Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Series of Outrageous Events Fuels Catalans’ Distrust Before Historic Election on Independence · Global Voices

The Enormous Mural That Made a Mexican Neighborhood ‘Magical’ · Global Voices

The Enormous Mural That Made a Mexican Neighborhood ‘Magical’ · Global Voices

Genesis and the environment: How greens and sceptics read the Biblical creation story | The Economist

Single women, travel, there are plenty men out there in the big, wide, wonderful world!

The Politics of Pantyhose - The New York Times

Exclusive: A really good poem can alter your life: Poet Arundhathi Subramaniam

Arundhati Roy: goddess of big ideas | Books | The Guardian

300915 BLOK

300915 BLOK
Can't you see-understand what's happening in so-called modern life?  
Now, college students don't want any upsetting words or ideas in the curriculum!  Wow!
This to me, is the beginning of the end of culture as we know it -- one that is dynamic, one that develops, grows and changes and solves problems (I wonder what Socrates would say about this?)
Talk about 'party schools,' this is the ultimate, where they hang out all day taking 'selfies' of each other. 
I  believe Capitalism has brought out the worst in most of us, because money has become God!
And, oh, be woe unto us for this!


It'll be longer than 2016!

The never ending, American Pathology!

That's right! They're all thieves. But, we're too stupid to stop buying the poison!

We're all 'criminals,' and need corrective brain implants!

The Pope is Dope, I agree with the celeb., who first said this. He certainly has lost the gay 'vote!'

Yes, we can 'treat the symptoms,' but that won't cure the illness, us!

Two unevolved people, living in the 18th Century.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Religions are good for one thing, helping to reduce population!

This man dumber than a 'box of rocks!' No, rocks are more intelligent!

One only has to read this article to understand F. Kafka's quote: THERE IS INFINITE HOPE, BUT NOT FOR US!

American Pathology!

Seems to be, as we worship money!

Money is God, what would you expect?

American Pathology!

Look at the expression on these two guys faces!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catalonia's push for independence from Spain - BBC News

American Pathology.

Meet the Nepalese-American death metal guitarist who just found water on Mars - CNET

This is good!

Breaking up is hard to do | The Economist

Who cares about people, PROFIT IS GOD!

Another indication of the deepening economic Depression!

Boys Finds $8,000 - Returns it to Owner - Story | Southwest Missouri - Springfield, Branson, Ozarks | OzarksFirst | KOLR 10 and KOZL Z27

Icahn warns of potential looming catastrophe

Democracy not working, as we're as human beings not functioning!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Too many people, 'the rats in a cage syndrome,' now controlling us.

That Arctic Seed Vault Isn't Just There for a Doomsday | WIRED

How the Body's Trillions of Clocks Keep Time | WIRED

If this scandal goes beyond VW, the wheels will come off an entire industry | Business | The Guardian

10 Tiny Creatures You Didn't Realize Were Controlling Your World

American Pathology.

Jeremy Corbyn says '9/11 attacks were 'manipulated' to blame Osama Bin Laden | Daily Mail Online

American Pathology!

Politics, the art of compromise!

Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But, I believe he's correct about 'God's Orgasm!'

A BRAVE NEW WORLD, in which we will be constantly under surveillance. No wonder people have signed up for Mars.

Who gives a flying fuck about the State(s), it's people that make the difference! Governments only exist to exploit the people!

And people believe...

We're in a World wide economic Depression, that's only going to get worse!

One of these days, there's going to be an incident, that will set off an armed conflict between China and the U.S. you watch...

What the world needs is integration, not separation!

I lived in Nepal ('little India') and impossible to do business there.

Only stupid people run for public office!

A bundle, millions! But, this is how the 01% works, the establishment.

What we need in the world is integration, not separation!

The Budapest Train Station Where Refugees Are Trapped, Scammed, and, Sometimes, Helped

Basically, just too many people on earth. We're over-populated.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

From princes to paupers: how Goya’s portraits tell the story of Spain | Art and design | The Guardian

They purchase influence. But, the U.S. does too!

