Friday, September 30, 2016

The Tempus CR-T1 Brings a Little Style to E-Bikes | WIRED

The South Hills Crossbill Is Evolving in a Seriously Bizarre Way | WIRED

Thursday, September 29, 2016

BBC - Future - How anxiety warps your perception

BBC - Capital - Where are all the expat women?

We´ve been `dumbed down´ via media!

Head in the clouds in Salta, Argentina | Travel | The Guardian

Worse than Guantánamo? Ex-prisoner struggles with new life in Kazakhstan | World news | The Guardian

Huge release of Rosetta images paints a spooky picture of comet's rugged landscape

American Pathology!

Here comes the Black Moon |

6 Netflix Tips You Don't Know About, According To Netflix | Huffington Post

One of my favorite cities in the world. If the climate was better, I´d live there!

Don´t forget Dick Eversol, who hired Lorne Michaels in 1975. I was there!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I would say voting for either Trump or Hillary is, `is like 'masturbating your way into hell'

BBC - Travel - Orgiva, `South of Granada,´ where there is a Sufi community.

It all comes down to profit margins. Money is God in the world!

No mistake! People who lost their family members and friends in the 9/11 attack, should have the right to sue Saudi Arabia!

Inside Netflix’s Amanda Knox: ‘She was cast as a she-devil’ | Film | The Guardian

^Just-us,´for white people! No justice for people that are not white!

People Who Visited the White House the Most | InsideGov

Ranking the Least Intelligent Presidents in U.S. History | InsideGov

This should piss the pope off!

American Pathology!

The traffic is horrible, not a good city for cyclists, but what would you expect in a continent with little conocimientos?

Money is God, what would you expect?

Face to face with Peru's Lord of Sipan 1,900 years after his death

American Pathology!

More war!

Where Is ISIS Now? Islamic State Targets Include US, Spain, Belgium, and Dozens Of Other Nations

When have the corpos. ever cared about people, except to exploit for their benefit?

This is good!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Dutch probe: Missile brought from Russia downed Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine - The Washington Post

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The "Viral" KENZO World Ad Actually Celebrates Illuminati Mind Control - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

PFC-Free Clothing for the Outdoors | WIRED

Faceless London: Four hours on Westminster Bridge - BBC News

Polluted air affects 92% of global population, says WHO - BBC News

BBC - Future - The woman who forced us to look death in the face

Stop Trying to Feel Awesome All the Time, Says Millennial Whisperer | Mother Jones

It's a boy! First baby is born with DNA from 3 parents, in controversial IVF technique, report says - CBS News

The Norwegian TV series that’s enraged the Kremlin – POLITICO

American Pathology!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dilute honey 'may fight urine infections' - BBC News

BBC - Future - Will dentists help you to grow new teeth?

If everyone became vegetarian by 2050, food-related emissions would drop by 60%

BBC - Future - What would happen if the world suddenly went vegetarian?: "If everyone became vegetarian by 2050, food-related emissions would drop by 60%"

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BBC - Future - The last unmapped places on Earth

BBC - Future - What would happen if the world suddenly went vegetarian?

Turner prize 2016 exhibition review – bleak and baffling, but no bum deal | Art and design | The Guardian

Nope, wrong. In space, as if like Mars, we´ll just exploit and trash out another planet!

You don´t understand in the U.K. People for Trump are going to vote for him regardless of what comes out in debates or the media. I voted for Jill Stein, the Green candidate who they won´t even allow into the 2-party controlled debate charade. Emma Goldman, a prominent U.S. anarchist, in the early 20th C. said, Ìf voting changed anything, they´d make it illegal!´ Voting gives the illusion of participation.

Greaaaaat! We are the dumbest race in the history of mankind, and oh be woe unto us for it. We´re basically committing suicide, slowly, agonizingly!

China reopens former underground nuclear facility to the public -

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Anyone who believes statistics, also must believe n the tooth fairy!

Well,he´s my hero, and I´m an American!


American Pathology!

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The parable of Ticino | The Economist

BBC - Travel - World’s largest matrilineal society

I´m hoping androids, cyborgs, robots, without an ego, will save us from ourselves!

