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100 Women 2016: Meet Megan, the British Army's 'lone piper' - BBC News


Tiger feat - dog at German zoo helps raise abandoned cubs

American Pathology!

Spain Is Changing The Names Of Its Streets, From Autocratic Men To Notable Women | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

American Pathology!

Virtual personal assistants, nee Clara

Lights, Camera, time for action! More women in technical roles on the set!

A closer look at the young Kafka | The Economist

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The Cannabis Capitalists...

Behind the Scenes With the Best Drummers in the World | WIRED

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Water, electricity, resources, always a trade off...

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Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden's 'untenable exile' | US news | The Guardian

Spain’s recovery story shines through the global gloom

American Pathology!

Obama should pursue leniency for Edward Snowden | TheHill

This is good!

Wait Until the Accountants Get Replaced by Robots. Without egos, they may do a better job!

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Drop Into an Enchanting Desert Canyon (But Do Mind the Floods) | WIRED

And this ´drool,´a part of the problem -- consumerism turning us into robots!

Ex-astronaut's plans to take tourists to outer atmosphere - BBC News

'Sieranevada' Christi Puiu's latest dissection of Romanian life

Yea, politicians always want to change things, but the only thing they end up changing is their bottom line!

Women of the world unite, you have only your husbands to lose!

HBO launches in Spain with Vodafone » Digital TV Europe

A green-fingered entrepreneur in Gothenburg

Of course, it always does! And who ends up paying, but the citizens!

Go Jill!

Yes, let´s rush there to exploit and trash out like we have mother earth!

Governments the parasites on the populace!

They´re all such fulll of shit! What about our civil rights, in the U.S. -- disappearing!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

China’s New Way of Controlling Society Grades You on Behavior

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Fairy Tales Still Inspire Modern Female Writers | WIRED

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BBC - Earth - The journey that reveals the scope of Earth's history

Johnny and I cycled the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

BBC - Earth - The journey that reveals the scope of Earth's history

Religion nee war, good for reducing over population!

Julian Barnes: letting US authors compete for Booker prize is 'daft' | Books | The Guardian

They say a benevolent dictator the best form of government!

And maybe this is good, as we can´t control ourselves!

Car-free Belgium: why can't Brussels match Ghent's pedestrianised vision? | Cities | The Guardian

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Spain: 80 years on, Madrid remembers the International Brigades | Green Left Weekly

Light, water, heat a luxury for millions in Spain | world-news | Hindustan Times

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Poor Nepal!

Internet mogul Josh Harris now lives in grubby Las Vegas apartment in fear of FBI | Daily Mail Online

Isabelle Huppert Says Michael Cimino “Never Got Over” Heaven’s Gate | Vanity Fair

Baby's reaction to seeing snow for the first time will melt your heart -

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Estonia’s New Premier...

Estonia’s New Premier Comes From Party With Links to Russia

TALLINN, Estonia — Juri Ratas, the new leader of a party whose strongest support comes from the country’s ethnic Russians, has been named the next prime minister of Estonia.
Despite having the second-largest number of seats in Estonia’s Parliament, the Center Party had long been shut out of power for its links to the United Russia party of Vladimir V. Putin.
But the Center Party successfully formed a coalition of sharply contrasting ideologies by teaming up with the left-leaning Social Democrats and the right-wing IRL party.
The new coalition government is expected to be formally approved on Monday.
The ousting of the Center Party’s long-serving boss, Edgar Savisaar, is widely seen as having opened the door for the party to come in from the cold of longstanding opposition. With his removal, the party has distanced itself from its connections to United Russia, first brokered by Mr. Savisaar more than 10 years ago, but it has not renounced them entirely.
“This agreement has never been put in practice,” Mr. Ratas said, referring to the decade-old pact with United Russia. “The situation will not change until the Kremlin returns to respecting international law.”
According to news reports at the time the pact was signed, the agreement called for forming interparty committees in areas like education and culture, and strengthening relationships among elected party members.
Sven Mikser of the Social Democrats, who will serve as the next foreign minister, said the change of leadership was crucial to the coalition. “With the internal revolution of the Center Party, the main obstacle was removed,” he said.
Mr. Ratas, a former mayor of Tallinn, the capital, said Estonia would remain committed to NATO and the European Union.
“We value highly the E.U. and its unity; our commitment to NATO is steadfast,” Mr. Ratas, 38, said in a statement. “Estonia supports the current policy of the European Union toward Russia. The Kremlin has to honor international law and the sovereignty of its neighbors.”
Estonia’s political situation has been in a state of flux since the former prime minister, Taavi Roivas, of the center-right Reform Party, lost power in a parliamentary vote of no confidence on Nov. 9.
His removal from office had been looming since the Social Democrats and the IRL party quit the government.
What unites the new coalition “is that they are all fed up with the Reform Party,” said Kadri Liik, a senior fellow at the European Center on Foreign Relations. She said the IRL party would be fighting to be a distinctive voice on the right in what would be a largely center-left agenda.
Mr. Mikser said the new government would pursue a progressive agenda that would seek tax breaks for the least well off, and would emphasize improving Estonia’s social safety net, jobs market and education.
Estonia, a member of the European Union, is one of the few countries in the NATO alliance that spends at least 2 percent of its gross domestic product on defense. It has taken a tough stance against Russia since that country’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, supporting sanctions and hailing them as a success.
Ms. Liik noted that the Center Party would be in a “fragile position” because it might find it difficult to hold on to the votes of ethnic Russians while in government.
And according to Mr. Mikser, it was possible that there could be an attempt to set up a new ethnic Russian party after the removal of Mr. Savisaar.
“Savisaar was a central figure,” Mr. Mikser said. “The bulk of the Russian-speaking electorate were loyal to him personally.”
Just as the coalition agreements were being completed, Russia lifted a ban on some canned fish imports from Estonia and Latvia. Russia had put the ban in place in response to the European Union’s decision over a year ago to place sanctions on Russia because of its intervention in Ukraine.

