Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Spain in Our Hearts": Adam Hochschild's New Book Gives Life to the Americans Who Fought Fascism | Democracy Now!

American Pathology!

Beware the cult of Xi | The Economist

What It's Like to Use a Public Bathroom While Trans | Rolling Stone

More war! Hey, it does help to reduce over population!

American Pathology!

Trump is basically stupid!

Money/profit, God. So, no chance!

American Pathology!

31a0316 BLOK

28b0316 BLOK
Why Capitalism, with its idea of possession is ultimately destructive:
We were not created to possess (Native Americans said this long ago.), but to 'be with' (to share).
To think we can really possess any object or person, even our own bodies, our own thoughts or our lives is an illusion!  This illusion the cause of much travail.  It sets up a relationship of power and dependence.  This is the opposite of a TRUE RELATIONSHIP, one of harmony!  To be in harmony is to be in a conscious and loving relationship with WHAT IS (not trying to change it).
Rediscover the experience of BEING rather than DOING, and accumulating things.  Renew in yourself the art of giving and receiving, rather than producing and exploiting!

310316 BLOK

28a0316 BLOK
I've had a life of UPS and downs,
And all arounds.
I climbed, I fell into a well!
I cycled, I did,
I opened the lid!
I found myself
A seeking energy,
That grew, changed, learned, evolved
To 'no' the greatest lesson!
We are not mortal,
The illusion
That the ego parlays.
Know thy Creator!
To languish in the material,
A wasted life,
The evil is us,
No 'noing!'

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

BBC - Travel - Scotland's wee but wild road

BBC - Future - Can quicksand really suck you to your death?

BBC - Capital - The world’s most powerful corporation

Story of cities #10: how the dirty Old Town became enlightened Edinburgh | Cities | The Guardian

Story of cities #11: the reclamation of Mumbai – from the sea, and its people? | Cities | The Guardian

'Bloody' Sam Peckinpah: wasted, insane and indestructibly pure | Film | The Guardian

Potential war with China!

Money/profit God Who cares about people?

Mapped: Where to find Spain's cheapest property 

Sanctions, misunderstanding and religion: 100 Iranians give their view | World news | The Guardian

10 of the most inspiring contemporary female adventurers | Travel | The Guardian

Sherpa: Norbu Tenzing on the Everest 'circus' and the inevitability of another disaster | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

29a0316 BLOK

29a0316 BLOK
The way to defeat both Trump and Terrorism is to ignore them!  They feed on the conflict, the media attention, nee money-power!
Such adversaries must be confronted with all their violence, but without adding to it, without provoking new violence.  To be in harmony with our enemies is to skillfully allow their violence to pass through us without contaminating us!
But, can we do this, as the Military-Industrial Complex wants conflicts, the violence, the wars!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Oh, damn! I was hoping they would, have the a BIG SHOOT OUT, and maybe all the Repubs. go to Conservative Hell!

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Yes, I did, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Ran: Akira Kurosawa’s last great masterpiece | Film | The Guardian

The Chinese Government so incredibly stupid about the D.L.

Modern Day Crusades continue...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jim Harrison, 'Legends of The Fall' Writer, Dies at 78 | Patch

Oh, woe be unto those who did this (killing children)!

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How 'bout 7 Taoist stories?

270316 BLOK

270316 BLOK
My Easter message for all:
But only for those who have an open mind… let them understand:
I have a question for all of you…
Are the things we do, with regard to our work, relationships, life style, attitudes… Do they bring us closer to Being?  Or, do they take us further away, embracing the ego.  Do our actions awaken the good in us. where truth, goodness and beauty coalesce?  Or, are we inclined to live with more and more bitterness, aversion, dishonesty, ill will, and violence?  Are we slaves to circumstances?  Do our acts express our words,
Our words our thoughts,
Our thoughts our desires,
Our desires...
Do they express our true being?  Or, the being that wants material things, fame, fortune, etc.?
Ask yourself, how shall I use my intelligence and imagination?
Perhaps the world has no human meaning… But, it is given to us to discover one.  This, of course, requires courage.  But, more than anything else it requires imagination (Albert Einstein).  This imagination glimpsed in certain thoughts, read/heard in certain poems, and in certain angelic messages. (Note, we have an angelic message right here on our wall.  Foto. included or attached).
For those who can 'sea,' let them understand!

The 'March Against Fear' postponed because of fear! ISIS is winning!

'Spain in Our Hearts' explains little war with grave consequences | Book reviews |

American Patholgoy!

