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Where is Palestine, most U.S. citizens think it's in the Levant? But, they don't know where the Levant is either!

BBC - Earth - The strange fate of a person falling into a black hole

The Mormon Church, coming into the 17th Century!

Poem of the week: from I Sing the Body Electric by Walt Whitman | Books | The Guardian

Walt Whitman's 'Leaves of Meat!' diet!

I know about Angola, made a film there in 1973, called WARDEN JACK. This in the days when they cultivated sugar cane, had their own sugar mill on this 7K acre 'farm!' There was a cellblock called 'Redhat,' for the incorrigibles, and 'old sparky,' the electric chair. Glad this guy out!

Violence, the American Way!

The 'peace' that the U.S. has sowed!

I saw them in 1946, in Tucson, Arizona, when the circus still came on a train, and the elephants marched to the circus site!

American Pathology!

Green Beret officer blames 'moral cowardice' for strike on Doctors Without Borders - Middle East - Stripes

American Pathology!

300416 BLOK

300416 BLOK
Another adventure in Centro Granada, today in quest of the herb Licorice Root (for my ailing liver).  But, no luck at two Herbolarias -- why I order from the U.S.!
I try to purchase mustard and clothes pins at a SUPERSOL mercado, but the clerk, a middle-aged man, 'no comprende.'  My fault, as I'd forgotten the Spanish word for mustard is, 'mostaza!'  Google says for 'clothes pins':  'los contactos de ropa,' but they're not always correcto!  I ended up 0 for 2 in this market, walking out, but donating 1E to the man outside at the door.
In my new parque (with dirt, rather than concrete or asphalt pathways), I find a bench, park 'Senor Fetes' and eat my queso de cabra sandwich (con harina de integral), soya yogurt, washed down with leche de arroz con almendros.  How 'bout that for a healthy meal!  I'm digesting my croissant de chocolate (speaking of healthy) when a guard stops by to tell me bicycles not allowed in the park.  Young women with roller luggage can sleep on the grass (see foto.), but a bicycle parked on the dirt (see foto.) hurting nothing, not allowed.  This is discrimination that I will pursue to, at least to complain about!  But, of course, they'll not change, as the 'authorities' always right, and can't admit a mistake -- especially when a foreigner is involved.  'Do you think we Spaniards are stupid?'
I move on to a nearby cafe to use the sanitario (banos).  I purchase one cafe Americano, so I'm allowed, and to sit and read DON QUIXOTE!  Where else might you read this classic by Miguel de Cervantes, than in Espana?  Some how it was appropriate in this particular cafe, as the walls echo with too loud a conversation between two Spanish men.  No doubt about something important!
Of course the book, DON QUIXOTE, you must know about from school?  I remember something about this story;  a crazy man dueling with windmills.   It turns out to be a 2-volume work, some 800-pages in length.  I also didn't realize much about it's author, whose complete Spanish name is,  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, born in 1547, in a small pueblo near Madrid.
Cervantes, had quite a life, filled with adventures that took him around the Mediterranean.  He had been a member of the household of a great Roman cardinal, a soldier, a captive (held prisoner by pirates), a diplomat, a petty government official, a prisoner (for theft), and a struggling writer.  He was voracious reader, poet, and otherwise what makes a writer, having had so much varied personal experience!  Note, there's hope for me!
His one GREAT success, DON QUIXOTE, about an old man who had read too much melodramatic fiction (having to do with French-English chivalry, and decides to live such out in 'real' life -- as a knight, doing the things knights did of old, slaying dragons and saving damsels in distress!  I think Cervantes was trying to make a point about popular fiction at the time the 16th Century (in Spain)!
In the Introduction, by Stephen Boyd (Irish) he writes about a point I've often made, that there's more truth in fiction than in 'non.'  The fact that in this period in Spain, the 16th Century, the Spanish word for 'historia,' also meant 'story.'
Dueling 'windmills' and other 'dragons' from his 'squire, Senor Fetes!'

