Monday, November 30, 2015

And yet another example of how stupid so-called 'leaders' are, mostly in the Republican Party, U.S.A.

No one talks about over-population, causing this, this 'Global Warming!' It's Nature's way of 'thinning the herd!'

China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency - The New York Times

Can you identify the world cities from their 'naked' metro maps? | Cities | The Guardian

In Spain, New Political Party Makes Gains From Surprising Place — the Center - The New York Times

Von Clausewitz wrote that WAR IS THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS! Certainly it and religion help to reduce an overpopulated world!

American Pathology!

291115 BLOK

291115 BLOK
Reading the plight of traveling in groups with a paid guide, I was reminded of one time in Tibet, the first time to, in 1999.
This group from Kathmandu, but after a couple of weeks of arriving and we disbanded. I stayed on in Lhasa, for the three full months.  And with Senor Fetes.
I remember one excursion, with a paid Chinese guide to Namtso Lake, north of Lhasa, which required hiring a guide with automobile (overnight trip).
Included was another person, but my memory hazy as to who this was, I think a Japanese boy, young man actually.  We shared the cost and a bedroom.
I remember several things worth noting…
First the ride there, the yaks grazing along the two-lane, hard-surface highway.  Note, this highway, by the way, goes all the way (thousands of kilometers), to Germu, and ultimately Xinning in Qinghai Province, where I lived for three years (but much later).
 What I noticed that day, gazing out the window was a group of Tibetans, men and woman dancing in a circle.  I'll never forget thinking, how odd, so different than in the U.S., where I doubt you'd ever see anything like it.  Of course, we passed and the scene was gone in seconds, but has left a lasting memory.  There was nothing around this group way out in a field, which made the scene so interesting!  What was this all about?  The guide explained this was typical for Tibetans, although I don't think he knew.
Next, we pulled off the highway, and drove up on a dirt road on the shelf of the mountains to the left or north.  I think it was for the guide to meet up with friends, and share some Tibetan tea.  I decided to hike up closer to the Nyainqêntanglha mountain range, holy mountains, shrouded in clouds.
I walked quite a ways up, the vehicle just a small manmade object below.  I reached a stream walking through wild flowers!  I remember looking up at the snowy peak, yearning to be there!  I made an offering, chanting OM MANI PADME AUM!
That night in the only good hotel (Damxung village), another one of those modern-life experiences, but in such contrast to the Tibetans dancing out in the middle of nowhere.
My traveling partner and I, in our room after dinner… It just happened to be located directly above the disco in the hotel.  The music SO LOUD, there was no way to sleep.  I went and complained to our guide.  He went below and asked the volume to be lowered.  No relief, as the music seemed to grow even louder.  I complained again!  This time our guide did an unusual thing, he went outside and shut off all the electricity to the hotel.  Note, the Chinese in a Tibetan village have power!  Silence and sleep!  I gave him a large tip upon returning to Lhasa.
Namtso Lake, or 'Heavenly Lake,' for the Goddess, Indira.   The lake, up at 4700mt.s ASL, and you drive over a pass at 5,300 mts. ASL (or 17K+ ft.).  I remember we stopped at the pass just to experience, the wind blowing so cold we retreated back into the warmth of the vehicle.  On the way, our guide stopped and took us into a Tibetan nomad's tent, just to partake… The tent itself is a material woven from yak hair, black in color.  The 'wife,' was cooking something on a yak dung fire. 'Tashi Delek,' I learned is the greeting.
But, the most amazing, was defecating at 16,000ft. ASL. -- I had walked up a hill, to get some privacy.  I'll never forget the view of the Lake in the distance. 
We drove through the glacial marsh, what seemed to be kilometers.  Finally the tourist site and parking lot at the lake, where there are ancient meditation caves.  Also, the usual tourist shop, but closed the day we were there! 
Walking I could barely breathe, and oh so tired on my feet. 
The water is salt, the highest salt lake in China.  But, being there, wow… the view of the mountains to the south (where I had hiked up to on the previous day's drive).  Note, the fotos. (from Internet sites) at the beginning.  I don't think I had my own camera on this trip?
P.S.  More than ten-years later, cycling to Tibet from Lijiang, we passed through Damxung on our way to Lhasa.  Had it ever grown, and I hardly recognized it!  I was amazed!  We had stopped to have lunch and get warm as it had rained. We put our wet socks on an iron stove, so welcomed the sound of them 'sizzling.'  While I was there, in the restaurant, memories of 1999 trip, helping to warm me!   Now, writing this, the poignancy of being so many places in my life -- I've accomplished what I set out to, to see the world!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A world of 100% natural, both human and animals, is beginning to end...

American Pathology!

281115 BLOK

281115 BLOK
I have a book for you…
Yes, a suggestion to actually read a novel written on paper.  Why?
The story:  a group of sophisticated travelers (from San Francisco) hire a 'deceased' guide to take them on a tour of Burma (via Yunnan Province, China).  You can relate.  Much in the story about Lijiang, the area.  Interesting to read about a place you/'ve live/d.
You can get this book via, now sending books internationally.
I discovered here in Cochabamba, Bolivia, one of the largest libraries of English books, I've come across in my travels.  A woman, a friend now, married to a Bolivian man, has collected from the U.S.  I was shocked when I first saw it, in their house and place of business, hundreds of volumes.
I've read at least one hundred, since living here 2.6 years ago (Note, time to move on!).
on the way to cycling Europe...

Friday, November 27, 2015

27a1115 BLOK

27a1115 BLOK
"It was quite amazing really -- every single breath, the sustenance I took and expelled out of both habit and effort over 63-years.  It had accumulated like a savings account.  And everyone else's as well, it seemed, inhalation of hopes, exhalation of disappointments.  Anger, love, pleasure, hate -- they were all there, the bursts, puffs, sighs, and screams.  The air I had breathed, I know knew was composed not of gasses, but of the density and perfume of emotions!  The body had been merely a filter, a censor.  I knew this at once, without question, and I found myself released, free, to feel and do whatever I pleased!  That was the advantage of being dead:  no fear of future consequences!"