'Spain in Our Hearts' explains little war with grave consequences | Book reviews |

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

26a0316 BLOK

26a0316 BLOK
on dis-ease and ill-ness
My definition… Nature's way of keeping us alive! 
Most see such as something negative, this pain and suffering, but both valuable.  The experience can be very positive, a lesson, your body 'talking' to you. Pain is great communication, 'Hey, stop doing what you're doing, it's harmful!'
Sometimes your mind creates an illness to slow you down, for you to rest.  Modern life demanding, even destructive.
The mind-body designed to survive.
In the case of Adrian and Ana (recently in Bolivia)… I think they had unfinished business in Cochabamba.  Ana's mind (unconscious to her) created a problem that brought them back. (Note, they had cycled some 50KM on the way to Santa Cruz.) She discovered, via Teresa Alem, about air pollution, breathing, etc. -- a needed lesson.  Plus, they got to produce more of what they need to sell, sharing, etc.
Illness, suffering and death are the consequences of our acts (either consciously or unaware).  Cease to accuse others or yourself for your situation.  Instead observe the pattern of causes and effects that lead us to a state of discomfort.  It is a condition that can only be remedied by a transformation of our actions, attitudes and ways of life.  Mind over matter.
Learn not to judge, lest you be…
And some of the best advice I've ever been given… 'Have no expectations!  Only possibilities!'
Te via buen!
P.S.  Someone might want to translate this into Espanol...

260316 BLOK

260316 BLOK
Mountain site,
What a delight!
No www., just Nature creating!
Up there on the hill,
Clouds kiss two trees,
Bring me to my knees,
For there I am
In another world!
No ego, Singularity
The 'Just Is'…
Beauty, love,
The flying dove!
Join me?
Start the drums,
Sound the call
For a better humanity!

Love is the best revenge for the evils of the Holocaust | Life and style | The Guardian

N.C. Neanderthal country.

Every day 3,000 children die of Malaria.

More war, violence, and suffering. The M-I's 'kettle of fish!'

Friday, March 25, 2016

NASA’s New Top Astrobiologist Is Spelunking for Alien Life on Earth | WIRED

Why I departed China in 2011, the government becoming more and more oppressive.

Why are so many reality TV stars committing suicide?

Hey, great idea! Maybe they'll kill each other off!

Can Pot Boost Your Workout?

What really happens to food when you drop it on the floor

Modern Life pathology!

The 10 most beautiful bicycles

Attack of the giant tinned squid: bizarre Dutch parades – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Yes, after aiding the killing of millions of innocent people, just say you're sorry!

People so incredibly stupid!

This is the world we created by 2016!

Of course! Money is God! Winning, getting $ rich is what's important in Modern life and at any cost!

The N.F.L.’s dubious research.
Concussion research conducted for years by the N.F.L. was deeply flawed, an investigation by The Times shows. More than 100 diagnosed concussions were omitted from the studies.
We also uncovered how the league shared lobbyists, lawyers and consultants with the tobacco industry, which used questionable science to play down the dangers of smoking. We’ve rebutted the N.F.L.’s response to the article.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Money is God, what would you expect? Eventually they'll be selling 'standing room.'

American Pathology!

China's challenges: A bumpy road ahead - BBC News

BBC - Culture - Between the Acts: Virginia Woolf’s last book

A new threat in the mountains of Transylvania - BBC News

BBC - Travel - Trekking Nepal’s forgotten teahouse route

Story of cities #9: Kingston, Jamaica – a city born of 'wickedness' and disaster | Cities | The Guardian

How to make the perfect leek and potato soup | Life and style | The Guardian

Ah, what we need, more weapons, more commercial jets shot down 'accidentally!'

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Quandary for Europe: Fighting a War on ISIS Within Its Borders - The New York Times

Alexei Sayle's top 10 books about revolutionaries | Books | The Guardian

'Erase and I will draw again': the struggle behind Cairo's revolutionary graffiti wall | Cities | The Guardian

Man finally descends Seattle tree, ending 25-hour drama - The Washington Post

230316 BLOK

230316 BLOK

The Madness of Modern Life,
So much strife!
We just can't wait,
But, we're always late!
All wrong the rush,
The crush,
What for, the whore
We all are?

P.S.  99% of humanity gone before they even knew what they were 'here.'  Individuals not important, only the life force continues...

Money is God, what would you expect!

I wonder how the Aboriginals feel about this? Or, do we care?

Story of cities #8: St Petersburg – is the 'city built on bones' starting to crumble? | Cities | The Guardian

Nixon aide: War on drugs targeted "black people" and Anti-war demonstrators -

American Pathology!

Trump's going to 'bomb them back into the Stone Age,' and us with them!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

BBC - Travel - Seven incredible places you may have never heard of

BBC - Travel - A crumbling birthplace of billionaires

Reuters - Canada to spend billions tackling widespread aboriginal poverty

We've created a world that is fraught with peril!