Friday, April 29, 2016

290416 BLOK

290416 BLOK
The old people, everywhere in the world, particularly old men, abused, used up, and can barely get around leaning on canes!  They sit on park benches with nothing to do, but wait for 'the grim reaper!'  They stare at the past, and don't last!
The young, on the other hand, they whiz around staring at their small screen, living virtually!
Humanity is in transition to becoming androids, cyborgs, robots.   Maybe that's good, if this new combination of 'life' loses its ego in the process!
What is human life about, anyway?  'We strut and fret our hour upon the stage, then never to be heard from again.'  So, why were we 'hear?'
The individual doesn't matter, ultimately.  it's the 'life stream' that is important!  But, that is even in danger now because of the ego of small-minded people!  It's the male (ego) that's the problem, but nothing new here!
What to do?
Develop consciousness, so lacking in countries like Bolivia, where I just lived for three years (Note:  I always stay long enough to get some idea of the culture.)
Nepal, pretty much the same on the opposite of the world.
Seems to me organized religion, 'the opiate of the masses' is what's crippled humanities' growth!
In the country of Nigeria, it's Islam…
I'm reading a novel by a Nigerian author, a woman named Balaraba Ramat Yakuhu entitled, SIN IS A PUPPY THAT FOLLOWS YOU HOME.  It's melodrama, but proves my point about the male ego -- Ohmygod, even after one million years of humanity we still are horrible to each other -- men abusing women!
We will invite Ms. Yakuhu to our IN PRAISE OF FEMALE AUTHORS (event). We hope to invite as many female authors as we can from Third-World Countries!  These to Granada, Spain, where we hope to hold the inaugural event (2017).  Join us!
Later, wandering around Granada on 'Senor Fetes,' I stopped at a sidewalk cafe waiting for a taller de bicicleta to open.  The tables and chairs empty as in the sun.
I sat at one, waiting to a 'server' to order cafe, etc.  I just needed somewhere to sit and read, wait until 1730, when the bicycle shop reopened (closed during 'siesta,' 2-530P.M.)  This cafe, LA MELOIE DU CAFE, their 'chalk board' (listing food/beverage) sported pictures of Paris, France.  Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is 126 years old?
While sitting at my table, reading, I was approached by two African black (descendants of Moors, or recently from Morocco) sellers of various.  From the first I purchased a change purse, which I needed because Spain uses coins.  The price was 2.50E.  I gave him 5E.  Later, another 'giving' away serviettes (tissues) with a note that read, MY NAME IS TRIESTE (or from?).  I HAVE NO JOB AND TWO CHILDREN TO FEED.  I AM A MAN OF GOD!  HELP ME WITH MY LIFE!  I had no cambio, but a 20E note.  I handed it to the man and told him to get change for 5E.  He returned with two 10s, saying they had no change.  I gave him the 10E note!  Did the man cheat me?  I don't care.  If he did his karma will catch up to him, and ultimately he'll suffer.  I choose to believe people are honest!  I give to all, as I am given to!
P.S.  The bicycle shop finally opened, and I passed out my BURN FAT!  NOT GASOLINA! stickers (everywhere I go in the world).  I have been looking for a small frame bag, but they had nothing that sufficed.  The clerk, or proprietor, gave me a Granada cycling map and a small bicycle 'charm' (key ring).  When you give, you get!

Our so-called 'greatness' an illusion!

What I aspire to as an old man -- getting out of modern-destructive life!

Profit is God, and maintenance expensive, so...

Colombia’s Nairo Quintana bumped up on podium in Tour de Romandie | euronews, Sport

Fritz Bauer: Sometimes the only way to save your country is to betray it | euronews, Cinema

Fritz Bauer: Sometimes the only way to save your country is to betray it | euronews, Cinema: "Fritz Bauer: Sometimes the only way to save your country is to betray it"

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Al, Weiwei, a good guy -- with balls!

Ai Weiwei promises documentary to follow refugee shows | euronews, le mag: ""Europe doesn't work together, it doesn't hold our values and beliefs together. Nobody trusts anybody else and this is a very sad situation"
The Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has announced that he will release a documentary film next year on the refugee crisis. Ai, often described as China’s most high-profile artist, was speaking at a news conference in Bern on 27 April to mark the opening of the “Chinese Whispers” "

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They must be expecting an 'accident!'

A good idea, as they've got the money!

We kill one million people in S.E. Asia, then 'abandon ship!' No wonder we are hated around the world!

American Pathology!

He, THE TRUMPSER, that rhymes with DUMPSTER, would be wise if chose 'THE BURN' for V.P.

Obscene, and what's wrong with Capitalism: MONEY IS GOD!

American Pathology!

Only for stupid and unevolved people!

Violence, the American Way! We love to kill!

The MI, always finds a way to be innocent!

American Pathology!

Modern life so crazy!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

29b0416 BLOK

29b0416 BLOK
'On death and dying'
All life (in this existence, Duality) has a beginning, middle, and end.
Jesus said:
"This 'return' is accomplished by moving forward.  We return to the Source, not our beginning, contributing to it from what we've learned.
This signifies an awakening to the dimension of being that is the Source of bodily existence, and of the mystery of there being 'something' rather than 'nothing!"  (From THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDELENE, by Jean-Yves LeLoup -- a book I recommend reading.).
Words for those just born and/or dying:  WE LOVE YOU, AND WE SUPPORT YOU ON YOUR NEW JOURNEY!

29a0416 BLOK

05a0316 BLOK
Primitive of mind,
Way behind,
The legacy of the White Man!
He plundered the very soul,
Leaving all on the dole,
Profit, as
He will go the way of the Do-do bird,
And hopefully sooner than later!
The Age of Kalki is upon us!

290416 BLOK

27a0216 BLOK
The mean streets,
The auto alarms (Basuvia's National Anthem),
The thievery,
The paranoia,
The broken glass, barbed-wire on walls,
The Aduana problems with import-export,
The flies,
The sighs,
The trash on the ground,
The government corruption,
The giving up your backpack when entering a market,
The pollution,
The diseases,
The protests,
The lack of banos on buses,
The carrateras de piedras,
The suspicious people,
The barking dogs,
The bipping horns,
The rushing about,
The lack of traffic control,
The tainted water,
The lack of conocimientos,
Then, Basuvia is the country for you!

