Thursday, November 05, 2015

051115 BLOK

051115 BLOK
There are two distinct elements to the economics of Capitalism that have evolved during my lifetime:
One, 'planned obsolescence' (less quality in products and services).  The 'throw away' society.  When a product wears out, throw it away, and purchase a new one.
Two, 'externalizing costs!'  You get the customer to 'work for you.'  Bill Gates perfected his idea by getting young 'geeks,' to perfect this software.  They were only too happy to do this in order to get a 'credit,' (their name on the software).  He got rich by doing this!
Thus, in my lifetime (1940 to present), the customer gets less for his/her money!
But, it's not Capitalism that should be altered or replaced, but the thinking of greedy and corrupt Capitalists, who exploit customers (in order to get $ rich).
In the 'old days,' products were made to last and there was customer service (a live person to discuss problem with).  Now, all that is gone, as we've been 'dumbed down' to become robotic consumers!
P.S.  Ironically, the Capitalist economic system, in a worldwide economic Depression (the economists and politicians afraid to label as such), is about to collapse.  And a good thing ultimately, as we need to restart, but better!  Only by suffering to we change!


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