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Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project | Environment | The Guardian

The problem, simple! The Earth is overpopulated, chasing fewer resources, water being the most precious!

The problem, simple! The Earth is overpopulated, chasing fewer resources, water being the most precious!

Tourism starting to bleed the Lickan Antay people of the Atacama desert dry | Global development | The Guardian

I camped in San Pedro de Atacama for two months. I cycled everywhere in the area, and loved that part. The town, over consumer with tourists, but money is God everywhere. Que hacer?

I told people long ago, not to fly the ´Nightmareliner.´

81 murders in one month! The Ámerican Pathology,´Capitol of the U.S.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

American Pathology!

Europe's Tourism Tumbles Amid Terror Attacks, Refugee Crisis | US News

I think, without egos, they will save us from ourselves!

Seems to me the U.K. should hand over Gibraltor to Spain.

They don´t know, that they don´t know!

Dogs Can Understand Human Speech A Lot Better Than We Thought

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 'Edward Snowden is an old-fashioned gentleman' - TV3 Xposé

Ah, the same ole ´shit,´governments not really doing their jobs! Drinking water will become a huge issue in the future.

300816 BLOK

300816 BLOK
I just completed a novel by Vanessa Difffenbaugh entitled, THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS.
Seems during the Victorian Era (late 19th C.) desire nee romance was conveyed by exchanging flowers.  Each flower had a different meaning.  For example, one we know about, the red rose, means ´love.´
But, this is a story of an abandoned and abused girl, her life from living in foster homes, institutions, in and out the judicial system causing her to grow up defiant, and violent.  But, as the story progresses to discovering love and motherhood.  I read this book in several sessions (two days) as I didn´t want it to end.  At the end it brought tears to my eyes.  It should be a motion picture.
I have had experience with abandoned and abused children.  My first experience with a man I helped to get out of prison (long story).  He had been abandoned by his mother, and then abused in the same way (as the protagonist THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, named Victoria).  Roy´s upbringing, if you can call it that, led to his violent behaivor.  He went from bad to worst, to becoming a professional ´collector,´and ´hit man´for ´The Family´ (Mafia) I discovered him in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, while I was making a documentary about another prisoner (another longer story).  Ultimately, Roy almost killed me one night in New York City.  The fact that I had been the only person in his life, to help him, saved mine.
Also, recently living in Cochabamba, Bolivia, I came across a man (a U.S. citizen) who had they same unpleasant beginning.  Although not abandoned, he was physically and mentally abused growing up.  Thus, when I met him as an adult his behavior ´mirrored´his 
childhood.  He loved hurting people, seeing them in pain, driving them away.  Why?  This validated his worthlessness his parents had instilled in him (not worthly of love).
So, be glad you chose the proper parents, at least ones that didn´t abandon you.   Good parents make all the difference in our lives. If your mother abandons you, for whatever reason, you have little hope of a good life. 
The three examples above, all are from situations in the U.S.  But, I realize this happens all over the world. 
What you discover as you grow older is the pathology of the humanoid, ´Man´s great inhumanity to his fellow man!´  Thus, the question, Why?   What is this all about?   Unconsciousness, lack of good parents, education, etc. for sure—another element?  What is the solution?  To me, this is the only question worth pursuing!

And now in 2016, when violence and suffering are everywhere, and WWIII even more possible (than during the ´Cold War´), this question is even more important to try to answer!  H.

Baton Rouge Woman Writes Letter to the Media Saying Everything Americans Have Been Waiting to Say

JHere´s a great example, of what´s happened since prisons went ´private.´ It mean thw system was looking for people to incarcerated! It´s inhuman, that money/profit has become our God!

For me,Rudolf Steiner answers all the important questions!

It´s the age of Disintegration!

This ´story,´so unenlightened, and to me the pathology of modern life.

Monday, August 29, 2016

BBC - Travel - Bhutan’s dark secret to happiness

BBC - Travel - A humbling view from ancient giants

Happy 200th birthday Charlotte Brontë! How well do you know the author? – quiz | Books | The Guardian

Emily Brontë may have had Asperger syndrome, says biographer | Books | The Guardian

The truth about superfoods | Life and style | The Guardian

I cycled through Oamaru, in 2011. Took fotos. of the Steamapunk Museo!

American Pathology!

Go, Dotcom!

We have been ´dumbed down,´no question about that! It´s all about our new God, money/profit!

Clint Eastwood talks Donald Trump: 'I can understand where he's coming from' - LA Times

Shocking Secrets From the Filming of the Wizard of Oz

Now, why would the Roman Catholic Church Pope be interested in FaceBook? Guess!

American Pathology!

This is going to Santa Claus some problems!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A sudden light | The Economist

The village in Bosnia that survived a war

Outside meddling has unleashed horror in Syria. We must step back | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian

Yes, we´ve only made it worse!

IThey just love to travel, FIRST CLASS, spending the taxpayer´s money!

American Pathology!