If we deported all the mentally disabled in the U.S., it would be 80% of the population!

Jung said, THE ONLY SIN IS UNCONSCIOUSNESS. And trust me, the Catholic Church, unconscious.

Police think they can do anything and get away with it!

The Police dangerous now in the U.S.

Scientists don't know! But, it gives them a job, something to do, keeps them form collecting unemployment compensation!

Nepal considers fuel rationing as protesters block trucks | Reuters

This might be the perfect way for me to 'shed the body!' H.

26a0915 BLOK -- I WISH I WAS A DOG!

26a0915 BLOK -- I WISH I WAS A DOG!
I wish I was a dog,
Or, a log,
Watered, fed, bathed,
No ego chasing the other!
Their lists are few,
Like the dew,
Sleeping on the ground,
Roaming all around,
An occasional itch,
A twitch, flying!
They bark, chasing a lark.
They snarl, 
They fight for a bone,
Sometimes all alone, 
Fleas, a wound, to soothe.
They know how to love,
Loyal to the end!
The 'end' the 'beginning' to a dog!
I wish I was a dog!


260915 BLOK 'The world, The Kingdom of Inequality!'

260915 BLOK 'The world, The Kingdom of Inequality!'
The world has become a 'Kingdom of Inequality!'  Why?
I suppose there are many reasons, but they all lead back to the Christian 'Garden of Eden,' Myth symbolizing the birth of ego consciousness (Duality).  Supposedly, God lamented as 'He' knew what trouble this would cause.  Boy, was he 'right on!'
Mankind's inability to evolve beyond his lust for the material, haunts us to this day!  Note, the 'refugee crisis!' 
Simply, we've created too many human beings for our planet to support.  Thus, the 'Rats in the cage syndrome!' (fighting, eating each other; violence, war, etc.). 
How and why has this happened?
Two reasons in my opinion, both having to do with this lust for the material (money, power, the other).
A thousand, or so, years ago The Catholic Church, with its edict of no birth control.  Now, the Christian Right, with its 'anti-abortion' fervor! The more Catholics, the more people, the more money (power) in their coffers.  Note, the Catholic Church, is one of the richest, most powerful organizations in the world.  And people don't seem mind that Catholic priests fuck boys in the ass! 
The same is true with Capitalism based on growth!
Studying Economics, years ago at a University I used to ask professors, 'But, what happens when we can't grow anymore?  They had no answer! 
Profit, requires growth, nee more people, more people to consume! 
The population of the world is rapidly approaching 8 BILLION!  All of them (us) require resources (water, food, shelter, clothing, and then the 'toys,' - nee smart phones, etc.).  Everybody wants more and more!  Note, in Bolivia, since there are not enough jobs, they simply steal what they crave!
Why does Prof. S.W. Hawking (Cambridge University), champion space travel?  So, we can go to Mars, and exploit that planet!  But, that's only 'treating the symptoms, without curing the illness,' US, the Human Race!
There's only two solutions, 'cures,' in my opinion!  One, a catastrophic event, either manmade (nuclear war) or 'Act of God.'  One, or the other, that plunges the survivors into a Dark Age of repentance (the Great Lesson).  Two, the evolution of egoless androids, cyborgs, or robots, that save us from ourselves -- the male ego!
Otherwise, as I'm fond of quoting F. Kafka, there is no hope for mankind!  We, as a species, failed!
But, if we fail, the greatest question of all, to me at least!  When the last homo sapien succumbs, will we have been here at all?  And my answer is no!
There is no objective reality/existence!

P. S.  I'm sending this to Prof. S.W. Hawking, who of course, will not answer, as this even beyond his intellectual capacity.  I'll get an automated message thanking me, of course.  He's much too busy solving more important questions, ones that he might solve, scientifically. 

