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Elena Ferrante: Hiding in Plain Sight - The New York Times

30a1016 BLOK

30a1016 BLOK
Well, I´ve moved yet again, but this a short, small easy one in the same Pueblo, Monachil, and only 1KM distance.  And I had help from friend Alan, a former neighbor, English born, having lived in Monachil 15 years. Nonetheless, moving always takes time and effort.  I spent one week preparing for this`little´move!  And this is the 4th move since arriving in Spain, 7 months ago!  
Since being born, 77-years ago, God only knows how many times I´ve moved, as before I was own my, my father moved us so many times.  I´ll have to ask my sister Sally if she remembers how many, but I think 16 times before graduating from high school  In fact, he wanted to move again my Senior year, and I said, no.  So, I moved in with my friend Kirk.  I would guess total, in my life, I´ve moved probably 100 times.  This in constrast to others I know… My sister Sally for one, who has lived in the same house in Manhattan Beach, California for 46 years.  My friend Rotraut Boyens, in the same house in Garding, Germany, for probably sixty years (I´ll ask her to make sure.).  But, the record holder, at least in my experience, a Texas cowboy, Guy Stillwell, who lived in the house he was born, until he died at the age of 80!  He never moved!   I remember one time being in the old ranch house, some five miles south of the Stillwell store.  He made me cowboy coffee.  For `cowboy coffee´ you throw coffee grains into boiling water, and drink it unstrained. 
I´ll never forget Guy and the rest of the Stillwells living at the Stillwell Store Complex, near the northern entrance to the Big Bend National Park, Texas.  So, remote was this desert place, only 20 miles from the Rio Grande River.  It was 40 miles north to Marathon, where there was little, maybe two hotels.  I had to drive another 30 miles to get to Alpine, where there was a super market.  There  is a University in Alpine (I´ll remember the name…?), a town of maybe 5K inhabitants, the center of the Big Bend area.  Up further another 20 miles is Fort Davis, where I lived at the Prude-dude Guest Ranch making several videos.  
The Big Bend area, just to orient you, is about 200 miles east of El Paso, south of I-10.  And something like 600 miles from the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex.  I must have driven back and forth a dozen times in two years.  I had to get a `hit´ of civilization every so often, that is if you can call the D/FW area civilized!  Go Cowboys! 
But, I gotten off the track… Guy, or `Slim´as they called him was the quintessial Texas cowboy.  The other brother, I´ll think of his name, lived with his wife up in Alpine.  Then, there was Dadie, the only daugther of Hallie Crawford Stillwell, and ´the boss.´  
Hallie Crawford Stillwell, was a legend in the area, something like 95-years old when we first met. She had written her own autobiography entitled, I´LL GATHER MY GEESE!´ The title from her father, thinking she was nuts wanting to marry a rancher and live in the desert.  He asked her one day… `What will you do out there?´ Note, this was like 1910.  And there wasn´t a soul, within fifty miles.  Not only that, but Pancho Villa, would show up ocassionally, looking for ammunition and food supplies.  Hallie actually met him one day. 
Hallie, `gathered her geese,´ raising three children, learned to ranch, became a local Judge, and lead the kind of life that would make an interesting motion picture. Read her book!  One of the many pioneer women who helped settle West Texas! 
So, how did I, a city slicker, end up in this remote Texas outpost?  Destiny rides again!  As part of the Prude Ranch video I was making, I accompanied an Elderhostel group of ranch guests on a tour of the area. Marfa, Texas, is where they shot the exteriors for the movie GIANT.  But, Marfa is primarily famous for THE Mystery Lights.  Also, on the tour agenda was meeting Hallie Crawford Stillwell.  So we met, fell in love, and that´s how I ended up moving there from the Prude Ranch. Dadie, Hallie´s daughter wanted a book written about the history of the Stillwell famiy. Enter F.A. Hutchison, a professional writer… The deal was room and board, stamps, when I needed, 50% of the literary rights, and holding hands with Hallie every night after dinner.  Plus, I got to live and hike in a desert, and after humid Dallas, welcome relief.  Note, much wild life in that area!
I spent two years there, unplanned, but researching the Stillwell history without the Internet, was time consuming. But, what an interesting sojourn, not necessarily entirely comfortable, as I didn´t exactly fit in, but life changing in a way I never expected.  They, the Stillwell family, are conservative ranchers.  Their big claim to civilization was going into San Antonio, Texas.  But, to each his own, `NEW YORK CITY!´  I got to see how I didn´t want to end up, as married `snow birds´ and had, surprisingly enough, metaphysical-transcendental experiences that changed my life!  For one thing, I experienced a Marfa Mystery Light, right on the ranch one night…  
The Stillwell Store Complex is also an RV park, where in the winter it becomes a small ´town,´ population something like 500 retired couples, a few lost souls, as Hallie, and the Store drew some interesting people.  But, along about May, when it begins to get hot they all vanished, one by one. one RV, trailer, at a litme,etc..  So, during the summer the place became a `ghost town.´ Just the daughter (I´ll think of her name…), Hallie when she was alive, Dadie and me were in residence.  Guy would come up from the ranch with his girlfriend, and the other brother once a week from Alpine.  There was constant traffic, however, food deliveries, gasoline, other supplies, tourists wanting to meet Hallie, to buy souvenirs, beer, food, etc.  But, if you live in a ghost town, guess what, you get visited by one?
My daily drill included, breakfast in the house kitchen, back to the `Wet Shack,´ to work all morning (on the book), lunch with the Stillwells and guests.  Then I would hike in the desert all afternoon, returning for dinner, etc.  This was the routine, except for weekly trips into Alpine, monthy trips back to D/FW.  
One day I was working in the room, the Wet Shack, so called as that´s where the Mexican ´wetbacks´were put up for the time they worked on the ranch. It was a small room overcrowded with furniture, a single cot, an overstuffed chair, a table and chair, where I worked.  I think I was using a computer, but this was 1994-95, some twenty years ago and probably not.  If would have to have been a desk top, and I don´t remember transporting one from Dallas. 
Anyway, this one day in the Wet Shack I was focused on something, reading at the table, when for some reason I turned toward the bed.  There sitting on the bed was a `man´ dressed in a black suit looking at me!  Now, there was no way to get into this room, I usually locked the door, as didn´t want to be disturbed. THIS ´MAN´ so real, my heart rate shot up to 200 bpm, simultaneiously I jerked my head back to the table, scared shitless!  I knew it had to be a `ghost!´  When I looked back he was gone (they actually don´t like to scare people). I didn´t tell anyone, as the Stillwells would have thought I was smoking something, and/or losing my mind, etc..  In fact, I promptly forgot about it, as difficult to process.  I knew it was a ghost, however, and I immediately thought maybe one of the Stillwell males I was writing about, long since deceased, had come to check up on me!   I also thought it might have been my father, but too thin, unless you lose weight ón the other side?´
The other transcendental experience involved an avatar, a descended spirit.  
One, day driving into Alpine, my weekly trip to eat in a restaurant and purchase whatever, I picked up a `hitchhiker.´  The Stillwell Store Complex, is some 7 miles off U.S. highway, the one into the National Park.  There´s a stop sign there, but with little traffic, we usually cruised on, making a right turn, heading up to Marathon.  This day, however, there was a young `man´ standing at the intersection and I stopped as unusual.  He waved at me indicating he needed a ride. I gestured to join me and he did.  I was a bit concerned as he had no luggage, and was dressed in all desert-colored, slacks and shirt (like some kind of uniform).  I asked him where he was going.  He said to Marathon to catch a bus.  But, the conversation turned serious immediately, and philosophical.  He knew more about the world than seemed normal, an intellectual of sorts.  I became fascinated actually, as eager to talk to someone about other things than ranching, weather, and people.  The most amazing thing, he knew about me!  Thus, the one hour´s drive up to Marathon, went by quickly.  His parting advice, ´Read Rudolf Steiner!´ Now, I´d heard about the Waldorf Schools, but knew little about Rudolf Steiner.  Why would he recommend I read him?  I soon forgot about Steiner, but I thought about this `man´ all the way into Alpine and back to the Store.
It took 21 years for me to begin reading Rudolf Steiner, but now I know why the avatar had told me to… To learn about the Occult.  I´ve since read six books by Rudolf Steiner.
About the ´ghost´ in the Wet Shack… Having read Rudolf Steiner, I now understand who `he´ was… `The Lesser Guardian of the Threshold!´ To understand, read Steiner´s HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS.  I wasn´t prepared at the time, thus the shock of having a `ghost´ to real, so close.  Currently I´m working on overcoming the fear, this time to receive the `Greater Guardian of the Threshold!´ And I will!  And I will dissolve `the Veil,´ to partake of higher worlds!
By the way, all of this Big Bend cycle, is in more detail in blok form, at my website:  At least I think it´s there, if you go back far enough… I have over 8,000 posts, beginning as an official BLOK in 2008. 


