the year. How to evolve!

Bike-sharing revolution aims to put China back on two wheels | World news | The Guardian

Such B.X. from politicians. You watch when the U.S. and China get into it, in the South China Sea. Japan will jump into the fray!

The Longest-Living Countries | FindTheData

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Monday, December 26, 2016

BBC - Earth - In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion came out of nowhere

Trans-Siberian Railway: a view from Moscow to Vladivostok – a photo essay | Travel | The Guardian

MONEY IS GOD! What to do?


Now, what is more important, the live body in front of you talking, a colleague or friend?  No, that small screen!  I must check, `EXCUSE ME!´ It´s more important than you are.
People don´t realize what´s happening in the world, we´re becoming slaves to small screens.  I call them those people who make the small screen my important than the live person´thumbsters!´
Certainly, I´m drawn to the computer screen at home, but not everywhere!
FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE, THIS IS MASS MADNESS!  A line of dialogue from an motion picture called, NETWORK (1974).

The power of the Internet... Worldwide exposure.

My kind of house.

Pearl Harbor: What happened?

American Pathology!

And we call ourselves `peaceful!´ The largest weapons dealer in the world, the U.S.

We´re driving them and ourselves to extinction. But, maybe good!

Go Jill!

Trump right again!

American Pathology!

A refugee from Eithiopia, now a pharmacist in Denver, Colorado, U.S.

American Pathology!

Autumn my favorite season, a balance between summer and winter!

Slaves to their dumbphones!

American Pathology!

I would have to agree with TRUMP on this one.

America Is Finally Ready to Change the Way It Talks About Drugs | WIRED

In pictures: Yemen's displaced women and girls - BBC News

In pictures: Portraits of welcome - BBC News

So much for modern medicine!

'This is possible. We did it': the week Portugal ran on renewables | News | The Guardian

No fame, no fuss: eight heroes of 2016 | World news | The Guardian

Why George Michael turned his back on America | Music | The Guardian

What a farce!

American Pathology!

On Friday, October 13th, 1307, King Philip IV of France, in league with Pope Clement V ordered all Templars to be rounded up and thrown in prison. Refusing to capitulate, Jacques DeMolay would not confess and Philip ordered him burned at the stake. In 2007 the Vatican issued a proclamation declaring the Templars innocent of their alleged crimes. SO MUCH FOR WANTING PEACE!

Electricity produced from oceanic currents WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

261216 BLOK

261216 BLOK
Yes, Richard, it´s ultimately a mystery for us (circa. 2016 C.E.).  I believe, however, ancient peoples knew as closer, less distracted by materialism (ego).
You are fond of quoting Carl Sagan, who said something like the Universe is beyond our imagination.  I think it is our imagination, that created it, as object. 
From the `beginning´ every level of consciousness, every race of ´people´ has evolved from the spiritual to the gross material, nee the current ´challenge´ — subduing the ego.

If you have the mind to, read THE SECRET DOCTRINE, by H.P. Blavatsky (and Michael Gnomes) and/lor Rudolf Steiner.  The occult history of creation I believe to be the most accurate!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Things We Learned in 2016 - The New York Times

BBC - Culture - How falling in love can help you learn a language

Mixed fortunes in the world of clowning - BBC News

Sweden might be the loneliest country for expats

This is true! But, the Catholic Church, part of the problem,which he would be lo to admit!

Penguins on sky-high sightseeing tour of Big Apple

It´s about time the world stood up for Palestine!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The opiate of the masses, consumerism!

24d1216 BLOK

24d1216 BLOK
Respecto a basura, not disposed of properly…
I believe it has to do with conocimientos-consciousness.
Here are places where I have been there there is little basura in the rivers, and people know what to do with it, respecting Mother Earth:

the Scandanavian countries:  Norway, Sweden, Denmark.
the State of Oregon, U.S.A.
New Zealand

Bolivia, China, Mexico, just throw it out the window, or in the river.
For shame, is right!