BBC - Future - What if the aliens we are looking for are AI?

Meeting Cellebrite - Israel's master phone crackers - BBC News

Parrtjima: lighting up the outback – in pictures | Culture | The Guardian

British woman, 26, becomes one of world’s youngest airline captains | World news | The Guardian

Humans are going to have the edge over robots where work demands creativity | Tim Dunlop | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Risk of nuclear attack rises - CBS News

Arnold Palmer Dies at 87

I would say... Don´t be so focused on material success! It´s a trap!

American Pathology!

The Best Original Shows On Netflix Streaming | Television |

I voted for Jill Stein for president of the U.S. You should as well!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Yes, he had charisma, and developed TV golf. He got me involved. In fact, I covered golf on TV for ABC Sports, Inc. (now E.S.P.N.) and knew Arnold personally.

A Season of Terror and Donald Trump - The New Yorker

Words of the Week: Fart Folk Suffer System's Mistakes - China Digital Times (CDT)

American Pathology!

250916 BLOK

250916 BLOK
Yesterday, up my usual crank to Pradollano, the ski village on the western slope of Velleta, the second highest mountain in continental Spain. 
But, at my age, I can never tell what´s going to happen.  I could make it all the way, or have to turn back for some reason, either body or bicycle. 
I was off at the usual 0800 time as up at 0530.  It takes me that long, 2.5 hours, to do everything necessary before departing.  This is old age, as I don´t like hurrying, and have to sit for a bit after eating. 
The ride up to the village and beyond to what is called `The Barrier´(where private motor vehicles are stopped) is up from 800mts. (Monachil) to 2550mt. in roughly 40KM, or a `rise´of 1750mt..  Thus, the average grade is something close to 05%.  Going up this takes me five hours, as old carry much weight and in no hurry (I stop rest, take fotos., eat, etc.).  But, going down it only takes 1:15. 
Yesterday, or Sabado (Saturday in Ingles) I wasn´t feeling particularly strong.  Again at my age, this changes from day to day.  You can feel good one day, then the next, like you don´t want to go.  But, I went, and was surprised by my time, as sometimes I `clock.´  Up to the Visitor´s Center, about 18KM, it took three hours.  Then another 8KM to Pradollano 1.5 hours.  That´s an average of 5.5KM per, pretty slow.  Sometimes people walking are faster than me.
I stop at Pradollano to have coffee and postres at Little Morgan where I know the manager, a Moroccan woman named Sanae.  She knows Antonio, who rents room for cheap or 30E per.  So, far, however, I´ve never been able to partake of, as one problem or another.  But, I keep trying as the Kena Nevada Hotel, expensive (spent one night there for 73E per). 
This trip up different as always.  Three of four things come to mind…
One, beyond Purche, up to the second crest I saw a group of wild goats. These are the Iberian Ibex (Capra pyrenaica) that live in the Sierra Nevada mountains. And this is one advantage to riding a bicycle, as you make little noise, and surprise animals in the wild.  They´re curious and usually don´t run away.
Two, up on A-395, the main highway up to Pradollano, a huge group of motorcycles coming down.  There must have been one hundred!  We can thank Harley Davidson for this, although this group wasn´t the Hell´s Angel type, just the `yuppie´type out riding around Spain.  But, what noise!
Three, up further, I got visual and audible applause out the window of a white van as it passed.  This a first.
Up at the junction (just before the village), where there is a little park with benches, I stopped to eats something, and rest.  I got interrupted by a cyclist who asked for directions.  Here I am only five months in Spain, and I´m recommending routes in Spanish.  He wanted to know the shortest route up, and I told him through the village.  He also wanted a foto. with Veleta in the b.g.  ´Perfecto´ I got, after he checked it.  
I don´t like taking fotos. with a `dumb´tele., as I never know what `button´to press, plus on the large screen (like with my Canon), you can´t see well enough to frame. 
Finally, in the parking lot, at the bottom of Pradollano, I got invited for a beer by a group of older cyclists.  This encounter I managed to `fuck up,´in a way that has distressed me to no end—a missed opportunity.  Ah, I do a few things right, and many wrong.