271116 BLOK

271116 BLOK
Is our human struggle with duality (good and bad), a projection of an inner struggle for balance?  
To me, what I know about humanity (family, friends, people in general), is that we project  the `bad´onto others. I AM RIGHT, AND YOU ARE WRONG!  If only you´d agree with me, the world would be better off. Rarely, do we take responsibility for our own misdeeds.  
To me, there are no more profound English words than Walt Kelly´s (a comic strip writer).  Something I often quote, yet people don´t want to hear because of its inherent truth:  WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!  And all of us, doesn´t matter where we live on earth!  Thus, modern life is overflowing, with strife:  dismay, anger, violence, murder, war and all of its resultant suffering!  There are people, who don´t want to hear about this and bury their heads in the sand!   These are the people part of the problem, not part of the solution!
What is the solution?  Greater consciousness!
Instead of offering my own definition, however, I´m going to offer an experiment:  I´m going to ask every one to reply with their own definition of consciousness.  And if there are none, or just a few, I will respond by my oft quote of F. Kafka´s!

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American Pathology!

Why am I not surprised?

So much for the Christmas spirit! American Pathology!

And Jill Stein should be president!

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BBC - Travel - The world’s most generous countries

Cuba's Fidel Castro, former president, dies aged 90 - BBC News

Oscars 2017: 11 female performances too good to be overlooked | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Here´s the thing about celebrities... They´ll do anything to become one. Then when they are they want privacy. Sorry!

Edward Snowden loses case over travel to Norway

Raining in Portland, Oregon,I´m shocked!

25b1116 BLOK

25b1116 BLOK
24th November, Thanksgiving in the U.S.
I went into Granada, to have my Thanksgiving meal at my favorite vegan restaurant, Hicuri. But, I had other things to do as well.
I didn´t depart until 0915, but going down the coldest I felt, the wind chill getting to my hands.  My feet, the rest of me warm enough as wearing four layers.  I´ve noticed the older I get the less I´m able to deal with the cold.
I said a greeting to my trees as I passed, but didn´t stop, as had to water.  Plus, it had rained the two previous.  Today, it was partly, which helped, the sun strong at this lattitude. 
My first stop was at MoviStar, to ask again about their system.  But, again, she didn´t understand the written message even in Google Spanish.  She thought I wanted to purchase a 2G telefono, but I was asking about their mobile system, if it supported 2G.  
It´s not only the language in non-speaking English countries, but the education of the workers.  They don´t teach them how to think, but just to react, and go by the rules.  If there´s anything unusual, they just don´t know what to do.  In this case, she should have said, ´Wait a minute, I´ll find out for you, or get someone who can help you.´ There´s no such think as customer service anymore!  Or, what I call customer service.
I needed a toilet badly, so I went to where I know a good one is, the largest department store in Granada called LOS INGLES (I think.).  I´ve been there several times before using the aseos, but today, since I had time, I spent an hour looking.  
On the floor where they selll eledtronics, I discovered I could purchase a drone for only $700U.S.  It comes in a box.  I also spied two inexpensive mobile tele. made by Telefunken (German).  A telefono by Telefunken.  But, no sales person handy to ask to see, so I moved on.  Basically, I was looking for something to buy for Chen Xi, Xutan´s wife.  I saw a couple of possibilities, but decided to wait. 
Afterwards, I stopped by Correos Oficina Principal, to check my box, but surprised nothing was there.  I´m do to collect some more books sent from Amazon.
Onward I went in search of my Ganoderma, at a farmacia, as had been instructed by Eduardo in Seville.  I went to the one, where the friendly man works, but he wasn´t there.  But, the woman read the note in Google Spanish, found the pills, and wow, all so efficient compared to MoviStar.  I was out of there in ten minutes! 
Next, Triodos, and the ATM to check my account balance.
And since it was now 1200, I headed for Hicuri.
Here, I had my Thanksgiving feast, first thanking the earth, the soil, the plants, the people, all the things that go into bringing a cooked meal to your table.  When you think about the effort, the energy, the organization, transportation, processing, preparation, cooking, waiting, etc., it´s a miracle, really!  Of course, people just take it for granted.
Anyway, I lingered and enjoyed, and then afterwards, writing about the day, digesting such a volume of food.  I had, for dessert, my favorite, tirimasu.  Normally, it´s so rich, I don´t partake of more than once or twice a year.  But, this healthy version, with no alcohol or dairy, was wonderfully light, and muy rico, as they say in Latin countries.
On the way out, I stopped to add some energy bars, but there were none.  They did have chocolate, which cost 7E or $8U.S.  I think the total tab was 23E, and I gave the change from 25E as propina (tip).  They´re aleays gratful when you tip, as it´s not required.  Cesar even scolds me for tipping. 
Departing I was accosted by the owner, who recognized me as the guy that comes on a bicycle.  He turned out to be a cyclist as well, and even more ironic, lives in Monachil Pueblo (like me).  I gave thim my card and sticker QUEMA GRASA, NO GASOLINA! and he gave me the book he´d written on vergetarianism.  Of course, in Spanish, but happy to have.  Additionally, he wants me to try out his electric mountain bike he ride back and forth.  We made plans to cycle together sometime. 
Next, on to Carrefour, to do some serious shopping.  I needed food of course, but I wanted to check out an electric heater, and rice cooker.  I ended up purchasing both, plus a poinsettia plant, totaling 80E or $90U.S.  I had to use my bank card for the first time, the Triodos one, but it worked. 
Outside, I had to spend some time loading all of it.
Up the hill, my now almost regular chest pain, that I can´t decide is angina or an ulcer.  Most people would stop cycling and/or rush to a doctor.  But, I´m different.  I actually think it´s an ulcer.  How could I exert so hard, so much and have a heart problem.  Plus, my father had an ulcer.  Anyway, if I don´t die of a heart attack, I guess I´ll figure it out.
At home I turned off the wall heater and turned on my new Bluesky fan heater.  It seems to work.
I´m trying desperately not to use so much electricity, as it´s very expensive in Spain (i´m told).  I don´t want to be shocked in February when the bill for three months is presented.
Stay tuned!