24c1216 BLOK

24c1216 BLOK

How do the lyrics, go:

¨There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy
There's only you and me and we just disagree.¨

We all think we are good and true, projecting the bad onto others (to define us).
Trump is not a bad guy, we just disagree with him.
What to do?
Perfect ourselves first, then if others want to emulate, great.
The vast majority of people in the world, at least where I have been (30 countries) have the UNS!  This is why I ´no´humanity has little hope, as in the last one million years little in the way of human development has occurred. 
Religion prays for a savior to come and save us from ourselves!  But, even Jesus didn´t change much!
My only hope is that egoless robots will do the job, the ego hasn´t accomplished.


24b1216 BLOK

24b1216 BLOK 
The less material you can sustain yourself with, the better, as
The more you need in the way of material, the more enslaved you are!
I live on a bicycle, forced to do with less material, but more spiritual!
Join me!

24a1216 BLOK

24a1216 BLOK

BIG BROTHER is a tree,
500-years old!
`Tana Mahuta ́ (in the Maori language)
This one, a Spanish oak (Spanische Eiche), lives on a farm, in Granada, Spain.
What a fortunate tree, hidden from the homo sapien!
Even after 500 years, still healthy, still growing.
Lord of the forest!
P.S. Notice how I wasn ́t all that specific about the tree ́s location. I want only special people visiting BIG BROTHER. By the way, thanks for introducing me, as this was the highlight of the trip for me yesterday!
Our meeting, knowing each other Cesar, wasn ́t an accident. We were supposed to meet. The story about you asking Salva, about the old Americano in China, proves it. 

241216 BLOK

241216 BLOK
I´m going to find a place
Where the dogs don´t bark,
And babies don´t cry,
Where it´s against the law to honk your horn,
Where people don´t yell,
Where the only sounds are the birds,
The wind in the trees talking to you!
Where silence is Golden!


21a1216 BLOK

21a1216 BLOK
They just are!
They don´t have to go anywhere, or do anything.  So do, some don´t.
They just are!
They don´t have to work, or play.  So do, some don´t,
The just are!
They don´t have to dance or sing.
They just are!
They don´t have to do anything,
They just are in space-time,
But, only ´noing´the present.
They just are,
The plants,
The trees,
The rocks,
It just is!

The Economist explains 2016: The most popular explainers of 2016 | The Economist

Take a 360-Degree Tour of NASA's Operation Icebridge P-3 Prop Plane | WIRED

Encryption App ‘Signal’ Fights Censorship With a Clever Workaround | WIRED

Pregnant women sometimes joke that their developing foetus feels like an energy-sapping parasite. In a sense it really is, and its energy demands grow with every passing day.

BBC - Earth - The real reasons why childbirth is so painful and dangerous: "Pregnant women sometimes joke that their developing foetus feels like an energy-sapping parasite. In a sense it really is, and its energy demands grow with every passing day."

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BBC - Earth - How much of your body is your own?

Go wild with a Moroccan adventure - The Times & The Sunday Times

And, let there be WWIII!

L'Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels Marrakech | ESAV Marrakech

Friday, December 23, 2016

American Pathology!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Language is culture. Move there if you want to learn it.

BBC - Capital - Even English speakers are baffled by these words

Modern life, destructive! And it will be the death of us!

Not `Death by China,´but `Death by Stupidity!´

And if you believe in such, you must also believe in the tooth fairy!

Romania set to have its first woman and first Muslim as PM

All modern life is conflict. There´s no compromising!

211216 BLOK

211216 BLOK
Winter solstice in N. Hemisphere, @ 20 miles / 30KM PER SECOND!
If you want a good life, give!
Not just at Christmas, but
With no expection, GIVE!
It all comes back to you,
In energy,
In blessings,
in love!
Learn to give, not take
Drive into the heart of evil, the stake!
Give, you´ll receive!

P.S. The worse thing that can happen to you, is to win a lottery!

Tyranny does not begin with violence; it begins with the first gesture of collaboration. Its most enduring crime is drawing decent men and women into its siege of the truth. ♦

When Tyranny Takes Hold - The New Yorker: "Tyranny does not begin with violence; it begins with the first gesture of collaboration. Its most enduring crime is drawing decent men and women into its siege of the truth. ♦"

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

These people have it right!

Our obsession with the economy is destroying democracy – video | Opinion | The Guardian

China Mobile reveals 4G customer base has reached 510 million

Think about riding a bicycle, hyperventilating this shit!

Nothing new here!

Oh, let´s forget our children died, and let´s get some money. We have to blame someone!