It became a profit-making business, thus more police, more lawyers, more judges, more laws, and more innocent people behind bars! WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

Simply, too many people1

BBC - Earth - A natural wonder lost to a volcano has been rediscovered

Avalanche fears over unauthorised Everest helicopter flights - BBC News

President Trump fills world leaders with fear!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Revenge, we always want revenge when we fail!

American Pathology!

War, the father of all things!

'Spain in our Hearts,' A.H.'s new book about the Spanish civil war.

Guilt by beard and headdress!

27c0416 BLOK

27c0416 BLOK
What a morning!
We hiked up the Monachil River Canyon!
What a day with Cesar!
What an almuerzo with Faisal!
What a life in Southern Spain,
Moslem and Catholic history,
The Alhambra,
Yet to 'sea,'
The 'see' not far!
I marvel at life
Just up another hill on 'Senor Fetes!
Yes, we've climbed many!
'He' will out live my body,
But, I hope he remembers!
We're never apart!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

27a0416 BLOK

260416 BLOK
I waited for Pius and Margrit (Swiss cycling couple staying here at Salva's) --  waited for them to return from their shopping (at Carrefour).  There's only two sets of keys (lleves) and we're constantly juggling them between people going out. 
There were five people living in this small flat, but such is the nature of being a Warm Showers host, like Salva (and Lorelei) -- I know the 'drill' having been a 'host' twice (China and Bolivia).  At one point we had five bicycles parked in the living room.  I should have taken a fotograph.
I wasn't able to depart on my errands in Centro (Granada) until 12:15.  First to the Herboraria (health food store).  This, to replenish my supply of Licorice Root, and other food supplements to deal with an ailing liver.  At the Herboraria I found even more than what I went there for, Biota beet juice, and tahini.  Ah, it's good have returned to the 'land of the higher costs.' 
Then, i was in search of 'Flash,' a book store (from researching the Internet).  I've been wanting to purchase some good maps -- Salva suggested Michelin (French) as the best for  Spain.  But, then to locate the book store on Av. San Anton…?  I had to stop and ask several pedestrians, and I don't always understand what they're saying in Spanish. It's not easy finding your way around Granada!
At 'Flash' book store the proprietor had only one, a map of Granada cuidad, but I purchased it, as better than the 'free' tourist ones.  Nothing is really 'free!'  I then asked him to recommend another store, as I needed maps of Andalusia and the entire country of Spain  On the map I'd just purchased he located and indicate San Juan de las Dios.  It seemed easy, as directly west, according to the map, but interestingly… Most maps and I'm a collector north is ALWAYS at the top.  But, here on this map north was indicated as kinda northwest.  So, now I'm confused as to directions.
I went but Centro Granada a labyrinth of small streets going this way and than.  I ended up going what I thought was west, but really south.  A moto, rider, at a stop light, set me right, but I had to retrace heading north.
Later, I asked a truck driver, kinda near, but not sure, and as it were, 'straight ahead.'  Ah, sometimes you just keep trying...
I made it to Liberia Babel with fifteen minutes to spare, as most businesses close at 2P.M. for 'Siesta.'  Note, Rajoy, the P.M., trying to change this to sync up with the rest of Europe -- all I can say is good luck, as almost impossible to change a custom a thousand years old!
Good luck I had at Babel's however, as they had Michelin maps, and an English copy of DON QUIXOTE (I'd been wanting to read).  Just recently I'd been reminded of this classic, as the anniversary of Cervantes' death four hundred years ago (same as Shakepeare's): 1616.
Next I wanted some place to eat the food I'd purchased at the Herboraria (pan, tahini, beet juice, and a protein bar).  But, where?  The first possibility, Plaza de Triento,' was bike unfriendly, so I continued west…  And just up ahead on the left on the opposite side of the street, Parque Frente Nuevo (New Front Park), where 'Senor Fetes' was welcome.
I ate mi almuerzo then retreated into the shade, sitting on the grass, my back against a piedras.  It was the perfect place as quiet, or quiet for awhile until I heard a man yelling.
I had begun my 'quiet' time reading about a man (Don Quixote) who had gone mad, to a live one right next to me.   Seems this young man was mad and yelling at his girlfriend, who had the sense to keep quiet.  He went on and on, and I wondering, if he got violent and hit the girl, should I intervene?  One plays these situations by instinct!   But, having dispelled his anger yelling, he walked away to recover. When he returned, some moments later, he sat quietly and read his book.
I finished the 'Introduction' to DON QUIXOTE, amazed at the diverse life of Cervantes, his travels and experience vast!  No wonder he had the means (talent)
 to write DON QUIXOTE.  Writers of novels need personal experiences!
Makes me think I can do the same -- write a great novel!

American Pathology!

Out of one bicycle, many

This is good! I'm starting an organization entitled: CITIZENS WITHOUT BORDERS!

We love to kill!

American Pathology!

Going there to exploit, money, etc. We'll trash it out as well!

American Pathology!

Great idea! No Government necessary!

Amereican Pathology!

They are all a bunch of thieves!

Which cities have the oldest residents? | Cities | The Guardian

We're getting dumb downed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

At 76-years of age, I'm slowing down on mi bicicleta!

Nepal earthquake: Patience wearing thin one year on - BBC News

BBC - Travel - A 77km hike that could inspire miracles

Moncayo Natural Park (Aragón)

Sounds like a good place to live!