Doesn't surprise me. They're fucking with the weather to use as as weapons.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Oregon’s Legal Sale of Marijuana - The New York Times

Of course, they steal from us, a bunch of robbers, and we 'bend over,' again and again. We're the stupid ones!

And this was the Catholic Church, five hundred years ago, in Latin America, seeking 'boundless wealth and power! Such hypocrisy!

Governments, mostly dysfunctional!

Religion is good for one thing, helping to reduce over population.

This is the usual bullshit from leaders, this to please their constituencies. And people stupid enough to believe!

Most stupid people are Republicans!

So, hypocritical, as the Catholic Church lusted for it in Latin America, 500 years ago!

This is the second engine failure on a commercial jet within months.


American Pathology.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recession’s sharp bite in Brazil | The Economist

And in August The Summer Olympic Games in Rio!

Pay a Visit to Spain's Rustic Off-the-Grid Eco Village | WIRED

This will be the fate of the entire U.S. -- within 100 years!

UN court rules that it can hear Bolivia-Chile case - US News

This meeting will be the usual 'jerk off,' both issuing a statement afterwards claiming how peace loving both are!

The U.S. Doesn't Have Enough Of The Vegetables We're Supposed To Eat : The Salt : NPR

Destined for War: Can China and the United States Escape Thucydides’s Trap? - The Atlantic

Oh, woe be unto Mr. Toner!

Not a traitor, but a HERO in my book, Edward Snowden.

Yes, let's live in cocoon, and prevent everyone from entering! We are some of the worst people on earth!

How did mankind survive before governments nee the media?


American pathology!

Freedom of speech is DOA, in the U.S. We should return the Statue of Liberty to France!

Quantum teleportation record broken: Can life imitate Star Trek? -

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

To be honored at THE ERA OF THE FEMALE NOVELIST, posthumously.

The next Dalai Lama will be a woman, and this will be a good thing!

Organized religions, good for one thing, they help to keep over-population down!

'War, the father of all things,' and will be humanities demise!

Stephen Hawking predicts the imminent end of humanity on Earth | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Indigenous Women In Bolivia Use Ancient Knitting Skills To Weave Devices For Congenital Heart Disease

American Pathology.

American Pathology.

American Pathology.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Dalai Lama thinks a female Dalai Lama would have to be ‘very, very attractive’ - The Washington Post

Oh, woe be unto him!

And this is good!