“No Pasa Nada” In Granada | Fordham Observer

280816 BLOK

280816 BLOK
The world I grew up in, in the 1940s and 50s has devolved to the point of disintegration—or least it seems.  Maybe I just wasn´t aware, or hadn´t access to the information I get now (via media).  In addition, back then, growing up, I was young and innocent (like all children). 
Maybe humanity has always been the same, unconscious, corrupted, violent, etc.  Maybe I just realize it more now, as older and can access almost unlimited information. 
If it´s always been the same, with little in the way of evolution, then OH WOE BE UNTO US!  We have failed the great test! 
Recently, I´ve been getting much information about ´the end,´or at least the beginning of the end.  The U.S. dollar is suppose to ´crash,´in September, WWIII is supposed to begin in October.  Then there´s the Hopi BLUE STAR Prophecy, that I put some stock in, as I have Hopi friends. Nostradamus, also perdicts the end of the world, but not for another 6K years. 
But, as the Hopis say, this is not negative, but positive!  The old male patriarchy dies, replaced by female energy.  The Age of Kali, evolves into the Age of Kalki, some call it the Age of the Guan Yin.
Millions of people will be sacrificed on the altar of change, however!  This, in order the survivors, GET THE MESSAGE!  And what is the message?  That we must live in harmony with Nature, or perish, become extinct!  The shibboleth of the new age is COOPERATION not COMPETITION!
Who will survive?  I´m afraid I have bad news for the Christians, who believe in the ´Rapture.´  And maybe more bad news for others, that there isn´t just one God, but many! 
Death, although dreaded, is not the end, but a transition. The ancient Egyptians, had no word for ´death.´ They called ´shedding the body,´ ´Westing.´ Or, like the setting sun (in the WEST), sinking, only to rise again.
Additionally, there are ´Higher Worlds.´  Certainly this ´reality´(dual in nature) is not the only one! 
I don´t know what will happen, I just know that modern life is not sustainable in its present form!  The planet is over-populated with dwindling resources.
So, be prepared!


Let us develop another means of travel, besides the airlines! They have goen, in 60 years, from great, to good, to less than good, to bad, and now so bad I refuse to fly period!

Turning the U.S. into a police state!

Syria is Hell!

Scientists reveal how much water you consume daily | Ep#1 | AXA Research Fund - YouTube

Linux Took Over the Web. Now, It’s Taking Over the World | WIRED

Rainbow Mountains, Gansu Province, China

Modern Life pathology!

Easy, ´The rats in a cage´syndrome!

Why Chinese women don't use tampons | Life and style | The Guardian

The results of out-of-control Capitalism, nee greed!

Eimear McBride: ‘Writing is painful – but it’s the closest you can get to joy’ | Books | The Guardian

Einstein said, Ímagination more important than knowledge!´

The Magic of Mushrooms

And guess where it goes?

You´d have to pay me to watch. Only for the bereft of consciousness!

Don´t have baby in hospital, but at home!

We have met the enemy and he is us, Trump, Hillary, and all!

There´s more and more of this why? Older aircraft, less maintenance, less $.

Patriotism the opiate of the unconscious.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Space Photos of the Week: This Star Ain’t No Angel | WIRED

Ride a bicycle!

Only children watch TV.

All is conflict in the world, nobody can get alongª

Sure, These Women Are Winning Olympic Medals, but Are They Single? - The New York Times


U.S. culture, basically, out of control!

Yes, the stupidity of banning, burkinis. But, what would you expect from governments?

Another one to exploit and trash out!

This is what is called ´spin,´ take something negative and turn it into a positive! If you control the media, you control public opinion.

270816 BLOK

270816 BLOK 
´How to know ´(and achieve) HIGHER WORLDS,´ by Rudolf Steiner… How to?  
Basically, what I´ve learned so far, having read a half-dozen books, it has to do with perfecting yourself, by subduing the ego!  I work on this everyday!  At the age of 76, going on to 77 (in December) I know I haven´t that much time left, and this is a challenging task!   But, I will achieve experiencing the ´Greater Guarding at the Gate.´  Years, ago, I met the ´Lesser Guardian,´ but wasn´t prepared.  I thought it was a ghost, and it scared the shit out of me!
I will discover Higher Worlds, and experience supersensible existence, as a student of esoteric science (as dictated by R.S.).
In the meantime, I kill flies that land on my bare legs.
Is it possible to overcome oneself?


North Atlantic 'weather bomb' tremor measured in Japan - BBC News

BBC - Culture - The mysterious power of the pyramid

I´ve always wanted to live in one...

'I've done really bad things': The undercover cop who abandoned the war on drugs | Society | The Guardian

Gay and Jewish people!

Don’t be fooled. There will be damaging fallout from Brexit | Will Hutton | Opinion | The Guardian

I think arranged marriages the best! Tina, sang, ´WHAT´S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?´

I think the greatest achievement of my life, is NOT HAVING ANY CHILDREN! We´re overpopulated, causing most of the problems in the world, too many people chasing dwindling resources! But, Capitalism demands growth, and the masses don´t understand what´s happening in the world. The Catholic Church, hasn´t been much help in this regard either.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Killer at center of Netflix series demands evidence be retested -

It proves we don´t need a Government! The bureaucrats run countries anyway, not elected officials, that simply prey on the citizens, for you know what...

You see it´s always changing, as they don´t know. We create our worlds from our minds. There is no objective reality!