BBC - Future - The invisible language of trains, boats and planes

Since money has become 'God' in the world, what would you expect?

American Pathology!

Jodie Foster Is Still Afraid of Failure - The New York Times

Wisdom can't be spread like a disease! It must come from inside!

26c0416 BLOK

240416 BLOK
In 1995, 21 years ago (3 cycles of '7') I was living in a remote part of the U.S. and Texas, the Big Bend National Park area (200 miles southeast of El Paso, Texas).  I had to drive 70 miles to the nearest good food market in Alpine. 
I was located in this remoteness, writing a book about the Stillwell family's history, as the husband of Hallie Crawford Stillwell ('I'll Gather My Geese!').
I had several transcendental-metaphysical experiences living in this desert-mountain country.  The Stillwell Store-complex, where I was ensconced, is near the Rio Grande/Mexican border.
One of these had to do with an avatar.
I used to drive (pre-bicycle part of my life) into Alpine to shop, eat at a restaurant, get my 'hit' of regular U.S. cultural life. 
The Stillwell Store complex is located off the State or U.S. Highway, leading to the Park entrance -- something like 10 miles to the east.  There's a stop sign at the intersection, a needless one, as there's normally not much traffic to be concerned with… This day, stopping, I noticed a young man standing there without any baggage.  He motioned for a ride. He was dressed in what I thought an odd way at the time, all some variation of the color 'brown,' head to toe. I picked him up and gave him a ride into Marathon, some 40 miles. 
During our one hour together, he told-taught me many things, suggested I read Rudolph Steiner (I'm heard of, but had never read.).  I knew of his Waldorf Schools, but not much else.
Now, some 21 years later (ready), I'm finally reading Rudolph Steiner:  'R.S. AND THE FIFTH GOSPEL!
I had no idea Steiner, was so much into the life of Jesus Christ, Christianity, as to develop something called Waldorf education:
"Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy. Its pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils."  (from Wikipedia).

26b0416 BLOK

23c0416 BLOK
Interesting observing Spanish-Moorish-Granadian culture in 2016. I 'wonder' around Granada on 'Senor Fetes,' this a Saturday ('Sabado' in Espanol). 
Also, this is the 'Day of the Book' in Granada ('35th Feria Del Los Libros'). This year's Book Fair coinciding with Miguel de Cervantes' (author of 'Don Quixote,' a Spanish classic) death, 400 years ago (1616).  It's also was the day Salva is signed his books (cycling the world) at the Feria.  Thus, my plan was to find him, and purchase one of his books.  So, an important day/year for books in Spain, Salva's and Cervantes'!
I'm early, of course, and sit resting-waiting in a plaza in Centro, not far from the Universidad de Granada.
Across the plaza (name?, maybe none, maybe not a 'plaza,' just a concrete area with benches)… Across the street from where I was sitting, at a corner, were a group of young men, each carrying some kind of 'baton,' a flexible piece (a meter in length) of plastico (maybe pipa insulation).  What got my attention, was their eruption in beating each other with these 'batons.'  There was much verbal expression accompanying this activity, sometimes counting up to ten, 'Uno, dos, tres, etc.'  One, was wearing a Viking's (?) helmut complete with horns.
Then along came another group of young men, each wearing a pink shirt.  One, was dressed as a woman (the leader).  This, of course, must had something to do with being female…?  Occasionally, they would stop and chant something, causing much commotion!
Then came along a group of young women.  They were dressed in red shirts, red baseball caps and blue skirts.  They were clapping in unison.
What are these groups all about, I wonder… I'm guessing, since, we weren't far from the Universidad de Granada, the groups maybe clubs (fraternities/sororities) needing to express something.  Or, just youthful energia!
Sitting there, after these groups, a family on bicycles passed, the young boy on his cranking bicycle, the young girl on two wheels, having to move along using feet on the ground (like a scooter). 
Cycling in Spain and Europe, no big deal, as we are a part of a 'movement!'
Interesting later, as I cycled toward the Book Fair, the girls group (in red and blue) had caught up with the boys-baton group, and they were together, clapping in unison.
Then, trying to locate the Feria Del El Libros, with Salva's written instructions…  This, and I'm good at such, locating things, wasn't easy (the street signs are not always easily visible and change names).  I must have stopped and asked six different passersby, but most were helpful.  What I didn't realize was that the 'Carrera de la Virgin,' (one of Salva's landmarks) meant the 'Career' of the Virgin,' not 'street' -- yet it turned out to be a street!  I had been looking for a statue in a plaza.  But, finally I found the Feria site, but was still early.  
Note, I'm so much a planner, I'm also either on time or early.  I was never able to acquire the Bolivian 'way,' of being late.  Note, Bolivians, 'Punctuality is the courtesy of Kings!'
Being early, however, has its advantages.  I got to walk around and learn about the Feria (acquired the 'official' program), plus enjoyed listening to a trio of street musicians (no doubt music majors at the Universidad) who played classical music!
Ah, Bolivian friends, THIS IS SOPHISTICATION, and what I missed living in Boldivia!  I donated 5E / $7U.S., adding the  'bill' to the coins in their opened violin case.  People never donate much!
I also, sitting on a bench, had time to enjoy a snack, food purchased earlier from Carrefour (France's answer to Walmart). 
I finally saw Salva, in the Babel Books 'stall,' (there were maybe one hundred of these stalls).   I leaned 'Senor Fetes' against a trash receptacle, took a fotograph, and then when he was free, asked that he sign the ASIA volume which I purchased for 18E / $20U.S.  His inscription… (Ah, I have to add later, as buried in one of my traveling bags (luggage), and not readable  available).  But, suffice it to say it was heartfelt.  He's definitely a writer traveling on a bicycle, not a touring cyclist who writes a book.  There's a difference!
I got out of the area as fast as I could, as I'm not much on crowds, congestion and traffic (which was jammed and honking).  I made it back to Salva and Lorelei's flat, while still light and without incident.
But, what day cycling around Granada!
I'm back in civilization!