Sitting, having my coffee outside at Little Morgan´s I got the idea to leaving my `calling cards´and stickers in the windshield of the group´s van.  They obivously had come up from Granada, with their bicycles in this van. 
At Little Morgan Antonio was there with Sanae, and I asked about his room to rent.  But, some story about his cook and waitress, they´d had a fight, and refused to sleep in the same bed, so both bedrooms occupied.  This is the third time I´ve tried to rent one of Antonio´s rooms, but it doesn´t seem to be possible.  Must be a good reason! 
Later, after playing ´Pick Up Sticks,´with my toothpicks, I packed up and departed.  First, purchasing water from the Coviran mercado that was open.  Note, stores in Latin cultures generally closed in the afternoons (siesta time). 
Back down in the parking lot, I discovered the older cyclists group´s van was done!  Damn!  Now, what to do?  Since no ´room at the Inn,´with Antonio, I thought I would go up to see if Boabdil was open for a room at the Mirabella Hotel.  Gary and Betty, who I´d met at Little Morgan had first suggested this.  But, the on the previous trip up, it was closed.
Strange thing about this ski village, as it has a hundred hotels, but only one open in the summer.  There are other situations for staying the night, but so far, I don´t seem to be included. 
I cranked up, which is no easy deal, and found edificio Boabdil (the reception desk for the hotel) closed.  Second time no luck.
But, then another idea concerning trying to make amends with the older cycling group.  Since I was further up, I thought I might continue up to the barrier, and see if they were cycling in the afternoon, rather than in the morning.  Again, another 3KM all up, and some work.  Note, `The Barrier´parking lot, is about 40KM from Granada City, and about 30KM from Monachil. 
I circled the parking lot, which was jammed, almost colliding with a man, one of the drivers of some tour bus.  People move without looking.`Again, no van, so I concluded the older guys had cycled in the morning, and when I met them had come down to have lunch in Pradollano.  Damn!  Damn!
I had fucked up earlier and not engaged this group after having been invited!  What was I thinking?  In this case what had happened?  I´m not sure to this moment, except to think that my demons had possessed me once again.  Most people will guffaw at this, but they don´t know what I´ve been through since departing Mt. Kailas in Tibet, six years ago.  Note, I actually saw two of the demons, in a city, when Cesar, Javier, and Rafael were on our cycling trip two months ago.  I took pictures of these demons, now uploaded to   Of course, when you peruse you will say these are only `rocks,´but you have no òrgans´to perceive the spiritual world (like I have).  Trust me, they are the demons that `have followed me ever since I moved the Kundalini from Tibet to Bolivia.  What is he talking about you will ask yourselves?
I went back down to Monachil, as I´m not into staying in dormitory rooms.  There is that option at `The Barrier,´offered by the University of Granada.  If one persona snores, I don´t sleep.  Plus, walking to the toilet in the night, in an unfamilar place, plus no coffee my way, in the morning.  No thanks, I´m too old and spoiled at this point for group sleeping. 
Down at Purche, just 7KM from Monachild I stopped to eat the remainer of my lunch, now cena (dinner in Es.).  The sun was still high, and warmer here, 1Kmts. lower from where I had just come.
While I was up at Pradollano earleir, I noticed the first dusting of nieve (snow in Es.) up on the peak.  Ah, winter cometh here in the Northern Hemisphere.
Next Saturday, I will go back up, do the same hoping to God to run into the group of older cyclists, thus repairing the `damage´of my unfriendly behavior.  But, what are the odds?
I do some things right, but many wrong!
Que hacer?  Continue to live until… 

The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

"Starry Eyes" : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite - and How it Truly Works - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

The Eccentric Autocrat Who Spent Billions Inventing a City | WIRED

However, many times these are optioned, ultimately purchased, and BIG BUCKS for the rights.

Don’t Try to Make a Living Writing Short Stories | WIRED

Except for the weather, horrible!