American Pathology!

World Pathology, from over population!

Poverty Could Hobble Colombia's Anti-drug Push After Peace Deal

American Pathology!

Everyone Remembers Their First Bike - The New York Times

270816 BLOK

270816 BLOK
I observe people, examining their faces, most so unhappy.  I feel sorry for them, ´Strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage!´  Robots all!
They go hither and yon chasing the material, rushing about in motor vehicles, making noise and creating pollution.  They don´t know that they don´t know! 
Life, what is it?  Watching TV, going shopping, taking care of baby, career, money, love, etc.?  I feel so sorry for them, lives wasted!  And for what?
I look at people, so sad, so sad, your dad!
The thinkers, we,
we spend our time trying to figure 
as in numbers,
what is life all about?  The rest, the 99.9 just try to survive, day to day, and then die, not having a clue!
I remember a quote from a Moorish King (via Will and Ariel Durant´s THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION).  The King said, Óf my long and powerful life I can remember only two days I was happy!
Is material happiness important, ultimately?  Modern life sells such, if we would just buy this or that!
Is it better to have little power and/or little consciousness? Just to live, ´streaming´life and nothing more?
Quien sabe!
People, friends ask me all the time how I feel, am I doing O.K.  I think, at least the younger ones, are worried I´m going to die in their presence.  Then, what to do!  I always reply that I´m fine, as to relieve their anxiety.
But, being old is different, as least for me.  There´s pain everyday, of one sort or another, whether it be physical or mental.  The body is disintegrating, piece by piece, organ by organ.  Thus, it´s not like being 19, or 30, or even 40 years of age.  Older people have more trouble seeing and hearing.
As we grow older we fight against such, but inevitable!  We have surgery, we exercise, we do yoga, we adjust our diets, our life style, we tend to sit more.  We go to doctors and if no help, we research on our own.  How can I maintain, live longer?
We think it´s more important we realize we´re MUCH MORE THAN OUR EGO-BODIES!  Additonally, that there are higher, and greater worlds than this one (dual reality), and we´re not talking about ´Heaven and/or Hell!´
Read Rudolf Steiner´s HOW TO KNOW HIGHER WORLDS! 
Basically, bodily life has given us the opportunity to perfect our souls!  99.9% of the 8 billion, hardly have a clue!!  Don´t be one of those!  Help elevate the Spiritual (Divine) world by perfecting yourself!  This is WHY WE ARE HERE (with an ego-body)!

Tantric Taoism (AKA ´H.´)

How silly!

People go unprepared!

American Pathology!

Want to Celebrate Blog Day? Get Yourself to Paraguay! · Global Voices

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Surface water shifting around the Earth - BBC News

Marilynne Robinson wins literary peace prize for tales 'of reconciliation and love' | Books | The Guardian

I suggest Marilynne Robinson read Rudolf Steiner.

Woody Allen: 'There are traumas in life that weaken us. That’s what has happened to me' | Film | The Guardian


American Pathology!

Possible WWIII starting here...

American Pathology!

Politics the last refuge of scoundrels.

Oh, woe be unto the person who killed this cyclist!

Like. Ghost. Flirt: A Journey Into the Social Media Lives of Teens | WIRED

The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal

Earth's Closest Star Has A Potentially Habitable Planet Orbiting It, Scientists Say - Across America, US Patch

We need a ´cleansing,´as the world can´t handle 10 billion!

An Exoplanet Too Far - The New Yorker

Beyond the medal race: The inspiring Manish Singh Rawat story that we almost missed

Don´t we all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What if you don´t want to make a lot of money?

Are you kidding? They are smarter than us! It´s humans that are stupid!

You´d have to pay me to live there, in Dystopia!

A 'radical alternative': how one man changed the perception of Los Angeles | Cities | The Guardian

If I could tell Corteney, I would say: YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR BODY!

Mankind and machine, meeting in the middle!

American Pathology!

I hope it isn´t so, as we will then try to go there to exploit, and ruin it, like we have planet Earth!

more American Patholgy! Almost daily now...

What political deadlock? Spain economy forges ahead | Bangkok Post: news

Oh, woe be unto the Roman Catholic Church for all their torture, murder and destruction in Latin America.

American Pathology!

A black homeowner called 911 to report a carjacking. He wound up getting shot by police. - The Washington Post

I don´t believe him for a minute!

Biggest problem... Nobody can get along!

How the NSA willfully exposes Americans to danger

24d0816 BLOK

pp: 56-7:
“Sickness, suffering and death are the consequences of our acts.  There is no one to blame for this, and it is vain to complain and expostulate about the evil nature in the world; humanity!  There is no room for hatred for there is no sin nor evil!
Evil and sin arise from the ego in ourselves (Duality).  The ego is the ‘shatan’ or obstacle, the ‘divider.’  When it is ‘dead’ in us, we are free!  We cease to accuse others or ourselves.  Instead we begin to observe the pattern of causes and effect that have led us to this state of sickness, suffering and death.  It is a condition that can be remedied only through a transformation of our own actions, attitudes and ways of life!
The Madness of Modern Life,
So much strife!
We just can’t wait,
But, we’re always late!
All wrong the rush,
The crush,
What for, the whore
We all are?
Join us in creating a better humanity, one that has gotten control of the ego (blamer, divider).  Basically one that has become more conscious (aware) that we (all of us) are the problem, not them!
Let us take responsibility for the world we have created!