Too many people! We're over-populated!

Depends on what you mean by success? If so-called 'successful,' is being $ rich, then I don't think so!

Modern Life, destructive!

The Pope should open up the Vatican to refugees, setting an example. But, of course, not as we have to protect our investments.

Great! I've been suggesting these for some time!

I wonder if you get a quantity discount?

American pathology!

Money is God, what would you expect?

Money is God, what would you expect?

People are the instruments of terrorism!

Monday, March 21, 2016

American Pathology!

Home - Global Population Speak Out


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Good news! It's a money issue, and the brewers and distillers don't like to compete!

210316 BLOK

210316 BLOK
Over population coupled with hoarding (by the 'haves') creates poverty, for sure!  Our inability to share with our fellow wo/man!*
And now too many people chasing dwindling resources.
The first wars over land.
The second 'wave' of wars will be over water.
Then, if we survive another 100 years, wars over air.  Already N.Z. entrepreneurs selling bottled air to citizens in Beijing, China.
To me, however, the problem is not material, but spiritual.  I'm not talking about organized religion, as they serve to reduce population (wars over who has the best God).  I'm talking about developing the 'nous' or 'higher mind,' or consciousness.  Consciousness is a term that's challenging to define, but friend Richard (part of the group) had the best for defining when you DON'T HAVE SUCH:  'It's when you don't know that you don't know!'  It has to do with imagination as more important than knowledge (a la Albert's quote).
This is what's lacking in the world!  But, how to increase?  The 'Great Holy War' with thyself -- the inward 'journey.' 
The only problem now, we have the means to destroy humanity, in a matter of days.  So, time runneth out…
*The question for all you 'haves?'  Will you be willing to open your homes to refugees?

The world needs and will crash economically, so WE CAN START OVER BETTER (hopefully)!

Romania: hellhole or country of romance and mystery? | World news | The Guardian

American Pathology!

'Living in hell': mentally ill people in Indonesia chained and confined | Global development | The Guardian

American Pathology!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

200316 BLOK

200316 BLOK (first day of Autumn in the S.H., and first day of spring in the N.Hemisphere.)
It's not the guns, although they make it easier to kill.  It's the people!  People are stressed, and see violence as the only solution!  'Hollywood,' and only I would know having worked there… The theme of 80% of their movies is, guess what?  VIOLENCE IS THE SOLUTION!  
You have no idea how powerful the moving image is, as aimed at the unconscious mind!  Look at advertising -- it works!  Why, does Hollywood promote such a thing as violence?  Money, it makes money, and Hollywood is all about money, trust me!  This, because our Neanderthal mentality responds to such.  If there were no guns, people in the U.S. would be making bombs.
Are you familiar with the Oklahoma City Bombing and Timothy McVie?  He was pissed at the Government for brutally killing some 30 (woman and children included) of the Davidian group.  This outside Waco, Texas, circa 1975.  To get even he packed a ton of chemical fertilizer in a rental truck.  He parked the truck in front of a Federal building, blew it up killing 200 people (women and children included).  No guns used.
We're a violent nation, guns or not.  We killed off the Natives, with alcohol, disease and guns.  We called it 'Manifest Destiny!'  The mythology still functions.  The lone cowboy on a horse (with a gun of course) still inspires (unconsciously of course).
My parents had guns.  I grew up with guns, by the time I was 17-years of age I had a hunting rifle (I've killed things.).  It's all fear based of course, fear of the robber, fear of the government, fear! 
Maybe things are different in Europe (the Mythology, the mentality).  I think of Europe, as more mature, older.  But, look what's happening now, again, Fascism on the rise!
Nature is trying to balance, an out-of-balance world, and anyway it can: disease, 'Natural disasters,' (earthquakes, etc.), violence, war.  There are too many people on earth chasing dwindling resources.  The 'Rats in a Cage' syndrome.  We're now 'eating' each other. 
The basic problem in the world, which flew understand or want to address is over population.  Capitalism is based on growth, the Catholic Church, still anti birth control and abortion.  Why?  Again it makes dinero!  Money/profit has become our God!
I'm all for taking the guns away, but from everyone, including the police and the military.  But, how likely is that?  Fear again, our Neanderthal mentality!
What to do?

It's close... Multiply 6 trillion times 117 = ?

A Mother’s Death, a Daughter’s Life: Remembering Natalie Wood - The New York Times

BBC - Earth - The birds that live on rubbish

We celebrated, by electricity off, wood fire on!

This is the usual 'jerk off,' by a rich, royal, with nothing better to do. Yes, Nepal needs help for sure. So, maybe L rather than words!