Monday, April 25, 2016

10 of the best hostels and lodges … that you have to hike to | Travel | The Guardian

Satellite Eye on Earth: March 2016 - in pictures | Environment | The Guardian


WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND THEY ARE MALE! Whom else wages violence all over the world? Not so much the female!

Portugal marks 42nd anniversary of “Carnation” revolution | euronews, world news

He's right about this one!

Media people, basically 'whores!' Want the highest ratings possible, so sell out!


Could NASA’s asteroid mission visit a third world -- There are many 'worlds' out there!

How Brazil’s Crisis Is Bleeding into the Rest of South America | Americas Quarterly

I was born in St. Louis, in 1940, but glad I don't live in the midwest anymore!

He shouldn't be as, hypocritical! Canada been sending troops to kill people in many wars! But, of course, O.K. then, as self-righteous!

American Pathology!

Winston Churchill sent them to their death. It was all over stupid, like most wars! But, does help to keep the population down!

American Pathology!

Great! We only need to 'police' ourselves!

25a0416 BLOK

230416 BLOK
Note, yesterday was the 400th Anniversary of Miguel de Cervante's death in 1616!  He had an interesting life which lead to his masterpiece:  DON QUIXOTE, the original title translated to English:  The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha
I include a blurb from Wikipedia (Note:  If you use Wikipedia, make a donation to keep it going!):
The question is that Quixote has multiple interpretations...  When I first started reading the Quixote I thought it was the most tragic book in the world, and I would read it and weep... As I grew skin grew thicker... and so when I was working on the translation I was actually sitting at my computer and laughing out loud. This is done... as Cervantes did it... by never letting the reader rest. You are never certain that you truly got it. Because as soon as you think you understand something, Cervantes introduces something that contradicts his premise.
This is part of the reason it's considered one of the greatest (and first) novel ever written.
What a wonderful thing a writer to accomplish!  But, he had an interesting experiences prior, for one, being in the military, being injured in war, held prisoner by Turks for years!  Go here for more if interested:
Back to the present, modern life in Spanish, where foreigners (extranjeros) are required to obtain such things as visas… 'Dueling with windmills' -- nee governments!
I've been in Granada now one week and have been able to accomplish much thanks to Salva who introduced me to Cesar (who lives in Monachil where I want to live).
I always 'hit the ground running' as have to deal with moving tasks, like finding a more permanent place to live. This is not a 'trip' (viaje) for me, but a 'move' (moverse).
I've been staying staying with Salva and his wife Lorelei in their guest-storage room, but just yesterday a Swiss couple arrived, so now I'm occupying Salva and Lorelei's office.  In the living room there are five expensive and interesting bicycles, together have cycled maybe one million kilometers (collectively)!  Wow!
Now, I'm sitting (writing this) in a cafe in CarreFour (the French version of Walmart) in Granada.  Some of the employees whirl around on roller skates, the building so large. Ah, time is money!  Actually, it's 'God' that is money now!
Compared to Bolivia (that I just departed after three years), Spanish people, by in large, are more educated, speak more English.  There is more sophistication here, young trios playing classical music on the street.  You won't find this in Bolivia.
But, it's our fault, our legacy in Latin America (the lack of whatever).  All of what there is now is the white man's fault, as we've done nothing but plunder Latin America for the last five hundreds years -- and still.  We tortured and killed them, enslaved them, stole all the gold and silver we could force them to find for us!   The current thievery, cheating, stealing, government corruption, we taught them how!  We (the U.S.) still tries to interfere, insisting our consuming of the earth, exploitation,the best way!  We've created Latin America as a 'continent' bereft of integrity.  Ah, the Moslems are right about this, it's the white man that is the Devil!'  Note, and I am one!
A U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, once had the temerity to call Bolivians 'inferior people!'  This is a great example of 'the pot calling the kettle black,' of projecting evil onto others, away from thyself!   When, in fact, WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US! (Walt Kelly, a U.S. citizen).  All of us who are unconscious (lack of imagination).
I have just completed reading, one of the most important books of my life:  JUNG AND THE LOST GOSPELS by Stephen A. Hoeller.  Here is the solution our fragmented, dissolute and violent cultures (the world) -- the so-called 'modern' life!
For those who have open minds, let them read and understand!
Granada, Spain

Sunday, April 24, 2016

250416 BLOK

Marx was wrong, at least now, in 2016... It's not organized religion that's the opiate but talk, endless babble!  There's an expression, 'Those who say, don't know!  Those who remain silent do know!

