Monday, February 29, 2016

29c0216 BLOK

29c0216 BLOK
When I think of the two major religions:  Christianity and Islam, an Omar Khayyam quatrain comes to mind:


…Of them killing each other over which is the true name of God.
Mankind condemned to destroying himself!

29a0216 BLOK

29a0216 BLOK
I am a person of the pen,
La Pluma,
The feather that
Dares to suggest
We've taken the wrong path,
Thus, so much wrath.
Materialism is killing all life,
Causing much strife!
Have any new ideas
To curb, to reduce,
Maybe sluice the flow of violence?

290216 BLOK

290216 BLOK
Modern humanity will not survive its stupidity (lack of consciousness), being led down a 'primrose path' by Capitalism begetting materialism.  Money/profit became our God!
Religion, 'the opiate of the masses,' was only to aggrandize their institutions.
Catholicism, Islam, bereft of morality, do make an ironic contribution to mankind.  Via their violence/wars, over-population is reduced!   This is Nature trying to intercede, and bring some balance to a deteriorating situation.
Modern humanity is a failing experiment.  But, life will go on without us, and be better for our extinction.

BBC - Travel - A frozen highway to an ancient kingdom

Finland: The sick man of Europe? - BBC News

'What we have is a failure to communicate!'

American Pathology!

The world is over populated, thus the 'too many rats in a cage syndrome.' We're not 'eating' each other.

World Pathology!

American Pathology!

Is Spain taking an authoritarian turn? - Equal Times

Such, Ka, Ka!

And so was, Woodrow Wilson, Reagan, the Bushs and many others! It is we who are unfit as we vote for these stupid people!

American Pathology!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

BBC’s Carrie Gracie: ‘China is difficult – a giant piece of history rising’ | Media | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

How I hit the headlines on Siberian TV - BBC News

The issue about Marijuana, has always been about money!

'Science' to me, just another 'religion!'

Lack of compromise will be the death of E.U.

American Pathology!

American Pathology.

Why Trump Survived Every Attack From Rubio and Cruz

World economy stands on the cusp of another crash, warns Lord Mervyn King

World pathology!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

270216 BLOK

270216 BLOK
I pushed Moon River
Wider than a mile,
But Tired,
Frustrated no where!
The damn broke,
The flood,
The blood,
The River ran red,
Oh, what dred!
And then 5 X 12 = 60,
A new Millennium!
No longer dumb,
And no more rum,
Thus, the sum!
It grew
Until I knew
A bicycle the answer,
The world I flew!
The goal the sky!
The aim the stars
They raised the bars!
Higher and higher
I went
Until a familiar scent!
In the known,
I become unknown!
Absolute futility,
Modern-ego strife!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

We're killing our sources of oxygen! We're stupid, and don't deserve to survive!

Who cares about people, money/profit God!


“It is a blessing that this river of blood in this country will stop. This country is ours. We have been obliterated. The blood being shed here is that of our children and our women. Life here is nothing like it was. How did this happen?” – Homs resident Abu Samer Al-Kardoun

Scenes of calm in Syria as the UN confirms date for Geneva talks | euronews, world news: "“It is a blessing that this river of blood in this country will stop. This country is ours. We have been obliterated. The blood being shed here is that of our children and our women. Life here is nothing like it was. How did this happen?” – Homs resident Abu Samer Al-Kardoun"

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They're all the same, doesn't matter what country, culture, sex, or color! POLITICS THE LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS. But, it's us, the general public, that's stupid. We keep supporting them! WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

American Pathology.

Here's the problem, us! Democratic governments are us. Then we project all expectations on them, which are never met. Then we throw them out, and the process is a never ending cycle of unhappiness! WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

Friday, February 26, 2016

I've long though enlightened people don't need government!

Genius Girl Scout Starts Selling Cookies Across From Marijuana Dispensary | TIME

These Are the 100 Most-Read Female Writers in College Classes | TIME

...they asked if Mutants did not realize that the end of each species is a step closer to the end of the human species? Note: No, we're too stupid!

This is what is causing, American Pathology!

Japan should take on the Syrian refugees!