"Fire the Idiots, Help the Vets." A pin on his shirt read: "Bomb the hell out of ISIS."

Trump protester punched, kicked at Tucson rally | " "Fire the Idiots, Help the Vets." A pin on his shirt read: "Bomb the hell out of ISIS.""

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prince Harry hopes to draw focus to quake-hit Nepal with visit | GlobalPost

China Is Said to Be Holding Jia Jia, a Journalist, Over Xi Jinping Letter - The New York Times

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hemingway’s forgotten Spanish civil war play to be produced for only second time ever | Stage | The Guardian

BBC - Culture - Ovarian Psycos: A bicycle crew that rides for feminism

BBC - Future - The mountains whose height still remains a mystery

Che Guevara's son on Obama in Cuba: 'Maybe we can influence US in a positive way' | World news | The Guardian

American Pathology!

17a0316 BLOK

17a0316 BLOK
Ladybug, ladybug
Why are your spots?
Zebra, zebra,
Why are your stripes?
Snake o snake,
Why your designs?
Hu/mans, the homo sap.
Why do you rape?
Nature protects,
Egos destroy,
Look at Troy!
Duality, the Reality,
No destruction,
No creation!
Now, on to the Robot
Evolution to con
Wouldn't you?
As we began from the stars,
On to Mars.
Robots will go, not man,
As the 'Boys from the Hood' decree!
Wait and 'sea!'


A Government Error Just Revealed Snowden Was the Target in the Lavabit Case | WIRED

BBC - Travel - An eerie night with 200,000 dead monks

BBC - Culture - The 10 most beautiful ceilings in the world

BBC - Earth - What is the real reason we sleep?

Graffiti art at Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market | World news | The Guardian

The world is becoming more violent, but we shouldn’t be afraid to explore it | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian

Story of cities #5: Benin City, the mighty medieval capital now lost without trace | Cities | The Guardian

Thursday, March 17, 2016

After the Fact - The New Yorker

Man charged in Kalamazoo shootings sues Uber -- Always project evil away from you, never take responsibility, the American way!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BBC - Capital - Does Bordeaux have the best food and wine in France?

16b0316 BLOK

16b0316 BLOK
The Space Race on,
To Mars, some 'candy!'
We must be first
To lay claim,
Such is the game!
Maybe 'gold,' to be sold.
What could be worse
To loose this purse
To exploit for money?

16a0316 BLOK

16a0316 BLOK
I like to watch the bees,
The 'sees,'
Sometimes a tree,
The light flying on a
Spider's web-site,
The grass green,
The sky blue,
The white clouds!
Pandomama, our home
On the range,
How strange to be estranged!
Dust to dust,
The cycle,
Returning to the Source,
Not the beginning,
No ending
Where we go,
To k(no)w
The Story!
A happy ending,
The beginning,
We just are
As in star,
That flickering light!

160316 BLOK

160316 BLOK
In order to learn a difference language, one different from your own, native to you, you must learn how the culture-country thinks.  As Frederico Fellini said, 'Language is culture!'
Take for example the Spanish word 'temprano.'  To me it sounds like 'temporary,' yet in Bolivia (other Spanish cultures) it means 'early.'  Why does it mean 'early?'  What is the etymology of the word?
What do you think, Boliviano/a/s?  Why does the word 'temprano' mean early?
Another example of Spanish words, 'por' and 'para.'  'Por' sounds like the English word 'for,' and can mean 'for.'  But, also has 15 other definitions, the first, 'by.'  'Para,' which means 'for,' has 8 other definitions, can also mean 'by.'  Confusing?
Language, being culture, CONTEXT is what's important. Context determines the definition.   Thus, you have to understand the culture (how they think) first when learning a language different from your own.

Story of cities #3: the birth of Baghdad was a landmark for world civilisation | Cities | The Guardian

Modern life, nothing but conflict!

Lawlessness everywhere in the world; a world gone mad. Too many people, over-populated now, chasing fewer and fewer resources. The 'Rats in a cage' syndrome! We're now 'eating' each other! What to do? Stop having children. Make love, but not babies!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saudi Arabia: All female Brunei crew in historic flight - BBC News

American Pathology!

15a0316 BLOK

15a0316 BLOK

On, the human-headed bird!

Oh, human-headed bird,
Why do you live, when you could fly?
Escape, soar above,
Among the clouds
Drinking the nectar
From the sky!
Take flight,
A new journey to the stars,
Where all began!
There is something else, and
For better or worse
There just is...
Go, and discover,
We will love you always!


American Pathology!

The empire the world forgot, Ani, in Turkey.

Nothing new here!

Si! We know about... Stand tough, Apple!