271115 BLOK

271115 BLOK
I don't know about you, but I get a strange feeling the world-existence-modern life is out of control, gone mad -- the 'too many rats in a cage syndrome!'
I don't exclude myself from this condition either.  When I look back at my life I marvel at how crazy it has been, how out of control I was (until 60-years of age) -- the ego controlling me!  I know I wanted to be different, that I didn't want to be like everyone else!
I don't know if any human behavior can be considered normal.  But, now, at nearing 76-years of age, I'm considered 'normal,' my venerated age showing.  Now, the world seems abnormal to me when it never did before!  i think your perception changes, maybe you're wiser!
We've always been killing each other, now the weapons just more efficient.  Maybe because of the Internet and instant connections with the world, we just have more information about violence and war.  But, it does seem crazier to me now (2015) than ever before in my life time.
I grew up in the pre-TV and black-white film era, pre-1950.
In 1950, the population of the U.S. was 150,000,000.  Now, some 65-years later it's 330,000,000, more than double!
The world's population is now approaching 8 billion!  i know the Earth can't support an unlimited amount of people!  Yet, capitalism is based on growth (more children).
Here lies THE GREAT PARADOX!  We're now consuming ourselves (more violence and war).  This is Nature's way of 'thinning the herd.'  Mother Earth (Panchamama) struggling to maintain equilibrium!
Let us hope, however, we don't destroy all of us, all of humanity!  Why?  Because when the last homo sapian succumbs, we won't have been 'here' at all! 'We are the things that dreams are made of!' (W. Shakespeare).
"I felt like a rich vagabond who had passed through the world, paving my way with gold-fairy dust, then realizing too late that the path disintegrated as soon as I passed over it!"

Thursday, November 26, 2015

26b1115 BLOK

26b1115 BLOK
A Portland-Oregon-U.S.A. weather day in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The sky a blanket of gray, soft drizzle, flat lighting, but little viento (wind).  I'll take the rain any day, over viento (wind) when cycling!  However, the rain on the calle de piedras, slippery, coming up Av. Los Robles.  At one point I almost fell.
It never cleared in the afternoon like most days, the eerie stillness depressing me.  I tried to nap, but couldn't for long.
I'm looking forward to new challenges in Spain and Europe!
On the verge of 76-years old, not dead yet!
We let nothing stop us!

The usual 'pissing contest,' between little-boy minds!

Uh-oh!: bemused Chinese react to John McDonnell's Chairman Mao speech | World news | The Guardian

What can the world learn from Växjö, Europe's self-styled greenest city? | Cities | The Guardian

New stop on Delft tourist trail after Vermeer's Little Street identified | Art and design | The Guardian

American Pathology!

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

26a1115 BLOK

26a1115 BLOK
Life and death!
Life and death!
Life and death!
The pendulum of the clock,
Tick, tock!
Life and death!
Life and death!
Life and death,
Tick, tock,
The worn sock!
Life and death!
Life and death!
Life and death!
The pendulum swings,
In between dreams!
What is it all about?
Life and death!
Life and death!
Life and death!
The Garden,
Ego consciousness,
Man and God!
Life and death!
Life and death!
Life and death!
The ticking of the clock,
Until it stops!

261115 BLOK

261115 BLOK
On this day of 'Thanksgiving,' when 60% of U.S. children, don't know why we celebrate, when we're more divided than ever -- let us remember how the Natives saved the pilgrims lives.  Additionally, and another kind of 'Native' we brought from Africa to be slaves, the negroes of old, and be thankful for MLK, Jr. and his words spoken in 1959:
"We, the black people, the most displaced, the poorest, and most maligned and scoured, we have the glorious task of reclaiming the soul and saving the honor of our country.  We, the most hated, must take hate into our hands and by the miracle of love, turn loathing into acceptance.  We, the most feared and apprehensive, must take fear and by loving, change fear into hope!  We, who die daily in large and small ways must take the demon death and turn it into life!"
That was his dream!  Make it yours!  Save the U.S. from destroying itself with fear and paranoia, from another kind of 'Native!'  Be grateful, and share with everyone, no matter what color, or religion!
For the solution is in integration, not separation!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25a1115 BLOK

25a1115 BLOK  Miercoles
Full moon and strange weather in Cochabamba, Bolivia, today!
Calm and sunny in the morning, the wind rose by 0830.  By 1430, large cumulus clouds appeared over Tunari Peak (in the northwest), portending lluvia!
The wind built to make my heavy ride up Av. Los Robles challenging!
I was blown off on the rocks, right in front of a parked taxi.  He shut off the engine, my head turned to avoid the gusts of dust.
Recovered, I rode up the last 100mts. to mi casa.  A worker with wheelbarrow watched.  I waved to him as I closed the gate.
The wind blew in gusts, almost taking everything off the clothes line. But, by 1700, it has lessened, the sky still dark.
Edgar explained this wind is unusual, caused the the strongest EL NINO, in years!
I read Maya Angelou's THE HEART OF A WOMAN, remembering the 1950s in the U.S.  I didn't know she was a singer-dancer, before becoming a writer.
My head aches, eye strain from so much reading.
Since moving to Cochabamba, 2.5 years ago, and discovering Anna-Carlo's library, I've read over 100!  Most of the books, novels by female authors.
Thus, the idea to produce a yearly event, IN PRAISE OF FEMALE AUTHORS!
We'll honor Maya Angelou, posthumously!  She died in 2014.
We have one thing in common… We were both born in St. Louis, Missouri.
P.S.  I feel strange today, the luna llene (full moon), the dark sky, the flat light.
I'm a sun person!

251115 BLOK

251115 BLOK
Do you realize everything that is written assumes all life resides in the Northern Hemisphere!  That February is cold everywhere in the world when it's the end of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.
Also, that websites, 80% of which are created in the U.S., make no provision in their auto. forms for countries that don't have, or use, postal codes?  Bolivia for one.
All of this so blatantly prejudiced, worse ethnocentric!
To people living in the U.S. and/or Northern Hemisphere, there is no south!
Only norte!
But, we will have the last laugh!

More war, and war, and more war! Human beings seem to thrive on such!

Eat quietly!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Pathology!

24a1115 BLOK

24a1115 BLOK
From FIRST PAPERS by Laura Z. Hobson
"All his grandfathers and mothers had been rebels!  The Leftwich family from Albion, the MacDonald Clan from Scotland!  Hadn't they been soldiers and officers, and nurses, in the Continental Armies of the Revolutionary War?  And much later, to help settle the West.  His ancestors were noted for their 'independence of mind,' about nearly everything!"
These were my people.  This is me!