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301016 BLOK

301016 BLOK
Dick, Richard, what do you prefer?
I thought it was interesting how you took Jung´s `knowing´ and made it your `faith.´  This again, proves to me how words create our own reality.  And that this `sensed´reality, is subjective in origin, not objective in such.  
My take on Jung´s Ì know,´was totally diffferent.  And you´ll be interested in `knowing´(no faith involved here) that I saw this, a BBC interview with Jung at that revival theater in N.W. Portland.  Note, I loved what they showed there, different stuff, not the Hollywood crap.  Anyway, I was sitting in the audience hearing Jung say this, and it struck me right away that he knew that there is go GOD a la the Christian version.  I´ve since changed my opinion THAT THERE IS SOMETHING, call it whatever you want.  The less evolved kill each other over the name and facility of the system.
I must add that the Christian-Jews and the Moslems do contribute one vital function in the world, and that is to help reduce over population!  ALLAH IS GREAT!
Even Occult Philosophy which I´m currently enthralled with uses (Russian, German, and Enlish words) to decipher Sanskrit.  Now, translated umpteen times, how close can this be to the original thought? 
We simply DON´T KNOW, although Jung probably closer than most.  Thus, we create whatever sustains us through this wacky and wonderful bodily existence.  
I KNOW, that there are other worlds, as having expercted what I did living in the Big Bend area of Texas, where I had several metaphysical-transcendental experiences.  The ´ghost´that visited me the in ´Wet Shack´that moring was `real,´ trust me!   And I´ve had more than ´won ghost´experience in my life.  One in China.
Blavatsky and Steiner´s works pretty amazing to me, the mythology, the history, going way back, yet extant in the Himalayan area (India, Nepal and Chian) where I now have considerable experience.  My Tantric Taoism now being considered by a U.K. publisher. 
I have no faith in faith, as penultimate.  You have to ´no´like Jung!  But, maybe that is your ´faith.´
Ah, words, why the ancients mistrusted them and used symbols instead. 
Anyway, please include Mitch in all discussions, if not we´re losing out on a brain that´s a facile as yours.  