Cancer isn't a disease, but an industry!

I would change this, to include the U.S. and the world!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Microsoft will continue to take Bitcoins for payment.

American Pathology!

The earth is over-populated! There are too many people, chasing too few resources! It's the 'Rats in a cage' syndrome. We're now 'eating' each other!

BBC - Culture - The ultimate symbol of French cool

The female superhero is finally here! This is good, the 'Age of Kalki,' nee The Guan Yin, dawning!

More than a million Brazilians protest against 'horror' government | World news | The Guardian

The story of cities, part 1: how Alexandria laid foundations for the modern world | Cities | The Guardian

Biking in snow on fat tires!

I'm for Boris, born in the U.S.A. 'I was born in the U.S.A.!' And I ride a bicycle!

‘Timing makes the hero.’

'Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz, my friends all drive Porches I must make amends!'

“Of course I want to see Rousseff booted out,” said Maria de Lima Pimenta, a retired schoolteacher who was at the anti-Rousseff march along Rio’s Copacabana Beach. “But then the problem becomes, who will replace her? They’re all crooks.”

Big protests across Brazil put more pressure on president - The Washington Post: "“Of course I want to see Rousseff booted out,” said Maria de Lima Pimenta, a retired schoolteacher who was at the anti-Rousseff march along Rio’s Copacabana Beach. “But then the problem becomes, who will replace her? They’re all crooks.”"

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American Pathology! This is the answer!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

American Pathology!