220915 BLOK

220915 BLOK - Interpersonal trust in Latin America, and the world...

Interpersonal trust in Latin America, and the world...
Boliviano/as, Latin Americans don't even know their greatest problem: lack of interpersonal trust (confianza). I had a Boliviano man tell me he doesn't even trust his own mother -- Note, trust was never an issue with my mother!
Where does this lack of trust come from in Latin America? I mean this lack of trust exists all over the world, but is seemingly unique in Bolivia (where I live) but all over Latin America as well!
Historic, cultural, genetic, what are the causes?
From a book entitled, CONSTRUCTING DEMOCRATIC GOVERANCE IN LATIN AMERICA, by Jorge I. Dominguez, Michael Shifter:
Page #143
"Latin America is characterized by a low degree of interpersonal trust. Only 17 percent of the adult population admit that 'you can trust people,' down from 20 percent in 1996. This is not new, but a MAIN CULTURAL TRAIT OF THE REGION!" Interesting to note, as it's rising. Why? Money has become God!
Page #144
"The rate of interpersonal trust is low throughout Latin America. There is slightly higher than average trust in Mexico, at 36 percent, and Uruguay, at 24 percent. However, trust is especially low for countries like Chile and Bolivia at 15 percent."
"Trust has been related to economic develop. There's a positive correlation between the level of interpersonal trust and economic growth. The level of interpersonal trust in developed societies is more than double the average for Latin American and reaches the highest in countries like Sweden."
Why is Bolivia low, and Sweden high in interpersonal trust? History, the climate, the people, the genes, what?
Here is a clue, to me at least, the invasion of the Spanish, with Francisco Pizarro (in Peru), the Conquistador that conquered the Incas. He was an illiterate pig farmer: “Pizarro González was born in  Trujillo, Spain, the illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro, an infantry colonel, and Francisca González, a woman of poor means. Scant attention was paid to his education and he grew up illiterate.[1]  “
To me, education, development of values, consciousness, is the main cause of lack of interpersonal trust.
There's a history of abuse, in Bolivia and Latin America, from the beginning of the great exploitation, by people from Europe. Later, from the U.S.A., transplanted Europeans (Note, one has only to read, OPEN VEINS OF LATIN AMERICA, by Eduardo Galeano.) These are the 'predators,' of history, as I label them, the people, now the corpos. who lust for 'gold.' The natives Columbus first encountered, the tribes the Pilgrims first encountered, the Aztecs, the Maya, the Inca, etc., they trusted the white man. Of course, they quickly wised up, but too late.
What is it about our nature, the white man's, that lusts for gold, wealth, power, over education, over consciousness, over integrity? I think this one of the great questions of history, as the exploitation and abuse still goes on today!
Isn't it what we value that's important? If money is more important than our own integrity, then there's lack of trust. What does integrity bring...? Trust! But, that doesn't pay the mortgage. Gold, money, brings things, power, comfort, etc. It's all about materialism! Our values are skewed! And organized religion hasn't helped!
What does Capitalism, value? Integrity? Trust? I think not. It values profit over people! Corporations, regularly lay off workers, to increase their 'bottom line.'
Simply money, profit is the most important thing in the world.
Recently a pharmaceutical in the U.S., Martin Shkreli's Turing, raised the price of one of their drugs, Daraprim, 4000%, from $13.50 to $750! Money is God! 
 The VW automobile manufacturer in Frankfurt, Germany, was recently caught in a scandal, when they lied about emission standards for diesel automobiles. Now, the CEO, is set for a $30-million dollar pension. So, lying, cheating pays dividends. Money is God, in the world.
All of this creates lack of trust, nee violence, war and destruction!
It's the legacy of the white man!
Pogo, a comic-strip possum, via Walt Kelly, its creator penned some of the most prophetic words in history, WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!  All of us, you and me!
And oh, woe be unto us for this!

Open the doors of perception!
Awaken the Nous!
Allow the Pneuma to enter you!
'For those who have an open mind, let them pursue!'

BBC - Autos - On 27 September, Paris goes car-free

Life lessons from a limping, toothless and half-blind 13-year-old cat | Life and style | The Guardian

The trick, and politicians running for office, know it, IS TO STAY IN THE MEDIA, WHETHER POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. It has to do with name value. Voters remember the name.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Migrants crisis: Hungary's Orban urges EU rethink - BBC News


Migrant crisis: EU ministers approve disputed quota plan - BBC News

It's a long story, the story of humanity, ego consciousness, etc. -- most unconscious! Violence appeals to the unevolved for that very reason! Capitalism creates wants, that cannot be fulfilled, so the unevolved find a way. And 'Hollywood,' makes $ selling such, as 80% of their 'movies,' the theme is: VIOLENCE SOLVES ALL PROBLEMS!

Depends on your definition of 'family?'

Money is God, what would you expect. For capitalists, profit more important than people!

Meet North Korea's UK fan club: 'they have their own way of doing things' | World news | The Guardian

How a Beirut graffiti artist is using his murals to try to unite a fragmented city | Cities | The Guardian

Ted Dawe explains how his teen book got banned in New Zealand | Children's books | The Guardian

China says investigating U.S. woman suspected of spying | Reuters

The understatement of his tenor in office. It's partially because of the privatization of prisons, etc., money is God.

Tsipras to back Greek bailout with Tsakalotos as finance minister | Reuters

Boldivia rising!

“The world is covered in a fine patina of feces.”

Your Body Is Surrounded by Clouds of Skin and Fart Bacteria | WIRED: "“The world is covered in a fine patina of feces.”"

'via Blog this'

Money is God, what would you expect?