China's Christians angry as removal of church crosses continues | World news | The Guardian

I'm embarrassed to have been born in the U.S.!

Communist China more capitalistic than the West!

How stupid can we get?

I don't want to know RUMP, DUBIO OR RUZ, the three stooges!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

BBC - Future - Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown: Britain’s most incredible test pilot

BBC - Future - Does mental illness enhance creativity?

This racist backlash against refugees is the real crisis in Europe | Apostolis Fotiadis | Opinion | The Guardian

“Just get somebody in there who’s different,” said Anthony Forlini, whose Ocean Park, New Jersey, firm disposes of contaminated dirt. “I don’t even care anymore.”

Small Businesses for Trump Want Non-Politician | Al Jazeera America: "“Just get somebody in there who’s different,” said Anthony Forlini, whose Ocean Park, New Jersey, firm disposes of contaminated dirt. “I don’t even care anymore.”"

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I think Stuart is wrong, and here's the reason: Rump's appeal is the appeal to every loser. They don't care if he's lied, doesn't know the facts, insults people. He's one of them! And there are too many of these types voting in the U.S. I predict Rump will be president of the U.S., and then sink it! And I think we need sinking, to start over again better!

Who cares about the people, it's money/profit that's God!

Growth! Growth! Growth! The Capitalist's mantra! But, what happens when we can't grow anymore?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wrong! Enantiodromia...

Marx was correct: 'The opiate of the masses!'

Oh, woe be unto the white man for this!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Huge fireball explodes over Atlantic as meteor flies into Earth from space | Science | News | The Independent

BBC - Travel - The royal mummies of Peru

Better read this, if you think RUMP can't win!

A professional takes responsibility for his mistake. An amateur blames the equipment!

No shit!

No survivors as plane goes down in Nepal - CBS News

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nobody, the politicians, ever thinks of the country, the people. Just their selfish interests. The U.S. is coming apart at the seems!

American Pathology! The U.S. is coming apart at the seams!

All politicians do is disagree, argue, and nothing good is ever accomplished the public be damned!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Despicable behavior by the U.S. Government: Guantanamo

This is GREAT! GO you Moslem women, ride bicycles!