25a1116 BLOK

171116 BLOK
From the 7th through the 14th (November), I went with friend Cesar on two trips, the first without bicycle, the second with bicycle.  
The first I would entitle, HONGOS, CASTANAS, JAMON AND MOSQUES, the second, RONDA, TWO MOONS AND THE FERROCARRIL…  These two trips, separated by returning to Monachil one day, as Cesar had to work in the middle on day. 
The first we departed `Monachill out´ (as I call the village) in Cesar´s Nissan van, heading first for Seville, some 250KM or 175 miles west of Granada.  Then, after meeting several joining us, on to Toine´s (Dutch friend) casa en el campo (in Almonaster la Real). This another 100KM northwest of Seville. The nearest town to Almonaster of any size is Aracena, as in de la Sierra de Aracena.  This is the land of the famous pig who eats nothing but acorns, thus his ham (jamon de Iribica) very expensive.
First stop, however, in Seville, after  2.5 hours, to meet Eduardo, the mushroom (hongos) expert.  
I learned much about Sevilla, on the Rio Guadalquivir, from Cesar, always educating me about Spain.  First, of all, it was where all the gold and silver from South America first landed.  Thus, it became a city where many people flocked (as rich).  Secondly, it´s the departure City from where Columbus sailed to discover the Americas (for Europeans).  It is the `capitol´of Andulasia Region, the commercial center, with something like one million inhabitants.  Provincial and conservative is how Cesar described it, as having lived there for seven years.  Supposely, now it´s the cycling capitol of southern Europe, as flat and warm year round (low in elevation).  And I did see many cyclists. 
Once in centro we met Eduardo, and picked up Antonio nearby.  Then we drove to Eduardo´s to exchange vehicles as Cesar´s van only has three seats, and we were four.  Then in Eduardo´s sedan we met Toine (Tuan), a Dutch man who´s lived in Spain for 30 years.  It was his house we were going to stay for two nights, but still another 100KM distance.  Cesar went with Toine, and we followed, Eduardo driving, Antonio, and me in the back.
Eduardo pointed out an ancient Roman settlement northwest of Sevilla.  Yes, Spain, not called that 2K years ago, was part of the Roman Empire. 
One thing I like about southern Spain is the terrain, as it reminds me of the southwestern region of the U.S.  Desert, hilly, and mountanous, mostly dry, although close to the Mediterranean Sea.
We drove out of the Guadalquivir valley,and up into the Sierra Morena, an area I´d never been before.  Thanks to Cesar, I´m getting around southern Spain, at least.
At Aracena, the largest town in the area we stopped, first to shop for food in a Mercadona (Spainish chain of super markets), and then next door, for them to purchase meat.  These guys all meat eaters, even Antonio, suffering from prostate cancer. 
When the local restaurant was closed we drove on to another village, where we had lunch. I think the village was called, Carboneras, but not sure.  I had a eggplant (berenjena in Es.) dish, and paid for the group.
Next, was a side trip to meet a ildefonso´s friend (Cesar´s friend of a friend),, a woman with a hotel.  We drove winding up and down , this way and that way, through narrow streets of a village called, Cortelazor.  We stopped asking to find the hotel called, La Flamenca Inn.  Finally after seaching, asking, we found, parked, and then walked a block to an unspectacular door.  However, inside, something quite spectacular which I wasn´t prepared for, a 500,000E (almost 1 million $ U.S.) renovation, furnished by antiques from all over the world.  The Innkeeper´s name, Lola, and with British husband, they spent five years turning an old house into this charming Inn.  In one bedroom is a bed originally from Alexandria, Egypt, and in another, Anna Freud´s dresser.  We got the grand tour, the perfect hideaway.  Her website is: for those who want to get away from it all!  And it´s not expensive, at 80E / $90U.S. per night, depending on the room. Consider what you´re getting, once you get there.  By the way, I took a few fotos. when there was light enough, and, as always, at
We then drove on to Almonaster la Real, where Tuan´s country house is located.
Up a road we went, then turned onto his property, and steeply up a dirt driveway.  This hilly country covered with cork, chestnut, and Spanish Oak (Encena) trees. And the reason for the trip this time of year, the mushrooms were up and ready to be picked — they like rain or humidity.  
The house turned out to be much more than I expected, as he´s been fixing it up for years.  Perfect timing for me, as had most of the amenities, solar electricity, hot water, a modern kitchen, and a wood burning fireplace (where I sat).   The house, originally, just a one-room dwelling, for a herder, now has two floors and four bedrooms.  They gave me the master bedroom, I guess because I am the oldest.  I promptly screwed that up by sleeping that night between the sheets.  But, it´s the reason Cesar had said to bring a sleeping bag which I had with me.  But, I hadn´t realized it was to be used so they didn´t have to wash the bed sheets. 
We got a tour around the place, a nice view of Almonaster and the old Mosque below (many fotos. at  
Tuan, born in Leiden, TN, has thought of everything.  There was a winter´s supply of fire wood neatly stacked under a drying roof.  Thus, the wood burned.
At dinner time, I laid out my offerings, queso (cheese in Ingles), pate with crackers, but everyone had brought his own.  I ate my cheese sandwich for dinner, and made coffee. 
I was the first to go to bed.  Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.  Maybe wise in my case, but certainly not $ wealthy. 
I was, however, the first one up the next morning, making a fire in the fireplace and coffee via a gas stove. Antonio, was next, as older people get up before younger people.  I ate my muesli and magdelina de integral (whole wheat muffin) with more cafe.  I found it a little strange that the fully equipped cocina (kitchen in Es.) had no tea pot.  So, I know what I´ll bring if I ever return.
We were off and up the hill on our mushroom-hunting quest, before 1000.  This was something like a treasure or Easter egg hunt, as we were looking for growing mushrooms, and they´re not always easy to spot.  Of course, Eduardo the expert so we followed his lead.  He cautioned us about the poisonous ones.  But, he also identified the best of the edible ones, named for Augustus Caesar, who prized them.  We had our own Cesar along.  But, primarily we were after the Arnitas (the edible kind) and the boletus, according to Eduardo. 
People spread out, off the path, while I concentrated on taking fotos. of them. 
I think I picked two, the rest, more diligent, found it a harvest of sorts, and we ended up with baskets full.
Up and up we walked the weather perfect for such, sunny, cool.  We were lucky as the very next day overcast, rainy and cold —  what the mushrooms prefer.
