Saturday, May 16, 2015

160515 BLOK

160515 BLOK

Yes, we'll ALL BE THERE IN AUGUST -- 'God willing and the creeks don't rise to high!' (old Norte Americano saying).  Do we ever really know?
Xutan has experience at this visa business, and travelling.  So, I think they have a good chance of getting a visa for August, but if not for the future.
The Salar, means 'salt flats.'  In this case the 'Salar de Uyuni,' a large flat area in southwest Bolivia, part of which is a dried up lake, and with evaporation, salt.   It's the #1 tourist attraction in Bolivia, because of its unusual nature, wild life, etc.  Because it's so flat and expansive (hundreds of kilometers wide) you can cycle with eyes closed for minutes (as long as not scared).  Another adventure.
Part of the reason I'm going is to investigate for a TV series entitled. THE MYSTERY OF ATLANTIS.  There are books/theories that Atlantis was here thousands of years ago.
And this isn't all cycling, as a bus to Oruro, train to Uyuni, and then cycling on the Salar (salt flats).  Later, maybe Potosi, if it works out.  
When I return to Cochabamba I'll focus on the trip to Germany in August -- maybe Nepal from Germany.

Greetings to friends there, Rosi, Gertrude, Barbara, housekeeper.


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