Tantric Taoism

24c0816 BLOK

24c0816 BLOK
About ´smart´ telephones, making us ´dumber!´
1G telephones… These were the ones your parents had in their houses, analogue.  But, they worked!
2G telephones, the first digital telephones and the one I´m trying to buy and use now. Simpler, they do less.
3,4G telephones, most young people have these now.
But, soon there will be 5G! telephones! ´G,´by the way, means ´generation.´
At 10Gs, they´ll start helping you with your tasks.
At 50Gs, they will cook your dinner.
At 100Gs, they become robots, and hopefully save us from ourselves! So, all is not negative about them!
But, I don´t want one!


24b0816 BLOK

24b0816 BLOK
I think you can label the next the diatribe of an old man:  the óld man´s syndrome:´  things we want to eliminate when we get older, less adaptable.
Primarily, noise!
The sound of the motor vehicle, particular motos, the 2-cycle motorbikes!
Honking of their horns!
Barking dogs!
I love dogs, don´t get me wrong.  But, if you have lived in Nepal and Bolivia, you´ll understand what I´m talking about. They let them run wild, and in packs, they go uncontrolled, barking insanely, especailly when the moon is rising. 
Noisy children!
My father´s mother, my grandmere, ´Hutchie,´said this, CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN, BUT NOT HEARD!  I´m of the same ´school!´
Humidity!  I´m not a big fan of wet heat.  I remember Shanghai and Hong Kong in the summer.  OMG, horrible!  You can´t walk ten steps without needing a cold shower.   A place I could live… The Atacama Desert, in north Chile.  I camped there for two months, never had a problem!
I´m not even a fan of water!  I get it flavored in tea, juice, coffee, etc.  I don´t bathe that often.  
Thank God, I´m a celibate Taoist monk, and don´t have to deal with women on an intimate basis!  It´s wrong to try and subdue a ´fart,´a part of bodily functions.  But, in bed with a woman… Ah, excuse me!
The Internet!  I want to wean myself from the Internet, maybe my greatest addiction next to sugar!  
Someday I hope to live out in the country, in Nature, far from the ´madding crowd!´
Ultimately, my own body… Eventually, everything goes!  We are much greater than our bodies.  I´ve discovered ´Higher Worlds,´and am ón my way there now!´


240816 BLOK

240816 BLOK
Monachil, Andalusia, Spain
A week ago I felt Autumn (Otono in Es.) coming, cooler weather, a nice feeling to me, as my favorite season of the year.  It also has to do with the sunlight, the angle, the frequency.  With such comes a deja vu feeling as I´m suddenly back in New York City, years ago, and with it the senses of a younger person (with everything possible).
Fall to me, like Spring to others  I´m not a ´summer´person, but a ´winter´person!  Wood fires, warm clothing, the season that moves me, makes me want to get up and go outside!  All of this probably because I was born in December.

P.S.  I read recently that 2015-16, was the hottest year(s) since they began keeping records.  And Cesar and I out in it, cycling long distances with weight.  No wonder, I kept drinking my agua de desportes! 

Occupying the Prairie: Tensions Rise as Tribes Move to Block a Pipeline - The New York Times

I hope they steal from me, as I have much to share, but I don´t call what I have to offer, secrets!

BBC - Travel - The First Family of US mountaineering

BBC - Future - You are surprisingly likely to have a living doppelganger

What we call ´death,´is only losing the body, the material form. The Spirit, never ´born,´doesn´t ´die!´

BBC - Future - The nurse who knew the first astronauts inside out

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FI was fortunate, to spend three years in a remote section of Texas, the Big Bend area. This, circa early 1990s. There was literally no ambient manmade light where I lived. And thus, a night sky I will never forget, quite amazing, as I could see billions of stars from top to every horizon! I saw the colors of stars, planets, manmade satellites. I saw the Universe! Additionally, living in this area, I had many transcendental-metaphysical experiences. Inexplicable. The people who live in cities, live artificially, and part of the problem of modern life! We´re estranged from our source!

We sleep for mental, not physical reasons!

State of the world's plants in danger says new global report

Forget the medals table, Grenada rules the Olympics!

Spain: Ai Weiwei and 'The Poetry of Freedom'

Stockpile food and water in case of attack, Germans set to be told

American Pathology!

These Two Female Athletes Won an Olympic Medal That's Rarer Than Gold

Women with children earn less than men when they take time off from work — Quartz

Thank God, I don´t live there!

Amazing! Who I think is the greatest living filmmaker, Werner Herzog, not even on the list (or did I miss?)!

It´s all about money our ´God!´

American Pathology!

The Elephant in the Room | R. R. Reno | First Things

230816 BLOK

230816 BLOK
Fuck clock time,
The balanced dime.
Heads or tales,
Which will it be?
Two or knot,
The same or rot!
The tick the tock,
A dirty sock
The rat!
Rocks not clocks
To tell the time,
Not bells, but wells
Of wisdom!
Fuck, clock time!