On the hike up, I learned about chestnut trees as well (castanas in Es.).  They thing you roast comes in a…? Courtesy of Wikipedia: ¨The fruit is contained in a spiny (very sharp) cupule, also called `bur´ or ´burr.´”  We found many on the ground, some of which I brought home.  I only know about chestnuts, as what the roast and sell on the streets of N.Y.C., in the Fall and winter.  I don´t think I had much of a taste for them, as can´t remember eating them.  But, I remember the Christmas carol, ¨Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose…¨  So, chestnuts must be an Autumn phenom.
At the top, after about two hours, we stopped at a mirador, or ´view point.´ We could see about six different villages, up and down hills, one (Jubugo) famous for Jamon Irebico, or black pig ham.  It´s a Spanish delicacy, and very expensive.  The pigs, running semi-wild eat nothing but acorns, and thus the meat has a particular, and much desirable flavor.  I sampled some later, but didn´t think much of it, as I´m a quasi vegan.  I did purchase a packet of it later, with the idea of sending it to my CPA in the U.S., Lyn.  But, changed my mind because the U.S. Customs challenge (tough to get food into the U.S.).  It will go instead to Ignacio and his family at his Fundacion, near Granada City. 
At the very top, the summit, where there are many antenna towers we paused again for the views.  You can see the Mediterrean Sea from here, and also the country of Portugal.
Then, down and down a different route.
Eduardo cooked the mushrooms for lunch, which I thought they were a bit lacking taste — an acquired one, i´m sure.  I like my food, mushrooms, a bit more seasoned.  
After lunch, I sat in the sun on a comfortable lawn chair Tuan provided.  Toine´s (the Dutch spelling) is quite a good host, always thinking of his guests.  I took off my boots and socks, thinking about dealing with my hongos toe nail, biting into my other toe, causing pain when walking.  I asked Tuan if he had any wire cutters, as that´s what I use to cut this aberration, this deformation of a toe nail.  It´s so thick as to require such this unusual tool to cut.  But, he didn´t have what I needed so I put a plaster (bandaid in Ingles) on the corn toe.  I tried to nap, but couldn´t.
When the sun went down, I sat by the fire, where they grilled the meat they´d bought.  They drank beer talked and talked.  I went to bed early as usual.  Note, I think Latin people are the most vocal of any I´ve ever experienced.  If two Espanoles are together, they´re talking! 
The next morning dawned overcast and rainy.  I was worried about the wood burning, but Tuan has a special chemical starter that worked well. 
Cesar, Eduardo and Tuan, drove off in search of more hongos at another location.  Antonio and I walked down into Almonaster, as we wanted to partake of Spain´s oldest Mosque, some 1,200 years old.
The village, clean, organized and impressive actually.  Not like Bolivia.
And the mosque, what an experience to touch walls that old.  I felt honored to be there, actually and alone, as Antonio and I the only ones on this rainy, cool day. Again, many fotos. at
We took the old Roman road (this 2K years old) up the hill to Tuan´s house — I followed Antonio, as I thought he knew the way. Feeling an ancient presence even as we hurried.  It had started to rain more seriously.  Then, we kinda lost our way.  I thought the way would be obvious, or that Antonio knew, but when we went through a barbed wire fence, and into the forest, I began to wonder.  But, he´s, like me, with much outdoor experience, and we figured it out.  We had gone too far, and discovering the dirt road, knew we had to go down.  But, the house once sighted, that warm feeling.  Soon, I´d be sitting by a wood fire in a fireplace.
Of all the trip to Tuan´s this was the most enjoyable!  Seems I´m getting old.
In the morning, they went off again to harvest more shrooms.  When they returned Eduardo needed a nap.  We had packed, and were waiting instructions as how to clean what, but Cesar did most of it.  He seemed to know what to do, ordering me to sit by the fire (tough job).   
Driving back we stopped to purchase the Jamon Irebido, and something else, I forget. Oh, Eduardo stopped for petrol, or gasolina in Es.
I was glad to be riding in an automobile in the rain.  I kept remembering all the times I´ve cycled in the rain, I guess I´m getting old:  `Too long in the rain, too long in the wind, seeking every comfort that I can!´ (lyric from old song?)
By the time we were back in Seville, it was dark.  We went first to Eduardo´s house, to retrieve Cesar´s van.  But, first we got a tour.  He collects antique tools. 
Next, we took Antonio home.  Then it took some time to get out of Seville, a large city. 
It´s 250KM or 150 miles between Seville and Granada (Monachil), and we made it in 3 hours, in spite of the rainy weather.  We even stopped about halfway as Cesar needed cafe. 
Dropped on the calle before I reloaded SF, and pushed up to my building and then down into the basement parking floor.  I have space #5, where store some boxes, and park Senora Fetes.  The only challenge, the automatic light goes out automatically, and sometimes I have to walk over and turn on again.  This is because people always forget to turn the light out when they depart. 
I think I was in bed by 1000, exhausted for some reason.  But, another great trip, thanks to Cesar! 
I´ve seen much of southern Spain, now northwest Spain, because of Cesar. 
And in one day, another trip again, off on a cycling trip out of Ronda. 
231116 BLOK
We were back in Monachil-Granada for only one day Thursday, as Cesar had to work at the Granada Int. Aero Puerto. 
I cycled into Granada, to replenish supplies (at Carrefour), got more cash at Triodos ATM; went to check my mailbox at Correos, the usual tasks.  Of course, into town, I watered my olive trees. 
On the way home, I noticed a problem with the front derailleur.  Outside my apartamento, I tried to fix it, but made it worse.
The plan for departure the following day, Friday, was to meet Cesar in Granada, as he had appointments, and I needed to go to Luis´to have him fix the front derailleur.  Ah, modern life, so complicated, but younger people think nothing of it, as they think it´s normal.  
At Luis´ I had to wait, but he reajusted the derailleur and I was out of there in no time, and no charge — Luis a good guy.  I still had time to go to Triodos´ATM para mas dinero.
I was at Cesar´s van in time (1315) where he normally parks when he cycles around Granada (near the Genil River/Sporting Complex — name?).  He prefers to drive back and forth between Monachil and Granada city, bringing his `city´ bicycle (not much loss if stolen), park, ride, and then return in his van.  I must say, i understand, because riding up and down the two-lane road to Monachil Pueblo, with so much traffic is dangerous.  If and when he does, he stays on the sidewalk.  But, the sidewalk is the only place I´ve had an accident (with a bush).  Thus, I stay on the street, making them all go around me, except buses, when I try to pull over to let them pass. But, it´s the noise that gets to me, the incessant sound of the 2-cycle motorbikes!  Wraaaaaaaaaa… a high-pitched annoying sound.  Que hacer? Move to the country! 