Had I been the U.S. president, when the Syrian civil war, I would have taken out Assad with Navy Seals! Simple, quick solution saving millions of lives and solving the refugee crisis.

Monday, September 21, 2015

– Tree of Life With 2.3 Million Species Open for Changes | ENS

Why is Germany embracing refugees? It's not simply post-Nazi guilt (+video) -

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Micro-managing the economy, a mistake. But, too late now! We're heading down the slippery slope to many problems! Why? We're too stupid to understand Nature.

Greek voters return Tsipras to power with strong win | Reuters

American Pathology.

Words easy now, but let's see what happens...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes."

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse To Occur On Sept. 27: What Makes This Celestial Event Special? : SCIENCE : Tech Times: ""The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes."


'via Blog this'

The U.S. Military is fucking with the clouds.

Money is God, what would you expect?

We're in a Worldwide economic Depression, and it's going to get worse!

190915 BLOK

190915 BLOK 
To:  Irving High School, Texas
Re:  Ahmed Mohammed
You have to be some of the most paranoid people in the U.S.:  Ahmed Mohammed = a terrorist - pretty stupid!
Well, on the other hand, you inadvertently helped his career, now invited to MIT.
The Christian boys who only play football, will end up being the janitors that clean Ahmed's office!
Glad I don't live in 'dumbed down' Texas!

F.A. Hutchison

Crash Course Astronomy: Neutron stars, pulsars, and magnetars.

The Age of Kalki is here!

“We’re facing a plastic crisis and don’t even know it,”

Microbeads Entering Our Water Daily Could Cover 300 Tennis Courts: "“We’re facing a plastic crisis and don’t even know it,” "

'via Blog this'

100,000 years, like one our 'one second' to the Universe.

I live in Bolivia. It hasn't overcome corruption, c'mon!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Coca-Cola Says IRS Wants $3.3 Billion In Additional Tax Following Audit - Forbes

18a0915 BLOK

18a0915 BLOK
I wonder if people realize, or even care, that the corpo., COCA COLA, is buying up as many sources of water (in the world)?  Alarming to me!
Recently, on my European trip, returning to Bolivia, from Spain, I stopped to eat/drink something in the Madrid Aero Puerto (Gigantic, with 4 terminals.).  The restaurant, was trendy, Japanese style, where you could purchase sushi and Kirin beer (cervesa in Espanol).
On the way, out I purchased a bottle of mineral water (beyond security) because it looked like it was special, maybe even healthy (from a natural, unpolluted spring).  This small bottle cost $5U.S.  I examined the label (too late) to discover several things.  First of all, not special, no doubt right out of some tap!  Additionally, I was enlightened to discover I was getting, .00012 parts-per-million, Magnesium, among many other minerals.  But, what caught my eye was that it was from the Coca Cola Bottling company, de Espana.
Fooled again!
Capitalism, all about 'Tomfoolery.' Selling, all about marketing.
People don't realize Coca Cola spends hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing/advertising, and now selling water in every form.  They basically 'own' South America, along with the Nestle company.
Wake up, people!


180915 BLOK

180915 BLOK 
C.M., and Vishnu:
Arjuna hit the bullseye with his arrow, because he wasn't trying.  He had become the target!
Have you become the 'target' yet?
"Stop 'knot' until the goal is reached!
C.M., harken back to 1998, and the school assembly you have for me in the old building.  A young boy stood up and asked me, 'Sir, what is the true meaning of the 'Bhagavad Gita?'  Whoa, I hadn't a clue, as had never read it.  Of course, you came to my aid and satisfied the boy with your answer.
Now, with the knowledge I have, I would have answered his question this way:  "First, define what 'success' is to you.  This will change over the course of your life.  Then BECOME it!
Vishnu is planning to visit the U.S., and I told him not a good time.  But, of course, I didn't mean not to go, BUT TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE HE'S THERE. Authorities (police, etc.) are VERY PARANOID, now because of the 'terrorist threat.'  And rightly so, much woe is coming to the U.S.  In the meantime, we wish Vishnu a safe and productive visit.
A current story from the U.S., will illustrate this paranoia:   A, 14-year old boy was arrested at A SCHOOL, for bringing a homemade-digital clock for a science project.  That's how paranoid the police are in the U.S..  He was arrested restrained in handcuffs (Note, I'm sure a scrawny 14-year old boy is a big threat to the police).  They thought the clock was a bomb!
But, from jail, to the White House, as Obama, found out about this, and invited him for a visit.  This kid (name: Ahmed Mohamed) become a celebrity (maybe not a good idea for his development).  But, this is the U.S., where instant celebrity is possible.