Reminds me of a movie entitled, LOCAL HERO!

220816 BLOK

220816 BLOK
Day 1 Viernes:
120816, Friday, the beginning of our 3-day cycling trip, up and over Veleta (Spain´s 3rd highest mountain), down, via Ogiva, Lanjaron, and then back to Monchil—something like 200KM.  This was the trip planned a couple weeks ago, when Cesar made it all the way to the Visitor´s Center, but had to curtail because of an eye problem (recovering from an operation).  Addtionally, he had gotten a call that his mother had been taken to the hospital.  
But, here we were again, maybe a little easier, as Cesar´s friend Llde, from Malaga, joined us.  So, Friday evening when Llde arrived, we loaded the bicycles and drove up to the ´Barrier´(motor vehicles can´t go beyond).  What would have taken me all day on ´Senora Fetes,` took 45 minutes in Cesar´s van.  
Because Llde was an hour late, we didn´t start off at the ´Barrier,´until 2100 hours, or 9P.M.  There was still light in the sky, but fading fast. The plan was to camp overnight near the summit of Veleta, then head down the next day.
Of course, Cesar and Llde faster, but they always waited for me, that is until the very end.
Going up I discovered another problem, being older.  In the dark,although the moon was fairly bright, I couldn´t seem to keep my balance.  A couple times I almost fell over.  It was a little scary because there are no guard rails, and if you go over the side in some places, well… 
This road to the top starts at 2500mts. and goes up to 3000mts. in about ten kilometers.  It´s not that difficult during the day, snaking back and forth, sometimes with dropoffs of 1k mts.  It would be quite a ´ride´down!  This mountain is the #1 ski resort for all of Spain, lift lines, fences, and ski trails  everywhere.  
This night because of the Perseid Meteor Shower (show), there were many people trekking up.  Not so many cyclists, just three crazy ones.
Near the top, I got confused, because I saw what I thought was the junction to Mulhacen and Ogiva.  I saw a light down below, and I thought this might be Cesar and Llde.  They had gone ahead.  I rang my bell, I called out, but no response.  What to do?  I started back down.  I got maybe 100mts. took a break, then decided to continue up.  And that was right, because in another kilometer, they were waiting for me.  I explained the perdicament I had been in, confused in the dark.   Cesar who´s done this trip maybe ten times, but for me the first time.  Anyway, we went on the dirt road, pushing now, and around the first bend found a place to sleep. It was something like 2330, or 11:30P.M.  I think I was down in my ´down´sleeping bag looking up at the night sky by 1215.  
We were anticipating the meteor ´show,´but I only saw something like six bits of the comet get burned up.  But, do they ever come fast.
My feet got cold, and I don´t think I slept but a couple of hours, but what is important is rest!
DAY 2, Sabado
We were in a good position to get the warmth of the sun, and early.  This is important when considering a camping spot in the mountains.  
I remember on our Cazorla National Park trip one night.  Actually, I´d picked the spot, as desperate to stop.  But, the tall trees kept the sun from shinning on us until too late.  So, we moved to eat desayuno in the sun.  We had gotten cold that night, surprisingly enough at only 1500mts. ASL. 
But here, on the south side of Veleta, we got out of our bags, warmed by the sun to behold a stunning view.  Of course, in the dark, the previous evening we couldn´t see where we had camped.  But, this morning, Mulhacen to our left, but straight ahead to the south was a view all the way to the Mediterraean Sea. Just below a valley with an alpine lake.
I made coffee with my stove and French Press.  Cesar and Llde did the same sans coffee, although I offered.  
I like sharing.  Part of the reason I´m always carrying too much, is for others.  The extra stuff I have has made a difference sometimes, people surprised but grateful. 
We got off by 1000, suddenly surrounded by many trekkers.  I didn´t learn until much later (having returned) that this was a three-day Government holiday, and with the Meteor Shower, the track was overrun with cyclists and trekkers. Several times I had to stop to let people pass, and others were kind to reciprocate.
But, the track, wow, I wondered what I´d gotten myself into, as so rough!  Certainly a mountain bike trail, and here I was with Senora Fetes loaded for bear!  I´ve included a fotograph of the track just to prove.  I don´t know how I made it through sometimes, several times, having to get off and push through.  You just keep going!  ´We let nothing stop us!´ 
I remember a group full of questions, and one man who understood English.  After I told him I´d spent years cycling the world, he told me, ´You are my Master!´  What can you say to something like this, as it embarassed me!  I´m nobody´s Master, just trying to be my own. 
I needed to go to the toilet, but in terrain like this, and with so many people, there was no privacy.  So, I had to ´master´the urge, part of the situation.  
I remember cycling all over N.Z. from North to South, and rarely was there a place to take a shit! Why?   Every square foot of N.Z. is either private or public land.  There´s no wide open spaces like in Australia.  Additionally, it´s a lush kind of landscape, with plants, trees, so thick right up to some private fence, where to…?  You learn to ´master the urge.´ 