In Gaza, Bicycles Are a Battleground for Women Who Dare to Ride

Amna Suleiman and her friend Asala taking a break from cycling in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday. They are among the first women in years to pedal publicly in Gaza, where an unwritten rule bars women past puberty from cycling.CreditWissam Nassar for The New York Times 
SALAHUDDIN ROAD, Gaza Strip — The four women pedaling bicycles with jammed gears and wobbly chains up Salahuddin Road, Gaza’s bumpy main highway, on a recent morning caused quite a stir.
The driver of a three-wheeled tuk-tuk slowed down and a teenager on a horse-drawn cart sped up to match the women’s pace. A jeep filled with Hamas gunmen beeped and cheered as it passed, and a pack of men on motorbikes left a wake of catcalls. The sight of women on two wheels was so unusual that Alaa, 11, who was grazing sheep on the grassy median, assumed they were foreigners and shouted out his limited English vocabulary: “Hello! One, two, three!”
The women ignored the hubbub as they pedaled from Jabalia, a crammed cinder-block town in Gaza’s north, to the Hamas checkpoint before the heavily restricted border crossing into Israel. They dumped their bikes in a nearby olive grove and sat down for a picnic of cheese sandwiches.
Amna Suleiman, 33, the little cycling club’s leader, offered some wisdom to the other riders, a decade her junior. “Listen, girls, there’s nothing left in my orchard except firewood,” Ms. Suleiman said, using a Palestinian saying for being a spinster. “But you are young. I want you, when you get married, to make riding your bikes a condition of marriage.”
Ms. Suleiman, center, and other women with their bikes in Gaza on Friday. CreditWissam Nassar for The New York Times 
The younger women erupted in laughter at the suggestion. “He’ll give me a beating!” exclaimed Asala, 21, who spoke on the condition her last name not be used.
The women, who began riding together in December, are the first in years to pedal publicly in Gaza, where the nearly decade-long rule of the Islamist Hamas movement has been accompanied by various initiatives to restrict the modest efforts of women hoping to practice sports.
Hamas barred women from running in a Gaza marathon in 2013, leading to its cancellation, and once tried to prohibit women from riding behind men on motorbikes. Female athletes practice in closed stadiums. Gyms are either single sex or have strict hourly divisions by gender
In 2010, a Gaza journalist, Asmaa al-Ghoul, was spit at and threatened when she and three friends who were foreigners biked about 15 miles from Gaza’s southern tip to Gaza City in protest of the unwritten rule barring women past puberty from cycling.
Ahmad Muheisin, assistant undersecretary in Gaza’s youth and sports ministry office, said that women riding in public represented a “violation” of Gaza values, but that he would not try to stop them unless religious leaders addressed the matter with a fatwa.
Many Palestinians frown at the idea of women bicycling in public because men might inappropriately leer at their legs moving up and down or ogle their bottoms. Female cyclists are a fairly unusual sight throughout the Arab world, though women participate in group rides in Cairo and Amman, and in Beirut, women pedal rented bikes on the Corniche, the pedestrian strip along the Mediterranean.
Atef Abu Saif, a Gaza-based writer, said that until the mid-1980s, “it used to be normal” to see women riding bikes in Gaza. “They did it for pleasure and fun, by the sea,” he said.
That was before Ms. Suleiman moved to Gaza, as a teenager in the 1990s, but she had cycled as a child in Damascus, Syria.
Her riding revival began with a bet: She and two girlfriends created a competition to see who could lose the most weight in two weeks. Ms. Suleiman, who also swims and plays the keyboard, shed 11 pounds by cutting out bread, rice and pasta, and collected $75.
“It was like ‘The Biggest Loser,’ but the Amna version,” she said.
She decided to buy a bicycle, figuring it would help her keep losing weight. And, she said, “I wanted to remind myself of my childhood, which was without problems,” recalling that she would sneak off with her neighbor’s bicycle for forays around their Damascus enclave.
At first she rode in Gaza only around her own neighborhood at dawn, when few would see her. She encouraged her friend Sara Salibi, 24, whose teenage brother taught her how to ride, also at dawn. The women shared a similar defiance against Gaza’s limited expectations of women, although they are otherwise quite different.
Ms. Salibi smokes, though only in private; reads Milan Kundera, the Czech author; and hums tunes from Jimmy Fallon’s television show. “I like to dance, but I don’t know how to dance,” she said. “I want to learn how to dance.”
For the daring adventure up Salahuddin Road on Friday, Ms. Salibi wore a 1970s-style blue-and-black track suit, her hair poking out from a wool hat she had halfheartedly pushed on her head. In contrast, Ms. Suleiman, who teaches the Quran to children and volunteers in an orphanage, dressed modestly in a red Islamic head scarf, long red coat, wide black pants and spotted red socks.
“Riding a bike makes you feel like you are flying,” Ms. Suleiman said. Ms. Salibi echoed that sentiment, saying, “I feel free.”
They were accompanied on Friday by Ms. Salibi’s 21-year-old sister, Nour, and her friend Asala, whose brown head scarf matched her Converse sneakers.
The group cycled past a building whose facade included gaping holes covered with plastic, still unrepaired from the 2014 war between Gaza militants and Israel. The women wobbled past empty lots piled with rubble that indicated where a bombed building once stood.
Nearby, a fighter in the militant group Islamic Jihad who was waiting for a friend described the women as “detestable and ugly.”
“The role of our women is to obey their husbands and prepare food for them inside the house, not to imitate men and ride bikes in the streets,” said the man, 33, who refused to give his name but echoed the view of many Gaza men interviewed, and of multiple comments on social networks, after news of the cycling group reached the Palestinian news media.
A distinct minority approved, including Abdul Salam Hussein, 53, who was sitting near a cement factory. “So what if a woman rides a bike?” he exclaimed. “People have reached the moon already!”
Haniya Hamad, 51, a mother of nine, watched the women in Gaza from her vantage point on the back of a horse-drawn cart clopping down the road. Pointing at one of her young daughters, Ms. Hamad said, proudly: “She rides a bike, too. She takes it from her brother.”
But Ms. Hamad had told her daughter she could not keep riding as she grew, lest it invite gossip and scorn. Now the girl wore a wide grin.
                                 “When she saw them,” Ms. Hamad said, “she said, ‘Mama: Look, there are  women who are riding bikes!

