Monday, November 02, 2015

021115 BLOK

021115 BLOK
from OPEN HOUSE, by Elizabeth Berg
pp. 137:
"I was thinking about the old ways of gratitude:  Ancient cultures thanking the animal they'd slain (for food), grace before eating, kneeling before an altar.  I was thinking that gratitude is too much absent in our lives now, and we need to bring it back -- even if it only takes the form of acknowledging how much we appreciate what we have!"
Note, on the 'Thanksgiving' holiday in the U.S.:
Thanksgiving, in the U.S., was never my favorite 'holiday!'   Too much food without being grateful! Alcohol, pumpkin pie (although my favorite), and football on TV!  Ugh!
We need to be more humble before the 'Won-ness,' before Mother Earth ('Panchamama' in South America)!  We need to acknowledge the bontifulness that we are squandering (for money-profit). 
Marx was, and Evo Morales is right about Capitalism!  But, it isn't the system of commerce that's wrong, it's us, the people, our private lust that's destroying the earth!
Yet, there is an 'correction' coming, a Great event, the collapse of the world economic system!  This is needed to begin anew, saving humanity from itself!  No, it isn't the end of life, just the end to a way of life:  unbounded materialism!
Of course, there will be pain, violence, and suffering.  But, we only seem to learn via suffering!
So, be thankful and be grateful that there's hope for humanity this Thanksgiving!
Get down on you knees and humble yourself before the 'ONENESS!'


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