BBC - Culture - The belly dance sparking controversy

“My view of the world, really,” Palin says, “is that if you screw your eyes up and look at the world, it is an absurd and extraordinarily silly place, with everyone taking themselves very seriously.”

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Impact of dementia on Terry Jones is 'painful to watch' says Michael Palin | Culture | The Guardian

How the brain knows where we are in bed | Daniel Glaser | Life and style | The Guardian

Aboriginal inmate 'left braindead' after brawl with guards at SA prison | Australia news | The Guardian

Corpos., trying to control water supply all over the world. A famous `water war´in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Finns protest against racism after man assaulted at neo-Nazi rally dies | World news | The Guardian

American Pathology!

3D Lascaux cave comes to life

Toddler and a little girl rescued from rubble in Aleppo

Was Bolivia-Peru the Sunset Land of the Sumerians? | Ancient Origins

Friday, September 23, 2016

Vagina Dispatches episode one: the vulva – video | Life and style | The Guardian

I did!

Giant 'corpse flower' begins to bloom for first time in five years | Environment | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Certainly, a nuclear holocaust could start here!

MH370: Is China spying on Australia?

Always sex and violence in the motion picture. Just watch either HOUSE OF CARDS, OR MARSEILLES on Netflix.

He´s ín bed´with the Saudis!

Medical marijuana looks likely this year - Orlando Sentinel

A Modern-Day Fairy Tale That Works To Make Sense Of War | Huffington Post


In a way, Trump is right. The establishment foments unrest, in order to control. More money for police, military, less freedom for us, the citizens. Of course, Trump will do the same if elected president.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

BBC - Future - The benefits of going bald

You pay a large price for fame! People don´t know!

Scottish teacher killed in Auschwitz is remembered by her students Jane Haining, who died in 1944, is celebrated at a memorial event in Budapest by her surviving primary school pupils

Cuzco's San Sebastian church gutted by fire

Syrian children's paintings on display in Shanghai

This is good!

Sensitive info leaked in hack of White House contractor's email -

MH370 investigation says Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 burned debris theory unlikely - CBS News

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The rise of the new Robber Barons! | The Economist

Tired of war: South Sudan street artists calling for peace - in pictures | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian

I´ve had a half-dozen bicycle accidents cycling the world. 3 of these were serious enough to take me to a hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. I wasn´t wearing a helmet. One I had in Cochababma, Bolivia, I was wearing, and I think it helped. But, I don´t wear a helmet for safety reasons. I wear it to honor my deceased friend, James B. Feeney, whose helmet it was.

I´ve cycled the world. I navigate by an old fashioned compass, and the night stars. When in one place, I don´t have a telephone. I do use a computer. What will happen to all the people dependent on el. technology, when the power goes out? And it is going out, we just don´t know when!

Then there’s that other American dream, the numbed-out, dumbed-down, make-believe world where much of the national consciousness resides, the sum product of our mighty Fantasy Industrial Complex: movies, TV, internet, texts, tweets, ad saturation, celebrity obsession, sports obsession, Amazonian sewers of porn and political bullshit, the entire onslaught of media and messaging that strives to separate us from our brains.

Every child had a pretty good shot To get at least as far as their old man got But something happened on the way to that place They threw an American flag in our face. Billy Joel, Allentown

Two American Dreams: how a dumbed-down nation lost sight of a great idea | US news | The Guardian: "Every child had a pretty good shot

To get at least as far as their old man got

But something happened on the way to that place

They threw an American flag in our face.

Billy Joel, Allentown"

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“Violence is as American as cherry pie.”

Get and ride a bicycle instead!

Great idea!

Greenpeace activists in Geneva slam TISA

A nose by any other name: Biology may affect the way we invent words - The Washington Post


The Virtues of Nuclear Ignorance - The New Yorker

Ancient Biblical Scroll Gets Read While Wrapped - Scientific American

International Day of Peace 2016: Inspiring Ideas And Famous Quotes To Celebrate World Peace

American Pathology!

A humane billionaire, G. Soros.

More police not the solution! We always treat the symptoms (for money of course), without ever trying to cure the illness!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BBC - Earth - We did not invent clothes simply to stay warm

BBC - Culture - The mysterious muse of Gustav Klimt

BBC - Autos - Where should you sit on a plane?