220216 BLOK

220216 BLOK
A dog eats a bone!
Intensity, concentration, joy,
A food 'orgasm!'
Joy in giving!
Joy in taking!
Animals have no ego,
Pre Garden!
Why ego consciousness as problema?
Necesito comprende
El Dio,
Divine Oneness,
Our Creator,
Chewing on a bone!

I understand why it happened! American Pathology! We are a very sick culture that no one wants to admit!

Top 10 Most Musical Countries

Vienna named world's top city for quality of life | Business | The Guardian

Obese people don't need an operation, only discipline and/or a bicycle!

We've become callous, selfish, worthless people!

Watch a French documentary, THE REVELATION ABOUT THE PYRAMIDS.

What's happening with the trains in Europe? First the German accident recently, and now this!

Bill has 'sold out' and become part of the 01%!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Easy! The only role they can get. Two, money!

I'm all for Julian Assange!

The U.S. 'public,' generally stupid!

We're killing the animals (loss of habitat), and thus committing suicide. How smart are we as a species?

It's all about money of course!

China's wealthy are sending their kids abroad for good - Business Insider

World Book Day: Heroines fight off heroes in poll - BBC News

Solitude of Ravens - BBC News

How Christchurch used the earthquake to return the city to its cycling roots | Cities | The Guardian

Biggest problem in the world, too many people chasing too few resources. We need to 'thin the herd!'

"We feel we have been tricked. The people who are leading us are not who we thought they were," she said.

Evo Morales looks set to lose Bolivia referendum on fourth term | Reuters: ""We feel we have been tricked. The people who are leading us are not who we thought they were," she said."

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

They don't! We created such!

I've Discovered the Antidote to This Year's Nasty Election: TED | WIRED

BBC - Culture - Who was Oscar? A history of the Academy Awards statuette

Trashing out the moon! Now on to Mars to do the same!

Berlin film festival 2016 roundup: serious gems and stylish risks | Film | The Guardian

Emma Thompson: English rose. Flower of Scotland. And all-round thorn in the side | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

American Pathology!

3000-year-old wheel dug up from mud in the UK | euronews, world news

200216 BLOK

200216 BLOK
Life is like a day,
We rise,
We become active,
We eat and drink,
We work and play,
And such the day
We grow tired and sleep,
Per chance to dream,
And so it may seem
Just like one day!
P.S.  At the age of 76, I've had 27,740 days!

“Words are the clothes thoughts wear.”

How Harper Lee Rocked the World | TIME

Go Apple!

Umberto Eco, Italian novelist and intellectual, dies aged 84 | Books | The Guardian

Donald Trump is probably the dumbest candidate for president in our history. What does this say about the people who are supporting him?

Friday, February 19, 2016

After Harper Lee's Death, How Will the 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Author Be Remembered? - The Atlantic

The Bittersweet Story Behind Harper Lee's Success - Fortune

American Pathology!

'Blade Runner 2' release date set as the present catches up to the future - CNET

19a0216 BLOK

19a0216 BLOK
Inside and out,
And all about
Infants in hand,
Mothers forlorn,
Unhappy, unwanted,
Where are the fathers?
Eating, drinking
Chasing fewer and fewer resources!
Wake up women,
Make love, but not babies!
Too many now!
Let us save ourselves
From stupidity!
The Catholic Church and Capitalism wrong!

The Witch Is Sinister, Smart, and Wildly Feminist | WIRED

He missed the Atacama Desert!

Inside the LSD Museum That the DEA Somehow Hasn't Torn to the Ground | WIRED

MH370 search: 'rogue pilot' theory still on Australian investigators' radar | World news | The Guardian

Politics, all lies!

Scandal emerges as Bolivia president seeks fourth term ::

"...a political system that is “corrupt, gridlocked and broken.” And Bloomberg a part of it! They're all the same!