I'd be willing to bet he'll be the next El Presidente! I vote Green always.

American Pathology!

Governments, they don't really care about people!

American Pathology!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I would never fly a new commercial aircraft, as problems discovered and fixed too late, jeopardizing passengers lives.

American Pathology!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Spain marks death of intriguing 'Don Quixote' author Cervantes - The Economic Times

Touching Photos Show Elderly Looking Back At Their Younger Selves - Time To Break

The World's Best Movies Explained In Just One Hilarious Sentence - Time To Break

In the footsteps of Cervantes, the Shakespeare of Spain

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Money is God, what would you expect?

American Pathology!


22b0416 BLOK

17a0416 BLOK
C'mon, wake up!
Don't tell me!
C'mon, wake up!
You're sleeping,
You're awake!
But, I hear you snoring,
The truth!
You're not happy!
C'mon, wake up!
P.S.  I have the perception of a ghost, make the most of it!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

from the NYTimes

“It’s stunning to think that our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens,” said Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 and who is part of a group of victims’ family members pushing for the legislation." 
Note, Obama must be on the Saudi payroll.  It's the only explanation that the government would support S.Arabia, over its own citizens!

The new Gods for U.S. citizens, celebrities!

American Pathology!

Please don't name a freeway after me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why this is Europe’s best work-and-play capital, Lisbon

Only known film of Louis Armstrong in the recording studio – video | Music | The Guardian

‘Land of Mine’ shines light on ‘dark side’ of Denmark’s war history | euronews, Cinema

Yes, Spain needs to take more refugees. It was Moslem for 700 years!

Why? They think it will help their nominee in November! We are failing democracy! Too stupid!

American Pathology!

They cheated because money/profit is God!

American Pathology!

Because they're a bunch of idiots!

Putin wants war with the U.S. -- simple!

It all has to do with the same issue: over-population, that no so-called 'leader' wants to address. This, too many 'Rats in a cage syndrome!' We're now 'eating each other!' Leaders, frightened of losing control, are controlling the media! Simple!

Good, but long overdue. Seems it takes years to overcome injustice!

Turns out bikes are quite hard to draw

Shakespeare: The strange way people looked at food in the 16th Century - BBC News

Story of cities #26: Delhi's modernist dream proves a far-fetched fantasy | Cities | The Guardian

Nina review: problems more than skin-deep in cliche-ridden Nina Simone biopic | Film | The Guardian

How we made The English Patient | Film | The Guardian

Freedom, period has declined!

American Pathology!

‘And then we wept': Scientists say 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef now bleached - The Washington Post

This is where I live now!

We have been in, and still are, a World Wide Economic Depression! And it will continue...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The legacy of the European (white man) in Latin America. We stole everything we could from their land. They, in turn, just picked up the golden 'baton!'

Chilean ex-President Aylwin dies; led return to democracy - The Boston Globe

American Pathology!

I don't believe this! But, if true, good. I hope they sink into the abyss!

BBC - Future - The ancient Peruvian mystery solved from space

BBC - Future - The unrecognised decision that saved Apollo 13

In my case, I'm 'flojo!'

Monica Lewinsky: ‘The shame sticks to you like tar’ | Technology | The Guardian

Story of cities #25: Shannon – a tiny Irish town inspires China’s economic boom | Cities | The Guardian

How much does he give to those in need?

Changing our country’s name to Czechia won’t solve the problems we face | Jakub Patočka | Opinion | The Guardian

Massive stone ball discovered in Bosnia still a mystery for scientists | euronews, world news

Study backs pancreas cell transplants for severe diabetes - The Washington Post

Monday, April 18, 2016

American Pathology!

People so stupid! Don't even know what's a joke, and what's 'reel!'

Everybody fighting for their 'God,' money!

It's the 'Hollywood' way! Violence solves all problems! Just kill what you don't like! Modern life is so fucked up, I don't even know where to begin!

The Trumpster, reminds me of Reagun, who fell asleep during cabinet meetings. But, think about the people who support T., stupid as well! We are basically, comparatevely

Politics, the last refuge of scoundrels!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Nothing new here! We have known 911 was 'inside' job, 'c'mon, let's go to the videotape!

One is coming, and the earth is the 'bullseye!'

Rothchild and bankers created the Great Depression of the 1930s. OH, BE WOE UNTO THEM FOR SUCH!

There's going to be a war started in the South China Sea.. Russia and China versus the U.S. and allies. It will turn nuclear, and end most life on the planet. But, 'We'll meet again, don't know when, don't know where!'

It's simple! They're spoiling for a war! It will distract the masses from their economic woes!

American Pathology!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Trumpster right about this! You know all of his ideas bad!

I once had a cable TV called, THE OTHER SIDE. I went into jails and prisons to interview prisoners. It was on Riker's Island that I discovered Antonio Costa!

I don't and won't have, 'Death' insurance. Just another way to steal from you!