Fise 2016: Cycling that's less like running, more like dancing | Environment | The Guardian

Romantic love, is ´Nature´s Joke,´on us! It´s not love, but hormone driven desire to propagate the species.

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

With EVERY physical symptom, there is a mental element involved.

Who cares!

N.Y.C. or `The Big Apple´in my day is unique, in that citizens deal with so much shit everyday you become innured to things like 9/11, etc.. I lived there for 12 years.

20b0916 BLOK

20b0916 BLOK
The last days of summer
In the Northern Hemisphere,
The first days of Spring 
in the Southern Hemisfear,
And versa vice,
How nice!
A cycle,
Wheels of change,
They rearrange,
What do we know about existence,
The resistence,
The only constant?
Then it seeks movement.
´Butt their´is something else!
The opposite of what?

20a0916 BLOK

20a0916 BLOK
My life, at least in the beginning, was one of unconsciousness, controlled by the ego. I strove for fame and fortune, but mostly failed in that regard, thus pain, sorrow and humiliation.   In the process I hurt myself and others. This lasted until the age of 59, when things suddenly changed.  
If you ever wonder why I believe in Western Astrology, it´s because an astrologer prodicted this when I was only 27-years old.  She said everything would come together at the end of my life.  Of course, at the time, I didn´t want to hear that, AS I WANTED IT THEN, not later!  Who knows about later…  But, that´s what has happened.  With the 3rd Millennium, suddenly all the negative turned positive  With it came the light of redemption.  
It is said that you cannot be redeemed without living, failing, having sinned.  This activates redemption, as you have to descend to be raised.  If you have lived a perfect life, there is no need for redemption.  
Jung said the only ´sin´is unconsciousness.  Certainly I was when young, almost killing myself and others, trying to follow in my father´s footsteps.  He drank himself to death—like father, like son! 
The life I wanted (to be Steven Spielberg) was never to be.  I was never to succeed at acquiring much fame and fortune. It wasn´t my destiny. 
My destiny has been and is a spiritual one.  
As a television producer in my late twenties, being a celibate Taoist monk, wasn´t even known.  Yet, this is what I am now.  Who would have ever thought… and me most of all? 
Isn´t life interesting…
There is so much that modern man has forgotten, lost in materialism. To remind him, to awaken him, this is my destiny.  To tell the occult story of the evolution of mankind, via H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner!  Wow, who would have every thought?
Divine beings have shown me the way, and now I sit on the´throne´of potentiality, to tell the story of how and why humanity exists, our goal!
And this will come to pass!


Opera launches desktop version of its free unlimited VPN - CNET

American Pathology!

Read This New Book To Grasp The Brutal Reality Of Chinese-American History | Huffington Post

200916 BlOK

200916 BlOK
On agreeing and disagreeing…
From THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN by Rudolf Steiner
`Men agree upon mathematical truths, such as 2X2=4.  In respect to other ideas, men disagree, because they think that there can be more than one right answer, or truth.  They have not yet reached the point, where they can control their egos, which divide them.  For those who see more deeply into the nature of things, it is quite impossible to disagree.  There is only one possibility for those who disagree:  that of developing themselves to perceive more deeply.´ 
Nee, develop a higher consciousness.
Let us try to agree, rather than disagree, as such is destructive. Don´t we want to construct a better world?


Monday, September 19, 2016

NYC’s Subway Gridlock Could Trigger a Transit Renaissance | WIRED

Let’s Vacation in Some Giant Former Mine Pits! | WIRED

Humans and computers are merging...

Final Fantasy XV Goes Old School to Keep Relevant | WIRED

Brooklyn Book Festival: Margaret Atwood, the war on terror and anxieties | Books | The Guardian

The human race is basically committing suicide, slowly, but carefully. Just keep driving those motor vehicles!

American Pathology!

Tha ancient Crusades have come to the U.S.