Without jumping in, Bloomberg criticizes tenor of presidential race - The Washington Post: "a political system that is “corrupt, gridlocked and broken.”"

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190216 BLOK

Jorge Luis Borges
'To the One Who is Reading Me'

You are invulnerable. Didn’t they deliver
(those forces that control your destiny)
the certainty of dust? Couldn’t it be
your irreversible time is that river
in whose bright mirror Heraclitus read
his brevity? A marble slab is saved
for you, one you won’t read, already graved
with city, epitaph, dates of the dead.
And other men are also dreams of time,
not hardened bronze, purified gold. They’re dust
like you; the universe is Proteus.
Shadow, you’ll travel to what waits ahead,
the fatal shadow waiting at the rim.
Know this: in some way you’re already dead.

Politicians generally stupid!

I think Trump should be waterboarded!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pavlova tribute highlight of Sochi Winter Festival | euronews, le mag

I've cycled the world! If Denmark had better weather, I'd be sure to live in a city, with cycling consciousness. Just the opposite of La Paz, Bolivia!

Evidence of 'aliens.''

Keira Knightley to be Catherine the Great for Barbra Streisand | News | Movies - Empire

Turned down for a loan, a French restaurant banned all bankers (dogs are welcome, though) - Quartz

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The usual 'Ka-ka,' from law enforcement. Maybe if they hadn't killed so many black people, she wouldn't have performed what she did. Go Beyonce!

American Pathology!

Absolutely! The only way I would go to a hospital, if unconscious and had no choice!

We will explore space, all for the wrong reasons!

Watch One of the First Volcanic Eruptions Ever Filmed | WIRED

Such 'Ka-ka,' from the AMA-Pharmo. industry. Immunization compromises the immune system. You (or your children) don't need, only to lead a healthy life!

American Pathology!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

170216 BLOK

170216 BLOK
Modern Life:
Where is everyone going
Whizzing past,
Losing their grasp?
Going no where fast!
We just can't wait,
But, we're always late!
Let's honk and beep
To warn those asleep!
Mad-modern life
So much strife!
In money we trust
To profit we must!
We spin, spinning
Until we win,
Modern Life,
Where 'winning' is 'losing!'

It's us, the people, that need to change, grow, and evolve.

'We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when!'

Que Hacer? There may not be a world in 30 years!

God will hold the Catholic Church accountable for torturing and killing 3 million Indians in Bolivia, 500 years ago!

BBC - Earth - Beatrix Potter: Pioneering scientist or passionate amateur?


Bulgarian motorway poised to carve up wildlife haven | Environment | The Guardian

Glad I don't live in South Dakota, U.S.A.

It's been an economic Depression, has been, and will be...

American Pathology!

Wrong again, I believe Trump will be elected president!

Potential WWIII everywhere, in the South China Sea, Russia-Turkey, etc.

N. American politics, sickening!


Wrong again! How did we ever elect this man president?

The ‘Hundreds’ of 9/11 Lies are the Government's!

Werner Herzog!

Anyone who pays for pharmo. drugs is stupid!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

16a0216 BLOK

16a0216 BLOK
From the interview at the end of the book,
"We're integrated into a system where loneliness is the norm.  This began with the Industrial Revolution, now the corporate era, both of which are all about money and profit.  We've sacrificed community.  That's why I'm starting healing circles.  These circles are all about, bringing back 'being,' rather than 'doing.'  'Doing' doesn't bring happiness. 'Doing' makes for exhaustion, depletion, loneliness and fear.  So, it's time now to slow down, sit down, and meditate!  And join with others from a place of centeredness and calm."
P.S.  So, true, and the solution to a world gone mad!

160216 BLOK

160216 BLOK
from the interview (at end of the book):
The good parts are only really good because you have the bad parts. Otherwise you wouldn't know the difference.  You wouldn't be quite so appreciative of the good!"
Note, this is a great explanation of Duality.  Where we can't have one without the other!

15b0216 BLOK

15b0216 BLOK
pp. 219:
a poem:
"When life descends into the pit
I must become my own candle
Willingly burning myself
To light up the darkness around me!"