My advice, Vishnu, avoid the State of Texas!

Obama invites Ahmed — and his clock — to White House for Astronomy Night

Of course, this INJUSTICE happened in Texas! One-hundred years ago they were still shooting/killing Mexicans for target practice!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

17f0915 BLOK

17f0915 BLOK
Modern Capitalism was born on the backs of slaves!
'Oh, who cares?' you ask.
'I do,' I respond, as it goes on today!
Mankind is flawed and the only 'cure' is:
But, few people know what it isn't!
'There is infinite hope, but not for us!' wrote F. Kafka.
We are failing our sons and daughters, cranking a juggernaut to extinction!
Mother Earth will rejoice!


17e0915 BLOK

17e0915 BLOK
My room here in mi casa de bicicletas is the LION'S DEN.  Here we do 'battle,' protected, helped, by the Angel (see foto. on wall).  Now,  the Serpent of Light speaks for the Angel.
The 'battle' is with yourself, the Ego!

The wild, wild east | The Economist

17d0915 BLOK

17d0915 BLOK 

Re:  the Syrian refugee situation
Notice the photographs (maybe you've seen them already?).  Yes, there are good people in the world.  One, a Danish policeman, the other a Serbian policeman.  I never see this kind of thing in the U.S., why?
We need more to express love, as they have, and as countries like Germany has, allowing refugees into their countries.
Also, I include a photograph I took from a tour bus, driving around centro Madrid, Spain.
Richard is right about Germany.  Maybe the reason their so open to taking in refugees, is that they suffered greatly in the past (WWI, WWII).  Thus, they're more compassionate.  We didn't suffer, and maybe we should in the same way -- to become more compassionate!
Let's reject the Fascist rhetoric of the Trumps, the Hungarian right, and in Greece, something called, the 'Golden Dawn.' 
Of course, there are good and bad people in every culture/country.  Thus, I have ceased to judge people based on border and flag.  That's why we're launching 'Citizens Without Borders!'  (.org, of course).


Why I gave up my copyright: Kirill Medvedev | Books | The Guardian

170915 BLOK (/ T.T.)

170915 BLOK (/ T.T.)

170915 = '5' in numerology suggesting the 'female'

One thing I like about females is their femaleness. But, being too female is not good for them.  As well, as being too male, not good for men.
C.G. Jung said we must integrate the opposite (e.g. If male; the female element; if female; the male element). This mental integration, in order to be completed as truly human.
Thus, in the case of females the more logical and controlled you can be, the more male element you can integrate, the better for you.
Being overly emotional can be destructive!
Yes, we all feel anger, but it's how you express such that is important.
With machines, including computers, you should talk to them if unhappy. This, in a kind way, not yelling and screaming, wringing your hands, getting upset. Yes, I've felt like doing the same myself, throwing mine against the wall, but would that help?
Afterwards, when the machine works for you, because of your calm and happier attitude, say to it, 'Thank you for helping me!' Try this, see if I'm not right. Experiment with talking to other 'inanimate' objects. Trust me, they're not 'inanimate,' but can sense things.
Computers are particularly sensitive, as nearing the human brain to think. They only lack the 'maybe gate.'
It's not the machine, when they don't cooperate, it's us, the energy we bring to the situation.
This is what Tantric Taoism is all about.
Being human the greatest challenge in life is overcoming the Ego. As a monk, this is what I'm all about, 'Spiritual Intercourse,' not 'physical intercourse.' The physical kind leads to physical babies, and we don't need anymore now in the world. In fact, over-population imperils our very survival as a species.
What we do with Tantric Taoism is to 'conceive' spiritual 'babies,' packets of light, packets of love, packets of unconditional love, ultimately Supreme Bliss!
If interested in any of this, go to I'm nearing something like 1,200 'posts,' 'chapters,' whatever these to be called?
The photograph is of my current Tantric Taoism altar, now with friend's madonna, and a white feather picked up in a field near Madrid, Spain. I've done some research and I think this pure white feather from a 'Blue Rock Thrush.' Isn't life interesting...