130316 BLOK

130316 BLOK
Dear Kirk and Bill, others...
Mea culpa…
I thought it was time for me to write and explain, as you never know when the 'Grim Reaper' is going to 'snatch you away.'  We are all in the 76-years of age category, getting 'up there,' and who knows… Thus, this lengthy epistle…
I sit in the morning sun here in Cochabamba, Bolivia, having cycled (bicycle) around the world.  This took me seven years.  It turned out to be a Pilgrimage, which began in Colorado, U.S.A., in 2005!  Part of it involved stopping off in China for five of those seven years.
Now, at the age of 76, I spend time, like any older person, reflecting back on my life.  I suppose all older people do this facing 'the end of the game.'  Why were we here?  What was my life all about?
I will begin by explaining, the part you were involved with, the first 59-years of my life.  This period fraught with peril!  i experienced all the levels of Dante's Inferno!  Driven by ego I pursued something I was never able to achieve (Thank God!), success in the entertainment industry.  In pursuit of this ego endeavor, I hurt many people, including you and yours!  I ask for your forgiveness.  You were good to me, going all the way back to 1957, when I showed up on the basketball court at Tucson High School.  I hope we're still friends!
I'm estranged from my sisters, except for the oldest Sally.  Sally, still alive at 84-years of age, just had both knees replaced.  I though this amazing!
My health… i can only say I can still cycle 100KM/60 miles with weight.  My liver, on the other hand, because of much alcohol/street drugs, another story!  I, like any other human being, could die in the next hour, or live another 20 years.  Quien sabe? 
In the meantime, I'm moving to Granada, Spain, this to cycle Europe while I still can.  It get's more daunting every year!  Join me, even if not on a bicycle.  I think it would be great if all of us met up again, a reunion of sorts, the 'Three Musketeers' together again in old age!  What do we have to lose, but our lives?
My own life changed dramatically at the age of 59.  I was living in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I had a bad accident on a borrowed Indian bicycle.  i purchased the one I have now named 'Senor Fetes!'  (foto. attached with two guests from Argentina).
When I returned to the U.S. in 1999, I cycled from N.Y.C. to Cripple Creek, Colorado, where my father was born in 1902.  This trip to retrace my Hutchison family's migration, from Martin's Creek, Pennsylvania, to Cripple Creek!  I discovered doing this, that it was possible to travel this way, even though this trip during the winter of '99-00.'
I ended up living/working (as an acting teacher) in Colorado Springs, this for four years.
The next 'episode' of my life, from the year 2000 to 2016, from Colorado, U.S.A. to Bolivia, so different, so enlightening!  I remember way back in N.Y.C., an astrologer telling me, it would be at the end of my life that things would come together.  So, prescient this woman.
Now, some of the following is esoteric spirituality, so bare with me if you will.  You may guffaw, or disbelieve, but it's what happened to me.
In 2004, I was 'summoned' to Blanca Peak (Sissnajani in Denay), Colorado, by some Denay (Navaho) people.  Sissnajani, is one of their four holiest peaks, the eastern most. I was given a 'holy object' (a heart-shaped stone), this to take to Mt. Kailas in Tibet.  I thought they were joking, I'd hardly heard of Mt. Kailas.  I didn't take the request seriously.  But, so many transcendental/metaphysical things happened on this trip, I began to wonder what was going on.  I'll give you just one example, the first day, cycling down from Colorado Springs.  South in Florence, I stopped for lunch, had a flat tire.  Then up a long grade on highway #67, I stopped for the night in a little burgh named Wetmore, I'll never forget it.  It had a Wetmore Community Center with a park where I camped.  I cook food, rice, when tour cycling (oatmeal in the morning, rice at night, complex carbohydrates important).  I was hungry, of course, but rice takes time.  I had it all prepared, about to partake of the first bite, when the plate slipped out of my hand and my dinner fell on the ground.  I was chagrined to say the least, and so hungry I began scooping up the rice on top of the pile.  It wasn't a moment later that a young girl appeared with a plate of cooked food, offering it to me!  What the -- stunned? I thanked her of course, accepted the food, which included everything, meat, potatoes, a salad, even desert.  In the meantime she had disappeared back to a house where she'd come from.  Note, later I went and thanked this family.  But, nonetheless amazing to me, how would they know?  Similar transcendental things happened to me on this trip.
In January, of 2005, I set out to cycle the world.  I took the Heart Stone with me, but had no plans to go to Mt. Kailas.  Yet, on the day I departed, a woman who I hardly knew, blessed me with the following:  THE LIGHT IS WITH YOU, THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU!  I didn't think much about this until later.
In Kathmandu, Nepal, this my second trip there, I was initiated into a Taoist order under very unusual circumstances.  Again, I didn't take it all that seriously at the time.  But, during my five years cycling all over China, things came more into focus, I began to understand what was happening to me!  I realized I was on a Pilgrimage, had been 'taken,' used, to accomplish a mission -- I didn't know what, however.
In, 2010, I ended up taking a group of cyclists from Lijiang, Yunnan Province, to Mt. Kailas, a five-month, five-thousand kilometer trip (now a Chinese book).  All the fotographs at my website,  'Click on' the Gallery link in the upper righthand corner.  The Pilgrimage foto. albums are at the very beginning (note most recent, 2016, first).
After making an offering of the Heart Stone, on Mt. Kailas, I was given another 'holy' object ('The Serpent of Light'), but not told what to do with it. 
From China I cycled across Australia, with my adopted Chinese 'son,' Xutan.
I spent seven months cycling New Zealand, from top to bottom.
In, 2012, I flew from Auckland, N.Z. to Santiago, Chile. By now, I knew I had to deliver the 'holy' object somewhere in the Andes mountains.  I first thought Machu Picchu, in Peru.
Strangely enough again, I met a couple, friends of a friend (all N. Americans) in Santiago.  What are the odds?  The husband, after I'd told him my story, suggested a book.  And guess what the title of the book is, THE SERPENT OF LIGHT, by Druvalo Melchizedek.  It discusses moving the Kundalini (sexual energy) around the earth.  Coincidence, maybe!  In the book it suggests the place the Kundalini might end up was somewhere in the vicinity of where Chile, Peru, and Bolivia meet. 
I started out from Santiago and was on my way to Machu Picchu, cycling of course, up 'Ruta Cinco' (the Pan American highway).  Then for some reason I diverted to San Pedro de Atacama.  I camped out in San Pedro for two months.  At the Hostal where I was camped, I happen to meet another guest one night.  Somehow we ended up talking about what I was doing, going to Machu Picchu, etc.   He told me I must to to Tianhuanacu, Bolivia -- that was the place!  Again, coincidence?
On the 12th of December, 2012 (the day the Mayan calendar ends), I made the offering of THE SERPENT OF LIGHT, at Tianhuanacu, as part of an Aymara Solstice Ceremony.  Mission completed!  And what was the mission?  To shift the Kundalini from North (Tibet) to South, (Bolivia)!
Of course, all of this will sound too farfetched to you, too crazy, a 'movie script,' I've made up.   Einstein did say that 'Imagination is more important than knowledge!'  I don't know, maybe I did make it all up.  But, I have witnesses and fotographs.
Why have I told you this story, you might wonder?
Isn't life interesting…?  We set out with a plan as young people, mostly 'scripted' by parents, friends, schools, military, culture, corporations, our egos enflamed with idea of 'The American Dream!'  Certainly I was hot after 'it!'
But, I was never destined for corporate life.  I tried desperately to fit into such at ABC Sports, Inc. (now metamorphed into ESPN, owned by Disney).  I failed at such(thank God, again!)  It wasn't to be!  I was never to succeed in the entertainment industry, although I almost killed myself (and others) trying (collapsed in L.A. in 1978, and almost died).
This is what I know, have learned, about life, at least my life.  Many people 'apply,' but few are 'chosen.'  If chosen, 'Free Will' goes out the window.  I 'strutted and fretted my hour upon the stage,' until grabbed by the neck and was nearly shaken to death (as mentioned).  I got the message!  When at that 'fork' in the road, one saying 'Life,' and the other 'Death,' I chose the 'road less traveled,' and am still trying.  I know what my life has been about, not success in the material world, but success in the spiritual world!
I wanted both of you to know.  We go back a long way.  Again, I hope we're still friends.  If I owe anyone money, please convey how much, and I will endeavor to pay you back!   I was good at abusing friendships in my former life.
If you have it in your hearts to forgive me for being stupid and an asshole, I will be grateful!  In the meantime, I send this blessing:  THE LIGHT IS WITH YOU, THE LIGHT IS WITHIN YOU!
P.S.  There's only one thing to say to a new born baby or someone dying, and that is:  I LOVE YOU, AND SUPPORT YOU ON YOUR JOURNEY!