Note, I learned recently from some one, if you have the urge to piss, rub your calfs.  It seems to work.  I wish I´d known that in N.Z.
From where we had camped, the track goes east at a relatively level grade, although up and down.  Then it swings south, rounding Mulhacen (named for a Moorish King)´on the west side.  I thought Mulhacen was the highest peak in Spain (at 3500 mts.) when Cesar explained there´s higher on one of the Canary Islands (which is Spanish territory).  It´s something like 4K mts ASL.  Wait, I´ll do a Google ´seach,´and we´ll know in a second.  And here it is courtesy of Wikipedia:
¨¨Mount Teide (Spanish: Pico del Teide, pronounced: [ˈpiko ðel ˈtei̯ðe], ´Teide Peak”´) is a volcano on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain. Its 3,718-metre (12,198 ft) summit is the highest point in Spain and the highest point above sea level in the islands of the Atlantic.¨  Note, this is two hundred meters higher than Mulhacen. 
At Mulhacen, the track levels out, starts to improve, and in a kilometer, at one of the several trekking huts, it starts DOWN!  Here, we stopped for a break and I found a ´toilet,´ the kind with a view.  This spot reminded me of one in China, on our trip to Everest and Kailas (2010).  It was at a Buddhist facility, wooden, with a view of the valley. 
By now, mid morning, there´s a flood of cyclists and hikers coming up.  I´m slightly amazed.  Cesar tells me on a week day, when no holiday, you´re all to yourself. And, easier to find a ´toilet!´
Going down, many times I have to pull off the good track, to allow cyclists coming up to pass.  Note, the ´rule,´ cyclists gliding down must yield to those cranking up as more difficult.  We must have passed one hundred cyclists this day, maybe more, I don´t count.
Down and down we went, but the dirt road, one of those that was full of buried rocks that surprised you, jolted you—not the easy soft kind of dirt track.  At least it was jolting ride to me, older, and on ´Senora Fetes´ with her aluminum frame. 
At one view point, Llde, guided us to a promotory with an incredible view, where I got some glipse of the history of this area, known as Las Alpujarras, where the last battles between the Moslems and the Christians took place… (I need to get the facts from Cesar.).  
We continued down, and down and down, winding, switchbacks, dodging motor traffic coming up.  Eventually we descended into a lovely pine tree forest, where we stopped again.  This time my lunch break at 1215, Cesar and Llde refreshed themselves with fruit, as too early for their almuerzo.
At one point I caught up with Cesar and Llde who had stopped at a ´mirador,´(view point).  They were having a discussion with a solo Spanish woman cyclist.  There aren´t many of this, but of course, she was older. 
More down, but finally out of the National Park, the road, just before Capileria, became asphalt.  Senora Fetes and I rejoiced.
Gliding through the village, Cesar caught my attention, as had stopped at a restaurant.
Here we spent a couple of hours, resting, and having almuerzo (something like 1400 hours).  The place, an upscale outdoor facility, was packed.  We had to wait for a table, but finally.  The woman cyclist joined us, but I´ve forget her name.  They all had big meals, talkng mostly. I had torte de chocolate which I shared. 
Note, the restaurant food in Granada Province, fried, greasy, and something I can do without.  Why I travel my own food. For my earlier lunch back up, I´d eaten one of my cheese sandwiches with tomats and olives. 
After our leisurely lunch break, we headed downward again (seemed endless) to the next village, Bubion.  This, where we parted with the woman.
Then down to the river and shade for siesta.  Note, this is de riguer for Cesar.   Me, I rest a little, but really don´t need.  In fact, these long breaks every afternoon ´kill me,´as older.  The longer I rest, the colder my muscles get, and then it takes so long to warm them up again.  Younger people wouldn´t understand.  Going down hill easier after a long break, but going up hill, a chore.  I remember our first full day from Cesar´s family´s farm house, 114KM, up to Villanueva de la Arzobispo, almost killed me!  I had to spend a night in a hotel to recover.
Here at the river, Cesar went up stream for shade and quiet.  Llde and me stayed with the bicycles and lay down on a concrete wall, part of a dam. It´s amazing how comfortable concrete can be, when you´re exhausted.
I think we were there for an hour.
Then more down to Orgiva, where I thought we were going to spend the night.  But, Cesar had other ideas. And this idea had to do with going UP!  We´d come down something like 50KM, now we were to go up something like 15KM more, and through Lanjaron.  
Here, at Orgiva we joined A-325, and that helped.  The road surface makes a difference when you are carrying weight on a bicycle.
Onward, onward, with traffic, much traffic in fact on this holiday weekend. I liked Lanjaron, the tree-lined streets, the quaint feeling, historic, you could sense it.  Also, the source of Lanjaron water sold all over Spain.  In addition, it has a mineral hot springs, where the older and infirm come to soak.  Something like the Lourdes of Spain.
Here Llde and Cesar decided to search out an abandoned Moorish village, a possible place to spend the night.