We were off by 1345, on our way west to Ronda, the same highway to Seville.  It´s some 200KM southwest, and into hilly country.
Approaching Ronda, you do not notice, as seems flat on the west side of a sloping valley, but then a surprise…
Cesar found a place to park the van on a street, and we walked to our hotel, carrying all our luggage.  I took many fotos. of Ronda, if interested and in their usual place in the Gallery at
We checked into the hotel Ilde., had reserved for us two rooms, me with Cesar, Ilde. solo.  Checking in they didn´t even as for my ID. Ronda is a tourist town, because of its famous Plaza de Toros (many matadors buried there along with Hemingway´s ashes). Plus, it´s location, the west side on a sheer cliff — stunning views.  They called it the Ciry of Romantics, and many honeymooning couples spend theirs in this `romantic´ city (which is serviced by trains). 
After checking into the hotel, both Cesar and I went walking.  He to purchase something, me to take fotographs.  I ended up eating a chocalate thing in French I can neve spell.  I happened to be sitting in the sun, when Cesar walked by, collected me as Ildefonso, had arrived.  Note, people in this day and age rely completed on their mobile telefonos.
At the hotel, we decided to go off together again, Ilde, our guide now, as he knows much about the city.
First to the park that leads to the Mirador, and I was not expecting what I experienced.  You walk out of a little over-hanging platform to discover you suspended over a 100mt. cliff straight down. I don´t think I´ve ever seen anything like it.  I exclaimed, WHOA!
Then we walked on for almost two hours, across the gorge bridge, and then down to the water fall (cascada in Es.).  I didn´t go all the way, as I saw slippery and didn´t want to chance a fall.  I was wearing new shoes, and when older you don´t take chances, as if you fall, a long recovery.  Note, I´m just recovering from my bicycle fall on my ass one month ago. 
This walk up until dark… I took many fotos. of now uploaded to  CLICK ON THE GALLERY.
For dinner they found (Cesar) knew a restaurante, off the beaten track and less expensive (than the tourist street).  I discovered huevos revueltos, and ordered.  Most restaurant food for me too exotica.
Back, and to bed, although a rough night for me.  Cesar snores.  Needless to say, no more in the same room while travelling.
Up early and down into the `free´ desayuno where I ate my own food, although ordered their coffee.  Cesar next, then Ilde. came last.
Afterwards, Cesar and I walked the eight blocks to his van, retrieved our bicycles and rode back to the hotel.  Here we loaded, and were off on our two-day cycling adventure. But, I really wasn´t prepared.  Cesar had warned me it was `up and down´and to not take so much, but I didn´t listen.  Sometimes via another, and another of a different culture it´s hard to know what `difficult,´ means…?  Now, I know!
Anyway, it was a challenge right from the beginning, even with several rest stops.  But, the last hill (up 4-500mts.) on a bad road, I almost didn´t make.  The last half, I had to push, and the last 1 KM I had to stop and rest every 100mts.  
I´m getting to that point, nearing 78-years old, that I knew would come eventually.  The time I would have to stop these mountanous rides (with weight).
At the top we got a break and glided down into Jubrique on asphalt.  Here, at the hotel, I asked for a separate room, but it was full and thus ended up sleeping in the same room with both Cesar and Ilde.  But, Ilde has a sleeping pill, and with a hot bath, and exhaustion, I managed the night.
Before, Javier and Rafael joined us for dinner.  But, I opted to stay in the hotel, just for sopa (soup).  But, we had a drinks together before they departed.  These two, Cesar´s friends I had cycled with during our trip in July, through the Cazorla National Park (Spain´s largest). 
The next morning after a real `free´breakfast (Note this hotel and the manager, Jose, recommended!), we were off again. Luckily, down 5KM to the river.  This day, the plan was to make the RR station and take the train, late afternoon, back to Ronda.
Then up, some 10KM, but on a good surface and easy grade, I made, but with some effort.  When I got up to Algatecin, Ilde and Cesar were waiting.  From there, kinda up and down, stopping at a mirador, to view Gibraltor (the Rock, 425mts. high) in the distance.  I had no idea we were so close. 
From there an easy down to Cortes de la Frontera, where I got on a train back to Ronda.  This had been offered as an option, and I had told them I´d see how I felt when we got there.  To go beyond was another hill and some 20KM to the next Ferrocarril (RR) estacion.  What made me opt for taking the train, was two things.  One, Cesar told me the last train out of the next station was at 1630 hours, and if we missed we´d have to hire a van.  Secondly, the train was coming in 8 minutes.  So, easy decision.  I didn´t want to take a chance, me so slow, and cause us to have to rent a much more expensive way back to Ronda.  The RR, only 5E from where we were to Ronda.  I´m glad I did, because, not only do I love riding the rails, but it was easy and quick, seated in a comfortable seat, Senora Fetes, security fastened to a railing nearby. 
Back in Ronda, I sat in the sun on the promenade, and ate my lunch.  Kids on bicycles and families out on a Sunday.
After resting, I rode around Senora Fetes around Centro, and soon it was time to meet Cesar and Ildefonso at the Estacion de Ferrocaril.
I locked her out front, then went out on the platform to wait for the train.  Now, I´m wondering why I didn´t take a foto. of the train when it arrived.  These trains pretty modern looking. 
Cesar and Ilde arrived, and we rendezvoused at the outside cafe, as they wanted a cup of coffee.  Turned out their ride to the next estacion was more challenging than they expected, and didn´t have any time to wait, but got right on the train.
Cesar and I bid Ilde a fond farewell, and then rode to his parked van, and loaded.
On the way home, we saw the most beautiful full moon, I think I´ve ever seen.  And it was perfectly in front of us as it rose among red clouds.  This, of course, was the advertised ´Supermoon,´ as closest to earth since 1948.  I don´t know how they know these things, but interesting… Remember the title of this excursion, included TWO MOONS… Maybe I was referring to the one in 1948. and this one 68 years ago.  If only I could remember what I was doing during the full moon, in Tucson, Arizona, 68 years ago!
This drive home was easier, as no rain, and I think I was back in my flat by 2100 hours or 9P.M.
On our trip I had cycled only 45KM in two days, but this was up and down.  And, it took two days to recover.  I guess I´m getting old, maybe too old to do this kind of thing!
P.S.  The trip expenses, something like $180U.S. 