American Pathology!

Stunning Photos Around the World, in the Light of the Full Moon | WIRED

The vegan boss who followed his heart and made millions - BBC News

BBC - Autos - The London gallows where pirates were hanged

To the unevolved, violence solves all problems. The human race imploding!

Vagina Dispatches: your questions about healthy periods answered | Life and style | The Guardian

I´ve been saying the same thing for years now! The human race is committing suicide, but maybe that´s a good idea!

U.S. culture has been dumbed down!

Skyscraper Santa surprises Berlin kids

201216 BLOK

201216 BLOK
`Their´ is `know´ movie!
The past,
The future,
Against the present!
Now, is all we have!
`Their´ is ´know´ past!
`There´ is `know´ future,
Only now!
When you `no´ 
The past, and
´Know´ the future,
`Their´is `know´ movie!


It´s all fake! Modern life is fake!

Monday, December 19, 2016

How to make millions heating empty sheds

Of course, not taking any responsibility for the loss!

GOD IS ANGRY! At all the killing!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Broader casting: “The OA” and “Stranger Things” reveal Netflix’s creative ambition | The Economist

Cuba, The country full of contradictions

Troubled times make it hard to be an optimist. But I don't plan to stop | Mary Elizabeth Williams | Opinion | The Guardian

American Pathology

I do believe the U.S. and China WILL GO TO WAR. I lived in China for five years, I know their military can´t wait to prove themselves, and particularly against Japan (revenge for the ´Rape of Nanjing´). Something will happen in the SCS, to provoke retaliation, and then...

You never know...

181216 BLOK

181216 BLOK 
¨If you don´t get what your want (this Christmas), it´s a sign that either you didn´t want it enough, or that you didn´t want to pay the price!¨ Rudyard Kipling
What is the price?  ¨Knowing Thyself!¨
And the way to achieve…
¨The road to consciousness is peppered with adversity.  Those who ascend do so by leaving the comforts of their familiar world or home, and embark on a journey full of the unknown;  trials and tribulaitons!  This is the ´Road less travelled!´
But, to go you must believe in yourself and your inherent power!
´People who recognize the power of their immortal spirit, and it´s omnipotent protection have nothing to fear!
Understand that the external world is an environment of subjective thought!  You can mold the world to your desires by the conscious control of your own thinking!´
`All that Adam had, all the Caesar could, you have and can do!  Build, therefore, you own world!¨ Ralph Waldo Emerson 
This is the reason you have a body and have been given a life!
´Your true mission in this life is to become the highest expression of yourself (by living in the present)!
Sogyal Rinpoche said:  ´The purpose of life is to achieve union with your fundamental enlightened nature, and to realize and embody your true being!`
Make 2017, the year you built your own world!´


Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory - The New York Times

Obituary: Esma Redzepova | The Economist

China’s digital dictatorship | The Economist

Tour the Original Air Force One Flown by Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, and Nixon | WIRED

Read, H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gnomes, THE SECRET DOCTRINE!

BChildren of Men. Alfonso Cuarón’s feverish dystopian chase thriller is set in a decade’s time, in 2027

BBC - Culture - The 10 most beautiful ceilings in the world

BBC - Culture - Why these anatomical models are not disgusting

“The cosmos is within us,” the astrophysicist Carl Sagan once wrote, “we are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”.

BBC - Culture - The lie that the stars tell us: "“The cosmos is within us,” the astrophysicist Carl Sagan once wrote, “we are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”."

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Bold, brilliant Indigenous Australian women's art – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Bold, brilliant Indigenous Australian women's art – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian: "Martu. Ngayarta Kujarra depicts Lake Dora, a salt lake in the East Pilbara, Western Australia, the traditional country of the Martu people."

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Paris gets its skates on!

American Pathology!

Assange Implies That Trump Could Be Next

In last-shot bid, thousands urge electoral college to block Trump at Monday vote - The Washington Post

The Geography of Hate in the U.S. - CityLab

171216 BLOK

171216 BLOK
I am crying
For all of humanity.
I´m crying
For my sisters,
I´m crying
For the children,
I´m crying
For my brothers,
I´m crying
For my cycling partners,
I´m crying
For my enemies,
I´m crying
For my parents long gone,
I´m crying
For the trees,
I´m crying
For the animals,
The birds.
I´m crying
For the plants,
I´m crying
For Mother Earth,
The sky, the stars,
The unknown!
I am crying!
Peace on earth, and mercy for all!
Let God and sinners reconcile!