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All of you need to read H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner!

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The proble and trouble with anonymity is that it achieves the reverse! The media is then motivated to find out who you really are! Best just to learn how to deal with the media!

Whomever the writer is, in actuality I´m also not so concerned with either. The media, and I used to be apart of it, has been predatory, as competition so keen! All I know this writer´s work is fascinating. I´m a writer myself, and think if I ever write a novel, I hope it´s as good as any of his or hers!

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29a1016 BLOK

29a1016 BLOK 
Out my window in Monachil…
It is the sunlight,
The deja-views
That send me places!
I get the feeling
I´ve been there `befour!´
Now out my window,
Maybe Pharping,
The Asura Buddhist Monastery,
Where Padmasambhava´s
Hand is in the rock,
A cave full of blessings,
For me, that no motor vehicle could get there!
You had to walk up 300 steps!
I remember out my window,
In Monachil!


291016 BLOK

291016 BLOK
Modern life is all about the accumulation of things.  Via Capitalism, it flourishes in the form of robotic consumerism!  Our shopping malls temples to Materialism!  Our new God, money!  Corpos. worship profit at the expense of people!  Physical things, like the `smartphone,´now control our lives— the new Jesus!
People just go along with ´the program´without thinking!  And such will be the death of us, unless ego-less robots save us from ourselves, our devolution!


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If President Hillary Is Inevitable, Why Are Her Media Goons Still Attacking Jill Stein?

Distrust of politicians, a good idea!

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They don´t know. But, it gives them something to do!

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Who cares about people, the workers! It´s PROFIT that´s GOD!

War coming!

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Ourselves (humanity) included! We don´t deserve to survive! Too stupid!

26a1916 BLOK

26a1916 BLOK 
Yesterday, two interesting things happened to me, the moon sinking, the esoteric rising.
In the morning, I went to feed the cats outside the front door.  Stepping outside onto our little `walking calle,´ I pulled the door closed before I realized what I´d done.  I hadn´t thought of bringing my keys with me, as only out for a second.  But, I wasn´t worried, because I knew where the hidden house key was located, I´d just used it a couple days before. Making the cats wait, I went to look and retrieve the key, but, lo and behold, it wasn´t there!  I couldn´t believe it!  Maybe it had fallen somewhere, I scurried around pulling one plant a part where it might have fallen.  But, no key!  It was incongruous, as Sonia was out of town, or so I thought, and no one but Cesar knew of the location.
I tried not to panic, as it was early morning, dark and cold, and what would I do if I couldn´t get back inside?  Your mind starts to `redline!´ Cesar wouldn´t be up, maybe at work. Alan and Maris not up, what would I do?
The cats reminded me I was still holding their food in my hand, so I went to get their metal bowl kept in the window sill.  When I removed it, THERE WAS THE HOUSE KEY!  Again, amazing as how could this happen?  But, suddenly my heart rate descended to normal, and I, much relieved now, fed the cats!
Inside, I thanked the gods that, I was back inside, but at the same time still trying to figure it out.  This same thing had happened to me three days before — solved after walking to Cesar´s and Cesar calling Sonia, and Sonia divulging the location of the hidden key.  But, now it had been moved.  Had it moved on its own?  They only logical, rational explanation, was that Sonia had returned, only to move the key (there was no other evidence of her return). 
A day later, I still don´t know, Sonia still absent.  I think I wrote an email message to Cesar, describing this mysterious event.
Later, working online, I lost the Internet.  This, strange as well, as it´s never happened in the five months I´ve been using it here in Sonia´s house.  I immediately thought Movistar (my Internet provider) has stopped the service prematurely.  I had just been there the day before advising them I needed to more the service to my new appartment.  Could this be that they would do this?  Anything is possible where human beings are involved.  I immediately sent them an SMS message, requesting them not to cancel the service here until 01 November, when I would be in my new apartment (with hopefully the service installed there).  I checked the router/modem, and the light was flashing, meaning no signal.  But, as soon as I set it back down, and had returned to my MacBook Air, the WIFI icon signaled back on!  Wow, happy again, saved again, as I was right in the middle of something I needed to finish.  And this required being online. 
But, what a day, with these two strange things happening…
I can´t wait to ask Sonia, about the key… Why?