Next revolution will seek to overthrow privileges of nationhood | Business | The Guardian

Economics, which I have one degree in is NOT A SCIENCE, but a philosophy, and should be taught that way. Please explain to me what ´The marginal propensity to consume,´is all about! Stupid.

@ImMylesMorgan I agree! It´s sacred to the Aborigines! READ MARLO MORGAN´S, MUTANT MESSAGE -- DOWN UNDER

Nursery Rhymes Like the Incy Wincy Spider, Animated and Translated Into the Yoruba Language · Global Voices

Op-ed: Why Obama should pardon Edward Snowden | Ars Technica

Woe be unto the Washington Post newspaper!

How Donald Trump inspired a new reactionary ideology

Arizona child sexual abuse law guts due process for parents and caregivers.

American Pathology!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

BBC - Earth - In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion came out of nowhere

BBC - Earth - In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion came out of nowhere

BBC - Earth - How some animals accelerate faster than all others

Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, not mentioned in this article?

From Dave Grohl to Ringo Starr: the secrets of star drummers | Music | The Guardian

Denise Ho: the Cantopop Queen on a crusade against China's Communist party | World news | The Guardian

Lukas Flückiger and Reto Indergand secure the 2016 Swiss Epic

Cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad dies after crash in Rio Paralympics -

190916 BLOK

190916 BLOK
On love, marriage, having chiildren, family, etc.
From Rudolf Steiner (who you should read):
`Let us ask… What then is essential for love?  What is essential in order that one person loves another?  It is this… that he or she be in possession of their full self-consciousness, that they be wholly independent.  No one can love another in the full sense of the word if this love be not a free gift of one person to another.  Only one who is independent, one who is not bound to the other person, can truly love another.´
This means that if you are forced into marriage, it´s not love, but something else.  And then the marriage will mostly fail.
In China (the world), there are too many people (over populated), caused by a family culture (ancestors worshiped).  Parents demand marriage, and grand children.  This is wrong in my opinion, as so many unwanted children are beget.
Only if the couple is truly mature, knowing themselves, and independent, are they capable of being good parents.
So married couples should think twice about having children in this day and age.  Things have changed.  First of all, children are expensive.  In the U.S., from the time a child is born to the age of 21, the parents will spend $500,000U.S. raising JUST ONE CHILD.  Secondly, does an over-populated world need more people?  No!  Adopt a child is you must, there are many without good parents.  Thirdly, are you firmly committed to raising a child of your own which requires 24/7 attention for at least 21 years?  Ask yourself these questions.