15a0216 BLOK

15a0216 BLOK
pp. 218:
"It is the need to be remembered (ego) that has caused most of the trouble in the world, she said.  Most of the conquering.  Destruction of what is natural!  War!"
P.S.  The male ego!

150216 BLOK

150216 BLOK
pp. 212:
"My name is Father, I said to her, when I found myself looking into her eyes.  I am the father watching over you, the daughter that I love.  She appeared mutely humble, hearing this, for so ebullient a soul.  Her gratitude so raw that had I felt it in life, I am sure it would have made me bleed!
When the time came, and I knelt before her, I kissed not only her palms and the arches of her feet, which seemed to buzz with energy, but also her knees.  Because after all, it is to our knees that we must sometimes be driven, before we can recognize, witness, or welcome our own light!

14g0216 BLOK

14g0216 BLOK
pp. 193-94:
"You are saying, are you not, I said to Manuelito, that stories have more room in them than ideas?
That is correct, Senor.  It is as if ideas are made of blocks.  Rigid and hard.  And stories are made of a gauze that is elastic.  You can almost see through them, to what is tantalizing.  You can't quite make it out, and because the imagination is always moving forward, you yourself are constantly stretching!  Stories are the way spirit is exercised.
There is a limit to ideas.  After that, story!"
P.S.  One of the greatest descriptions of 'story,' I've ever come across!  R.W. Funk and D.J. Carter, would be interested in this…

14f0216 BLOK

14f0216 BLOK
pp. 193:
"The Cathedral of the future will be Nature! Senor, explained Manuelito.  In the end, people will be driven back to the trees. To streams.  To rocks that do not have anything built upon them. That is what the Mundo believe!"

14e0216 BLOK

14e0216 BLOK
pp. 185-86:
"As white people, they preferred to study us and write about how we don't quite measure up. 
They can't believe how out of synch they are, said Irene.  They can't figure it out and they're afraid to find out how different they are from the rest of the world's peoples.  Rather than risk humiliation and have to own up to an inferiority complex, they've spent the last several millennia trying to prove there's something inferior and wrong with everyone else!
They've catalogued their deviant behavior faithfully (on television).  It is there for the whole universe to see.  Every moment they are destroying something, killing women and children, and you can't look at a TV set without having a gun pointed back at you!
What would Tibetan television be like, for Instance?  Western movies and TV shows had invaded in the meantime.  Tibetans sat in horror watching as giant buildings exploded before their stricken eyes; men killing each other over piles of money, and women prostituting themselves for fun, everyone carrying a gun.
The other thing the white man lost in history was her mother!  Her strong mother! 
I mean the white men who controlled the Christian Church during the Middle Ages burned her at the stake!  The witch burnings, remember?  Image the strongest, best, most spirited women, the wisest, Irene added.
And then these Christian sons of the Inquisition, 'discovered' us heathens, strolling about in a warm climate, our mothers still respected as midwives and healers, our parents still wise in the ways of plants and the earth.
So, better to chop off our heads and cut babies in half or destroy black families in Africa by brutalizing and enslaving them!  They were jealous of our way of life, realizing it was they who were bereft of the Spirit -- they couldn't stand it, so they had to kill it, and are still doing it!

The woman who lifted a village

Dust to dust: the photographer who stared death in the face – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

China uproots 9,000 people for huge telescope in search for aliens | World news | The Guardian

Basically unevolved males, and the problem with the world!

Are you the ultimate trainspotter: can you ID the cities from their stations? | Cities | The Guardian

What's obvious in the World in 2016, is that no one can get along! Nothing has changed in 1,000 years of history! We create enemies, like we make bread, everyday! 'I'm right and you're wrong,' is the motto of all politicians. And thus, I agree with F. Kafka, THERE IS INFINITE HOPE, BUT NOT FOR HUMANITY!

Trump is right about some things, like 9/11!