261016 BLOK

261016 BLOK
Everything I need to improve myself, I foist onto the other guy or girl.  I am perfect!
We project all unconsciousness, wrong-doing, and evil onto `the other.´ And such is the great problem of humanity!  The inability to accept responsibility for our own individual shortcomings, and commit to improve.  Note, I do it myself!
All evil is over there, in Syria, The Middle East/Africa (Al Queda, ISIS, Moslems in general), Russia, China, others… `Hey we´re the good guys and they are the not-so-good guys!  And yet if the truth be known (God forbid) we (the U.S. of A.) are complicit in helping to create our so-called enemies.  If only we could admit we´d be on the way to more real peace and prosperity!
If we don´t change, evolve (all of us from A to Z in every country) the gods are going to cleanse the earth of us.  This mean some cataclysmic event is forthcoming, whether it be natural (flood and/or fire, the pole reversing, etc.) or manmade (nuclear holocaust).  This will significantly reduce world population (much needed).  The survivors will actually be the ones to suffer the most, as plunged 500 years back in time!   There will be no electricity out of that wall socket, gasoline supplies will dwindle to nothing along with all the food in markets.  Potable water will be a problem.  Men will become more aggresive in their desire to survive!  Those living off the grid now, will have a better chance to survive than most dependent on the system.  Think about reducing your dependency on such!
This horror I describe here is already available to partake of via Hollywood, in the form of apocalytic movies.  You think it can´t and won´t ever happen! 
F. Kafka wrote, THERE IS INFINITE HOPE, BUT NOT FOR US!  He means humanity.
Life, the earth, will go on without us!  I think the animals, whatever life that survives, will throw a huge party, celebrating our demise.  We were too stupid, too spoiled, too lazy, too unconscious, too ARROGANT, thinking technology would save us.  That we might fly off to trash out and exploit the planet Mars, or some other exoplanet.  That would only be treating the symptoms, without curing the disease, US!
THUS AS LILLY TOMLIN wears, we better:

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It´s the CHURCH THAT´S DEAD, not God!

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American Pathology!

American Pathology!