251116 BLOK

251116 BLOK
What is `sin´anyway, being bad?  No bad, no good!  No evil, no divine.  Is ´sin´ breaking one of the Ten Commandments?  Thou, shall not… How would we know good, without bad? 
Dr. C.G. Jung said the only `sin´ is unconsciousnessl (Not knowing that we don´t know!).  How could Jesus, sacrificing his life, help raise our consciousness?
Such a belief, that `Jesus died for our sins,´ implies a brutal injustice agains Nature!  Not everything was created just for human beings!  Not just for us human beings, does the world exist!   That we alone are the sovereign of the Universe, a sovereign so mighty that to save us from ourselves, a God (Jesus descended) had to sacrifice his bodily life!
This was invented by Christian fathers hundreds of years ago (Constantine), in order to get control of the masses, and for money (power) no less!
Only unevolved people believe this!  Jesus, according to Rudolf Steiner, died on the Cross at Golgotha, for one purpse only and that was to demonstrate (by the shedding of his blood), the concept of love for the world!  Not the romantic kind, with is basically desire, but the kind that puts other people before us.  ´Love Thy Neighbor,´as thyself!


It should go, and the direct vote of the people elect the president of the U.S.

Bride Mikayla Ellison Phillips has the most epic wedding dance with father -

I´ve been there. Esperance has the best beaches I´ve ever seen!

I was 59, before I slowed down making mistakes. 48, is nothing compared.

TELL THEM... Go, take a flying fuck at a rolling donothingnut!


Making the most of precious water in Morocco

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Morocco's building trade goes green hot on the heels of Cop 22

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

China confiscates passports of Xinjiang people - BBC News

American Pathology!

The science behind why you shouldn’t stop giving thanks after Thanksgiving - The Washington Post

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The 10 wealthiest people on the planet collectively hold $505 billion, more than most countries produce every year, according to Forbes.

Why Europe's Populist Revolt Is Spreading: "The 10 wealthiest people on the planet collectively hold $505 billion, more than most countries produce every year, according to Forbes."

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My idea, start an organization called, CITIZENS WITHOUT BORDERS!

German Pathology!

Unseen HG Wells ghost story published for first time | Books | The Guardian

Great idea! Can you make one to bury me in a bicycle?

Jill Stein raises over $3m to request US election recounts in battleground states | US news | The Guardian

24b1116 BLOK

241116 BLOK
They´re gone, the UNFOS!  Disappeared!  Who knows?  Maybe they got bored.  Certainly the ones in 1986, didn´t get bored.  It was us that had observed them that got bored, relieved that they were called `weather balloons.´  
There is so much that´s inexplicable about our world.  You really should read, SAVING THE APPEARANCES, basically how we´ve created this world by naming it.
For example, THE MAGIC LIGHTS OF MARFA, TEXAS — something I learned about while living at the Stillwell Complex, near Big Bend National Park.  
The `Marfa Lights,´ are famous, a historic phenomenon, that has been investigated as far as away as from Japan.  They are a much discussed mystery, everyone with an explanation, Hallie Crawford Stillwel, the matriarch (of the Stillwell Store), said they were `swamp gas,´ but since this was a desert, I wondered how this could be…?  The friend that had first taken me out to this area, to Fort Davis, drove me to the `Official´ Viewing site on a highway near Marfa one night.  
Marfa, by the way, famous for two reasons, beside the Lights, it was where the exteriors for the movie GIANT was shot (I´ve been there), and the home of a rich artist, who had built a complex for his art.  Note, all this available via Google search.  I forget the guy´s name, as he was an anomaly in this conversative rancher milieu.  I do remember good Mexican food in Marfa, and the hotel, where all the photographs of James Dean, Rock Hudson, and Elizabeth Taylor hung proudly on their walls.  The Hollywood people left quite an impression on the locals, as only you can imagine (this in the early 1950s).
The Marfa Lights, one of my own transcendental experiences that occurred to my while living at the Stillwell Store Complex some 70 miles from Marfa.  This, almost twenty years ago now.  
How time, which doesn´t really exist, seems to move so fast, `we got to make the morning last, feeling groovey!´
There, living at the Store, was a younger man, named Jeff.  We made friends, as they were so few I could relate to there except for Hallie (her family I was writing about).  Jeff and his dog `Partner,´ had come pulling a trailer with a shiny new pickup truck.  Jeff loved his truck, the kind that would polish the inside of the engine.  He was outspoken, from Baltimore, had owned, operated a printing company, had money.  I had little money at the time, having gone through a bankruptcy.  Anyway, Jeff and I had become friends.  He loaned me his expensive bicycle to ride.  
One day he asked to taken care of partner while he was gone, returning to Baltimore for something.  
One full moon night while he was gone, I decided to take `Pardner,´ and ride down to Maravillas Canyon, on the Stillwell ranch property. This quite a distance on a dirt road, something like 7 miles / 11KM (I go by kilometers now).  
The Maravillas Canyon, some place they took tourists through, riding in a jeep, a dry wash mostly that winded it´s way for 30 miles, and eventually into the Rio Grande.  It was interesting geologically, the rock formations, the shallow walls full of caves that had been occupied by some ancient group.  And because the Canyon was way out of the way, and on private property it was unspoiled where only a few archeologist and/or tourists had visited, climbing up into these caves.  I had been in one cave (cuerva in Es.), to discover, how this group had lived, partitioning the caves with rocks, and holding in my hands artifacts they had left behind.  Imagine discovering bowls and tools, some 30,000 years old.  It was eery.  
Anyway, I had an idea to go there, climb up on one of the ledges, build a fire, and have a full moon experience.  Which I did.  After about an hour, I decided to return as getting late.  On the way back, up the dirt road, it was so light from the moon I didn´t need a torch (flashlight).  I had Pardner on a leach, him pulling me along.  About halfway back, I happened to look to my right and THERE WAS ONE OF THEM, A MARFA LIGHT, a fuzzy ball of light moving along with me.  I thought WOW!, they exist!  Note, so surprised as we hadn´t seen them at the `Official´ Viewing site months earlier.  The Light followed me, and I wasn´t immediately scared, until it suddenly started for me, in my direction.  NOW SCARED, I remember saying to Pardner, `Let´s get outta hear!´and I started cranking wildly, moving as fast as I could.  I didn´t look again, and returned to the ranch, the Wet Shack where I was living, without further incident.  I don´t think I told anyone else about this except Jeff when he returned.  He looked at me, as if I´d been smoking marijuana that night (hadn´t been), and smiled.  But, I know what I saw, and it was `real!´  But, what is ´real?´and not `real?´
Note, as I´ve written before, this world we live it isn´t as it seems… There´s much goiing on that´s inexplicable. Like my two UNFOs above me in Monachil, now gone! 
Note #2:  Much later, referring to Big Bend, Texas, after I had departed the area, I learned that Jeff and Pardner had been killed in a vehicle accident.  This occuring near Alpine.  Both he and the dog.  Too young to die!