Humans won't do shit about this, until the species is gone. Then they'll blame something else, not us!

The Age of Kalki, THE GUAN YIN, has begun!

It's embarrassing to be a U.S. citizen, living in a foreign country, and explain to friends, how a buffoon, like Trump, could be the leading Repub. candidate for president of the U.S.! But, Hitler gained power in Germany in the 1930s in the same way, by appealing to the unevolved, feeling threatened, lost, and otherwise without an identity. And thus Fascism alive and well in the U.S.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The U.S. becoming Nazi Germany (of the 1930s), right behind Hungary and Greece!

'Hitler' is alive and well, in the body of Donald Trump!

Oh, woe be unto Hungary for this!

Yes, children act out what they watch on scenes. Most of the movies, 'Hollywood' churns out the theme is, 'Violence is the solution!'

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

150915 BLOK

150915 BLOK
Feel the pain,
For it is the 'price' of
Duality reigns,
The yield of consciousness,
To 'die on the Cross,' 
Is to understand!
That no pain,
No pleasure!
Those who seek pleasure,
End up in pain!
But, pain attracts pleasure,
In the enantiodromia of our Dual existence!

The unending campaign, brought about by the distillers and brewers in the world. Yes, living is risky!

What State, has the highest number of motor vehicles, and used more gasoline than others?

Trump, the 'Hitler' of N. America!

Trump is the 'Hitler' of the U.S.

Is Cycling Safe? | Momentum Mag

Are older cyclists endangering themselves? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Fuck the poor people, it's PROFIT that's important!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bolivia's Best Kept Secret: Andean Coffee | News | teleSUR English

Just keep driving motor vehicles. You ain't seen nothing yet!


Friday, September 11, 2015

5 Best Backpack Designer Brands | Travel Newz

More like Centuries!

Just keeping driving those motor vehicles!

American Pathology.

American Pathology.

Bed karma!

And yet another stupid idea!

Venture Capital Legend Says Economic Trouble Lies Ahead...

Here comes WWIII!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

7 Things Germans Do Best - Newz Geeks

American Pathology

Trump just lost the Repub. election! He has to be the dumbest since Hitler!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Oh, woe be unto Hungary for this!

Note, GE manufactured engine.

Woe, be unto Hungary for what the did -- no help!

Better buy RMB!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Donald Trump is essentially the 'Adolf Hitler' of the U.S.

Here comes WWIII. Read Nevil Shutes' ON THE BEACH!

Treating the symptoms for money, without curing the illness, us!

American Pathology!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Emily Browning: ‘Hollywood movies are made for white men’ | Film | The Guardian

Robert Redford damns Trump with faint praise – and then Donald thanks him | US news | The Guardian

Anish Kapoor's 'queen's vagina' vandals and the rise of cultural fascism in France | Art and design | The Guardian

MPs to debate cannabis legalisation after petition reaches 200,000 signatures | Politics | The Guardian

Trump: Right about this!

Profit over people!

American Pathology!

Another example, of over-population, thanks to the Catholic Church.

Migrant crisis: EU to announce plans for quotas - BBC News

Thieves, robbers, all they do is apologize!

Facebook's God is money!