American pathology! Violence, via 'Hollywood' theme of 80% of their movies, solves all things!

Go you Greek people, thanks for: “The feeling, right now, is we live under the same sun. We fall in love under the same moon. We are all human – we have to help these people.’

Refugee crisis: how Greeks opened their hearts to strangers | World news | The Guardian: "“The feeling, right now, is we live under the same sun. We fall in love under the same moon. We are all human – we have to help these people.’"

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Australian teenager in Syria says he feels betrayed over cancelled passport | Australia news | The Guardian

Well, I can't wait!

Money is 'God!' what would you expect?

People simply can't get along!

Trust the guy that rides a bicycle!

Violence is the solution in the U.S., thanks to 'Hollywood.' People don't realize!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

120316 BLOK Re: 'The Thrive Movement; video

120316 BLOK
Re:  'The Thrive Movement; video
It is actually two videos, two subjects, one about  how the Universe organizes energy (Torus with Vector Equilibrium).
The second subject of how evil (the Illuminati) is attempting to enslave us all, via financial and corporate entities.
Had I been the video consultant for the Gambles, I would have suggested they split the two subjects into two videos (instead of the current one, 02:12:03 in length).  Some times too much new information can overwhelm a viewer, losing the point to be made!
Regarding the first subject, with the suggestion that 'aliens' were here first (called 'sun gods').  I came to the same conclusion recently after watching a video entitled THE REVELATION OF THE PYRAMIDS, by Jacques Grimault (a French video).
I was visited by a UFO in Arlington, Texas, in 1986 (during the 'Harmonic Convergence').  This was a silver disc directly above our house, which stayed and didn't move all day.
Strangely, I had several transcendental/metaphysical experiences while living in Texas.  One, a ghost visited me, so real as to frighten the shit out of me -- I wasn't ready for such.  I was visited by a 'Marfa' Magic Light, and also met an avatar.
On the second subject from the Gamble's video ('The Thrive Movement'):  the Illuminati (the 'Devil') trying to get control of everything and everybody.  Quite true.
You should watch another video produced by one man the Gambles interviewed, Bill…? (I forget his last name?).  But, this man is the host/producer of HOW THE ROTHCHILDS AND BANKERS CONTROL AMERICA.
Note, both of these videos available at
One thing I would say to the Gambles, if had the chance, is simple, we need more CONSCIOUSNESS in the world.  The average person in the world with so little, just struggles everyday to stay afloat (recently literally true).  Thus, most are part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Certainly not Trump or any politician, as they all 'sell out.'
What to do?
It has to do with the individual -- us!  We have to stop projecting evil outside of ourselves, and accept the responsibility for creating the mess we've ALL helped to create!
I was impressed by the interviewees, the Gambles managed in their video.  People who have the courage to speak up/out in the face of the so-called 'mighty.'  But, all of us need to do the same thing!  Who of us dares?  'We have met the enemy and he is us! (Walt Kelly).
We have to raise 'the solution' to a SPIRITUAL level!  'No longer can we continue to indulge in the idolatry of matter!'*  We have to cleanse our souls.
How to?
I recommend starting by reading two books, one quoted above, THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDELENE (by Jean-Yves LeLoup)* -- one of the Ggnostic Gospels, suppressed by Constantine.
MUTANT MESSAGE -- DOWN UNDER, by Marlo Morgan (Australian Aboriginal wisdom).
The 'battle' is first within, then without!
F.A. Hutchison

The Go-Between - The New Yorker


Friday, March 11, 2016

‘I want to stare death in the eye’… how great writers confronted their mortality | Books | The Guardian

‘I want to stare death in the eye’… how great writers confronted their mortality | Books | The Guardian: "“That is no country for old men”. The young are in one another’s arms, the poem said, but you. You are outside all of that. “An aged man is but a paltry thing, / A tattered coat upon a stick, unless / Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing.”"