170416 BLOK

170416  BLOK
Tres windmills on a hill,
Donde Don,
Espana, a sun ray
I soak up
To cycle with the bulls!
'Won' day!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

We'll meet again, don't know when, don't know where!

Why would anyone want to be a politician. The populous never satisfied no matter what they do. We have met the enemy and he is us!

One of the $ richest countries in the world refuses to pay for what it helped create!



Big Brother is watching you!

Want a Bike-Friendly City? Get Ready to Fail Until It Works | WIRED

What a great idea! Make the Saudis pay for 911! Obama, must be on their payroll.

The song they 'sing,; when mating... It mesmerized me one day in Arlington, Texas (Circadia,1986)

Money is God! What would you expect?

A way for the Government to get control of the people!

Friday, April 15, 2016

The four-leggeds are fighting back!

I would have suggested cocaine!

American Pathology!

This is your brain on LSD - Vox

Maybe I move there, develop cycling!

15a0416 BLOK

15a0416 BLOK
I've been staying with Alvaro Martin, Alicia Urrea, and young son Lucas, in a western suburb of Madrid, Boadilla del Monte.  This an upscale community, with many townhouse developments (that are not very old).
Alvaro and Alicia friends of Salva's (Salva, who I hosted in China, is my destination in Granada.
Alicia and I have a connection from China as well.  She and partner Alvaro were cycling China, and met my Chinese 'son,' Xutan in Kunming.  She sent me an email message at some point, thus I had her in my email Women's Group.'  It's a small tour-cycling 'world' (maybe 1,000+).
Alvaro and Alicia have much tour-cycling experience, and in many different countries.  They have even written a book on 'how to.'  They are about to fly off to the U.S. and cycle from Salt Lake City, north to Canada.  And Lucas, their 2.5-year old son with them, in trailer. 
Lucas is lucky to have such good parents.  Already he can operate a computer-tablet (loves to watch trains).   Soon he will be going to school.  And when an adult probably cycling the world, just like his parents.  Already he has a small bicicleta.
Soon, I'll be off to Granada, but most likely via bus.  I had thought of cycling down, but had wanted a Spanish guide.  At this point, however, this seems near impossible, because of the time, expense, etc.  I would have had to purchase a tent, send extra luggage, and it's all too complicated.  So, it's looking like a bus, simple, direct, easier, less expensive, etc.  A bus is 5 hours versus 7 days on a bicycle.
Additionally, I'm still recovering from my 30-hour, bed to bed trip, flying from Cochabamba, Bolivia, to Madrid, Spain.
However, once settled in the Granada area, fit again, I'll start taking cycling trips.
Stayed tuned!

How completely stupid! Done for the media attention, nee free advertising!

Calm and chaos: the studios of Picasso, Monet and Koons – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Most of the problems in the world, in 2016, are related to over-population -- the 'Rats in a cage,' syndrome! We're now 'eating' each other!

Everyone hates their leaders, but what to do? WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

They just know and go!

Modern life all about 'wining!' Don't be a loser...

150416 BLOK

150416 BLOK
I want!
I want!  I want!  I want!
I want to live in Granada, Spain!
I want to sail the Atlantic Ocean!
I want to visit Morocco!
I want! I want!  I want!
I want to buy property in Peru!
I want to buy a house, but for little $!
I want!  I want!  I want!
I want a home base!
I want to travel!
I want to paint!
I want to make money!
I want!  I want!  I want!
I want to go to Ecuador!
I want to visit my daughter and grandchild in the U.S.
I want!  I want!  I want!
You're controlled by the 'I want,' the ego. You are the classic product of N. American culture (all about consuming/doing). This ultimately, is going to make you unhappy, because happiest is not in the doing, but the becoming!  It's in the giving and sacrificing for others!
How much do you give to the poor people of the world?  Herein lies the 'secret' to happiness!
Stop wanting, start giving!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

AND ALOT MORE EXPENSIVE! 'Sell, sell, sell, everything you stand for!'

Everyone 'slams' everyone else, always projecting evil onto the 'other!' WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US1

Life is 'inoperable!'