Monday, February 15, 2016

14d0216 BLOK

14d0216 BLOK
pp. 178:
"The lily is the flower of Lilith, the first mother.  The rough one who was bored by Adam and went off to have adventures elsewhere.  The one before Eve.
Really? asked Susannah.
Yes.  It is really the lily, an ancient symbol for the yoni.  Women used to think that with just a lily and her yoni she could impregnate herself.  When the Goddess Hathor squeezed milk from her breasts to form the Milky Way, the drops that fell to earth became Calla Lilies."

14c0216 BLOK

14c0216 BLOK
"Although, Irene continued thoughtfully, Pauline is unfortunately named for a man who, through the church, caused extensive oppression of women, although most people are taught that he was about charity and love.
Who is that? asked Susannah.
St. Paul, of course.  The one who hated women so much he demanded their silence in the church and obedience to their husbands, forever!"

14b0216 BLOK

14b0216 BLOK
pp. 173-74:
"It (Marijuana) is considered the most sacred because it is the plant that permits humans and trees, Nature, to communicate.  It is the translator, so to speak.
The perfect ganja, in my experience, said Susannah, is always grown by women.  It is grown with love.  It is a plant that responds to feelings.
So your government floods your communities with drugs, horrible ones, said Irene, dreamily, like the British did with opium in China.  The they come in and arrest the young men for having them!
That's about it, said Susannah.
And then the people with money to invest, invest it in the building of prisons."
Note:  Capitalism!

14a0216 BLOK

14a0216 BLOK
Note:  What the Spanish and Catholic Church did in South America, 500 years ago:
"But, they did not care!  Because we practiced our native customs they raided our villages, and hacked off our heads with machetes.  Enslaved, we were forced to work in the gold and silver mines.  They burned our children alive!"

140216 BLOK

140216 BLOK
"Crossing the river is the point!  she insisted, 'crossing (movement) is life (in Duality).  Being on one side or the other (of the 'river') is beside the point (nowhere).
That is what it means to accept being alive, yes? I asked.  That is what the Mundo believe."
It is about the way you are always moving toward your destiny, in life.  Like a fish that leaves home a free being and ends up that same day fastened on the end of a line.  Someone's tasty dinner in spite of its dreams.  As for the rest, the Mondo believe the trees are close relatives, and that the wind itself is a relative and is always caressing its kin."
Note:  You have to move in life, as it's discovery, and this is living.  When dead (Singularity) there is no movement, as 'you' are everywhere at once!

Simply, U.S. culture no longer working!

Actually, I.Q. has little to do with it. I cite Woodrow Wilson as an example!

So true! In fact, U.S. ideas, probably a bad idea! Money/profit has become God in the U.S. Isn't there anything else to life?

10 of the best Russia holiday destinations – beyond Moscow and St Petersburg | Travel | The Guardian

I believe the same thing, we have devolved from other-world intelligence. Watch a video at

Sunday, February 14, 2016

American Pathology!

What to do? Que hacer? Everyone in the world wants something for nothing, and herein lies the structural challenge.

American Pathology!

Cycling doctor declares world better than expected - BBC News

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Space graffiti discovered inside Apollo 11 command module - CNET