241016 BLOK

241016 BLOK
Well, so far so good on this first rainy day in Granada. This the first day of the week in which I move from Sonia´s to my own flat.  So, much to do this week!
Today, I´m up at 0530, and gone by 0830 in the dark.  It´s cloudy, and misting, reminding me of Portalnd, Oregon.
Fall, autumn, otono in Es. the change of seasons, a new look.  I feel like I´m finally in Europe! 
On the way down the hill and into Granada, the traffic, way too much.  To cross the highway to water my two fig trees, I had to wait five minutes! 
Then on to Centro, to visit my dentista, Maria, the first stop.  I had a 0930 appointment, the reason up and out so early. 
Yes, cycling the world did have a price, my teeth. I rememer the bad accident I had in Kathmandu in 1998, when my face hit the pavement, bending all my front teeth back into the roof of my mouth.  This took one year to recover from.  I´ve hit my head-face twice more in two memorable accidents, most recently in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Additionally, not very good dentists along the way (although a good one in Kathmandu, a woman).  Too much sugar for energy, etc. Oh, well, they, my teeth, lasted for 70 years!  
Everything goes in the end.  But, then a new beginning, and I´ll have all new teeth in my new mouth-body.  Although, if I reach my goal in this lifetime, I won´t have to return here with a body, and do it again!  You can belive I´m working on that, not returing to this life.  
I was at Maria´s early, discovering her wiping up the rain water that had leaked into the waiting room.  You can always tell the owner of any business, as they´re the ones doing the least desirable and lowly jobs.  She fitted me for prosthesis tooth number two, and I´m to return at 2P.M. to collect and pay. She´s so good this woman!  I´ve had, God knows how many dentists in my life time, and she´s the best, right here in Granada, Spain.  Who would have ever thought?
Àll I want for Christmas is my two front teech!´
Being early at Maria´s allowed me to be the first in line at Movistar immediatly afterwards.  They are my Internet company, a huge company all over the Latin world.  I remember them in Santiago, Chile.
I needed, at Movistar, to get them to shift my account to the new flat.  Early, I had to wait from them to open.  While I was waiting a group of Chinese tourist walked by led by the typical tour leader holding up a flag.  I said ´Ni hao!´ to a couple woman  passing by, who responded without surprise.  The wait turned out to be worth it, as the line that formed behind me later had to wait the 20 minutes it took to shift my account.   So many documents, fotocopies, waiting for the computer, etc.   But, the Movistar woman did her job, and it was less painful than I thought.  
Companies so uptight in this day and age about security!
Afterwards, I headed to Antonio and Oscar´s bicycle taller (shop in Es.).  I had the idea for them to check my chain lenght.  But, on the way I changed my mind, and diverted to Carrefour.  
Carrefour is a huge supermercado, France´s answer to Walmart.  I first discovered them in Kunming, China in 2009.  They have EVERYTHING, and I go there at least once per week.  For one thing, they have frambuesas (raspberries), my favorite fruit.  They also have a great Écologica´ (health foods) section.  Trust me, they´re very good retailers.  The check out process so organized.  You don´t have to wait long. 
This day I  discover a large display of Halloween items, the usually scary stuff, skeletons,  witch brooms, cobwebs, everything, every kind of costume the kids wear to go ´trick or treating!´ Imagine, Halloween in Spain?  Now, in Catholic countries this is ALL SAINTS DAY, when families go to cemetarios to honor their dead.  In China, it´s called ´Tomb Sweeping Day.´ There, at the grave of their ancestors, the Chinese leave food and beverage for the departed.   
In this world of materialism, children go door to door dressed as goblins and ghosts, asking for candy (some `treat´).  TRICK OR TREAT is the greeting!  And if the householder doesn´t offer somekind of treat, something nasty ends up happening to their property.  At the very least we used to scrub their windows with soap.  If they were unpleasant we might leave a paper bag full of stinking dog shit at their front door, hoping they wouldn´t see and step in it. 
Of course, Halloween, is a commercial event, really created to make money, like Christmas.  You should see what Carrefour is offering for Halloween.  I almost took a fotograph of all the cheap shit, Hecho in Chine!  I bought food and a few other items for a total of 30E or $35U.S. 
Speaking of China, supposedly an atheist culture, they celebrate Christmas (as well as Halloween).  I´ll never forget attending an upscale dinner party at what was basically a wine store.  They had hired young, attractive Chinese woman to serve, all wearing Santa-helper stocking caps.  But, these women didn´t know why they were wearing them, or much about Christmas, the reason to celebrate, except to sell wine!  
Capitalism is all about Materialism, and thus the extant problem in our world!  Que hacer?
It was still misting when I departed Carrefour, but I was hungry, my lunch time (early 11-12N).  So, I loaded and rode over to an adjacent park, where I ate lunch in the rain.  I was liking the rain after six months of clear sky and sun, the contrast, Fall finally. But, you won´t see many people outside doing this, except for the homeless.  In a way, I´m homeless, like a rolling stone, but I have a direction known… 
Since I still had two hours before returning to Maria´s I decided to go to my new discovery, a Vegan Restaurant, called Hicuri. I had lunch there a couple weeks ago. Here I drank a `Tropical smoothie,´and cafe con leche de soya, but in no hurry.  I chatted with the server, a woman who could speak some English.  A Chinese couple sat next to me.  
Then off again, first to withdraw cash from the Cajero automatico (ATM) at my local banco, Triodos.  There, I withdrew 400E as I´m going to need to pay three months in advance for the new digs. 
I made a deal if the owner reduced the rent from 220E to 200E, I would paid three months in advance. 
At Maria´s I didn´t have to wait long, when she appeared she showed me the teeth, and then inserted the ´bridge,´ (don´t know what to call this), that held my two new prothesis front teeth.  For all this fast and efficient service she only charged me 50E or $60U.S., for all of this.  Santa Claus came early this Christmas!  I wonder what two prothesis teeth would cost in the U.S., maybe $200-300 U.S.? 
Off again, and back up to Monchil, on a route I know well now. It´s about 10KM, the last five up, but it´s the traffic on a two-lane highway, then street that´s annoying.  It´s incessant, never a lull in the one hour it takes me.  Thank God for Av. Los Robles in Cochabamba, as cycling up to my house,  hundreds of times in three years, made this route possible.  Going up Av. Los Robles every day build up my strength.  This hill up to Monachil is longer and more narrow, and somewhat disconcerting because of the traffic.  Sometimes a huge bus will pass, or going up when slow, I have to pull over to let one pass.  Then it´s difficult to restart.  One time I fell riding up the sidewalk, and at a point so steep, I couldn´t get up with the bicycle on top of me.  But, I was amazed, as many stopped to help!  Now, I take the street, no more sidewalk. 
Back at Sonia´s by 3:30 (1530 hours), I ate again, then rested.  The BIG meeting wasn´t until 1900 or 7P.M.
I was there early of course, and the gates were open, so I took the Otis elevator up to the flat on the 4th level or what they call Atico,´ or `penthouse´floor.  No one answered so I went back down. to wait for Javier, the rental agent.  He was on time. 
He took me up and we did ´the deal,´money, etc.  He showed me around the flat, explained everthing, that I didn´t quite understand.  He knows little English.  He took me up one flight to the laundry yard outside.  I was wondering how I was going to dry my washed clothing.  The flat has a washing machine in the kitchen area.  Ah, civilization!  None such in Boldivia!  
He also took me down to the garage, and assigned #5 space, all for Senora Fetes.  Departing he confirmed the BIG BIG meeting with the owner for Friday at 0900.  I´m now getting excited about moving, living in my own space.
Living with another is O.K., but I prefer to live alone, except for cycling guests. Eventually, I want a house on the ground where I can do this!  But, I will inform of my situation here in Monachil, and atleast offer a couch for a few nights.  I wouldn´t expect many, however.  In the six months cyclig up and down to Pradollano, the ski resort, I´ve only run into two.  One from Romania, the other from Australia.
After returning to Sonia´s at 2000 hours (8P.M.), I watched another episode of HOMELAND via Netflix.  I´ve become somewhat of an addict, as so convenient.  The story itself, all about terrorism, the stituation in the Middle East, government inefficiency, corruption, and always, via Netflix´s productions, violence and sexual intercourse.  And sometimes a bit much.  Sex and violence!  What does this say about us?

NBA League Pass Gets Mobile View: The NBA Is Now Shooting Live Games Just for Your Phone | WIRED

Inside the OPM Hack, The Cyberattack that Shocked the US Government | WIRED

Monday, October 24, 2016

In pictures: Living off-grid - BBC News

Extinction a good thing, and inevitable!

BBC - Future - The amazing cloud cities we could build on Venus

Me too! I´m not àllegic,´ to, but don´t particulay like it.