David Remnick: Trump’s win is ‘an American tragedy’ - BBC News

Not me!

Only in the political realm have we somehow drifted into a world in which no one can be trusted, not on questions of judgment, nor even on questions of fact. But we cannot live in such a world. Evidence, facts and reason are the building blocks of civilisation. Without them we plunge into darkness.

Don’t call it post-truth. There’s a simpler word: lies | Jonathan Freedland | Opinion | The Guardian: "Only in the political realm have we somehow drifted into a world in which no one can be trusted, not on questions of judgment, nor even on questions of fact. But we cannot live in such a world. Evidence, facts and reason are the building blocks of civilisation. Without them we plunge into darkness.


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The basic problem, never addressed: Over population and dwindling resources!

A good idea, publix embarrassment!

When you fail, always blame someone else!

Anne Frank may not have been betrayed to Nazis, study finds | Books | The Guardian

The Best of Arts and Culture in Europe and in the World

Certainly, WW111 coming! Russia in Europe, the U.S. and China over South China Sea.

War coming for sure...

6,000 Miles on a Shopping Bike - The New York Times

Friday, December 16, 2016

161216 BLOK

161216 BLOK
In my dreams
Is Christmas
Everywhere I go,
From St. Louis,
To Tucson,
To Portuguese Bending
Unto China!
Santa Claus
And Rein dear to me,
Let´s go
Bringing the past
Into the future
Omni presents
Coming down the chimney
Everything laid out,
Love the answer,


To Understand what the truth is, Learn Russian - The New York Times

Overstock Begins Trading Its Stock Via the Bitcoin Blockchain | WIRED

BBC - Future - Why bees could be the secret to superhuman intelligence

BBC - Capital - You need to go back to school to relearn English

Humanity is committing suicide, but maybe that´s good!

American Pathology!

Chile minister's sex doll gift blows up into Twitter storm

Thursday, December 15, 2016

The post-truth era of Trump is just what Nietzsche predicted -

Oh, let´s make war! We´re so good at it!

Meet John Knoll, the Special Effects Genius Behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | WIRED

Meet John Knoll, the Special Effects Genius Behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | WIRED

Coober Pedy Is Like Any Other Mining Town---Except It’s Almost Entirely Underground | WIRED

In pictures: The Art of Building 2016 - BBC News

In pictures: The Art of Building 2016 - BBC News: "Marco Grassi: "Since June 2016, everything has changed in Larung Gar, but almost nobody knows. What before was the largest Buddhist settlement in the world, a remote place out of the modern society where nuns and monks led a passive life, is now being demolished by Chinese authorities.""

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BBC - Earth - Forget Dubai, Brits were building islands 5,000 years ago

Certainly, it´s not in the material...

151216 BLOK

151216 BLOK
Does the cat
Hold your tongues
On the lower rungs,
From the truth?
Truth, the consequences
Past and present,
No future,
To share,
To dare
Be alive?
Why drive
With `know´place to go
Beyond the Veil!

Yes, a ´Hard Rains Gonna Fall!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Another peculiarity is that male seahorses are the ones to become pregnant.

Researchers sequence entire genome of seahorse, investigate essential mechanisms of evolution: "Another peculiarity is that male seahorses are the ones to become pregnant."

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So much for loving...

Massive Atlantic wave sets record, says World Meteorological Organization - BBC News

We´ll meet again, don´t know when, don´t know where!

Edward Snowden: Fight ‘Fake News’ With Truth, Not Censorship

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Out of sync with the sun, Spain... | The Economist

Mount St. Helens Gets Hit By a Swarm of Earthquakes | WIRED

Sparkling starscapes caught on camera - BBC News

Read ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Micheel Gomes

I notice this with me!

Influential in the wrong way!

Children trapped in building under attack in Aleppo, doctor tells UN | World news | The Guardian


American Pathology!

Christians are least educated religious group in U.S., report says -

Saber rattling!