We find it after having to double back, crossing twice over a deep gorge.  But, the bridge (puente in Es.), shiny white new.  At the gate, with a ´Se Venta´ (for sale) sign, Cesar walked up to investigate.  He was gone quite, some time, but when he returns to informed us the place, ´no goo´for camping.´  Maybe just the feeling, as deserted and nothing but ruins.  Probably ghosts lurking about.
Llde, knowing the Granada Province, like the back of his hand, suggested an old olive grove to camp in, and only just down the old highway.
Here we spend the night, among the el arbores de olivas.  First, dinner for Cesar and Llde (both younger with good appetites), I ate yogurt, and then after having searched too long for the perfect spot, I lay down on my ´bedding.´ This consists first of a ground tarp, then a softer pad, then my ´Ridgecrest´mattress,and then usually my sleeping bag.  But, here, opposite of last night up at 3K mts. it´s much warmer at 500mts. So, I sleep directly on my mattress covered by a lighter polyester bag (blanket when unzipped).  Trust me, I have much experience living ‘óut there.´
I remember clouds forming to the east, and being concerned about possible llueva (rain).  But, it never happened.  What happened were ants that came to share my ´nest.´  They didn´t keep me from sleeping, however!  
Think about it, we had travelled some 80KM, 50KM down, and down is just as tiring in a different way, as cranking up is in another way.  Going up its mostly legs and heart.  Going down, it´s mostly arms-hands and you´re going much faster, so you have to be more alert.  It´s more mental.
What an interesting day, however, so intense!  So many people, so much history, so much of everything!
Day 3, returning to Monachil, via Dilar
The night was hazy, both in mind and up in the sky.  I slept, but uncomfortably because of the humid heat and the ants.
This is why I prefer to sleep in a tent, insects.  Cesar perfers au natural, more a ´nature boy´than me. 
I´m up with the sunlight filtered through the Med Sea mist. It was 0730, and Cesar and Llde still down. 
I made coffee and ate breakfast.
I packed and was ready to go before Cesar and Llde.  I told them I´d go ahead, and check out the ancient Moorish bridge (they´d told me about the night before).  I wanted to take photographs.  And now available at
This bridge still in good shape after 500 years!  Wow, they used to make things to last!  I was intrigued, as there´s much history about this bridge, the first of three over the same deep gorge.  Seems it protected the surviving Moors from the Spanish, and thus heavily defended.  With the scourge of Catholicism came much ´ethnic cleansing.´ The only way the Moors survived was to convert.  Go here for the Wiki. history:
Cesar and Llde arrived, and after some fotos. we headed west and then north on the old highway between Granada City and the coast.  But, it was UP, and work. It´s always up from the sea and/or the river.  
At one village, nearing the ´top,´we paused for a coffee break. 
From then on it was ´civilization´again, up and down, but easier until we got to the Dilar ´cut off,´ Cesar´s ´short cut´back to Monachil.
We were going up, Cesar in front, me second, when yelling from a taxi stopped us.  It just happened to be Cesar´s friend Javier (with his two brothers) on the way back from the coast.  I didn´t know it at the time but they made plans to meet at a restaurant in Dilar. 
Dilar and I have a ´connection,´going back to Cochabamba, Bolivia, as was supposed to be the village where I would live (with Justin´s father, ironically named ´Javier.´  Ah, the connections…
At the restaurant, I finally met this ´Javier,´and his brothers.  Javier with an interesting job as an air-traffic controller for aircraft during a forest fire.  He might have made it on a TV show in the Sixties entitled, WHAT´S MY LINE?´ We bonded as he speaks English.  And turns out he owns property in Samaipata, Bolivia. 
It was the usual ´mucho hablamos´ siesta lunch, which basically bores me.  I believe Latin Americans the most verbal of all cultures.  I´m not sure why, but maybe has to do with the terrain, the climate?  There´s less hablamos in Sweden. 
Javier, living in Dilar, invited us to his house for coffee, as on the way back to Monachil. 
It didn´t take long to get there, where we spent an hour, having coffee, and checking out Javier´s ´scene.´ He´s a younger guy, maybe 35-years old, thus his interests.  For one thing he offers an outdoor movie once per month.  Of course, we will return to partake of this while weather permits.  I liked him, the house, the property.  I could live there, if they had a good Internet connection.  But, Dilar wasn´t to be for me, at least living there.  I found Monachil and Cesar via Salva—as it was supposed to be.
After checking out Javier´s jardin, we moved on as I wanted to get back, bathe, and ´crash.´ 
But, the one-hour climb back, pretty demanding.  This way and that, if Cesar hadn´t been guiding I would never been able to find my way alone.  It´s up some steep hills as well, going against traffic on some streets, zigging in and out of, a labrinth called La Zubia, then Cahar, and finally the familar highway up to Monachil. Whoa, I was so glad to see such!
We stopped together to part company at the first bridge (my turn off), and it was somewhat emotional (at least for me), as cycling groups, no matter how small, tend to share a certain uniquemess:  survival!
The following day I sent Cesar an email message thanking him for a wonderful and íntense´ trip.
I don´t know what I would have done in Granada without Cesar!
Check out this blok and fotos. at my website.  As always,

´Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety´…

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´Can you pass the Acid Test?´

Wow! People doing amazing things on bicycles!

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American Pathology!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

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American Pathology!

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American Pathology!

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We are turning into ´hybrid´creatures, not male, not female, not machine, but a combination of all three.

21b0816 BLOK

21b0816 BLOK
Suddenly I´m reminiscing about the time I cycled across the State of Wyoming, on my way to Montana (Way back, maybe 2003.).  Why?  Reading BARKSKINS, by Annie Proulx, who lives on a ranch in Wyoming, reminded me.  
I started from where I was living in Manatoid Springs, Colorado over Independence Pass, spending a night in Aspen at friend´s (John Wilcox´), then up north through Craig, and finally the Wyoming border.  
On the way to the border, two interesting things having to do with wildlife, actually three.  The first when I surprised two racoons building a nest on a deserted dirt road.  Scared, but couldn´t run, they make a ´clicking´sound. The next further along at a rest stop, a restaurant.  After buying dinner,i asked the man if I could camp in their garden.  He advised me of a mountain lion that came down every night looking for food.  I ended up setting up my tent on the roof of one of their storage sheds.  I never heard the lion. But, what a night sky!  The last some 30KM before the Wyoming border, an interesting thing with an antelope.  I ended up racing a Pronghorn ántelope,´well not racing, but, well, how to explain… The highway was bordered with fences on both sides, maybe ten meters from the highway.  Pronghorns won´t jump, or can´t, so when this one saw me coming, it got scared and started running away from me.  They´re fast, far faster than I was.  Ahead it would stop and rest.  Then when it saw me coming again, more running, and more frantic every time.  Sometimes it would run across the highway, and one time narrowly missing getting hit by an on coming vehicle. Finally, it got caught at a bridge, and I passed.  Relieved, we both were!  But, I always think of this as the time I raced an antelope, and it won! 
Then across into Wyoming riding east, on I-80… I remember a strong west wind, and I flew along to Rawlins, where I camped.  
Then north to Riverton, through the Wind River Canyon, where I had a wonderful experience stopping at a resort.  Sitting next to the Wind River resting, a young woman (had to be an 
ángel´) came up and kissed me on the check, told me she ´Loved me!´ Now, how is this possible, that a stranger would do this?  As I said this had to be an ángel´from another world.  Smitten, I thought, what should I do, as she was young and attractive.  But, before I could decide she had disappeared.  An avatar?
Note, I´ve had several transcendental things (like described just now) happen to me in my life time.  Inexplicable, but I´ll never forget any of them , as amazing occurences!
I went on, I think to Thermopolis, where at a caravan park was the hot-water springs-pool, the town is named for.  Perfect, as I was in it as soon as I had set up my tent!  
This trip had to be during a warmer season, as the camp packed with motorhomes and trailers.  I was the only backpacking tent there via bicycle.
The next morning I headed west.  I got unusually parched on the way (not prepared), when another ´transcendental´thing happened.  Just when I needed, an automobile, travelling in the opposite direction, turned around and stopped in front of me.  A young family got out.  They offered water and fresh fruit.  I´ll never forget this wonderful help, as just what I needed. 
I finally made a small community, up into some pine-forest hills.  This location turned out to be the best of all the places I camped in Wyoming.  There was the perfect campsite next to a rushing river.  I was the only one, no kids, no barking dogs, just peace and quiet.  I spent two nights in this village. (Note, this village on highway #120, but can´t find the name on any Internet map of Wyoming.)  In their local museum they had a stuffed grizzly bear, so tall (maybe 8-feet standing) it was scary.  I can´t imagine meeting this guy out in the woods.  The Old West, out of the way, quiet, I think if had one store.  I thought, ah, I could live here!
On to Cody, name for ´William Cody (´Buffalo Bill´).  A huge museum had turned the town into a tourist destination, with many good restaurant.  One, in which I ate lunch.  I remember finding a bicycle shop to ask about the wind that had come up.  The man said it always ´dies down in the afternoon.´ More bad advice.  
Note, there´s so much incorrect information ‘out there!´  The most unheard words spoken in the English language, ´Í don´t know!´ 
Based on advice from this man in the bicycle shop,I set out north and right into a wind that buildt all afternoon until I thought I might have to stop, give up.  Additionally, more of not being prepared, I had no water, and got so thirsty, I wondered what I was going to have to do, like flag down a vehicle.  Just when I thought I would ´die´ of thirst. I came across a bar restaurant.  I bought and drank immediately two liters of some kind of fruit drink.  I also thought about camping next to the building, but the guy wanted too much $.  I went on, and as the sun began to set, I started looking for a place to camp.  I ended up camping up some little-used ranch road.  I´m almost psychic about finding places that are good to set up tent and spend the night.
The next day, up and up, to Red Lodge (actually in the State of Montana), where a lady in a health food store, offered me her building site to camp on.  She gave me directions, and I managed to locate an empty half-finished house next to another rushing river.  
I think Red Lodge advertises itself as the eastern ´Gateway to Yellowstone National Park.’  I thought about going up, but then I had to meet a friend in Big Timber, Montana, the whole point of the trip.
Going up to Montana on bicycle took close to two weeks (all the way to Big Timber).  I took a Greyhound bus back to Colorado Springs.  And through Cheyenne, it took something like 24 hours. 

P.S.  I got better about carrying water on bicycle trips, as experience (pain) the best teacher of all!