It´s called your Ether body.

BBC - Culture - The psychological tricks used to help win World War Two

Because war is profitable, and how you get control of your own citizenry.

Savage kingdoms: Werner Herzog takes us from the Earth’s core into cyberspace | Film | The Guardian

Savage kingdoms: Werner Herzog takes us from the Earth’s core into cyberspace | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Deborah Levy: “Literature is very dusty compared to the visual arts”

1960s Anti-War Activist Tom Hayden Dead at 76 - Royal Oak, MI Patch

241016 BLOK

241016 BLOK
Some people say that I´ve lost my mind,
Or, that it´s gone to my head, 
Nee the seeds of discontent!
All ideas hatch in the brain,
Oh, let it rain
In all the gray,
That matters!


80 years later, polar explorer's sunken ship floats again | Fox News

Sunday, October 23, 2016

But, I ain´t returning... At least when alive!

Ssshhh! How the cult of quiet can change your life | Life and style | The Guardian

Ssshhh! How the cult of quiet can change your life | Life and style | The Guardian: "Honi Ryan is an artist based in Berlin who began hosting silent dinners back in 2006. An otherwise ordinary dinner party setup, albeit with a ritzy vegan menu (regular dishes include baked almond soy mushrooms and Lebanese beans), the rules of the dinner are: no talking, no using your voice, no reading or writing, try to make as little noise as possible, do not interact with technology, and stay for at least two hours."

'via Blog this'

American Pathology!

Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley Warns of Changes

Feeding the hungry while tackling food waste | MNN - Mother Nature Network

8 essential steps to maximize the life of your camping equipment | MNN - Mother Nature Network

231016 BLOK

231016 BLOK
Capitalism ultimately is destructive because it promotes materialism.  This, away from what´s important, what is not material.  What is that?  
We´re not recommending old fashion religion, as for one, Christianity is `in bed´with Them! 
Can we substitute another economic system to solve the problem?  No, that won´t work, as it´s only treating the symptoms, without curing the disease, us!  `We have met the enemy and he is us!´  Capitalism seems to bring out the worst in some people, I cite Donald Trump as one.
Capitalists worship profit, and are willing to fire thousands of workers just to make their ´bottom line´ look better. We have made money, GOD!  This is THE PROBLEM!  
The solution, we the people, not the ecnomic system!   It´s us, and we need to change, develop, evolve! 
If people practiced THE GOLDEN RULE, etc., were more into giving than taking we might begin to solve many problems.  There would be less inequality in the world, for one thing.
Is this possible?  You tell me!
It begins with me and you!


The Gov. can´t even do this right! We enlist people for the military, then treat them poorly!

My mother used to admonish us with, BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!

Green’s, the Most Bodacious Slang Dictionary Ever, Just Went Online | TIME

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lived Brutalism: portraits from Robin Hood Gardens housing estate – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Alchemy Helios: bike review | Martin Love | Life and style | The Guardian

Government inefficiency!

American Pathology!

Which is the most obese country in the EU?

Go protesters!

Netizen Voices: Xinjiang Passport Recall - China Digital Times (CDT)

American Pathology!

This not good! Too much in the hands of one Corpo.!

Cycling in South Africa

CYCLING I do a bit of cycling. I ride mostly road bikes but recently bought a Silverback mountain bike. Cycling is massively popular in South Africa, particularly for men over 35. It’s the kind of a thing where you get five or six guys and go riding two to three hours and you always stop at a coffee shop. If you’re a man of a certain age in South Africa, you don’t golf, you cycle.

Everest's first woman climber Junko Tabei dies at 77 - BBC News

Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros' 'radical' vision of open-border world - Washington Times

American Pathology!

I refuse to ever fly commercially, again. And I´m a licensed pilot. Why? You´re treated poorly, exploited, abused -- in a world exploited for money! If I can´t get there on a bicycle, I´m simply NOT GOING!

This NYTimes headline should read: WHAT IS SAYS ABOUT US! Getting rid of guns is treating the symptoms of the `disease,´ without curing it!

What 130 worst of the shootings in the U.S. say about guns in America.

(NYTimes, 221016)

Yes, because flying, and I´m a licensed pilot, has to do with weight!

Why are we so uptight about being naked with others?

Baby Jesus statue in Canada turns heads with artist's 'shocking' restoration | World news | The Guardian

Think Canada is a progressive paradise? That’s mooseshit | World news | The Guardian

Giving birth is an industry. The medical establishment doesn´t like you leaving their very lucrative system!