18a0916 BLOK

18a0916 BLOK
Cycling Sundays or en Espano:  Bicicleta los domingos …
Everything was easier this day up to Pradollano.  I even felt strong!
Senora Fetes was working better and that helped. 
I made the Visitor´s Center in 3 hours (18KM, or 6KMPH), and Pradollano in another 2:45 hours, although this included several stops, one to eat someting.  This is only 7Km., so a very slow KMPH average).  But, in comparison to all young cyclists in lycra running up and down the mountain, I´m in no hurry.  I like to stop, look, maybe take a fotograph, enjoying being up higher.  There are great vistas…  And his day la clima perfecto.  It was the harbinger (heraldo in Es.) of Ontono (Autumn in Ingles).  A perfect day actually!
I stopped just above the Visitor´s Center to eat my energy bar, but was besieged by moscas (flys in Es.).  It must be their ´last gasp,´before hibernating (hibernación in Es.).  This yet another example of enantiodromai, opposites seeking one another.  As summer seeks winter, the things of summer (life) knows it´s going, so the most activity.  This turned out to be a mistake, because of my dwindling ability to digest food.  Later I stopped to take a digestivo pill, but i felt suggish until yet another defication (euphenism for taking a shit).  I think I had a record five this day, setting somekind of record.  I shall apply to the Guiness Book of Records.  But, this is an indication of how exercise-exertion is so useful to older people, as all illness begins in the colon.  My tip for the day for living longer!
Up at the gateway to Pradollano, is a ´bicycle park,´and a display of the older cablecar system, the teleférico (in Es.) for skiers.  I read the plaque and it had first been installed on Veleta way back in 1972.  Now, there are many ´runs,´and many lines of telefericos to haul your ass up.  I walk or ride up. 
I reminded of what just happened in Switzerland, speaking of cable cars… A group of three cars, with many sightseers was trapped for 36 hours, way up and had to wait until rescued by helicopter.  My unnamed friend in La Paz, Bolivian, where they have just opened three telefericos, wanted to know why wouldn´t join him on one ride up to El Alto.  It´s not the fear of falling, but the concern of getting stuck for hours and having to pee or shit.  For older people, this can be a challenge.  No, I told him, it´s all `you`rine!´  I prefer to walk anyway.
On a slightly different, but related note.  Now, In Granada, there are wheeled… I don´t know what to call these, but people ride around on little electric machines (in a standing position, guiding by upright handle bars).  Why can´t people just walk.  Eventually, the human race, will have no legs, weaker heats, and die out!  Ancient people, so much stronger. 
I sat in the sun, in a little park next to the old teleferico display, and ate my  queso de cabra (goat cheese) sandwish, olives and cherry tomatos.  This is in a little park with poplar trees.  I looked up into their leaves, and suddenly transported to a nostalgic feeling of well being.  Later I talked-touched one of these trees.  They are so strong!
At Little Morgan, there were some customers, but my favorite table/chair in the sun vacate.  My friend, the woman (whose name still escapes me) came, and she went on and on about how tired, and unhappy she is).  Finally, I tried to give her a better outlook, by saying this, `Honey, if you are basically healthy, everything else is trivia!´ She didn´t want to hear this, but to vent.  I interrupted her by ordering my usual brownie, con mit slag, con helado, con sugar y grasa.  I really shouldn´t considering my teeth, but man does not live by bread alone.  Sometimes you must reward yourself (cycling up 25KM and 1700mts.) in 5 hours) with something decadent.  And I do! 
Some stats about this route up from Monachil:
From home to Purche (first crest) you go up 500mts. in six kilometers / four miles.  This is an average grade of 8%.
From Monachil to the barrier at 2550mts, you go up 1750mts. in 30 kilometers, or an average grade of 6%.
It´s all up trust me.  Up in five hours, down in 1:15 hours. 
I ate my decadent postres and read my book, THE GOSPEL OF ST. JOHN, by Rudolf Steiner.
At 4P.M., considering staying up there somewhere, I thought time to me.  I took my dishes into the restaurant, to hear more about her world is basically fucked. People don´t realize how they create their own ´hell!´  She went on and on about how, the only female of three brothers her mother (lazy) made her do all the work, beginning at the age of four.  By, seven she was cooking dinner.  Note, she was born in Morocco, and in the Isalm, thus women usually abused.  A tough life for sure.  But, now her 16-year old is lazy, taking after his grandmother.  Que hacer.  But, this woman whose name maybe good to forget at this point helpful.  She knows Antonino, another restaurant cook/owner, and rents rooms for cheap.  She called him, but the room not available this night.  So, I paid, and decided to try and find the place where Gary and Betty recommended, the Mirabella, that I never was able to locate a month ago.  Gary had said you register next door at Edificio Boabdil.
So, up I went, and more up, and up, luckily there were signs pointing to.  But, when, I got there, no people, it was closed. 
Pradollano in the summer, a veritable ghost town.  It only comes alive in December with the ski season (if nieve, or snow in Ingles). 
I decided, since so far up,to continue to the barrier and see about the hostal that the University of Granada operates.  
More up to 2550mts., ironically the elevation of Cochabamba, Bolivia where I lived for three years.  
Espanoles, think that this is high up, whoa!  But, the highest in elevation in all of Espana is a peak on one of the Canary Islands, is only 3,800mts.  This, the elevation of the alti plano, in Bolivia and Lake Titicaca, Peru, South America. 
Finally up at the ´barrier,´so called as where private automobiles prevented from driving any further up the road.  Of course, you can cycle up to Veleta Peak, which I´ve done now twice. 
I found out that the ´Hostal,´there are only dormitory rooms, with banos down the hall.  And I don´t do this any more.  I like privacy, making coffee on my camp stove in hotel rooms, etc.  In the old days, I might have toked up!  OMG!  The woman, I guess in charge of registration, mentioned the hotel down in the village, but oh so expensive (72E per).  No thanks, once was enough.  Although the rooms have a nice bath tub, a luxury. 
I found out from the woman that to camp,even next door you have to get a permit from the government as this is a National Park.
Too many rules in the world! 
I rested on a bench in the sun, ate the remainder of my energy bar, and partook of much activity. as many hikers going up, arriving on buses, siting outside drinking beer, and THE ENDLESS CHATTER of Espanoles!
Note, ´Silence is Golden´in my world.
At 6P.M. I decided time to go down, as a ways, and I like to be home before dark.  I packed up and headed down.  Luckily, James B. Feeney, caused me to pull over, as I thought I was zipping up my jacket (windchill going down).  But, then I realized I wasn´t wearing my helmet (James B. Feeney).  OH LORD, GOD HELP ME, DON´T LET IT BE LOST!  I scurried back up about 500 meters, and lucky, it was where I´d set it, on the window ledge where I´d parked.  THANK GOD!  If I lost this helmet, I don´t think I would kill myself, but close to.  It´s how James B. Feeney accompanies me.  I´ve told this story before, how my best friend in the world, died of cancer prematurely and his wife Barbara gave me this bicycle helmet.  I´ve worn it all over the world for the last 20 years. And it´s saved me more than once!
Feeling better, calm again, I headed down, and down, on the road highway which ends at the Visitor´s Center.  This highway used mostly by cyclists, as less traffic.  It´s also more scenic, as it curves back and forth, at the same time less direct and more challenging that (A-395, the main route from Granada).  I´ve been up and down it a couple of times. 
I made it back to Sonia´s (home) in 1:15, did the usual, ate dinner, and was in bed reading by 2000 hours or 8.P.M.
A 14-hour day, from up to bed again!  But, a good one, as Senora Fetes worked better, plus I learned much about Pradollano.  You gotta get out there to learn!