24a1116 BLOK

221116 BLOK (maybe)
They´re still there, the two UNFO´s.  In the exact same location they´ve been.  They haven´t moved.  However, I know now they´re above the clouds, as when it´s overcast has been in the last couple of nights, their lights are blurry.
These are two looking wheels, with one light at the center, lights on the `spokes´ and lights around the ´rims.´ They blink, change color.  In fact, the two `wheels´ change to the color red simultaneously, then return to the white-green.
Now, it´s occurred to me since you haven´t responded (except for Jan), you don´t know what to say, probably think I´ve gone wacko.  It´s also occurred to me that I´m the only one that can see these.  No doubt Dick would want someone else to verify them, as objective objects.  But, they maybe subjective objects.  
I´ve, in the last several months (my life) , begun to be able to dissolve `the veil´(Maya) — long story, that you´ve maybe sensed, but since we´re ultimately living in ´different worlds,´ you couldn´t respond, as you don´t know what to say.  Interesting… 
But, I can tell you these two UNFOs are there, at least for me. Note, I added the letter ´N´to connote they´re NOT flying, but stationary!
It´s amazing actually!  Everynight when I go to bed, lie down, put my head on my pillow, look up through this window above my head, there they are, again!  I keep expecting them to have disappeared or, I wake up from a dream, but…  I´m always fond of quoting Chang Zi, one of the great Taoists, who once asked this question, AM I A MAN DREAMING I´M A BUTTERFLY, OR A BUTTERFLY DREAMING I´M A MAN?  Shakespeare, in The Tempest, ´We are the things dreams are made of…´
Whatever, we shall see again tonight if they´re still with me, for I´m about to go to bed!
Stay tuned!

P.S.  I can tell you one thing for sure… The world isn´t as it seems! 

241116 BLOK

191116 BLOK (maybe)
How do I write about this, this connection to UFOs I have?  People will brand me as a `nut case´and or on psychedelic drugs, or disarranged in some way.  Yet, I must express this to a few selected, because it has a purpose, to prove there are higher worlds (a la Rudolf Steiner), and I´m not talking about `heaven!´  I know that there are higher worlds, beyond this sensed one, of matter and material.  Of course, few will understand, as living in such ´small boxes!´ These people (the masses) so distracted by modern life, they don´t have the inclination to open their minds to anything beyond what they are told is ´scientific!´ I discarded all of that years ago, escaping the traditional and being accepted as `normal!´  I never wanted to be considered `normal!´
When I was younger I was called a `free spirit,´and I though how odd.  Isn´t every one a `free spirit?´ I have since learned that there are very few of us, relegated to a host of epithets, chose your own!  The most benign is to be labeled an, `artist.´
I have written before, and uploaded to my blog at about my supra-natural experiences living in a remote part of Big Bend, Texas, U.S.A.  I´ll never forget the night sky there, a glimpse of what the ancients must have experienced.  It was so clear and brilliant, I could easily distinguish constelations, stars were in different colors, planets, objects all across the sky in every direction from horizon to horizon.  Manmade satellites moving at great speed but you could also see the stationary ones.  It felt like I  could reach out and touch all of it!  Of course, the Milky Way, as a white paint brush across the sky.  Everynight before retiring I would walk a short distance climb up a hill, where I sat down and `became´a part of it! 
Six months ago I moved to Spain, and ultimately to Monachil Pueblo, a village some 10KM southeast of Granada City.  I first rented a room in a woman´s house, but that was only temporary.  Then, with a new friend´s help, we found this, an apartmento in a 5-story building (edificio in Es.).  Not, my style really, as now on the top floor (atico in Es.) rather than on the ground where I prefer.  
But, this was all by secret design. (Note, I would use the word occult, but it´s become `bad.´).  
The apartmento, is what we, in the U.S., might call a duplex, as on two floors.  The bedroom and bath one flight of stairs up. 
When I first moved in, the bed (the place was fully furnished) was in the middle of the room. I moved it against a wall, as I like my pillow propped up, as when sleeping I like my head up, rather than level (everyone is different).   The room has an interesting window, a part of the slanted roof.  This giving a view of the north hills. 
The first position of the bed against the wall was O.K., I managed to sleep some (have the old age insomnia problem), but knowing fung shui I knew is was incorrectly oriented east-west, rather than what is suggested, or north-south.  Note, go here if you want to learn about fung shui, which means wind and water. 
So, a several days ago I decided to move the bed in a north-south orientation.  But, this would put my head literally under this slanted window.  Thus, lying in bed I stare right up into the sky!  I´ve since named my bedroom,  `The Sky Parlor!´
Three nights ago, looking up into the sky, I noticed something unusual, which I first thought was some kind of reflection, an anomaly of some sort in the glass, some kind of physical explanation.  But, now I know better.  I´ve done some investigating, as I thought it might be Christmas lights reflected on the window, etc., but I can find no other explanation, but call it `my UFO!´   It appears to be trying to communicate with me! This `thing´ up there maybe miles, is made of two overlapping circular objects spewing out faceted flashes of light, like the reflected light from a cut diamond.  It´s sometimes green, sometimes white, sometimes red!  I have become fascinated, as I watch it change color, and because it´s there every night.  And we know it´s not of the solar system or cosmos, as the earth rotates.  This `UNFO´ is always roughly in the same position, directly above me — it´s not `flying!´
In 1986, the year of the Harmonic Conversion, I was living in a house in Arlington, Texas, with my wife, at the time (Dick knew her).  One, day our next door neighbor, a woman, knocked on our door, and asked us to come outside to identify something in the sky.  We walked out in our backyard, and there above us was a silver disc.  It never moved either.  We watched it, on and off, all day long, with binoculars, camera lenses, etc., and had it confirmed by others. The entire neighborhood joined us.  I think there was even an article in the local newspaper.  People were a bit anxious until the local authorities said, ´Nothing to worry about, it´s a weather balloon!´ So, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to barbequing blisket and drinking Lone Star beer, as this was a Saturday. 
A year later in the same house, alone in bed without my wife (she had split), I woke up suddenly with the truth!  As when I was younger I had made and put up several weather balloons.  I know there are flimsy at best, and once aloft they move with any wind! I said to myself, `What we saw last summer, wasn´t a weather balloon it was a `UNFO!´ 
Read a book by Owen Barfield, entitled, SAVING THE APPEARANCES, and you will understand.  The authorities in Arlington, Texas, not knowing what the object was in the sky simply reassured us by naming it something benign, a `weather balloon!´  I knew what that was in Arlington, Texas, and I know what this `thing´ above me in the sky is also.  Something, `extra-terrestial´(for the lack of a better English explanation).  And it´s trying to communicate with me.
I´ve had two experiences with what you would call ghosts or poltergeists.  One, while I was living in that remote area of Big Bend, Texas.  And more recently, in a very remote part of far western China I had another experience with a `ghost´ staying in a motel room. I know they, whatever you want to call them, exist!  I know too there are other `planes´of existence, besides this one.
So, I´m now thinking I´ve been chosen for some reason, as a possible collaboration with the unknown, whatever you want to name or call such, `aliens,´`ET,´ men from Mars, etc.  I know them, or call them, demigods, or Spirits, entities from other `planes.´
Thus, I must be careful as to not divulge this story to the wrong people, (nee media).  If they (any skeptic) comes to investigate it will frighten them (`it´ whatever?), away.  
For example, the first experience I had with a `ghost,´ comes to mind. This occurred when in my room, located at the Stillwell Store (the remote location in Big Bend).  I was working at my desk when for some reason I turned to my right, only to discover a `man´ all dressed in black sitting on my bed watching me.  Now, with the door locked, there was no way someone could sneak up on me.  Thus, I was so shocked and scared (my heart rate shot up to 100*), I jerked my head back to the desk.  A moment later, when I had the courage to turn my head and look, `he´was gone.  Note, they don´t like scaring people, in spite of our frivolous mythology! 
Even writing this, and conveying this experience to you might end this particular episode with `them.´  So, please, this is just between you and me.  I trust you people only!