241115 BLOK

241115 BLOK
I shall always remember Boldivia for the ruido (noise) -- they love it loud!  The National Anthem, the car alarm, the barking dogs, the motorcycles!  The louder the better.
You can always tell how evolved a culture is, by how much noise pollution there is:  the more, the less evolved, the less, the more evolved.
If you want to test this theory, visit Denmark, the happiest (most evolved) country in the world!
If Denmark had elevation, I would have never left it (in 2005).
Boldivia, is next to Nepal when it come to noise pollution -- at the bottom!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Monday, November 23, 2015

23a1115 BLOK

23a1115 BLOK
The white man (Europeans nee Norte Americanos) have left a horrible legacy in Latin America!  Exploitation, deceit, lying, cheating, stealing, violence, and death!  The stench still evident in Bolivia (where I've lived for three years).  This some 500 years later (2015).
Now, it's the mestizo, that apes, stealing from those who have!  So, the 'haves' hire guards, build higher walls, put broken glass on top, or concentina wire, or electricity.  They then blame the 'have nots,' for this when, if fact, we sowed the seeds of all this, long ago, and even still now!
We don't deserve to be safe from what we have created ourselves!
When an Ambassador from the U.S., labelled Bolivianos, 'inferior people,' he must have been referring to us, U.S. citizens!

231115 BLOK

231115 BLOK
From FIRST PAPERS by Laura Z. Hobson
"George Bernard Shaw was right!  Most doctors know next to nothing, only how to take your money!  Insurance worse!
Doctors prattle on about white phagocytes, more about nonsense.
Alexandra, with her newly declared war on 'refined' foods, probably made more sense than half the accredited doctors!"

221115 BLOK

221115 BLOK
From THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough
pp.591 On acting… And so true, as I'm an acting teacher:
"To me, acting is first and foremost an intellectual exercise.  And only after that, emotion!
The one liberates the other and polishes it.  There's so much more to it than simply crying, or screaming, or producing a convincing laugh.  It's wonderful you know.  Thinking myself into another self, someone I might have been had the circumstances been there.
That's the secret.  Not becoming someone else, but incorporating the role into me as if the character was me.  And so the character becomes me!"

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Macri topples Argentina's Peronists, tough reforms ahead | Reuters

Saudi Arabia Sentences Ashraf Fayadh to Death - artnet News

Saudi Arabia Sentences Ashraf Fayadh to Death - artnet News: "PEOPLE
Poet and Artist Ashraf Fayadh Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia"

'via Blog this'

Sunday, November 22, 2015

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

201115 BLOK

201115 BLOK
A., I know now on the verge of 76-years of age that humanity has only a slim chance to survive itself!
Why?  The ego is out of control!
Every adult knows he or she is right! I know I'm right!  You know you're right!  She knows she's right.  ISIS knows it's right!  The Pope knows he's right!  Evo and Alvaro know they're right, Putin, Obama, Xi, ad infinitum.  If only you'd listen to me!  We simply project stupidity, wrongdoing, and violence onto 'the other!'  Yesterday we called ISIS 'thugs,' when in fact we are the thugs as well, all of us!  Yesterday you mentioned that sometimes violence is the only solution!
Note, if you haven't read OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA, by Eduardo Galeano, it's all about how WE (Europeans) have exploited and plundered everything south of the U.S. border, for over 500 years!  This is our legacy!  No wonder Evo has sold out and will built a nuclear plant near La Paz -- power corrupts!  Money-power has become God!
If we could only admit ALL OF US are both right and wrong, taking responsibility for our own actions, we might solve the great existential human problem.  But, if you know history like I do, it's difficult to be sanguine about the future of humanity. Normally, it's parents with children that feel the obligation to preach hope!  Since I have none of my own, I don't have to...
Right now the over-riding problem in the world is over-population, the 'rats in the cage syndrome!'  We've begun to 'eat each other!'  It's Nature's way of 'thinning the herd!'   Religion and war, do make one great contribution to humanity, they help reduce over population!
The second problem is that Capitalism seems to bring out the worst in people, not the best.  We've been 'dumbed down,' via materialism!
I'm not sure I have the solution, however, as Nature rules!
I will move on to Spain, and cycle around Europe.  I've never been to Greece, and want to cycle in Scotland.
If I'm still alive afterwards, I want to dissolve out of modern life to prepare for what I call 'the transition' to what I know is a 'better place' -- beyond!
Humanity, in my opinion, at least in the present (2015), has failed its greatest test, and that was to be human!
P.S.  ISIS doesn't know what's it's doing, run by children!  It's just acting out the impulse to destroy!  But, can we have creation without destruction?  Not in our dual existence! 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Former Apple designers say the company has lost 'the fundamental principles of good design' | The Verge

Spain feels Franco's legacy 40 years after his death - BBC News

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Just like what Hitler wanted in the 1930s, after Jews... Paranoia!

19a1115 BLOK

19a1115 BLOK
Here is the male ego described to an 'm,' for 'madness!'
From THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough
"'Luke's not a bad man, or even unlikable one,' she went on… 'Just a man! 
You're all the same, great big hairy moths baking yourselves to pieces after a silly flame, behind a glass so clear your eyes don't see it.  And if you do manage to blunder your way inside the glass to fly into the fame, you expire burned and dead!
While all the time out there in the cool night there's food and love, and baby moths to get.  But, do you see it or want it?  No!  It's back after the flame again, beating yourselves senseless until you burn yourselves up!'"
Note:  What drives the male but the 'Amfortas Wound' (the thorn in the breast of the bird).  But, it ultimately redeems!  For no death of the ego, no eternal life!
The female is concerned with earthy life and death.  The male, in this attempt to reach the stars, falls (and fails), but is redeemed in the process!
This it the true story of THE GRAIL (the first secular myth in Western History).  It's not the Grail 'cup' that held Jesus' blood, but a 'cup' that holds the 'secret,' the way to eternal life (overcoming the ego).  And all you have to do is get control of the ego and practice 'The Golden Rule,' (putting others before you)!'  This is the story of Jesus of Nazareth!
But, how many understand…?
We live in a 'modern' world, where materialism has supplanted spiritualism, where money and profit have become God!
The male needs to develop the 'female,' archetype in his psyche Jung called the ANIMA!  Then maybe he will see 'that there, in the cool night, that there's food and love'…
At the same time the female needs to develop the 'male' archetype in her psyche Jung called the ANIMUS. 
Together WE might redeem humanity!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