Bitcoin prices are at a 2016 high, despite Silicon Valley having soured on the currency — Quartz

What is the Russian Order of Friendship, and why does Rex Tillerson have one? - The Washington Post

Monday, December 12, 2016

Read THE SECRET DOCTRINE by H.P. Blavatsky.

Quantum Gravity Research Could Unearth the True Nature of Time | WIRED: "Other theoretical work has led to similar conclusions. Geometric patterns, such as the amplituhedron, that describe the outcomes of particle interactions also suggest that reality emerges from something timeless and purely mathematical."

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How Rogue One’s Alan Tudyk Turned Himself Into a 7-Foot Droid | WIRED

BBC - Autos - Inside the world's longest rail tunnel

Humans in the process of becoming androids, cyborgs, and robots!

Jane Fonda targets Trump over climate and inequality: 'A boy in the bully pulpit' | Film | The Guardian

What the article doesn´t say or understand, is that Coptic Christianity owes its beginnings in India.

They´re all the same, politicians, the bottom of the barrel! But, it´s us that are stupid as we elect them!

Good idea!

121216 BLOK

121216 BLOK
For my BD, I trekked 13KM /. 7 miles, this at what they call in Spanish, the Tajo de Cacin, a deep river canyon.  This was at the invitation of my good friend Cesar, to accompany him and two other friends, Javi and Jose.  Javi is a young man who just moved into the Monachil area (alto vale), and his brother, Jose, a taxi driver from Madrid. 
Cesar, being 58-years old, described the hike as easy, but for me now at 78, anything but.  On the otherhand, Cesar keeps me young trying to stay up with him.  Like… he didn´t tell me we´d be climbing rock walls with fixed ropes, up and down steel ladders, and crossing slippery suspension bridges.  By the time, we got back to Javi´s parked automibile, some five-hours later, I was exhausted, but happy I hadn´t fallen.  For older people, falling is easier, and more devestating, as takes so much longer to heal.  Younger people never even think about such. 
It was, however, spectacular geology and sceneery, now late Autumn (Ontono in Es.), the poplar trees shedding their yellow leaves. (for fotos. my usual place… the Gallery at 
After some refreshment at a local cafe (always on the agenda), we drove another twenty kilometers to a hot springs (fotos. included).  Me, after changing clothes, amost slipping on some rocks, managed to get into the pool, the water hot, but not too hot, perfect actually — ahhhhhhhh… as Cesar had brought some of Eduardo´s home brew which I sampled.  I managed a quiet, ´This is the life!´ 
I will always remember the hot springs in Oregon, U.S.A. (35-years ago), when we would hike through native growth (old) fir trees, on New Year´s Eve.  The U.S Forest Service had built a wooden bath house, the tubs hewned out logs.  The hot, hot, hot water, so hot, we would have to go down to the river, and fill buckets with colder water to even get into the tub.  These tubs were fed from the hot springs via a trough.  You would pull out a wooden stopper to fill the tub.  I think there were something like six tubs, separated by walls, for some privacy — a good time was had by all, stoned on marijuana, and drinking champagne to bring in the New Year.  And whatever hanky-panky went on… Needless to say, it was quite a party.  Then, stumbling back in the dark, some three-miles to the parked automobiles.  Those were the days my friends, we thought they´d never end!
After the hot springs (35-years later), we went on to Alhama, an old Moorish village, overrun by the Catholics, in the 15th C.  This now a tourist destination to partake of some interesting history.  We walked around the town, then refreshed at a Cafe before heading back to Monachil (100Km distance).
Riding back in Javi´s automobile, I reminsced on all the times driving in an automobile at night (in the U.S.) — nostalgia staring at the passing lights, and so easy, compared to cycling at night, and sometimes in the dark in China. 
I think I got into bed by 2200 hours, about the time Spanish people have dinner.  Everything is later in Spain, except for the rain, which stays mainly on the plain!  ´By God, I think she´s got it!´


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081216 BLOK

081216 BLOK
Riding scooters,
Up and down,
Up and down.
Plastic cars
Up and down,
Up and down,
And all around.
Faster! faster, faster!
The Monachil River, 
It flows…
The kids scream!
The dogs bark!
The River sings!
Plastic cars
Up and down
And all around!
Faster, faster, faster
The Monachil River,
It flows…
Giving life!