13d0216 BLOK

13d0216 BLOK
"The dead are required to finish two tasks before all is over with them:  one is to guide back to the path someone you left behind who is lost, because of your folly, the other is to host a ceremony so that you and others you have hurt may face eternity reconciled and complete!
You've never heard of this because you never listened, Senor, said Manuelito.  You have said you came to learn from us, but the sight of us in our poverty sent you straight to your black book.  You thought it had all the answers for our situation, when in fact it had none that we could accept without feeling like backward children.  Did you really think we did not know we should love one another; that the person across from us is ourself?  That stealing is bad; that wanting what other people have is hurtful to us?  That we are of the Great Spirit and loved as such/  What people does not know these things?
We do not believe in heaven or hell, Senor; we do not believe in eternal damnation.  We believe only in the unavoidable horror of hurting others and of likewise being hurt.  Being sorry and not being sorr.  Forgiving or not forgiving.  Our Story is one that continues only for as long as it takes us to do these things.  We do not know what happens to people after they have forgotten.  We do not know what happens after they have proved there are sorry.  It is a mystery that we Mundo are happy to leave whole. What we do know is that each of us will have a little bit of time, a window of opportunity, so to speak, in which to make amends, to say goodbye, to bring love back to a love-forsaken heart.  And then we are gone, and no one even thinks of us anymore.
When you used to tell us in church that God saw everything, we course thought  of him as one of the dead.  The recently dead are known among my people as the ones who return to spy on the confusion they have left.
To us, Senor, perhaps there is no difference between a ghost, and an angel, and spirit.  We understand maybe only one thing about your Jesus Christ;  that he was what you call a ghost.  That he came back to spy on the confusion he had left.  That he stayed only long enough to sort things out.  To tell his people not to worry; to absolve them from blame.  We were glad to hear he had returned from the dead; this made perfect sense to us.  And also we like him.  He resembled a Mundo!  Though we never believed he had a physical body that could actually be seen.
The Mundo's Story likewise was created to help us heal the wounds we make while we are alive.  Do you know that to us the purpose of Story is to connect the two worlds?  We believe your story is what you take with you when you die.  And you complete  it shortly thereafter.  We understand that the dead do not vanish at the moment of dying, but continue to talk, so to speak, to weave their story about them, for a while longer.  How could this not be so?"
Note, such wisdom from Alice Waters!  The Pope should read this, and my sister Sally!

13c0216 BLOK

13c0216 BLOK
pp:  141:
"I think the human spirit needs to believe that someone has escaped the general pressing down of life that passes for the male notion of civilization."  Male domination, female inferiority, violence solves everything, competition, wining-losing, war, etc.
I've escaped such!  I think it's fucked!

Earth's rarest minerals catalogued - BBC News

13b0216 BLOK

13b0216 BLOK
pp. 134:
"In the Navy, I tell Susannah, I learned definitively our country (the U.S.) is doomed.  (Note, me too, as I was in the U.S. Army.) 
Why is that? she asked.
In the military there is no respect for women.  No respect for the feminine, whatsoever.  And no respect for anyone who is not white!  It is as if the world were made entirely for the pleasure of white males, and that is how they behave!  I felt completely unsafe among the men designated to protect our country.  Some of their orgies and rapes have since become know, though many of their more despicable acts will never be made public.  I was lucky to get out alive!"  (Note, me too!).

13a0216 BLOK

13a0216 BLOK
pp. 120:
"How stupid this seemed to me.  I helped them on their mad rush into adulthood and into a world that was steadily turning into shit!  Had always been shit!  Money was the God of the culture into which they were born.  I wanted no part of it!"
Nor do I!

130216 BLOK

130216 BLOK
pp. 113-114
"I want to learn from your people, Manuelito, said Senor Robinson.  How to organize life in a better way than the white man has?  How to live in a way that permits others to live as well?
With the widespread use of television, we Mundo people faced a crisis of major proportion.
How did you deal with it?  Senor Robinson asked.
The Mundo way with television is to put it in a room by itself, preferably a closet.  Then we choose one person a week to go and watch it.  Then to report back!  We don't allow the children to watch it!
Anyone with a proper spirit can be a Mundo.
But, how do you know all this?  Senor Robinson asked again.
After you die, you know everything!"
This I know, after you 'shed the body,' you will know everything!

Trump, the standard politician, corrupt, lying, cheating and stealing! So, what's new?

So true! We N. Americans so stupid!

Women do everything better! They only need men for one reason!

Marriage, a bad idea!

The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know

I found myself in the midst of my poverty and wretchedness, thinking about the female companions of my youth. As I went over them in my mind’s eye one by one it suddenly came over me that those slips of girls – which is all they were then – were in every way, both morally and intellectually, superior to the ‘grave and moustachioed signor’ I am now supposed to have become. The realisation brought with it an overpowering sense of shame … And I resolved then, however unsightly my shortcomings might be, I must not, for the sake of keeping them hid, allow those wonderful girls to pass into oblivion without a memorial.”

Valentine's Day, invented to sell flowers and candy!

Of course, they need each other, as strength in numbers! Marx was right!

Nature's way of reducing over-population!

Of course, we love violence, war, isn't it obvious in 2016? But, such does help to keep over-population in check, Nature's way!

And that would start WWIII!