191115 BLOK

191115 BLOK
Cada mañana me miro a cabo a Cristo de la Concordia, más alto que el Jesús en Río!
Él, con los brazos extendidos y las manos, implora a las personas a vivir en la concordia y de la paz! ¿Qué es lo que hacen, pero roban unos de otros, como el dinero, no Jesús, se ha convertido en Dios!
Este, el legado del hombre blanco, la "chusma", que llegó hace 500 años, primero de España,
Entonces Portugal,
Y los de los otros más tarde:
El Inglés, francés y holandés,
Esto en cuanto a tales!
Finalmente los EE.UU.
Para saqueo, la violación, la tortura
Para explotar Latinoamérica
Y siempre en nombre de la beneficencia!
Así que ahora cosechamos la 'cosecha!' La violencia de otro icono, Allah!
Esto sin precedentes, ya que inmolan toman inocentes!
Una vez, los inocentes eran los nativos, ahora nosotros! ¡KARMA!
Oh, horror hacia nosotros para esto!
'Ahora juega en el teatro local!'
Every morning I stare out at CRISTO DE LA CONCORDIA, taller than the Jesus in Rio!
He, with outstretched arms and hands, implores the people to live in concord and peace!  What do they do but steal from each other, as money, not Jesus, has become God!
This, the legacy of the white man, the 'riff-raff,' that came 500-years ago, first from Spain,
Then Portugal,
And the the others later:
The English, French and Dutch,
So much for such!
Finally the U.S.
To plunder, to rape, to torture
To exploit Latin America
And always in the name of beneficence!
So now we reap the 'harvest!'  The violence from another icon, Allah!
This unprecedented, as they blow themselves up taking innocents!
Once, the innocents were the Natives, now us!  KARMA!
Oh, woe be unto us for this!
'Now playing at your local theater!'

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

181115 BLOK

181115 BLOK
From THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough
"Driving back he stopped his Daimler (the one she had given to him).  He got out and walked to a wire fence and leaned on its tautness while he breathed in the gums (Eucalyptus trees) and the bewitching aroma of wild flowers.
The land was so beautiful, so pure, so indifferent to the fates of the creatures who presumed to rule over it! They might put their hands to it, but in the long run it ruled them.  Until they could direct the weather (the U.S. military trying), and summon up rain, it had the upper hand."
Nature will have the last laugh, and dance upon our graves!
It is the male ego that is destroying humanity!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

171115 BLOK

171115 BLOK
From THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough
Another example of enantiodromia:
"'Nothing is given without a disadvantage in it,' he said.'"
Note:  No negative!  No positive!

161115 BLOK

161115 BLOK
From 17 south
To 37 North!
From barking dogs,
To cat silence!
From mental poverty,
To clever thinking!
From lack of courtesy,
From 'sea' to shining 'see!'
From lack of respect,
To direct!
Who am I, but H.
From Boldivia to Espana,
Cycling the world,
The good, the bad, and
The unpleasant!
Always seeking,
Sometimes reeking, but still
Cycling forth…
What is life but experience!
Most don't dare,
Or care!
They just stare at,
'There' lack of living,
Mere existence!
Culturally controlled,
They don't know, that they don't know!
And this is the problem!
P.S.  Today, 171115, 5555 posted 'bloks,' -- at least prolific!

15a1115 BLOK

15a1115 BLOK
From THE THORN BIRDS, by Colleen McCullough
pp. 692:
"The bird with a thorn in its breast.  It follows an immutable law, it is driven but it knows not what to impale itself, and dies singing!  At the very instant the thorn enters, there is no awareness in it of the dying to come;  it simly sings and sings until there is not the life  to utter another note!
But, we (humans), we know when we put the thorns in our breast, we know.  We understand and still we do it! Still we do it!"
Without pain, there can be no pleasure!  Without death there can be no life!
Note, 'The bird with a thorn in is breast!'  This is Jung's 'Amfortas Wound!'
Note:  If interested go here:

Paris attacks: The West’s fatal misunderstanding of Islamic State

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Monday, November 16, 2015

American Pathology!

Just another way to make money. They won't work, battery out, etc.