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11a0316 BLOK

11a0316 BLOK
And yet Alan, there is hope!  But, it comes in an heretofore unknown form, metanoia (a fundamental change in thinking).  The 'Age of Kalki,' nee 'The Guan Yin' is dawning -- the end of patriarchal male dominance (as it's reached its apogee).
That's the good news I suppose.  But, the less-than-good news is that the transition to such will come in a cataclysmic event.  A 'wake up call' for humanity, with major implications!
But, this may or may not come in our life times.

110316 BLOK

110316 BLOK
All human life, the male (ego), is the struggle nee violence/war for dominance!  All you have to do to understand this, is to know (read, study) human history (last 7,000 years).  And it goes on today in the South China Sea (China versus the U.S.), North and South Korea, Syria, and the Middle East (Arabs versus Jews/Christianity).  Look at the Republican campaign for president in the U.S.  Sad, embarrassing that males still act like their ancestors.   Nothing much has changed in human history, except for technology.
But, what is of concern is the fact that now man has the ability to end all human life on earth!  Why do you think we're hot after the 'gold rush' to the planet Mars?  What we need is a 'gold rush,' to unlock consciousness in the human mind -- the inward, not outward, journey!

Yes, I'm afraid Obama's partially responsible. Had he done a better job, people wouldn't be so desperate for a Trump!

Russia Thinks It Can Use Nukes to Fly to Mars in 45 Days—If It Can Find the Rubles | WIRED

Spain Has Been in the Wrong Time Zone for Over 70 Years

Thursday, March 10, 2016

10a0316 BLOK

10a0316 BLOK
What is this 'thing' trying to destroy me?  This unconsciousness that acts, that makes me less and less -- more and more?
Is it the 'timekeeper' making sure I 'checkout' at a predestined time?  Is there a second, a minute, an hour, a day, week or month, with my name written upon?  Is there a 'program' in which I am the subject of both positive and negative?  Do I have a say as to when and where I 'shed the body?'  Of course, there's suicide, but might that be over the course of a life time?  Is self-destructiveness of Free Will, or pre-destiny?
How to overcome thyself?
P.S.  Overcome the tyranny of matter, of Duality!

American Pathology.

100316 BLOK

100316 BLOK
Yeshua (the Teacher, most of you know as 'Jesus'), said,
"Impose no laws other than that which I have witnessed.  Do not add more laws to those in the Torah.  Lest you become bound by them!
Lao Zi said the same thing in the TAO TE CHING.
All of this wisdom offered 2,000 years ago.  Where has it gotten us?  Nobody listens, and/or understands!  So, where is the hope?
Now, we're controlled by a million laws and attorneys, everyone always disclaiming any kind of liability!
Recently , a female sports caster awarded $55 million dollars from a hotel where she was staying, because some guy videotaped her nude and then put it online.  I mean it's one thing to videotape such, but to put it online means, he either hated the woman, or all women in general!  Another example of American Pathology.  Modern life has become trivial, superficial, money-profit now God.
Additionally, in the U.S. there's a mass murder almost every week now!  Yet, nobody speaks up!
A Nation of Sheep, we are!

How the BBC took the news outside - BBC News

BBC - Future - Why Nasa still flies an old British bomber design

Bossier City, northwest Louisiana, looms in my history -- I've been there. This has to do with a long ago project, a screenplay entitled, A WINNER NEVER QUITS! This, a story about Jack G. Favor, and the murder of a B.C. couple. Of course, Jack innocent, but the real murderers never apprehended.

Man's great inhumanity to women! For shame!

Why Does The Republican Party Fear Trump? | News One

China is behind this, trust me!

American Pathology getting worse!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Dutch team unveils sleek solar-powered bike | euronews, hi-tech

American Pathology!


American Pathology!

Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bullshit' | Technology | The Guardian

If you're an attractive (young) woman, all you have to do to make $, is shed your clothing!

American Pathology!

A professor, a politician, but not a leader!

POLITICS, THE LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS! And young people know about such!

WWIII with China, coming!

Beatles record producer George Martin dies at 90 - The Washington Post

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Biggest problem in the world, too many people now chasing too few resources! Why do you think we're going to Mars? To trash that one out as well!

Millions of ordinary Americans support Donald Trump. Here's why | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian

I shower once a week. Here’s why you should too | Donnachadh McCarthy | Opinion | The Guardian

Police killing people, is always 'necessary' according to them!

Go Spain!

If he could 'get it up,' I'm sure it was, 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am!'