P.S.  I´ll keep you informed as things develop. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spain 'obstructing' civil war, dictatorship probes: Amnesty

Spain 'obstructing' civil war, dictatorship probes: Amnesty: "Spain 'obstructing' civil war, dictatorship probes: Amnesty"

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Actually not! Look at what all the predecessors have created, that have had experience!

23b1116 BLOK

23b1116 BLOK 
From ISIS UNVEILED by H.P. Blavatsky and Michael Gomes
¨Physical death was a provision of the Divine for the benefit of humanity (to observe and experience).  It was instituted so they might attain higher ends, while still in body — `enlightenment´ in a word!
Note, Can you imagine life without death?  What would be the point of living if endless?  People would go mad!
¨However, there is a spiritual death as well.  This is when the Divine deserts the physical body, when one falls in love with the ego-self and the material world with all its so-called pleasures.  He or she then loses the divine love of God!  He or she falls from truly living into a sort of death.  Physically he or she exists, but spiritually they are dead!¨ (Note, this is the case with Donald Trump and people like him, egomaniacs!)
¨When spiritually dead he or she becomes dead to all the delights that the Spirit exalts.   The tireless pursuit of $ riches, amusements, entertainments of social life, the cultivation of graces of manner, taste in dress, all the material things like distinction, intoxicate and enrapture these dead-alive people.
A high development of the intellect does not imply a spiritual and true life either.  Many of the greatest scientists are but animated corpses, as they have no spiritual insight!  But, we find the spiritually dead in every segment of life.  When these people die physically, they begin the fearful law of compensation or Karma, the Yin-Yuan of the Buddhists!¨


American Pathology!

Paranoia reigns!

The Economist explains: What are sanctuary cities? | The Economist

231116 BLOK

from, 231116:
¨Our digital societies (FaceBook, Twitter and Instragram) has turned our thinking into a huge echo chamber, where we mostly discuss similar views with like-minded peers and miserably fail to penetrate other sources that have opposite views. This is especially damaging to our sense of Democracy!¨
We´re getting dumber and dumber, including me!  In fact, we´re basically stupid!  My only difference, I have the ability to write and distribute it.  Although, I don´t do any of the social sites, as have my own website (that I don´t advertise).  From time to time I get messages from people selling the ability to INCREASE MY ´hits´or looks, my revenue, etc.  I response, telling them I don´t want any increase, I´m not into making a profit — OMG, what am I saying!
With Capitalism we SELL, SELL, SELL, EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR! (from a motion picture entitled, O´LUCKY MAN!)
Microsoft this giant corpo. goes on and on about how they care about your health, and people actually believe it!  Of course, the AD is filled with earnest and happy looking people who are actually paid actors!  C´mon,´Let´s go to the videotape!´  People are so naive (unconscious).  People who voted for Trump actually believe he´s going to change things to help them.  I feel sorry for them!
A recent study concluded that young people can´t tell the difference between the truth and advertising. 
Modern life is pathological, yet people don´t want to hear about it!  Why?  They´re have admit some things they don´t want to, like we´ve got a problem, A BIG ONE:  us, all of us!  WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!
So, let´s just keep burying our collective heads in the sand, avoiding such, until it comes knocking on our doors, at which time, we´ll ask, ´How could this happen?´
I know how it´s going to happen!
Better wake up!

P.S.  One day, and 53 years ago, JFK was shot and killed in Dallas, Tejas, U.S.A., yet no one mentions it.  We´ve come to accept our violent world as normal! 

Flight Delayed? Know Your Rights to Compensation | WIRED

Our digital social existence has turned into a huge echo chamber...

Your Echo Chamber is Destroying Democracy | WIRED: "Our digital social existence has turned into a huge echo chamber, "

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White rainbow, not photoshopped? Do we trust Melvin Micholson?

BBC - Earth - Sensational coelacanth (ancient fish) discovery

BBC - Travel - A bewitching town drenched in yellow (in Viet Nam)

People are basically stupid (unconscious), including me! Yet, we keep extrolling our virtues, avoiding the truth: WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

Nazis on retreat: the SS holiday camp near Auschwitz – in pictures | Books | The Guardian

How Chinese feminists can inspire women to stand up to Trump | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

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Postcards from Uzbekistan: the tradition of Khiva puppets

Look at these boys faces! This have what we have all created in modern life!

I cycled this highway, back in 2011.

At least 17 dead in 56-car pile-up in China on icy road -

This rocket engine breaks a law of physics. But a NASA test says it works anyway. - The Washington Post

American Pathology!

Wrong again!

‘Let’s party like it’s 1933’: Inside the alt-right world of Richard Spencer - The Washington Post