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

151115 BLOK

151115 BLOK
Today, 'up the airy mountain, down the rushy glenn, we darnt go ahuntin' for fear of little men!' 
As a Cycling Sunday, now I go up into Tunari Park, mountain bike riding.  Note, I've quite the Edgar-way, the polluted, noisy, mad traffico highways to mostly TOCO (where Edgar was born). 
We've gone just about everywhere on Sundays, from near (Augustura Lake, 35KM) to far (Capinota, 140KMs in 10 hours).  Now, up into the hills north of Cochabamba on dirt roads, but better aires, and a view of the valleys!
But, during the night, oh how it rained!  Mucho Tormento!  The clatter on the metal roof, was so strong it awoke me at 0330.  It  continued for an hour.  I got up concerned about the roof leaking as it has when I first moved into this old Bo. house, 2.5 years ago.  But, thanks to Rosa, the 'landlady,' no leaks, as repaired one year ago.
At 0600 I peeked outside to check on the weather.  The storm has passed leaving a trail of detritus on the lawn.  But, good now, as the grass and plants and trees will come back to life! 
I also checked the dirt road in front and there was evidence of rushing water (down the hill).  I thought better to start up later when drier.
After the usual prep., breakfast and leaving Sunny a note, I departed at 0845 on my new Kenda tires.  However, I forgot my lleves (keys), and thought how I might get back into the house if Sunny changed his mind and went elsewhere.  In my note, I told him I'd wait at the 10KM Park, my goal for the day.
I'm working my way up to Wada Wada Lake, at 24KM, but this will be a challenge to accomplish in one day.  I would imagine, it will take six hours to get there, maybe an hour at the Lake, then five back for a total of 12 hours.  Thus, I'll have to depart by 0700.  This is now possible as coming on to summer and it's staying light longer.  I don't relish coming down the slippery, rocky, dirt road in the dark.  I guess I'm getting old!
This Sunday, however, some good surprises, they're (the National Park, or the City, whomever), grading part of the road.  Additionally, the moisture and new tires helped greatly with traction.  The surface you cycle on, affects the speed and difficulty. Sand the worst!  I remember a road going to the Lago south of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, I had to push through for kiometers!  
There were many more people in the Park than usual, it's getting warmer, higher, as summer just one month away.  There were six mountain bikers coming down (they always leave early to get back for family almuerzo-lunch).  There were motor vehicles of course, but a group of young hikers I'd not seen before.  They were managing up the old stairway-path, now unmaintained, like everything else in the Park.  One young man applauded me as I passed going up.
But, when I arrived at the 'Recreation, 10KM, Sacha LLajta' in 2 hours and 15 minutes no one was there.  I had the place to myself.  Of course, it was early (1100) and Bo-people generally late (first Mass on Sunday morning). 
I parked and walked around taking my usual fotographs (all at
This place typical of facilities in Tunari Park.  They build something, and then don't maintain, they let deteriorate and a shame.  When this opened, I'm sure it garnered media coverage as a place to bring the family on Sundays.  It even has several geodesic dome structures.  But, the toilet trashed, no swings for the kids, and generally just a place to park your automobile now and to eat outside on the ground. For shame!  But, I figured out why this is… The money that it takes to maintain goes into local pockets.  Building such it has media value.  Maintaining only a drain on the budget.  This, the corrupt nature of Bo-Govs. And the general public just accepts as the 'way things are!'
I had decided to wait one hour for Sunny to arrive, and while several automobiles arrived with families. 
When Sunny didn't show within the hour (now 1215), I decided to start down again, possibly meeting him on the way up.
Passing the adjacent camp ground below, the group of young hikers had been assembled in a circle, obviously a part of some 'outdoor program.'
Sometimes I think Bolivian culture finally coming out of the Dark Ages and into the 20th Century!
The sun had come out, and rounding one of the many switchback turns, I had one of those 'sense memory' (sight) experiences, something that affected me for the rest of the day.  I saw the ridge top of an adjacent hill, barren and brown and suddenly the feeling of joy overwhelmed me!  I knew I belonged there, was drawn there, wanted to be there, all of this in an instant.  I stopped and pondered what this meant, this feeling of connection with the 'Won-Ness!'
The antithesis, my everyday life in the City, the unpleasantness of maintaining in destructive Western culture.  The juxtaposition of this good feeling, with yesterday's tragedy in Paris, France, when mad men killed at least 130 innocent people!
Sometimes, what I'm feeling it's too much to bear.  I can hardly deal with it!  I guess this is what makes one a poet, as it comes out in English (in my case) words!
I lingered on the way down, remembering the sight of the crest of that hill, as it kept taking me to all the places I've been to cycling around the world!
My life it seems fantasmagorical to me somehow! Where have I been?  What have I been doing?
Down at about 5KM, I see Sunny cranking up.  He said he hadn't been feeling well(has had the usual stomach upsets eating contaminated food).  He said he was only going to the campground at 6, and then resting.  I suggested he follow me down to the Park at 3, where we'd eat lunch.
There among the abandoned miniature golf course, we had tuna, tomato, hummus sandwiches.
I told him of the stories producing a PBS program entitled THE DETECTIVE IN HOLLYWOOD.  (Note, his father works at a 'DP' in 'Hollywood,' and Sunny can relate, or so I thought).   This involved me taking a crew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to interview John Huston.  Additionally, 'directing' Orson Welles, our host-narrator.  But, I'm ancient history!  Ma Maison, CITIZEN KANE, the Hearst Castle, 'This is Chinatown, Jake!'
We talked about his birthday party the night before, held in some club, where a 'spinner,' creates music, prerecorded, adding effects.  He said it was horrible.
He has a friend who's into the Blues (lived in the U.S. for years).  I asked him if he'd heard Cajun music.  He hadn't.  Suddenly, a pidgin French (Cajun) phrase came to me, C'HEST EL LE BONTON ROULIE!  In English, 'Let the good times, roll!'
Humanity, now destroying itself!
Recently, after the tragedy in Paris, France, F. Hollande, the president was quoted in the media as saying, WE ARE AT WAR!
We are at war with ourselves, and always blaming others!  We couldn't possibly be wrong!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

14a1115 BLOK

14a1115 BLOK
My dream last night had to do with George Clooney (the current 'Hollywood' matinee idol).  I sat next to him at a huge dinner party, where we were never served!
He eventually was taken away by two lovely women on his arms.
I tried to get something to eat!
Later, there was some debate in my mind to expose him via a 'selfie!'
I had seen this 'selfie' in the media.  Thus, my caption at Google+ reads: THE MALE EGO WILL DESTROY HUMANITY!'

141115 BLOK

141115 BLOK
I'm a zebra, stripes on my chest,
Under 'arrest' for slouched sitting in the sun,
YOU BELONG TO ME! (by Mary Higgins Clark).
Deja Vu, Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island too,
Wouldn't you?
The names have changed,
The decor rearranged,
But, for the grace of God, I sat at
Mike Manuche's
Toots Shor's, at
The 21 Club!
I was trying, but out of my league, drunk
Giving my wrist watch away,
I wish I still had today!
Was it a Rolex or the Roledex
That sat on my desk?
I thought I'd arrived when given an office.
But, then fired, my
Time expired
To be myself
Much required!

13a1115 BLOK

13a1115 BLOK
Another good definition of 'enantiodromia,' from
YOU BELONG TO ME, by Mary Higgins Clark
"'All life is governed by the (ocean) tides, Douglas,' she said."
Note:  The 'tide' goes in, the 'tide' goes out in six-hour cycles, 4X per 24-hour day.  Why?  The extreme, or limit, of in and out, attracts each other.

131115 BLOK

131115 BLOK
The wide-brimmed men, drink Coca Cola,
Working in the sun,
They laugh,
They shout,
And go about their route!
Eat and drink,
Not to think,
They make noise,
Who dares to complain?
The trash rolls by, blown by the wind,
Into the next stop,
The next carne,
The next cervesa,
The next mujares,
Theirs to consumadares,
Cochabamba's in a boom!
Some ride a bici, carrying a mower,
Only the poor save humanity.
Would they understand or share,
We doubt,
Thus, head out
Where the 'brim' is more narrow,
But, the brain wider,
And less chargers with doubt!
So goes our route!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

12a1115 BLOK

12a1115 BLOK
I wish I could sleep like a dog, deeply!  In dreams of bones, with no baths, maybe cats!
Out, until a bark or a lark getting their food.  Treats from the two-leggeds, pets and pats!  But, mostly sound sleep!
I wish I could sleep like a dog!