Bob Dylan criticised as 'impolite and arrogant' by Nobel academy member | Music | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Friday, October 21, 2016

21c1016 BLOK

21c1016 BLOK
What a day, yesterday (Jueves, 20 October).
It started out O.K., no problems in the morning, although overcast, and cooler than usual.  Not my favorite sky, but it can´t be clear and sunny everyday of the year!
I watered my trees on the way to Granada City.
I had a dental appointment with Maria at 1345. 
In the meantime, I didn´t have much to do, except shop at Carrefour, eat lunch and withdraw money from the Triados bank ATM. 
In Carrefour, in addition, to lunch food, I parchase new shoelaces for my new shows.  Black on black, I wasn´t happy with.  I like electric orange for some reason.  I like to be seen while on a bicycle in traffic.  I wear enough black.  
After eating lunch in the park next to Carrefour, I cranked on to Triados Bank on the Gran Via de Colon (probably the most upscale street in all of Granada City).  There, I withdrew 300E out of my U.S. bank, which amounts to $341U.S. because of the exchange rate ($ to Euros) and a $11 bank fee (international WD). 
I´m building up the cash I need to pay three months advance for the new apartment I´m moving into (01 Nov.).  The total is 900E or $1000U.S.  I´m paying three months in advance (600E), then there´s one month for security, and a 100E for the agent. 
Then off to Maria´s not but a couple of kilometers distance (nothing for me riding Senora Fetes). 
I´m there with time to spare, so I wait.
I think i¨m being fitting for two new prosthesis teeth, as a couple days before she extracted a loose, morbid tooth.  But, I hadn´t brought the single prosthesis tooth (next to it).  She hadn´t told me I should. Seems, it´s cheaper just to add another, rather than a whole new plate. We both had assumed, thus making `an ass out of both of us!´ Now, I have to return next Monday, uno vez mas (with the old prosthesis, of course)!   The never ending of modern life!
1st mishap, as the energy was changing…
I returned home, cranking up the hill with much traffic. 
Once back home I didn´t have much to do, untill…
I decided to eat a snack, some yogurt. In the refer., I retrieved and opened a container that I discovered was just half filled.  I assumed Sonia or a friend had sampled, not liked it, and returned it.  I remembered the cat.  Note, there are many wild cats outside hanging around, one I´d fed recently. This cat, likes yogurt, so I decided to give the remainder, as always hungry.  A mistake.  A BIG MISTAKE!  And this was the cat that had bit me just the day before.  They say, no good deed never goes unpunished!  Ah…
I opened the front door, was on the stoop, bending down to put the container on the ground, when the front door closed behind me, CLICK (the sound of it locking)!  How this happened I´ll never know (or I do, but people won´t believe).  I hadn´t touched the door.  The wind?  What wind?  
I´m now locked out of the house, with nothing, not even phone numbers.  Now, normally, I always have my house keys in my pocket when knowing I´m venturing outside.  This, time, I didn´t realize, and suddenly… SHIT!  Of course, when something happens like this, your mind goes into overdrive!  Maybe Sonia will come hone soon.  I will knock on freinds (Alan and Maria) door to use the telehone (although I don´t have any numbers) — not at home (as Noah barks).  
I sit down to think.  The lower windows are covered with bars, and I´m too fat to slip between.  I thought about climbing up to my bedroom window on the second floor, but such is daunting at my age.  I finally decide to walk to friend Cesar´s house, not far, as he lives in Monachil as well.  I pray he´s at home, because he has a job (at the Granada Airport), with different hours. 
I ring his timbre (door bell), AH, HE´S HOME!
Next he has Sonia´s telephone number!  He calls!   The dark cloud is lifting from me.
Next she answers!  Ah, my guarding angels at work.  She´s out of town, but has left a spare house key hidden!
AH, I´M SUDDENLY relieved.  I won´t have to sleep outside or in Cesar´s spare bedroom.  When explained, I know how to find the key, no problem.  `PERFECTO´ I keep hearing Cesar exclaim!  
I thank Cesar profusely, offer to take him to dinner, etc.  Cesar is my Guarding Angel in Spain so anything for him!  Departing I bring up our mutual friend, Gerard, a bicycle enthusiast, and a special mechanic.  He had offered to look at ´Senora Fetes,´ to try to figure out the trouble with shifting.  A longer story… Suffice it to say, on the way home I go by Gerard´s and he´s home!  I remind him of his offer, that I didn´t have his contact information, had come by to ask when?  He tells me tonight, and it´s 18.00 already.  He´ll meet me just down from his house at a restaurant, La Barbaria. I thought he said in one hour, or 19.30, but he meant 20.00 (8P.M.).  
I went home found the hidden house key, let myself in like nothing had gone wrong.  Ah, it´s the little things in life, that make you the happiest!  I ate a snack, but you can believe this time the cat got nothing, no opening the front door, even though I know have my own keys in hand.
Near 19.30 (7:30P.M.), with light fading from the sky, I load up and crank to LaBarbaria, only 100 meters distance. 
I´m there waiting, when I realize I´ve left my backpack behind at the house!
I rush home, a mistake!  At the stairs that lead up to the house, I fall on the street, and hard on my butt and back.  Always when you have an accident, it´s so fast you´re suprised.  Luckily, no vehicles coming and I get up with no help.  But, as always, I check my body, to see what might be damaged.  I hit pretty hard, and the pavement is always unforgiving.  My knee is bleeding onto my shorts, so I add a plaster (German word for bandaid).  My poor legs have dozens of scars from such scraps, cuts, knocks, otherwise bruised. I have a small, but bloody cut on my kneee.  But, I don´t feel any great pain… It comes later.  I grab my backpack, and return to La Barbaria, slightly shaken.  
Gerard doesn´t show up for another 30 minutes.   I explain, and he goes off riding `Senora Fetes,´up to Puntaarron, a restaurant we enjoy.  It´s up a steep hill and the perfect test for what´s going wrong with the shifting.  I had told him the shifting only messes up when under stress (weighted down going up hill). He´s back on 15 minutes, with guess what?  The news that nothing is wrong, it worked perfectly, except for one little shift coming down.  Gad!  It happens to me big time!  I´m thinking maybe It´s the way I shift or the way I ride?  Could this be?  Note, this is a mechanical problem I´ve been dealing with for months, spending something like 400E / $500U.S. replacing all the drive-train parts.  Now, what to do…?  He said it´s not the frame, the wheel looks O.K.  
I thank him profusely (my day to be gratful for freinds), and return home. 
At home I watch three episodes of AMERICAN ODYSSEY (a Netflix series), just to take my mind off reality. 
What a day!