120416 BLOK

120416 BLOK
Wow!  I'm in Spain, waiting at the aero puerto in Madrid for Alicia to pick me up.  I called her via a pay tele. (had help from a nice Spanish guy).  This, after eating a chocolate muffin (my addiction) and a cafe Americano para 5E or 50bs.  You pay for sophistication.
I got out of bed in mi casa in Cochabamba (for the last time) almost 24 hours ago!
Traveling, the standard way, internationally, has become daunting in my life time.  Treated like cattle we have only ourselves to blame!
Still in Bolivia, maybe a week ago, we (Marcelo, Patricia, and I) went out to the aero puerto to get information about 'Senor Fetes' (my bicycle) as baggage.  The woman, an employee of BoA, checked this twice.  Marcelo wrote this information down.   The extra baggage for sports equipment, a bicycle in two boxes, costs more of course (money/profit is God in the world).  I had Ana purchase a bathroom scale as we didn't want to go over the limits.  Our information was such, that if you go over the limit (with box #1), you pay $35 more.  For the second box, which costs more of course ($100), you pay another $35.  We were careful not to exceed the limits, in both boxes, shuffling items back and forth.
When we got to the aero puerto in Cochabamba, yesterday (I'm writing this in Madrid on the 12th) everything changed.
The rip you off left and right!  First we had to have the boxes wrapped in plastic, for 100bs. / $13 each:  $26U.S.).  Then, instead of the $170U.S. I had expected to pay for the two bicycle boxes, it ended up being $250, $80 more!  We argued, said we'd come to the airport prior, gotten information from a BoA employee, packed the bicycle according.  Of course, they were unrelenting, producing a document.  Seems things had changed.  The old information no longer valid.  I paid the $250 with protest.
And that's part of what's wrong with Bolivian business:  LITTLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!  What they should have done is admit a mistake, and had me pay the lower amount.  They would have gained a happy customer.  Instead they have an unhappy customer that will 'BAD MOUTH' them around the world!
And then there's Bolivian Migracion, 'Ah, Caramba!'  They got another 150bs. / $20 U.S., because, even though i'm a resident of Bolivia, I'm a U.S. citizen (Evo Morales, El Presidente, he has a 'blow torch' for the U.S. -- takes it out on us U.S. citizens -- tit for tat!). 
Additionally, my travel agency (whose name will go unmentioned) got me the wrong seat (although this might have been my fault?).  I wanted an aisle seat on the inside, hoping the the seats wouldn't be occupied so I could stretch out and sleep.  But, I ended up in an aisle seat on the outside.  But, since the aircraft was packed it didn't ultimately matter. 
This 767-300, holds just about 300 passengers.  What's 300 X $650?  They made almost $200,000 U.S. on this flight alone.  Of  course, they have costs.  It would be interesting to know what they are?  What did this flight cost BoA, and what kind of profit is made from such ?  Evo, being a good 'socialist,' is a part owner.
The flight itself, packed, but not bad.  Any time a commercial flight, in this day and age is uneventful, I'm happy.  They served two meals, cena at 2200 hours, no good for me as too late, but a la manana, desayuno, I partook of this 'breakfast'…  Cheap, white flour, 'crepes' con cooked platanos (bananas) with some fruita.  I ate the fruit, drank the coffee.  Then to get a second cup, arduous.  There' s little customer service in 'Boldivia!'   You're just another source of revenue.
We landed pretty much on time.  But, then negotiating Terminal #4 (International flights), daunting!  But, as most of the passengers had to have their luggage inspected, the government employee, after seeing my U.S. passporte, passed me without opening.  It also helps to have a gray beard ('Barba' in Espanol.)
Then a looonnnngggg tram-subway ride to the end of the terminal where you
collect your baggage (equipaje in Espanol).  First, you have to pay 1E for a cart/wagon, whatever you call these?  But, you have to use a machina to get the 'special' coin you insert into the 'doohicky' to release it.  Europe is into using machines!  No wonder so much unemployment (in Spain)!
My two 'equipajeros' a joy to see on the conveyor belt -- you wait and wait, and then THERE THEY ARE!  Next where to collect 'Senor Fetes,' as the boxes too large to negotiate the conveyor-belt system. I looked around and there there were at the counter where you collect over-size equipaje.  I was impressed to say the least!  Then again, 'Senor Fetes,' knows his way around the world.
Now, the task came to load two bicycle boxes and two piece of baggage onto the cart.  First, because the 'room' so large, and so much space, I loaded the bicycle boxes, the easy way, length protruding.  Then, the two pieces of luggage on the top.  No problem, until I got to the automatic doors leading to 'freedom!'   Too wide!  I had then to, first take the two bags out, slip back through the doors, load the two bicycle boxes long-tall way up (140CM or roughly 5ft.).  Then, I was able to get the cart through.  Waiting, was an audience of relatives-friends for those arriving, and another group of paid chauffeurs holding up signs with people's names.  This group included hotel people looking for customers ('Need a room?')  Then something I'd never seen before, the name of someone arriving on a tablet (computer). In one hand the man held the tablet, the other he was talking on his 'smart' phone. The world has changed, and not necessarily for the better!
Now, I knew I was early, and would have to wait for Alicia (she and Alvaro my cycling hosts in Madrid) . Trust me, when traveling I try to leave little to chance. I'd actually given her the wrong flight information.  It departed from Santa Cruz at 2115, rather than 2200, and the flight took only ten hours versus eleven.  So, I was early, but alive!  It's the little things in life that count! 
First, I decided to reward myself, having a chocolate muffin, and a coffee Americano. Ah, relaxation, finally… I'd run the gauntlet and survived!  Phase I, of four completed (on the way to Granada).   Then I thought best to call her and explain my location.  Terminal Four is vast and complicated.
I found pay phones, but again daunting, as so many options.  Some of the instructions even in English, but I'm stupid and couldn't figure out how.  Then saved by a Spanish man, he did it for me and I connected with Alicia.  Again, slightly amazed.  I thanked him profusely!  I told her I was at area 10-11.  She said it would take her 45 minutes.  She not only works, but has a small child (Lucas).  What to do?  Write this while my old battery lasts.
She came, and we managed to push the cart another 'mile,' to where she'd parked their automobile.  We loaded and she drove us to her house in Boalliva del Monte, a suburb west of Centro Madrid.
This is where I sit now in my room, in their 'town house.'