121115 BLOK

121115 BLOK
Here's a clue to something important, what could it be?
From PRIOR BAD ACTS, by Tami Hoag:
"She shrugged, 'Oh, I don't know!  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that everyday of my life is about death and depravity, and the DECLINE OF A ONCE-GREAT CIVILIZATION!'"
And the best example of this 'American Pathology,' besides the current media, the definition of such, is from this 'novel' PRIOR BAD ACTS, which includes, torture, murder, corruption, corrupt and violent police, deceit, infidelity, lying, cheating, and stealing,'
And oh, be woe unto us for creating this, the 'decline of a once-great civilization!'

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

11a1115 BLOK

11a1115 BLOK
It took me years to understand Existentialism.  But, now I 'no!'  It has to do with humanity, our existence, within the world of Nature!  Human beings try to make some sense out of how and why.  Why are we here, and how did this happen?
My favorite Existentialist writer, Franz Kafka concluded that 'There is infinite hope, but not for humanity!'
In Duality, or ego existence, if there's a beginning, there must be an ending.

111115 BLOK

111115 BLOK
'The Maybe Gate!'
I like this from Tami Hoag's PRIOR BAD ACTS:
"For guys, life was nothing more but one big pissing contest!  It was a pure damn wonder women didn't take over the world while men were busy trying to prove who had the biggest dick!"
It's true! The male ego is the problem in the world!  All the violence, all the war in the world in 2015 caused by men, not women!  ISIS, Assad (in Syria), Putin in Russia, Obama in the U.S., Xi in China, a pissing contest in the South China Sea!
Angela Merkel in Germany, on the other hand, trying to help the Syrian refugees, gets nothing but shit from her male counterparts, as being 'too soft!'
If I were the ruler of the world I'd offer a 'Eunuch Program,' as partial solution.  This would motivate young men to give up their balls:  testicles for money, or a University degree (paid for). We need less testosterone in the world!  Of course, I'd be assassinated by the capitalists, as we must have more, and more, and more people!  Note, even China has succumbed, as reversed the 'One-Child Policy!'  Why?  Capitalism (profit) is based on growth (more people)!  But, we've grown ourselves into a BIG problem:  over-population!  The Earth won't support an unlimited amount of people.  Why do you think the U.S is hellbent for the planet Mars?  Guess!
90% of the male population of the world is the problem!  Women of the world need to unite to save us!  Men are destroying humanity!
But, take heart!  Enantiodromia (Nature) at work!  The 'Age of Kalki' and The 'Guan Yin' is dawning!
This coming in the form of egoless robots, as 'The Maybe Gate,' is here!  Just pray that stupid (unconscious) men don't destroy humanity before sexless robots get control!
Note:  The difference between the human mind and a computer is this:  The computer has only two 'gates' (1s and 0s), 'yes' and 'no.'  The human mind has three 'gates,' 'yes,' 'no,' and 'maybe,' the capacity for ambiguity important in making decisions (we call this 'intelligence').
O.K., so now all you novel writers, get busy and write the book, THE MAYBE GATE!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

09f1115 BLOK

09f1115 BLOK
There must be something besides the nuclear family?  How about the "Nuclear Family of Man!
There must be something besides traditional marriage, both marriage and family just don't work anymore!  All you have to do to understand this is to read novels by female authors!  Divorce, single mothers, abandoned children are the norm in 2015!
Such unconsciousness!  We've been 'dumbed down!'  We've regressed not progressed!  Capitalism, our greed for the material, has caused us to lose our way!
And we're getting more and more lost, thinking we've been found!
It will be such a shock when the world economy crashes!  People will be jumping out of windows committing suicide, unable to cope with material loss!
Know the principle of 'Non-Attachment?'  Best to learn such now!

09d1115 BLOK

09d1115 BLOK
From ORDINARY LOVE & GOOD WILL, by Jane Smiley:
On travel…
"Then why is the history of mankind the history of travel?  It seems to me that humans organize their societies in two ways:  either nomadic, where everyone walks thousands of miles in his/her lifetime, or as settlements that everyone flees and then returns to.
I think humans are genetically programmed to go.  Simply to go until their 'batteries' run dead!"

No pets, no kids, no flights: how people are reducing their carbon footprint | World news | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The world economy, in a Depression, is going to crash! It has too, so prepare!

Monday, November 09, 2015

09c1115 BLOK

09c1115 BLOK
Gravity is my 'coyote,' the 'trickster!'  'S/he' is constantly annoying me by taking things, dumping them on the ground, or hiding them from me.
Mule-like, I'm always carrying too much, in need of three arms-hands!  I'm from the 'Show me!,' State of  'Mis-Journey!'
My wish, another arm-hand, living on the moon, where's there's less gravity! Where your golf-drive sails a mile into the unknown!
I seek the unknown!

09b1115 BLOK

09b1115 BLOK
Here's a great example of how we create our worlds, the subjective versus objective reality:
pp. 68:
"'You know what John Updike says?'  'What?'  'If it comes up (expressed) then it will happen!'"
Note, we create our worlds from our minds!

09a1115 BLOK

09a1115 BLOK
Most people are trapped in their little lives of job-money, family, etc., the 'walls,' around their prison!  They exist, but never really live!  They never fulfill their dreams!
The one accomplishment of my life, was never to get 'trapped,' in such!  I lived with so much variety, traveling the world from A to Z, the good, the bad, and the 'death defying!'  And still cycling the world at 75-years old.  This is living and dying, my way!
Most people are afraid of dying!  I look forwrd to that last breath, as 'Won-ness!'