P.S.  Today, one day later I´m sore, my butt,back and one leg.  But, what doesn´t kill you, makes you stronger.  NOW, I´M STRONGER!  I did, however, sleep much later than normal, to 0800.  This is like you sleeping in to 1P.M. in the afternoon.  But, I guess I needed it.

211016 BLOK

211016 BLOK 
A rose…
By any other name 
Would it wither and die?
All things in Dualand
Have beginning and end.
Dust to dust,
With rust inbetween.
A beginning in another `wor(l)d´
`One´by effort
As to which
Maybe rich,
Maybe poor
Nonetheless a door!
Metamorph thinking such
As death more!


"when you look at human life on this planet, we are not sustainable. Trilobites died out, dinosaurs died out. Life on our planet has been a constant series of cataclysmic events, and we are more suitable for extinction than a trilobite or a reptile. So we will vanish.

'Police' pounce on picture of Pope

With Hillary it will be business as usual, spiralling the U.S. down, and down...

The human race is terminal!

Cancer is not a disease, but an industry. ´The Burn,´Mr. Sanders is that, money is God, and people will do anything to get it!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

American Pathology!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nonstop Metropolis’ Stunning Maps Show NYC the Way Locals See It | WIRED

Michael Moore gets behind Hillary Clinton at surprise TrumpLand film screening | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!


201016 BLOK / T.T.

201016 BLOK / T.T.
Well, finally after all our effort (Cesar a big help), it appears I´ll be moving from Sonia´s into my own flat.  The one we found is a duplex, (the bedroom up one flight of stars).  It´s on the 4th floor of a building in Monachil, and not far away.  I´ll still be able to shop at Coviran (the local 7/11).  Best of all, it has a terrace.  But… I haven´t signed the lease yet, thus no reason to get excited.  And there´s one caveat.  If I can´t transfer my Telefonica Internet account, I would have a delimma—what to do?  I´d be less likely to move in to this building. 
Ultimately, I want a house with a patio, or some ground, earth, mother earth beneath my feet.  All the time now I spend on concreta!  I also want away from the madding crowd, the sound of motor traffic, parking dogs, and screaming children! 
I´m on to another city in Cranada Province, named Baza, about 200KM east of Granada City.  Thus, nearer to the Almeria Desert.  Already, I have two friends there, a German couple Gabriele and Martin.  Plus, an American named Nick.  So, que hacer?  Go mit the flow!
Today in Granada City I ate my almuerzo (lunch) at a vegan restaurant named Hicuri´s. I had Lasagna, and torta de zanahoria (carrot cake), café con leche de soya.  I´ll be returning there for more!
This place, if you´re ever in Granada, at:
Plaza de los tirones, #4, 18009.
Then, I was off to mi dentista, Maria.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

American Pathology!

Greenland Is Melting - The New Yorker

Here´s the person who should be the president of the U.S.

Monday, October 17, 2016

American Pathology!

Franco statue pelted with eggs as polarising exhibition opens in Barcelona | World news | The Guardian

The Anglo-Saxon is the Devil, and I am one.

Ecuador cuts Julian Assange's internet access: WikiLeaks | Reuters

House where Adolf Hitler was born set to be demolished -

Money is God, what would you expect!

Of course it is!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Immigrants Fuel Innovation. America Should Not Waste Their Potential | WIRED

A famous, NIGHT WITCH of WWII.

`Sighience,´just another religion!

Europe, the U.S., the world, imploding! Over population, speculative capitalism partially to blame, the end of the grand cycle! WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

World politics, all a `chess game!´

Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million in Support of Donald Trump - The New York Times

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks - CBS News

American Pathology!

If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal!´ Emma Goldman

It´s not the guns that are the problem but us! `We have met the enemy and he is us!´

The conundrum of mind and matter: what is consciousness? | Life and style | The Guardian

Inflation worries the $ rich, as it reduces the value of their assets!

Graffiti artist takes over Paris château

“Spectacular” Rock Art Discovered in Spain - Archaeology Magazine

It is the current media that´s the worst in history!

Friday, October 14, 2016

151016 BLOK - The Pathology of Materialism

151016 BLOK - The Pathology of Materialism

THE PATHOLOGY OF MATERIALISM (money is God, the new religion)
Telemania:  Living via the small screen.  Instant ego gratification!
motor vehicles:  The illusion of power and freedom!
commercial air travel:  Polluting the skys.  Time is money!
TV and movies:  The Great Distractions!
Consumerism:  turning humanity into robots!
cancer:  Not a disease, but an industry.  It will never be cured, as only the symptoms treated (for money of course)!
All illusionary!