180916 BLOK

180916 BLOK
On transgenderism…
My friend S____ has a male (animus) personality, little in the way of feminine warmth.   Interestingly, a candidate for being transgender, male.  But, of course, that involves much money, hormones, surgery, in my world kinda crazy.  I think you have to be real motivated like Bruce Jenner or Chelsea Mannnig to do such.  I wonder how strong this has to be, and where does this come from?  It´s one thing to be gay or lesbian, but to go through all of it that what is required, well… This is the 21st C. and the Third Millennium, where, Óh, the times a a´changin´
I suppose it´s possible to change your body from male to female and vice versa, but then how do you die, as what?  People, generally speaking,´aren´t taught to think anymore, just react to a screen.  Google will tell you everything you need to know.  Now, probably, besides Disney, the most dangerous corpo. in the world—the masses don´t have a clue!
On the othehand, the LBGT factor may be Nature´s way of reducing over population, and this is good, as we´re now `red-lining´ such.
Adopting parent-less children, a much better idea than creating more.
Thus, I´m all FOR the LBGT people!  We need to reduce the birth rate, particularly with the uneducated masses (one of the problems).  `Children´ (the undeveloped) having undeveloped children!  How to…?


What Is the Alt-Right? | US News

I´m the one that started bicycle riding in Manhatten in the early 1970s. Friends thought I was insane! it was only me, maybe one or two others and the bike delivery people of old, you had a small front wheel, on top a large basket. But, we could get cross town through traffic faster than motor vehicles. And the only incident I ever had, a taxi driver tried to hit me with his fist our his window while I passed. Many time I had `Breakfast at Tiffanys,´ MOON RIVER I´M CROSSING YOU IN STYLE ONE DAY! And I did!

A flower is "the delicate link between the plant and animal kingdoms," says Adisha Kariyawasam. Similarly, Felomena Chart says that flowers are a "very important part of [an] ecosystem. Without flowers, there will be no bees or vice versa. No pollinator, no food."

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Religion corrupted by man, for selfish reasons, power!

So true! Thery´re aren´t countries anymore but corporations!

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