091115 BLOK

091115 BLOK
Cycling Sundays…
Today again I cycled up into the National Parque, Tunari, that I live next door to, at least the Entrance.  The road I live one, Av. Los Robles, connects with the road up into the Park.  Part of the reason I rented the house, so convenient to the Park.
I had delayed departing, wanting to sense what the clima (weather) would be like, as this is the rainy season in Boldivia.  This turned out to be a mistake.  Just up 1KM I passed a group of cyclists coming down.  I thought their early up might be to arrive home for family lunch (custom on Sundays in Bo.).  I learned the real reason later.
The up was arduous, as the road seemed even more difficult, more loose rock caused by the rain.  I got stopped three times, and restarting uphill on this kind of surface, almost impossible.  On all I had to push to a more level spot, before I could get cranking again.
My goal was 9KM where Sunny had said there was a nice picnic ground.  Prior, I'd only made it to 6KM, the first picnic ground.  My long term goal is the top, where there's a lake at 24KM.  This before moving to Spain in March.
It took 2.5 hours to climb to 9KM, and the campground.  But, by 1230, the wind was bringing showers.  I noticed a pick-up truck, and a backpacking tent, a family with two kids enjoying getting away from the madness below in the city.  Almost immediately, the father-husband, was coming toward me offering food and water.  How nice I thought, unusual for Boldivia!  I declined, as had, but thanked him.  Earlier coming up, I'd done the same, as I'd met a man walking his bicycle down with a flat tire.  This is a 'rule, out there,' to offer help to anyone who seems to need.  One never knows when you're going to be in the same predicament!
I'm mostly prepared when 'out there,' thus when it started to come down, the rain drops  penetrating my cycling attire, I put on my rain jacket.  When it increased I thought better to retreat under the canopy of fir trees, and a picnic table.
I ate in the rain, two boiled eggs, my humus on bread, tomatoes, onions, and garlic (ajo in Spanish).  But, eating in the rain, and without a fire, not all that inviting.  I noticed two brick structures up on the hill across the road, but I decided it better to get going back down.  The afternoon wind seemed to be building.
I took some fotographs before packing up and pushing up the embankment to the road. 
The way down even more challenging than cranking up, as slippery and jarring on my 'hard-tail' bicycle.  I had to go slowly or fall.  Down, and with the wind in my face (when I turned west on the switchbacks) took 1.5 hours.  But, warmer as I got lower.
The total trip only 4 hours in length which surprised me -- up and down 18KM, plus lunch, in 4 hours.  Back in my patio the wind increased, and I thought, next time, next Sunday,I must depart earlier.  The reason cyclists go up early is to avoid the wind and the rain.
They say the strongest 'El Nino,' in years is causing this unusally strong wind.  Note, Cochabamba, only some 400KM east of the Pacific Ocean.
This Sunday's trip I also learned I need to take more agua, and maybe cycling pantalones.  Ah, even with much cycling experience one seems never to stop learning!
I guess when you've learned everything possible, it's time to 'check out!'  Not my time yet!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

08b1115 BLOK

08b1115 BLOK
I had a visit this morning, sitting in the sun, reading.
A tropical bird, all green and yellow alighted on a bush, only one meter away.
S/he ate the tops of the dried plant.
Unafraid, until I moved to reach for my camera.
What is the name of this bird?  Maybe a parrot, as larger than a parakeet.

08a1115 BLOK

08a1115 BLOK
What was his name,
'Ample hath made this bed?
The cold, the damp,
The restaurant so good,
The figs as I stood
On the highest ground,
500-years old!
The cows, the sheep,
I took a peep,
Into the shadows of the land.
Long ago, lost and found,
To be unbound,
Yet boxed and buried
In memories I am!
I come and go, you never 'no!'
And, anywhere but 'hear!'
The Vagabondo!

081115 BlOK

081115 BlOK
Dogs, dogs, and more dogs in Boldivia!
Thank God, Bomba is gone, but Rusel still here, as likes the food.
I thought Rusel gone as well, as he followed us one day on our bicicletas, and all the way down to Circumvalacion (very busy byway for trucks, and huge trucks traveling between La Paz and Santa Cruz).  I tried to get him to 'go home!' but he got scared and ran in the wrong direction.  I thought he'd be killed for sure, but returned that night.  He likes the food, the bones, the treats -- smarter than Bomba.  However, I'm thinking Bomba was grabbed by a family with children.  I only hope she has a better situation!
I'll be much happier then I depart Boldivia for Spain.  I knows it more civilized than Bold., but quien sabe, until I get there in Granada?  No expectations!  Only possibilities!
I'm so glad I never had children of my own!
So glad!
H. and A.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

051115 BLOK

051115 BLOK
There are two distinct elements to the economics of Capitalism that have evolved during my lifetime:
One, 'planned obsolescence' (less quality in products and services).  The 'throw away' society.  When a product wears out, throw it away, and purchase a new one.
Two, 'externalizing costs!'  You get the customer to 'work for you.'  Bill Gates perfected his idea by getting young 'geeks,' to perfect this software.  They were only too happy to do this in order to get a 'credit,' (their name on the software).  He got rich by doing this!
Thus, in my lifetime (1940 to present), the customer gets less for his/her money!
But, it's not Capitalism that should be altered or replaced, but the thinking of greedy and corrupt Capitalists, who exploit customers (in order to get $ rich).
In the 'old days,' products were made to last and there was customer service (a live person to discuss problem with).  Now, all that is gone, as we've been 'dumbed down' to become robotic consumers!
P.S.  Ironically, the Capitalist economic system, in a worldwide economic Depression (the economists and politicians afraid to label as such), is about to collapse.  And a good thing ultimately, as we need to restart, but better!  Only by suffering to we change!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

041115 BLOK

041115 BLOK
Here's a great example of the word/concept, ENANTIODROMIA; of how Duality, our existence works:
From THE MAPPING OF LIFE AND DEATH, by Jacqueline Winspear:
"Extremes live within us all.  The joy of associations resides alongside the anticipation of loss."  (Note:  Joy attracts sadness.)  "What is given will be taken away. What we have is often only of value to us when it is gone!"

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Go to this link for article about the best living filmmaker, Werner Herzog.

02b1115 BLOK - a parable

02b1115 BLOK - a parable
People don't want to 'wake up!'  They cling to their illusions for the sake of safety.  It's easier this way to remain unconscious (not knowing that we don't know).
Why?  If we had to admit some things about ourselves… its just too shattering!  The ego is vigilant in protecting us from such!   Every adult (in the world) knows they're right, and thus the problem with humanity!  If we would just see it their way!
To go where we have gone, through all the horrible levels of Dante's Inferno (Hell) is too daunting!  Who would choose such, certainly we didn't.
But, this is what leads to consciousness, a 'state of knowing' (bewusstsein in German, conocimientos in Spanish, 意识 in Chinese.
If we could only admit our mistakes in creating a violent-suffering world (in 2015), we would have the opportunity to 'cure the illness' -- us!  But, our egos won't allow such!  WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US! (Walt Kelly).
Is Duality, the existence we live in, an objective or subjective reality?  For us, this is the only question left to answer.  We vacillate between the two concepts. There is no 'God' for animals, yet how can all of this have happened without a 'creator?'
Dr. C.G. Jung said he knew the answer to this question.  But, all the answers are penultimate! Unfortunately, we're 'trapped' in a body (Duality).  Thus, we cling to our illusions we label as 'the truth!'
To become fully human ('anthropos') is to admit fallibility -- no one knows, including the scientists, as well as, Dr. Hawkings and the Dalai Lama.  We make it up, as our minds develop, and our 'worlds' are always changing.
Open the doors of perception and you will discover 'the secret' -- peace of mind!

Monday, November 02, 2015

02a1115 BLOK

02a1115 BLOK
I was amazed to discover the amount of $ debt there is in the world (2015)!  This debt, both individual and organization (banks, etc.) owing money, etc.
According to an article in THE GUARDIAN; 'Apocalypse now:  Has the next giant financial crash already begun?'  The current world $ debt is $57 TRILLION! dollars!
P.S.  And yes, the 'next giant financial crash' has already begun!

021115 BLOK

021115 BLOK
from OPEN HOUSE, by Elizabeth Berg
pp. 137:
"I was thinking about the old ways of gratitude:  Ancient cultures thanking the animal they'd slain (for food), grace before eating, kneeling before an altar.  I was thinking that gratitude is too much absent in our lives now, and we need to bring it back -- even if it only takes the form of acknowledging how much we appreciate what we have!"
Note, on the 'Thanksgiving' holiday in the U.S.:
Thanksgiving, in the U.S., was never my favorite 'holiday!'   Too much food without being grateful! Alcohol, pumpkin pie (although my favorite), and football on TV!  Ugh!
We need to be more humble before the 'Won-ness,' before Mother Earth ('Panchamama' in South America)!  We need to acknowledge the bontifulness that we are squandering (for money-profit). 
Marx was, and Evo Morales is right about Capitalism!  But, it isn't the system of commerce that's wrong, it's us, the people, our private lust that's destroying the earth!
Yet, there is an 'correction' coming, a Great event, the collapse of the world economic system!  This is needed to begin anew, saving humanity from itself!  No, it isn't the end of life, just the end to a way of life:  unbounded materialism!
Of course, there will be pain, violence, and suffering.  But, we only seem to learn via suffering!
So, be thankful and be grateful that there's hope for humanity this Thanksgiving!
Get down on you knees and humble yourself before the 'ONENESS!'

011115 BLOK (interesting number = 9, a Taoist #)

011115 BLOK (interesting number = 9, a Taoist #)
What I glean from reading contemporary novels is how much pathology there is in Modern Life!
Husbands and wives, after the 'honeymoon,' ('Nature's Joke' on us), drift a part (too many expectations about marriage).  They really can't deal with their own children they bring into a dystopic world).  The children of a different era ('dumbed down') can't stand to be around their parents.
It's all about materialism; money is God!
Many times there is violence, even murder!
What have we wrought, what have we created?  N. American nee worldwide violence!
We need a worldwide catastrophe to wake up out of this 'nightmare!'

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mysterious Ancient Earthworks

Sunday, November 01, 2015

NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks

NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks
One of the enormous earthwork configurations photographed from space is known as the Ushtogaysky Square, named after the nearest village in Kazakhstan. CreditDigitalGlobe, via NASA High in the skies over Kazakhstan, space-age technology has revealed an ancient mystery on the ground.
Satellite pictures of a remote and treeless northern steppe reveal colossal earthworks — geometric figures of squares, crosses, lines and rings the size of several football fields, recognizable only from the air and the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old.
The largest, near a Neolithic settlement, is a giant square of 101 raised mounds, its opposite corners connected by a diagonal cross, covering more terrain than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Another is a kind of three-limbed swastika, its arms ending in zigzags bent counterclockwise.
Described last year at an archaeology conference in Istanbul as unique and previously unstudied, the earthworks, in the Turgai region of northern Kazakhstan, number at least 260 — mounds, trenches and ramparts — arrayed in five basic shapes.

Spotted on Google Earth in 2007 by a Kazakh economist and archaeology enthusiast, Dmitriy Dey, the so-called Steppe Geoglyphs remain deeply puzzling and largely unknown to the outside world.
The Bestamskoe Ring is among the so-called Steppe Geoglyphs in Kazakhstan — at least 260 earthwork shapes made up of mounds, trenches and ramparts, the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old, recognizable only from the air. CreditDigitalGlobe, via NASA Two weeks ago, in the biggest sign so far of official interest in investigating the sites, NASA released clear satellite photographsof some of the figures from about 430 miles up.
“I’ve never seen anything like this; I found it remarkable,” said Compton J. Tucker, a senior biospheric scientist for NASA in Washington who provided the archived images, taken by the satellite contractor DigitalGlobe, to Mr. Dey and The New York Times.
Ronald E. LaPorte, a University of Pittsburgh scientist who helped publicize the finds, called NASA’s involvement “hugely important” in mobilizing support for further research.
This week, NASA put space photography of the region on a task list for astronauts in the International Space Station. “It may take some time for the crew to take imagery of your site since we are under the mercy of sun elevation angles, weather constraints and crew schedule,” Melissa Higgins of Mission Operations emailed Dr. LaPorte.
The archived images from NASA add to the extensive research that Mr. Dey compiled this year in a PowerPoint lecture translated from Russian to English.
“I don’t think they were meant to be seen from the air,” Mr. Dey, 44, said in an interview from his hometown, Kostanay, dismissing outlandish speculations involving aliens and Nazis. (Long before Hitler, the swastika was an ancient and near-universal design element.) He theorizes that the figures built along straight lines on elevations were “horizontal observatories to track the movements of the rising sun.”
Kazakhstan, a vast, oil-rich former Soviet republic that shares a border with China, has moved slowly to investigate and protect the finds, scientists say, generating few news reports.
“I was worried this was a hoax,” said Dr. LaPorte, an emeritus professor of epidemiology at Pittsburgh who noticed a report on the finds last year while researching diseases in Kazakhstan.
With the help of James Jubilee, a former American arms control officer and now a senior science and technology coordinator for health issues in Kazakhstan, Dr. LaPorte tracked down Mr. Dey through the State Department, and his images and documentation quickly convinced them of the earthworks’ authenticity and importance. They sought photos from KazCosmos, the country’s space agency, and pressed local authorities to seek urgent Unesco protection for the sites — so far without luck.
The earthworks, including the Turgai Swastika, were spotted on Google Earth in 2007 by Dmitriy Dey, a Kazakh archaeology enthusiast. CreditDigitalGlobe, via NASA
NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks